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schestowitztaking down TR for a bit, I think the DB needs repairing, as the issue I encountered isn't php or httpdFeb 12 04:48
Techrights-secok.  I just noticed it stopped responding.Feb 12 05:03
schestowitzI am trying to understand why mariadb would not start after I stopped it. you can have a look also...Feb 12 05:04
schestowitzat first I noticed I could not upload images to wordpress and checked some log files, made free space, restarted php and httpFeb 12 05:04
schestowitzseeing that the DB is being weird (I thought we could refer to it as "mysql" rather than mariadb... but have not tried in a long time), I think maybe the issue is there, but not sure why now. Last successful DB dump was just over an hour ago in homedir, but that's read-only I supposeFeb 12 05:06
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schestowitzI am running DB check for all DBs, first such check since we moved the DBs to a container back in EasterFeb 12 05:14
schestowitzno apparent issues in the underlying DB tables, in either siteFeb 12 05:20
schestowitzmaybe I am not aware of some command that would in fact start the DB?Feb 12 05:20
schestowitzI don't think I ever stopped this DB before... since the reconfiguration for that containerFeb 12 05:21
Techrights-secIt's been a long while since I've looked at them.Feb 12 05:22
Techrights-secIt's the kind of thing that one should practice quarterly at least.  But IFeb 12 05:22
Techrights-sechave been reluctant to stop/start for no reason.Feb 12 05:22
schestowitzyesterday we tested the TM backup, i supposed now, since easter, we get to scan and check DB integrity for TR at a quiet time of the day. Can you try to start mariadb again? It's me who manually stopped it, when trying to figure out a minor wordpress issueFeb 12 05:23
Techrights-secThere are some strange items in /var/log/mariadb/mariadb.logFeb 12 05:25
Techrights-secat the endFeb 12 05:25
schestowitzI saw some login attempts with ordinary first namesFeb 12 05:25
Techrights-sec210212  5:18:09 [ERROR] Unknown/unsupported storage engine: InnoDBFeb 12 05:27
Techrights-secIf you mean on ssh, that is normal and is why keys are established best practiceFeb 12 05:27
Techrights-secas would be turning off password auth.Feb 12 05:27
schestowitzA silly guess of mine is, maybe this is all unrelated to the incident I saw (not really an incident, I just couldn't add a file to wordpress by means of upload) and was all along bound to happen after db restart?Feb 12 05:28
Techrights-secI'm willing to chip in a bit to pay kaniini for the upgrade. there isFeb 12 05:29
Techrights-seca backlog of problems that can be fixed / prevented with a fresh system.Feb 12 05:29
Techrights-secBut SSHguard or Fail2ban ought to be added as well.Feb 12 05:30
schestowitzis the problem likely on the DB container now or the host of TR? Since the site is down, maybe a service reboot is worth trying?Feb 12 05:31
schestowitzwhat you do in tmux had me thinking also, earlier on... maybe some lock file?Feb 12 05:33
schestowitzlet's check if we can find it...Feb 12 05:33
Techrights-secYes, a lockfile might be lying around.Feb 12 05:33
Techrights-sec^layingFeb 12 05:33
schestowitzno files under /var/lockFeb 12 05:35
schestowitzif we have a RO FS, that might help explain upload issuesFeb 12 05:40
schestowitzbut df or similar are so odd after the migrationFeb 12 05:41
Techrights-secYes, the mount output shows double entries for some places.Feb 12 05:41
schestowitzmaybe a reboot would cause fsck and restore service?Feb 12 05:41
schestowitzI cannot reach kaniini at the moment, only available over irc typicallyFeb 12 05:42
Techrights-secThat would also clear some of the temporary files.  Though I feel stupid rebootingFeb 12 05:43
schestowitznothing to lose, I think, as the site is not accessible regard;essFeb 12 05:43
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TechBytesBotHello World! I'm TechBytesBot running phIRCe v0.75Feb 12 05:45
schestowitzit's backFeb 12 05:46
Techrights-secOk.  we can try it.Feb 12 05:46
Techrights-secyesFeb 12 05:46
Techrights-seccan you start a new tmux sessio, then I can join it.Feb 12 05:46
schestowitzsure, but let's worry about the site first...Feb 12 05:47
Techrights-secI mean over on TRFeb 12 05:48
