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schestowitz[TR2][18:42] <Source> All right thank you for redacting that. Obviously she didn't believe me, but she is a victim and apparently an immigrant so possibly more vunerableFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:42] <Source> Yeah he looks like he's tweeting drunkFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:43] <Source> He was definitely cheating on her to because Alex hit on some of my friends that had my picture in their profile while he was supposedly engaged to her[18:43] <Source> On tinderFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:44] <schestowitz> I seeFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:44] <schestowitz> I don't followFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:44] <schestowitz> who is it about?Feb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:45] <Source> xxxxFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:45] <schestowitz> Nat? His wife? Feb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:45] <schestowitz> so not natFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:45] <Source> Alex's girlfriend[18:45] <Source> The one in the police reportFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:45] <Source> Based on that timeline he had been dating xxxx for eight months whenever he hit on one of my friends on tinderFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:45] <Source> I looked at her Facebook she's a Chinese immigrantFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:46] <Source> Which Alex has a very long history of[18:46] <Source> Dating immigrants[18:46] <Source> I don't know what her status is but there's just a lot about that makes her ripe for exploitationFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:47] <Source> Green cards, [18:47] <Source> Language barrier, cultural differences, race politics, her being far from family[18:48] <Source> Obviously this is not like solid fact this is just me looking at her Facebook and kind of guessing based on some of the information she made publicFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:49] <Source> The point I'm trying to make is that she is a victim even if she did hurt me by not believing my story and giving him someone to help create a public perception of loving partner[18:49] <schestowitz> I seeFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:50] <schestowitz> sounds very messyFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:50] <schestowitz> and the police might be unhelpfulFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:50] <Source>  if you wanna look into Stephanie I think she's a German heiress[18:50] <Source> If you look at all her friends on Facebook they're all super rich and German[18:50] <Source> They're constantly riding horses and drinking champagne and being fancyFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:50] <schestowitz> could be posersFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:50] <Source> And we know where a lot of the money was in Germany in the 40s[18:51] <schestowitz> who is Stephanie?Feb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:51] <Source> Stephanie Schatz Friedman[18:51] <Source> Nat's wifeFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:52] <Source> If you want to do her genealogy that might tell you if she's a member of a wealthy nazi family[18:52] <Source> Just intuition speaking hereFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:53] <Source> Money hungry horse girl from GermanyFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:53] <Source> Alex said that she "makes art nouveau her personality"Feb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:55] <Source> I don't really feel like spending the money and time on that but if you wanna look into it I wouldn't stop you. I did my genealogy on It was pretty easy[18:55] <schestowitz> I see...Feb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:55] <Source>  you can cross reference her family members on Facebook based on looking at likes posts she's made [18:56] <schestowitz> well, did nepotism land her a Microsoft job?Feb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:56] <Source> ObviouslyFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:56] <Source> Look at her résumé it's almost entirely working for xamarin [18:56] <schestowitz> could be justa  social climber and not richFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:56] <schestowitz> some pretend to be richFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:57] <schestowitz> fake it till you make itFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:57] <Source> She went to one of the top colleges in Germany but apparently their schools are freeFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:57] <Source> I don't really know how wealth plays into college admissions thereFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:58] <Source> Obviously there's stereotypes about Germans being rigid in bad with people so[18:58] <Source> So that might explain why she was so cold about hearing about AlexFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:58] <Source> A lot of people have accused me of basically being "judge, jury and executioner"[18:58] <Source> For speaking out about abuseFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:59] <Source> Like that using words is tantamount to hanging someoneFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:59] <Source> It's insaneFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:59] <Source> California is a weird placeFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:59] <Source> In Texas people share info like that all the time[18:59] <Source> Probably why it's safer hereFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][18:59] <Source> Probably even more so than gunsFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][19:00] <Source>  apparently you need to have a body cam before people believe you in california[19:00] <Source> No thank you[19:00] <Source> All right well I'll let you go and please don't share her name or address when you share the affidavit [19:01] <Source> The mug shot should be available next weekFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2][19:02] <schestowitz> excellentFeb 13 03:01
schestowitz[TR2] 13 05:54
