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schestowitz[TR]<phanes> hey are you online?Jul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> hiJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> Hey Dr. Schestowitz.  I am not sure how to kick this request off, but, I've been kind of observing Matthew Garrett's twitter over the last year since he defamed me on it about a year ago and I'm seeing about every 3-4 months he's defaming someone else habitually.  The more I search around the more I see familiar names of people who were contributing that got completely derailed by wild accusations. Jul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes>  Jul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> I think it's reached a point where it is probably a good idea to start collecting for a timeline of every incident I can find, but your coverage indicates a much better knowledge base to start with in re: to MGJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> Ted T'so comes to mindJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> he sent me several letters from his lawyersJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> uh ohJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> do we need a more confidential communication medium to discuss this?Jul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> noJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> but I covered this in techrightsJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> im looking for itJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> 11 05:00
-TechBytesBot/ | Stupid and Legally-Invalid Threats (Physical Letters) | TechrightsJul 11 05:00
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> im through most of it now.  fyi, california has a 1 year limit from the time of the initial statement (when it was made, not when they found it) to file with the court to start a defamation trialJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> he won't do anythingJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> intimidation tacticJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> he defamed meJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> he legally can't if it's for anything you ever said longer than 1 year agoJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> this video is a lot shorterJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i have also been making statements about his serial defamation behaviours for longer than a year so i am also immune to litigation over itJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> would not shock me if he was connected to a state entityJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> seeing how he attacks people and who he chooses to attackJul 11 06:22
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Resolving timed out after 10520 milliseconds ( status 0 @ )Jul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i suspect he's a FAANG-sponsored saboteur/contractorJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> suspect? Gulag funded himJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> well i can't definitely prove that google came to him and said "we will pay you $X for systamtically targeting people doing things against our Y interests"Jul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> it does not work like thatJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> people can be rewarded or chosen for past and future actionsJul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i want to bring this guy down with a "sword of truth"Jul 11 06:22
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> the kind of truth that sticks to you, and smears onto anything you touch.   the kind that does not wash off.Jul 11 06:22
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schestowitz[TR]<phanes> to do that, i will need to compile a sourced timeline for a website that will be search-engine optimised and tied to his nameJul 11 07:04
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> it should be a kind of "curriculum vitae" of his malicious behaviours over the years, highly segmented Jul 11 07:04
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> after the search engines start tracking it, all standard PR campaign principles applyJul 11 07:04
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> one of the problems with exposing this guy so far has been that so few people are talking about it, so, he can just attack their individual credibility and keep it at bayJul 11 07:04
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> (as you've seen so far)Jul 11 07:04
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i've run into the same issueJul 11 07:04
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> since he is undermining your pulications' credibility he can dampen your impact, and since my only sources so far are your publication, we have an "entity spread" problemJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> as he does the same with meJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> *publications*Jul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> since we have immunity from being litigated by him over those statements i am well positioned to run a campaign like thatJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i also have a six digit income with legal resources if he tries to strongarm me with lawyersJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> to avoid complicating things i wont involve you much, but you have alot of the information collected that i'll need, so, if it's alright with you I will be occassionally sending you an email asking for sources to cite on things i find from your own sources so that i can start to spread this out to other publications and get the information socializedJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i am just seeing alot of impactive material here in the videosJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> butJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> first is the timelineJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i have a feeling we can collect at least 10 years of defamatory behaviourJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> 11 07:05
-TechBytesBot/ | Words You Cannot Say Unless You Are the Linux Foundation | TechrightsJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> sorry, wrong linkJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> 11 07:05
-TechBytesBot/ | Hypocrite Forks the Linux Kernel Because of Cultural Characteristics That He Himself is Guilty of | TechrightsJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> 11 07:05
-TechBytesBot/ | UEFI - TechrightsJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> starting 10 years agoJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> e.g. 11 07:05
-TechBytesBot/ | Red Hat Criticised for Advancing Microsoft’s UEFI Agenda | TechrightsJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i have to be careful with the IBM stuff.  if this is a confidential discussion i'll tell you why.Jul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> (i'd need a gaurantee of confidence)Jul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> (also, you know who I am right?)Jul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> I can only offer pointers, nothing moreJul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<schestowitz[TR]> I want to get on with work Jul 11 07:05