schestowitzyesFeb 12 05:48
schestowitzthe site is OK again, as I hope and mostly expected. the irc bots all came back too, as configured in the old DCFeb 12 05:49
schestowitzI still cannot upload files, but maybe the issue is in the session itselfFeb 12 05:49
Techrights-secThen the question is which logs to look at?  The ones I sawFeb 12 05:50
Techrights-secdid not suggest anything.Feb 12 05:50
schestowitzriddle solved.Feb 12 05:51
schestowitz1. I think the wordpress session itself was the culpritFeb 12 05:51
schestowitz2. I think we were bound to have issues with mariadb regardless, if ever we were to stop itFeb 12 05:51
schestowitz3. I checked httpd and php in case they were the culprits (negative)Feb 12 05:51
schestowitz4. we now know the server boots OK and brings back IRC logsFeb 12 05:51
schestowitz5. in a sense, we got to do some stress-testing, DDOS 'to the rescue', of both sitesFeb 12 05:52
Techrights-secHTTP is availableFeb 12 05:52
Techrights-sec, so is SSHFeb 12 05:52
schestowitzohhhhhhh...Feb 12 05:55
schestowitzI think I know what happened...  happennnnnnnneeed...Feb 12 05:55
schestowitzwe were trying to bring back the localhost instance of mariadb, which is deprecatedFeb 12 05:55
Techrights-secOh, weren't the config files all updated?Feb 12 05:56
schestowitzEach CMS points to remote hostFeb 12 05:56
schestowitzLOL. So basically the issue was me putting down httpd!!!!Feb 12 05:57
schestowitzThe issue was likely session-related in wordpress, hence we were looking at the wrong thing, but at least lessons learned and reboot tested belatedly, for the firsts time since the instance was set upFeb 12 05:58
Techrights-secmaybe the packages should be removed from TR then.Feb 12 05:58
Techrights-secyes, I forgot that it was on the other VMFeb 12 05:59
schestowitzeither way I also managed to scan the DB for the first time in ages and all was fine (I've often wondered about that one)Feb 12 06:00
Techrights-secshall we remove mariadb from TR that way the confusion can be avoidedFeb 12 06:00
schestowitzremoving it might involve yum something and I don't know what else it might attempt to doFeb 12 06:00
Techrights-secgoodFeb 12 06:00
schestowitzto avoid remorse and regret I'd think of this as a D-R test and reboot, dB checks, sanity checked etc.Feb 12 06:01
schestowitzgo ahead and remove these, assuming the existing software does not use those as a client side thing for the remove containerFeb 12 06:02
schestowitz*remote containerFeb 12 06:02
Techrights-secIt claims it would only remove two packages:Feb 12 06:03
Techrights-secRemoving:Feb 12 06:03
Techrights-sec mariadb            x86_64     1:5.5.56-2.el7        @base      49 MFeb 12 06:03
Techrights-secRemoving for dependencies:Feb 12 06:03
Techrights-sec mariadb-server     x86_64     1:5.5.56-2.el7        @base      58 MFeb 12 06:03
Techrights-secif it were to be removedFeb 12 06:03
Techrights-secTransaction test succeededFeb 12 06:04
Techrights-secRunning transactionFeb 12 06:04
Techrights-sec  Erasing    : 1:mariadb-server-5.5.56-2.el7.x86_64Feb 12 06:04
Techrights-sec       1/2Feb 12 06:04
Techrights-secwarning: /var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log saved as /var/log/mariadb/mariadb.log.rpmsaveFeb 12 06:04
Techrights-sec  Erasing    : 1:mariadb-5.5.56-2.el7.x86_64Feb 12 06:04
Techrights-sec       2/2Feb 12 06:04
Techrights-sec  Verifying  : 1:mariadb-server-5.5.56-2.el7.x86_64Feb 12 06:04
Techrights-sec       1/2Feb 12 06:05
Techrights-sec  Verifying  : 1:mariadb-5.5.56-2.el7.x86_64Feb 12 06:05
Techrights-sec       2/2Feb 12 06:05
Techrights-secRemoved:Feb 12 06:05
Techrights-sec  mariadb.x86_64 1:5.5.56-2.el7Feb 12 06:05
Techrights-secDependency Removed:Feb 12 06:05
Techrights-sec  mariadb-server.x86_64 1:5.5.56-2.el7Feb 12 06:05
Techrights-secComplete!Feb 12 06:05
schestowitzwe should rethink tmux layout. some was too small to be usefulFeb 12 06:06
Techrights-secyes, arrang tmux as needed then I can make the script launch itFeb 12 06:09
Techrights-secwith the panes in place.Feb 12 06:09
Techrights-secI can accomodate up to 153x42 in a terminalFeb 12 06:09
schestowitzmy script is lame and based on things I found online way back... it could certainly use major adjustingFeb 12 06:10
schestowitz 12 06:11
-TechBytesBot/ | Install tmux 2.3 on rhel/centos 6 · GitHubFeb 12 06:11