-TechBytesBot/ | Concerns about deteriorating patent quality at the EPO - Kluwer Patent BlogFeb 13 05:54
schestowitz[TR2]"A quality problem at the EPO? You must be mistaken!Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]FEBRUARY 11, 2023 AT 9:39 PMFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]In view of the massive criticism uttered by the IPQC, the patent quality charter of the EPO can only elicit a weary smile:Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2] 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]If everything announced in this document would correspond to the reality, the IPQC would not come with its very pointed proposals.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]It is manifest that the IPQC is not satisfied with the quality discussions in SACEPO. If this would be the case, their proposals would be redundant.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]That the quality of the work delivered by the EPO is going down does not come as a surprise. One has just to look regularly at decisions published by the BA.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]The number of patents revoked is higher than the number of patents maintained in amended form. The number of rejections of oppositions is much lesser than the number of patents maintained or revoked. In the early days of the EPO, the proportion was for each category 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. Nowadays it is more 40% maintenance, 45% revocation and 15% rejection.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]When the opponent brings novelty destroying patent literature and the search report mentions a lot of documents of the category X or A, it is difficult to claim that the search was optimal.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]The same applies when the opponent brings forward prior art under Art 54(3), sometimes from the patentee itself. The number of cases in which an opposition is decided on the basis of documents which were not available in the search files (public prior use, PhD dissertations, catalogues etc.) is very low.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]The number of cases where the opposition is rejected or the patent maintained in amended form and the patent is revoked at the end of the appeal procedure is dangerously increasing.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]In the early days of the EPO, the search was comprehensive and the examination as well. There was no piecemeal approach. Examiners had time to do their work properly. Nowadays quality at the EPO resumes itself to timeliness.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Looking at substantial procedural violations reveals that the two other members of the division, be it examination or opposition, often simply sign what has been proposed by the first examiner.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]How do you want to ensure that members of the examining/opposition divisions spend sufficient time together for every application/opposition to discuss the proposal of the entrusted examiner when the examiners are discouraged to come into the buildings of the EPO? The action started by upper management called “Bring teams together” has the opposite effect in spite of the name.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]How do you want to have a proper training when the initial training has been reduced to two years due to the 5 years contracts offered to examiners? How do you want to ensure continuous training when examiners only get a permanent job after two 5 years periods? As the examiners can be easily be fired for incompetence, which is not achieving ludicrous ever increasing targets, why should the EPO spend money on continuous training?Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]When you read the quality report of the EPO sent to the AC, it is full of very verbose prose which try to hide reality. The AC appears gullible, the IPQC is not.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]How do you want examiners to really have a common view, when OP are only held in form of ViCo and the members of the divisions can sit at different places?Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]By the way, what is the legal basis in the EPC allowing members of the deciding bodies, divisions of first instance or boards of appeal, to sit in different places during oral proceedings? I could not find one in the EPC.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]The problem lies not only with the upper management of the EPO, it is also with the Administrative Council which nowadays simply rubber stamps the desiderata and wishes of the 10th floor.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Just two examples:Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]The boards of appeal have been sent at a high cost to Haar a few years ago. Now they will come back to one of the buildings next to the Main Station. If the AC would carry out his job of controlling the office such a waste of money would not be approved.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]The AC has accepted that examiners from national offices can come and work at the EPO. What is the legal basis for this? No delegation to the AC could give an answer.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Should the trend clearly discernible with oppositions translates in revocations or limitations of patents decided by the UPC, the big industry has to worry a lot. On the other hand the fees are there to clearly advantage patent holders.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]It appears right to start at the source, i.e. at the EPO, and not continuously accept the soothing words about quality uttered on the 10th floor.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]REPLYFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Concerned WhistleblowerFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]FEBRUARY 12, 2023 AT 1:32 AMFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Maybe the IPQC would be interested to know that the pressure to reach more than 53K R71(3) communications before the end of May has gotten so high on line managers that they now routinely resort to instructing examiners not to spend more than a certain amount of hours on a search or examination action. Individual production is monitored on a bi-weekly basis at least. Time off work is discouraged. In the last weeks examiners are beiFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]ng put under immense pressure to grant everything they can and put non-grants on hold in order to “overachieve “ the COO’s instructions. TM’s are clearly incentivised to reach these targets as their bonuses and grade and career advancements are made contingent on these being attained.