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> re: UEFI, I agree it's a categorical threat to the F/OSS ecosystem, but I see the UEFI action as separate from the defamatory behaviours except where we can tie it to specific acts of defamation that we can capture/archive and referenceJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> it'll be hard to socialize the anti-defamation sentiment in the academic circles he'll try to lean on for credibility when the exposure campaign starts to heat upJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> if we don't separate the two out except where a direct link can be foundJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i.e. it's even worse than the defamation, but he'll be able to rely on credibility/image on EUFI if the defamation doesn't have a focal pointJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> *UEFIJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> im still forming models but if the vehicle for his exposure is the same he uses to hurt people (SJW) then any action he takes to bolster his SJW activity (which is almost always harmful) will also bolster the exposure campaign levied against himJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> and then when he's at a low in terms of credibility, the UEFI villainry could be a deathblow because he won't have as strong a platform to rest on, as the only thing keeping it at bay is apologists for toxic SJWsJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> if they won't want to support him because he's been strongly outted as a serial defamer, it just all falls back on him when UEFI starts to come back upJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> i think part of the problem so far is i see in these publications that you're addressing a broader issue that's bigger than MG and involves broader corporate strategies, but this can get in the way of addressing the man himself in terms of content distraction or focal pointsJul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> not that the FAANG issue doesn't need addressed, i just would separate out content like "this post is purely about MG" and "this post is purely about FAANG but references issues with MG"Jul 11 07:26
schestowitz[TR]<phanes> idk im still brainstorming on how to approach this.  i know there will be a website.  i am figuring out how the content will work.  it will read like a wikipedia page or a CV but be a timeline of people he's defamed and will have a section devoted to UEFI, but will focus purely on his defamatioJul 11 07:26
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schestowitz   <li>Jul 11 11:10
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">What is a network sniffer?</a></h5>Jul 11 11:10
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Jul 11 11:10
-TechBytesBot/ | What is a network sniffer?Jul 11 11:10
schestowitz                                        <p>In this blog post I try to explain what is a network sniffer device or software? But before we understand that there a few things we should become familiar with.</p>Jul 11 11:10
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Jul 11 11:10
schestowitz                                </li>Jul 11 11:10
schestowitz <li>Jul 11 11:11
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Monitoring tiny web services</a></h5>Jul 11 11:11
-TechBytesBot/ | Monitoring tiny web servicesJul 11 11:11
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Jul 11 11:11
schestowitz                                        <p>Hello! I’ve started to run a few more servers recently (nginx playground, mess with dns, dns lookup), so I’ve been thinking about monitoring.</p>Jul 11 11:11
schestowitz                                        <p>It wasn’t initially totally obvious to me how to monitor these websites, so I wanted to quickly write up what how I did it.</p>Jul 11 11:11
schestowitz                                        <p>I’m not going to talk about how to monitor Big Serious Mission Critical websites at all, only tiny unimportant websites.</p>Jul 11 11:11
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Jul 11 11:11
schestowitz                                </li>Jul 11 11:11
schestowitz  <li>Jul 11 11:12
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Reviving a classic Sony PS-X75 record player with Arduino</a></h5>Jul 11 11:12
-TechBytesBot/ | Reviving a classic Sony PS-X75 record player with Arduino | Arduino BlogJul 11 11:12
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Jul 11 11:12
schestowitz                                        <p>In 1979, Sony launched the PS-X75 turntable. It quickly gained popularity thanks to its high-fidelity sound output and ease of use. It was easy to use because it was fully automated–a common feature today, but something that was quite exciting at the time. To perform that automation, the PS-X75 contained an integrated circuit that detected record size, dropped the needle, and so on. But that IC was prone Jul 11 11:12
schestowitzto failure. To revive their Sony PS-X75 turntable, MKB-1 used an Arduino Mega to replace the original circuit.</p>Jul 11 11:12
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Jul 11 11:12
schestowitz                                </li>Jul 11 11:12
schestowitz <li>Jul 11 11:45
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">A decade without blog comments</a></h5>Jul 11 11:45
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Rubenerd: A decade without blog commentsJul 11 11:45
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Jul 11 11:45
schestowitz                                        <p>I suppose over time I’ve engineered a new problem. People now routinely email me with interesting, useful, fun, and friendly comments; and now I have a backlog to reply to and quote here. I apologise if that includes yours. I do read every email I receive, unless Fastmail’s aggressive filters block it and I fish it out of spam a month later.</p>Jul 11 11:45
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Jul 11 11:45
schestowitz                                </li>Jul 11 11:45
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schestowitz[TR] 11 17:14
-TechBytesBot/ | How to Install the Tor Browser on LinuxJul 11 17:14
schestowitz[TR]"The Tor browser is a security-focused browser that protects users through the use of nodes that make it more difficult to track your online actions.Jul 11 17:14
schestowitz[TR]This article provides detailed instructions for installing (and removing) the Tor browser on your Linux system."Jul 11 17:14
schestowitz[TR]Re: EPO presentationJul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> Hi,Jul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> Jul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> I Heard management showed some slides to the staff saying not grantingJul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> patents are a loss.Jul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> Jul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> This is insane.Jul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> Jul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]> I will try to get a copy, don't publish anything for now.Jul 11 21:03
schestowitz[TR]Any update?Jul 11 21:03
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