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schestowitzyup, we use an old oneFeb 12 06:12
Techrights-sectmux 1.8 is lacking a lotFeb 12 06:12
Techrights-sec\Feb 12 06:12
schestowitz 12 06:13
-TechBytesBot/ | CentOS 6 DownloadFeb 12 06:13
Techrights-secCentOS 6 is way past EOLFeb 12 06:14
schestowitzshould we put tmux on our local machines with ssh outwards?Feb 12 06:15
Techrights-secif the ssh connection drops, then the session on the remote machine wouldFeb 12 06:16
Techrights-secbe lostFeb 12 06:16
Techrights-secand there is no way to share a sessionFeb 12 06:16
schestowitzit would offer a newer version at leastFeb 12 06:16
Techrights-sec 12 06:17
Techrights-sec May 10th, 2017Feb 12 06:17
Techrights-secgoing on 4 yearsFeb 12 06:17
-TechBytesBot/ | About/Product - CentOS WikiFeb 12 06:17
Techrights-secthere is no benefit from thatFeb 12 06:18
Techrights-secand it would fix several severe, exploitable holesFeb 12 06:18
schestowitzI am off work until tomorrow night, so if kaniini gets back to me I'll suggest splitting the CMS parts into new containers with new OSFeb 12 06:19
Techrights-sectmux 3.x is already seen out in the wildFeb 12 06:20
Techrights-secthanksFeb 12 06:21
schestowitzfor now, let's think for a bit about tmux or wait for kaniini to reply.... I will post some articles in TR now... didn't do any yesterday for obvious reasons (plumber, tm incident, gemini...)Feb 12 06:22
Techrights-secokFeb 12 06:23
Techrights-secI will probably look at getting jan and feb into geminiFeb 12 06:23
schestowitzwe have no deadline for that :-) more important to sort our the server moves, but we depend on the HV ownerFeb 12 06:23
schestowitz 12 09:40
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@katiewr31413491: @schestowitz It was terrible how he turned his back on his grandson. The guy uncovered the truth about #Theranos &… 12 09:40
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@katiewr31413491: @schestowitz It was terrible how he turned his back on his grandson. The guy uncovered the truth about #Theranos &… 12 09:40
schestowitz"It was terrible how he turned his back on his grandson. The guy uncovered the truth about #Theranos & own family didn’t believe him."Feb 12 09:40
schestowitz 12 09:40
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@glynmoody: this will happen in EU after upload filters are implemented; will have a chilling effect on holding the authorities… 12 09:40
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@glynmoody: this will happen in EU after upload filters are implemented; will have a chilling effect on holding the authorities… 12 09:40
schestowitz"this will happen in EU after upload filters are implemented; will have a chilling effect on holding the authorities to account... #copyright"Feb 12 09:40
schestowitz 12 09:41
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@fcassia: @mmasnick @CaseyNewton @schestowitz Excellent 👌👌👏👏👏Feb 12 09:41
schestowitz 12 09:41
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@glynmoody: <facepalm/> 12 09:41
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@schestowitz: ● NEWS ● #Techdirt #SmartThingsForDumbPeople ☞ Chastity Penis Lock Company That Was [Cr]acked Says It's Now Totally… 12 09:41
schestowitz gemini:// stips down MSM into simple pages, but Techrights has better and nicer features, these conversions are relatively crudeFeb 12 10:11
schestowitz 12 10:25
schestowitz"Feb 12 10:25
schestowitzIf you are looking for something in particular, Gemini has two searchFeb 12 10:25
schestowitzengines:Feb 12 10:25
schestowitz* GUS, at gemini://gus.guruFeb 12 10:25
schestowitz* Houston, at gemini://houston.coder.townFeb 12 10:25
schestowitz"Feb 12 10:25
schestowitzI am checking if we can add an in-capsule search for techrigthts aloneFeb 12 10:25
Techrights-secI will probably look at getting jan and feb into geminiFeb 12 10:30
Techrights-secGemini TR is now fully navigable for Jan and Feb (up to yesterday)Feb 12 10:30
Techrights-secNext over the coming days I will make the updates automated.Feb 12 10:30
Techrights-secgemini:// 12 10:30
Techrights-secShall I add TR to GUS?Feb 12 10:30
Techrights-sec(ps happy New Year)Feb 12 10:30
Techrights-seca smattering of older pages got converted also, as a side effect of havingFeb 12 10:30