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]In the most complex technical fields that routinely took 2.6 days per product (that’s the internal language for a final action in search or examination) in the last few years, it has been decided by management that they cannot be more than twice as slow as the fastest technical fields that currently require 1.1 days per product on average. In 2023 no team is allowed to be slower than 2.2 days per product. How an increase of 20% iFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]n speed for large swathes of the office (mainly in CII !) can lead to an increase in quality baffles the mind.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Above average is the new normal.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Examiners are being pressured to ignore non-important aspects such as non-essential clarity (whatever that is) or minor Art 123(2) objections (the applicant is responsible for the text) in order to further speed up the process.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]The internal narrative is that most applicants never litigate anyway and that the scope of granted patents will thus mostly never be put up to the test. Because the number of filed oppositions is stable enough, management is satisfied that everything is fine.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]As always examiners are petrified of speaking up. Most are resigned and follow whatever instructions come from above in order to be left alone, hoping that they’ll make a better chance at maintaining their already diminished career perspectives at the cost of the future of the patent office and patent system.Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]Did I mention that sick leave is at an all-time high?Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]REPLYFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]law snifferFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]FEBRUARY 12, 2023 AT 2:41 PMFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]I have the strong impression (almost certainty, I would say) that more and more examiners concentrate only on very formal aspects like description, unfounded non-clarity issues or lack of a literal basis for amendments, and not on the real substance of the applications. But not all of them, so I wonder whether the statistics above apply uniformly across the whole population of examiners, and I personally think this is not the case Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]because I see a pretty fixed pattern examiners-behaviours (and these “bad” behaviours come more often from people longer at the EPO, as far as I could meet them or notice the names). Sorry for telling this but you should also enquire your self or some of your colleagues before looking for causes somewhere else, we all have time and personnel issues but these must impact the least on our way of working, it is a matter of professFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]ionalism. And, again, I am convinced that your work conditions are surely not worse than ours, in spite of your recent changes: as an example, the flexibility after the pandemic that took some office space or the possibility to meet in person during hearings, as I understood, gives you the freedom to work at any time or day of the week from wherever you want (with some minimal limitations), this would everywhere else be considered Feb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]to surpass the downsides, but apparently not for you. And don’t start now with the usual expat stories, we all had to change city or country and most of you are from the country of employment or were already there before joining the EPO. Or asking why I am not applying at the EPO, because I could say the same about you if you are so unhappy there. Perhaps your management is really incompetent or pursues sometime interests other tFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]han the ones of their staff (also not to generalise though, exactly like for you examiners, and in any case I would not be so surprised in such a large semi-public organisation which on top has to balance the books at the end), but I have the impression that many examiners dont pursue the interest of the EPO either which is also quite serious, a typical attitude for me of an employee who works as a sort of permanent judge and has tFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]ime to battle against any potentially negative work change. Again, some examiners (less and less, but still not so few) are, on the contrary, exemplary but I dont think that the attitude I am reading in these comments goes in the direction of reversing this trend. Seeing the incompetency of your managers or, in some cases, even their uselessness does not give you the permission to lower your commitment or the quality of your work wFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]hich to my opinion would not by magic surge if you get less actions to do in the year, because I am not sure at all that this additional time would end up in working time (maybe yes for the “good” examiners whose quality is already high, but not in the case of the “problematic” examiners). What should be done at the EPO is to have people who dont see the EPO or the applicants as “enemies”, but see them at least at the sFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2]ame level of the “public”, this can be done by recruiting (I see more and more people who should soon retire) and changing the “philosophy” of many examiners, which is very difficult at the EPO and the management does not seem to be up to it."Feb 13 05:55
-TechBytesBot/ | EPO - Our quality policyFeb 13 05:55
schestowitz[TR2] 13 08:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@zoobab: OpenAI and FLOSS lawsuit: "The DMCA, which they have abused extensively both directly and via their marketing arm t… 13 08:06
