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schestowitz[TR]  <li>Mar 12 09:42
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">How To Read Online News on Ubuntu</a></h5>Mar 12 09:42
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 12 09:42
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>In general, everything on the world wide web can be subscribed to as long as they provide special URL called 'RSS' or 'Atom' feed. Given the situation we are in today, this means you can subscribe to: [...]</p>Mar 12 09:42
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 12 09:42
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 12 09:42
-TechBytesBot/ | How To Read Online News on UbuntuMar 12 09:42
schestowitz[TR] <li>Mar 12 09:48
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">6 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is the Perfect Distro for Windows Users</a></h5>Mar 12 09:48
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 12 09:48
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>There are many versions of Linux that are good for newcomers, but Linux Mint is particularly geared toward people who are already familiar with Microsoft Windows.</p>Mar 12 09:48
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>Linux is a fundamentally different operating system, but Linux Mint reduces how many new things you will need to learn by keeping as much of the experience as similar as possible. Let's look at some of the ways Linux Mint makes it easier for Windows users to switch to Linux.</p>Mar 12 09:48
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 12 09:48
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 12 09:48
-TechBytesBot/ | 6 Reasons Why Linux Mint Is the Perfect Distro for Windows UsersMar 12 09:48
schestowitz[TR]   <li>Mar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">North Korean hackers used polished LinkedIn profiles to target security researchers</a></h5>Mar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>By first constructing convincing profiles on the career-focused social media platform LinkedIn, reaching out to their victims with phony job offers and convincing them to move the conversation over to WhatsApp, where they would be targeted with malware, North Korean hackers have crafted a sophisticated method for targeting computer security researchers, according to a two-part report releasMar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]ed by Google’s Mandiant on Thursday.</p>Mar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>Michael Barnhart, a principal analyst at Mandiant, describes this North Korean threat actor as “one of the more skilled groups coming out of this closed off nation,” and in targeting security researchers, the group deployed a range of new tools.</p>Mar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]                             Mar 12 10:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-North Korean hackers used polished LinkedIn profiles to target security researchers | CyberScoopMar 12 10:07
schestowitz[TR]  <li>Mar 12 10:26
schestowitz[TR]                            <h5><a href="">TikTok Hires Biden-Connected Consulting Firm as Federal Ban Looms</a></h5>Mar 12 10:26
schestowitz[TR]                            <blockquote>Mar 12 10:26
schestowitz[TR]                                <p>SKDK is viewed as the most well-connected Democratic firm in Washington, with former top employees in senior and mid-level roles in the Biden administration. Anita Dunn, a founding partner, returned to the White House in May last year.</p>Mar 12 10:26
schestowitz[TR]                                <p>She serves as a senior adviser following her work in the early part of the Biden administration and during Biden’s 2020 campaign. Other former SKDK employees in the Biden administration include deputy White House communications directors Kate Berner and Herbie Ziskend, deputy Pentagon press secretary Sabrina Singh, and Interior Department press secretary Tyler Cherry.</p>Mar 12 10:26
schestowitz[TR]                            </blockquote>Mar 12 10:26
schestowitz[TR]                        </li>Mar 12 10:26
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schestowitz[TR]>    > Where are many examples where Microsoft is "exceptional", for instanceMar 12 12:43
schestowitz[TR]>    > the SCO lawsuit that turned 20 a few days ago (Microsoft funded thatMar 12 12:43
schestowitz[TR]>    > lawsuit) and all the patent attacks by Microsoft against GNU/Linux.Mar 12 12:43
schestowitz[TR]>    > Those are just two examples among many more.Mar 12 12:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 12 12:43
schestowitz[TR]> My memory of past decades is not so clear, so I can't argue the question.Mar 12 12:43
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