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schestowitz 11 01:40
schestowitzWhere does the EPO and its new &quot;Gold Standard&quot; go from here? A good question.<br /><br />The EPO's direction of travel is already clear. One need only consider, for example, the Decisions of the EPO President for first instance proceedings (making VICO the default in all but exceptional cases) and the rather limited space allocated to the Boards once they relocate to central Munich.<br /><br />So will this be the case of a claMay 11 01:40
schestowitzsh between an irresistible force (the EPO's direction of travel) and an immovable object (the rule of law, as enforced by the Boards, and the EBA in particular)? If so, my money is on the irresistible force. I have studied the form of the immovable object and am starting to suspect that they can sometimes be persuaded to take a dive.May 11 01:40
schestowitz>It is interesting to note that the same board has already ignored a decision of the EBA. In T 1731/20, it allowed a correction of the name of the appellant, a man of straw, well beyond the time limit set in G 1/12. <br /><br /><br /><br />By accepting the correction under R 139, it considered the auxiliary request for re-establishment to be moot and not needing to May 11 01:40
schestowitzbe decided. This was also very convenient for the board. <br /><br />According to reasons 1.5, the corresponding fee will be reimbursed to the appellant (opponent). There is however no trace in the order of a reimbursement of the fee for re-establishment.May 11 01:40
schestowitzThe EBA in G 3/19 provided a dynamic interpretation of Article 53(b) EPC. If the EBA was willing to show such contempt for the rule of law, it cannot come as a surprise that TBA's also show such contempt for the rule of law. It is manifest that the structure of the EPO and the BoAs does not provide adequate checks and balances. It is applaudable that the TBA in T 2432/19 dared to give what the EPO management would surely consider the wrMay 11 01:40
schestowitzong answer.May 11 01:40
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schestowitz <li>May 11 09:41
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Mesa 23.1 Linux Graphics Stack Arrives with Many RADV Improvements, More</a></h5>May 11 09:41
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>May 11 09:41
schestowitz                                        <p>Mesa 23.1 is available for download from the official website for system integrators and those who prefer compiling it from sources. The rest of the world would have to wait for the new Mesa release to arrive in the stable software repositories of their GNU/Linux distributions before updating the installations to enjoy a better gaming and 3D experience.</p>May 11 09:41
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>May 11 09:41
schestowitz                                </li>May 11 09:41
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Mesa 23.1 Linux Graphics Stack Arrives with Many RADV Improvements, More - 9to5LinuxMay 11 09:41
schestowitzx 11 09:53
schestowitz# gratuitous boosting of tiktokMay 11 09:53
-TechBytesBot/ | I train my kids with Apple AirTags — haters say I treat them like dogsMay 11 09:53
schestowitzx 11 09:58
schestowitz# dangerous and stupid instructions; wget | sudo bashMay 11 09:58
schestowitz# that author should be firedMay 11 09:58
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-(Update) How to install RStudio and Quarto with ‘apt install’ | R-bloggersMay 11 09:58
schestowitzx 11 10:05
-TechBytesBot/ | Teens use, hear of ChatGPT more than parents: poll | The HillMay 11 10:05
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schestowitz <li>May 11 10:56
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">Alpine Linux 3.18.0 Released</a></h5>May 11 10:56
schestowitz                            <blockquote>May 11 10:56
schestowitz                                <p>Kernel modules are now signed. Verified modules are not enforced by default, so 3rd party modules with akms still works.</p>May 11 10:56
schestowitz                            </blockquote>May 11 10:56
schestowitz                        </li>May 11 10:56
-TechBytesBot/ | Alpine 3.18.0 released | Alpine LinuxMay 11 10:56
schestowitz <li>May 11 11:00
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">Mixxx 2.3.5 Free DJ Software Improves Support for Pioneer DDJ-400, Hercules P32</a></h5>May 11 11:00
schestowitz                            <blockquote>May 11 11:00
schestowitz                                <p>Linux users will be happy to learn that this release improves the full-screen experience on desktops that don’t use global menubars, shows a warning when the audio thread is not scheduled with real-time policy, and fixes the wrong waveform background color on various GNU/Linux distributions, such as Fedora Linux 37.</p>May 11 11:00
schestowitz                            </blockquote>May 11 11:00
schestowitz                        </li>May 11 11:00
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Mixxx 2.3.5 Free DJ Software Improves Support for Pioneer DDJ-400, Hercules P32 - 9to5LinuxMay 11 11:00
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schestowitz 11 23:36
schestowitzTalking about &quot;Gold&quot; standards, lt's face it: for the Patent Office in any given jurisdiction to create any &quot;Gold Standard&quot; of jurisprudence is an affront to the community of lawyers and jurists who make their living in the world of litigation before the courts.  Always has been. Since 1978. Who does the EPO think it is, they cry?  The courts, and NOT the Patent Office, should make the law.<br /><br />But at last it'May 11 23:36
schestowitzs now &quot;Pay Back Time&quot; isn't it?<br /><br />We have seen how effective the powerful litigation community have been, in recent years, to force through the UPC. Now all that remains to be done is to destroy the reputation of the EPO as a reliable creator of the law of patent validity. One way to do that is to generate G Decisions which the Boards then proceed to disparage.  Another way is to generate disagreements between TBA's. May 11 23:36
schestowitzThat old adage &quot;If you can't beat them, join them&quot; applies to a lot of people inside the EPO, it seems to me.May 11 23:36
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