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@zoobab: OpenAI and FLOSS lawsuit: "The DMCA, which they have abused extensively both directly and via their marketing arm t… 13 08:06
schestowitz[TR2]"OpenAI and FLOSS lawsuit: "The DMCA, which they have abused extensively both directly and via their marketing arm the BSA, has provisions for severe penalties for their stripping of both licenses and attribution from the code they are plagiarizing.""Feb 13 08:06
schestowitz[TR2] 13 08:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@papicky: Thierry Breton: la petite Ladson se rend à Bruxelles L’histoire de l’arrivée très improbable d’Ursula von der Leye… 13 08:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@papicky: Thierry Breton: la petite Ladson se rend à Bruxelles L’histoire de l’arrivée très improbable d’Ursula von der Leye… 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2]"Thierry Breton: la petite Ladson se rend à BruxellesFeb 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2]L’histoire de l’arrivée très improbable d’Ursula von der Leyen au pouvoir dans l’UE"Feb 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2] 13 08:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@papicky: Understanding Thierry Breton: Little Miss Ladson Goes to Brussels | Techrights 13 08:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Understanding Thierry Breton: Little Miss Ladson Goes to Brussels | TechrightsFeb 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2] 13 08:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@RedSeaSiren2: 13 08:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes--> | Release: Bill Gates’ Engineer Busted for More Child Pornography Than Reported in the Media | TechrightsFeb 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2] 13 08:07
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@Panopticumhr: @AndrejDimitrije @TelegramHR Uz svako duzno postovanje preminulom novinaru, hoce li HND pustiti ovog finog gospodin… 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2]"Uz svako duzno postovanje preminulom novinaru, hoce li HND pustiti ovog finog gospodina da vuce konce u hrvatskom medijskom prostoru?Feb 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2]"Feb 13 08:07
schestowitz[TR2]x 13 10:03
schestowitz[TR2]x 13 10:03
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schestowitz[TR2] <li>Feb 13 10:06
schestowitz[TR2]                            <h5><a href="">Audacious Music Player Preps Support for PipeWire</a></h5>Feb 13 10:06
schestowitz[TR2]                            <blockquote>Feb 13 10:06
schestowitz[TR2]                                <p>Developers working on the player have issued a beta build of Audacious that ships with optional support for PipeWire via a plugin. Since most Linux distributions, including big-names like Ubuntu and Fedora, default to PipeWire for audio handling this inclusion makes sense.</p>Feb 13 10:06
schestowitz[TR2]                            </blockquote>Feb 13 10:06
schestowitz[TR2]                        </li>Feb 13 10:06
schestowitz[TR2]                     Feb 13 10:06
-TechBytesBot/ | Audacious Music Player Preps Support for PipeWire - OMG! LinuxFeb 13 10:06
schestowitz[TR2]               <li>Feb 13 10:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <h5><a href="">Motherboard Shipments Plummet by Ten Million Units in 2022: Report</a></h5>Feb 13 10:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                    <blockquote>Feb 13 10:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                        <p>In its report, DigiTimes shared some figures for the respective big four motherboard makers' 2022 shipments. Some of these Taiwanese brands saw their shipments drop very dramatically.</p>Feb 13 10:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                    </blockquote>Feb 13 10:16
schestowitz[TR2]                                </li>Feb 13 10:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Motherboard Shipments Plummet by Ten Million Units in 2022: Report | Tom's HardwareFeb 13 10:16
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schestowitz[TR2]If you come to work at least three days per week at the Office or have special needs, weFeb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]strongly invite you to write to your line managers and to put your local staff committee in Cc.Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]To: [EMAIL OF YOUR DIRECTOR];Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]Cc: [EMAIL OF YOUR TEAM MANAGER / HoD ]Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]Title: Bringing Teams Together: Request for an allocated fixed workplaceFeb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]Dear [DIRECTOR],Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]Dear [TEAM MANAGER / HoD],Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2][I was informed that I will be only given a workplace-for-the-day]Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]orFeb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2][I still have no confirmation that I will be given an allocated fixed workplace]Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]In a letter to the Central Staff Committee (CSC) dated 3 February 2023, Ms SimonFeb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2](VP 4) reaffirmed that “staff members who work at least three days per weekFeb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]at the office or have special needs determined on a case-by-case basis willFeb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]be allocated a fixed workplace”Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]I request to be allocated a fixed workplace for the following reasons:Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]− [I come to work to the Office premises at least three days per week],Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]− [I have special needs] [PLEASE EXPLAIN HERE]Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]I am looking forward to hearing from you.Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2]Sincerely yours,Feb 13 14:42
schestowitz[TR2][YOUR NAME]Feb 13 14:42
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