Techrights-secbeen cited directly or indirectly by articles from Jan or Feb.Feb 12 10:30
schestowitzMy connection to the pi abroad was hung up, I think while I was napping, looking into how to do in-site search for the capsule at the momentFeb 12 10:30
Techrights-secI have a template to autogenerate the main index nowLFeb 12 10:56
Techrights-sec:Feb 12 10:56
Techrights-secgemini-main-index.shFeb 12 10:56
Techrights-secIf more complex is needed, we'll have to kick it up to perl, butFeb 12 10:56
Techrights-secfor now it is a HERE document inside a short shell script.Feb 12 10:56
schestowitzWell done, I will take a look. At some stage we can add a script that runs with "Global" or similar to add site context like navigation, footer etc.Feb 12 10:57
schestowitzOK, I see, so I should not edit the main index for now, as it would be regeneratedFeb 12 10:58
Techrights-secYes, I was just thinking that.  The articles all link upwards, so that is good.Feb 12 10:59
Techrights-secBut the months ought to link sideways, as it were , to adjacent months.Feb 12 10:59
Techrights-secThe main index has not been touched yet, though I have the script ready.Feb 12 10:59
Techrights-secWhen you have the chance can you loo at the output?Feb 12 10:59
Techrights-secIt does not write anything for now except some temp files which itFeb 12 10:59
Techrights-seccleans up afterwards.Feb 12 10:59
schestowitzI will give it a test runFeb 12 11:00
schestowitzit looks like it shows 2 months' links (archives)  at the top where the Bulletin heading and two months' of links were before. Should I correct this or you?Feb 12 11:03
schestowitzI am guessing you sort of reused the bulletin text/heading and then forgot to replicate what had been modified to suit the templateFeb 12 11:03
schestowitzthere's a big "vaccum" when it comes to searching gemini for now, so I want to see if I can index those objects and offer in-site searchFeb 12 11:05
Techrights-secProbably.Feb 12 11:05
Techrights-secI'll put the bulletins backFeb 12 11:05
Techrights-secsearch is goodFeb 12 11:05
schestowitzI first thought about categories page, but it would be nowhere as useful, not even one bit, cross-references are probably the most importantFeb 12 11:06
Techrights-secI'll have to think about human navigation.  For the spiders, the linkingFeb 12 11:10
Techrights-secof months will be useful.Feb 12 11:10
Techrights-secI think just a full-text search would be a good start.Feb 12 11:10
Techrights-secThen add fielded searching for categories, but I don't thinkFeb 12 11:10
Techrights-secthat can be done using Gemini.Feb 12 11:10
schestowitzif you think blog category, that's a problem unless you extract meta for each page and set that aside, otherwise all we have is dir structureFeb 12 11:10
Techrights-secThat's all in the CMSFeb 12 11:10
Techrights-secYes, and there is no metatada in GeminiFeb 12 11:11
schestowitzIf they added more and more bloat to "gemini" (look ma! features/feeechures), it'll have the same complexity issues that doom the web for many peopleFeb 12 11:12
schestowitzin the old web days we had to be creative and make footers come from separate files, so you could focus purely on the body and now get 1 MB page "source"Feb 12 11:12
Techrights-secNo new features should be added to the format IMOFeb 12 11:13
Techrights-secIt is what it is and that's what makes it light.Feb 12 11:13
Techrights-secI don't want to see and RDF plugin / extension for the protocolFeb 12 11:13
Techrights-secIt's a travesty that pages are above a few kBFeb 12 11:32
Techrights-secI've added to the cronbjo for the RPi.Feb 12 11:32
Techrights-secIt will fire at noon and midnight UTCFeb 12 11:32
Techrights-secCan you addFeb 12 11:32
Techrights-seclibdate-calc-perlFeb 12 11:32
Techrights-secto the RPi?  I think that is the last one.Feb 12 11:32
schestowitzaddingFeb 12 11:32
schestowitzdone (OT: I told rianne NOT to get the plumber until everything thaws, but she did not take my advice and now we have another burst... so another visit will be necessary)Feb 12 11:33
Techrights-secOuch.  Why are the pipes freezing there?  The insulation probably needs work.Feb 12 11:34
schestowitzwashing machine's pipes pass outdoorsFeb 12 11:35
Techrights-secWeird arrangment.Feb 12 11:37
schestowitzsomeone else's design decision (predating us)Feb 12 11:37
schestowitzbrb working out now, I've just checked the front page at gemini. very good job!! I'll carry on searching how to search internally, as I think it can greatly enhance the capsule, which is otherwise "too large"Feb 12 11:44
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Techrights-secI'll have the month navigation done and then we can consider announcing.Feb 12 12:20
schestowitzA shower thought (literally): we can add a gemini link to the top of each article that has it (with time limit on when to show it because it doesn't make a copy in real time wrt wordpress), as it would both raise awareness and drive potential usageFeb 12 12:21
Techrights-secI guess so but I am not familiar with the CMSFeb 12 12:23
Techrights-secwould it be done manually?Feb 12 12:23
schestowitzI can do this in phpFeb 12 12:23
schestowitzmind you, for ipfs we cannot do this because 1) we don't know the CID (it's not clear to the CMS either) 2) we don't have per-article CIDs, not bulletins, for practical reasons or limitations in the CID as a "web page" conceptFeb 12 12:25
Techrights-secwould it be done manually?Feb 12 12:25
Techrights-secMonth navigation is in place, at the bottom of each page.Feb 12 12:25
schestowitzexcellent, well done, I will try to clean my links and feeds and then work on gemini until night. kaniini came around 3 hours later, seems busy at the moment so no OS upgrades todayFeb 12 12:26
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schestowitzI will code something to add footer and header with navigation links to bulletin and irc indicesFeb 12 12:38
schestowitzI am scripting the regenration of these indices nowFeb 12 12:45
Techrights-secNice.Feb 12 12:49
Techrights-sec'Feb 12 12:49
Techrights-secBy the way, can we remove the text graphics from the main page?  They don't renderFeb 12 12:49
Techrights-secsome of the time.  It can be replaced by a simpler, ""Feb 12 12:49
Techrights-secin squiggly textFeb 12 12:49
schestowitzyou mean unicode stuff? It's also used a lot in bulletins and it's possible some clients don't handle utf-8 wellFeb 12 12:49
Techrights-secamfora indents along the left marginFeb 12 12:53
Techrights-secthat pushes the right edge of the 'graphics' to wrap aroundFeb 12 12:53
Techrights-secIt looks like amfora uses only 58 column on an 80-column terminal window.Feb 12 12:53
Techrights-sec\Feb 12 12:53
schestowitzI can re-render the image as narrowerFeb 12 12:53
Techrights-sec(it may be 60)Feb 12 12:53
schestowitzThat might also explain why amfora deals poorly with bulletins 78 chars wideFeb 12 12:54
Techrights-secThanks.Feb 12 12:54 is its homeFeb 12 12:54
schestowitzI will insert the graphics there, once I remake itFeb 12 12:54
Techrights-secOK.Feb 12 12:56
Techrights-secI'm going over the notes and comments in my scripts.  I hope they are simpleFeb 12 12:56
Techrights-secenough.Feb 12 12:56
schestowitznano warns me you still edit that fileFeb 12 12:56
Techrights-secOops.  Free now.Feb 12 12:57
schestowitzsaved, ready for retestingFeb 12 12:58
schestowitzthere is index.gmi in homedir/~, maybe by accident/Feb 12 13:01
Techrights-secI can take a character off the right edge.Feb 12 13:01
Techrights-secStill off by one...Feb 12 13:01
schestowitzI put the logo at ~/logo.txt and am adding some template stuff there, in other files I may later relocate to keep things tiduerFeb 12 13:02
schestowitz*tidierFeb 12 13:02
Techrights-secI can take a character off the right edge.Feb 12 14:13
Techrights-secYes, the stray index.gmi has been removed now.Feb 12 14:13
Techrights-secI've tweaked the logo.txt file to match what fits in amfora at 80 columnsFeb 12 14:13
schestowitzI am improving the anchor text for links in bulletins and irc, plus added footer, menu, made a whole script that takes less 2 seconds to run and made ALL the indexes, given the latest directory imported from the ipfs accountFeb 12 14:14
schestowitzI think "Latest Articles" section belongs before "Bulletins" (I think)Feb 12 14:17
Techrights-secThere is already the Feb and Jan section at the top.Feb 12 14:19
Techrights-secThe end is probably a good place for the article samples,Feb 12 14:19
Techrights-secsince it duplicates content.  The other content is not reallyFeb 12 14:19
Techrights-secfound anywhere else on the site.Feb 12 14:19
schestowitzOK, makes senseFeb 12 14:19
schestowitzI like how you changed the bulletin index to save space. If you generate this from a script, can you change "bulletin" to "bulletins" in the path?Feb 12 14:49
Techrights-secSure.Feb 12 15:13
Techrights-secAll set.Feb 12 15:13
schestowitzcheers! it says you edit at the moment. Can you change boycottnovellsocial to have dash before "social"? Just noticed itFeb 12 15:14
schestowitzit now takes about 6 seconds on the pi to regenerate indexes/pages  for bulletins+irc and it's all gone with gnu and bashFeb 12 15:15
schestowitzit is in /bin/gemini-bulletin-irc-update.shFeb 12 15:16
Techrights-secOk.  Freed upFeb 12 15:17
Techrights-secYes, that's quite awesome!Feb 12 15:17
Techrights-secBTW I have things set to refresh by cron twice a day, the midday refreshFeb 12 15:17
Techrights-secseemed to go ok so I will leave the midnight one in place and check theFeb 12 15:17
Techrights-secresults tomorrowFeb 12 15:17
Techrights-secDoes /bin/ need any parameters passed to it?Feb 12 15:18
schestowitzNo, and for now I can run it manually. I don't want to take too many steps at once as it makes debugging trickier. I've only just managed to cron the ipfs up and down periods, mostly a PATH issueFeb 12 15:18
schestowitzAt some stage we need to set cron jobs to copy across the latest bulletins and irc files after 3am, aside from regenerating the gemini capsuleFeb 12 15:19
Techrights-secOk.  A later change to that script could be to introduce loopsFeb 12 15:20
Techrights-secand use the date utility to generate relative dates.Feb 12 15:20
schestowitzYes, lots to be improve in there, but it's a starting pointFeb 12 15:21
schestowitzI am guessing #boycottnovellsocial will become #boycottnovell-social  with a dash next time the index gets updated. There's also a stale Sept. 2020 archive page for Bulletin in the front page.Feb 12 15:23
Techrights-secYes, but I just updated it manuall now.Feb 12 15:26
schestowitzCan I introduce the capsule now, with maybe a video demo and an article explain "WTF" this gemini thing is?Feb 12 15:26
Techrights-secSure, I think it is ready.Feb 12 15:28
Techrights-secThe newest artile pages link back to the start, but the older ones do not.Feb 12 15:28
Techrights-secShould I regenerate the whole shebang to get uniform return links?Feb 12 15:28
schestowitzI think it's OK if a tad out of dateFeb 12 15:28
schestowitzI will think how to craft php in a way that works for older but not too old nodes in wordpress without losing the changes when we patch this LTS of wordpressFeb 12 15:28
Techrights-secYes, and the whole scraping thing is a bit brittle,  I've tried to minimize thatFeb 12 15:34
Techrights-secbut any changes to the HTTP structure may need tweaking.Feb 12 15:34
Techrights-secHopefully the scripts are simple enough to be understood when the timeFeb 12 15:34
Techrights-seccomes.Feb 12 15:34
Techrights-secxxxxxFeb 12 15:34
schestowitzI need to exercise navigation a little before recording, to avoid 'surprises'Feb 12 15:35
Techrights-secNavigation is mostly ok in amfora.Feb 12 16:18
Techrights-secI don't ;ke the space nor the lack of warning for non-gemini linksFeb 12 16:18
Techrights-secI have to head out for a bit soon.Feb 12 16:18
Techrights-secsee date-loop-demo.shFeb 12 16:18
Techrights-secbbl - probably a few hoursFeb 12 16:18
schestowitzdid a 37-min video, came out ok without prior preparationFeb 12 16:18
schestowitz 12 16:42
schestowitz"This decision can only be completely understood in light of the provision of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the Freedom of Panorama, Article 1276 (Free use of a work permanently located in a place open to the public). Art. 1276 allows for the free distribution of reproductions of works of architecture (such as a plinth or base) located in or visible from a public place (for profit or not for profit), whereas theFeb 12 16:42
schestowitzreproduction of a piece of fine art (such as a sculpture) permanently located in a place open to the public is allowed only for not-for-profit purposes. With a friendly Мяу-мяу Reinhard Oertli"Feb 12 16:42
schestowitz 12 18:45
Techrights-secI'll be able to check the video tomororw.Feb 12 22:32
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