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acer-box 15 01:25
acer-box"lol"Jan 15 01:25
-TechBytesBot/ | Smart Fish Tanks May Be the Future of the Aquarium Hobby - IoT Tech TrendsJan 15 01:25
acer-box 15 01:26
-TechBytesBot/ | Bishop Thomas Gumbleton Issues Call to Catholics: Let Us End OurJan 15 01:26
acer-box"whatever. even people that claim to be catholic wont obey basic church law about sex, marriage, family, etc. why does he think anyone is gonna take a bishop's suggestion seriously?"Jan 15 01:26
schestowitz> Roy,Jan 15 01:45
schestowitz>Jan 15 01:45
schestowitz> Could you make a page that I can link people to that has a list of allJan 15 01:45
schestowitz> your posts related to this case?Jan 15 01:45
schestowitz>Jan 15 01:45
schestowitz> Will be helpful to keep one that is updated as you release more parts inJan 15 01:45
schestowitz> your series. I’d include all the relevant posts there.Jan 15 01:45
schestowitz>Jan 15 01:45
schestowitz> Also, I’m really looking forward to seeing what you dig up from theJan 15 01:45
schestowitz> court case file.Jan 15 01:45
schestowitzYou're right, I need to set up a wiki page for this series alone, seeing how long it has gotten. Maybe this weekend I'll get around to it.Jan 15 01:45
schestowitz> [citation needed]Jan 15 01:47
schestowitz> 15 01:47
schestowitz>Jan 15 01:47
schestowitz> The quote is good, but it is not in text and it does need a pointer to aJan 15 01:47
schestowitz> source even if just a citation and not a link.Jan 15 01:47
schestowitzI double-checked to ensure reputable quote sites have it in their db, inc. azquotes.Jan 15 01:47
schestowitzI don't know the source/context/yearJan 15 01:47
-TechBytesBot/ | Vista 7 is Dead, Long Live GNU/Linux | TechrightsJan 15 01:47
schestowitz> xxxx and xxxxhave both been sending abusive messages aboutJan 15 02:10
schestowitz> me at a time of acute tragedy.  Among other things, my xxxx familyJan 15 02:10
schestowitz> stuck at xxxx while xxxxx and xxxx were trying to undermine myJan 15 02:11
schestowitz> role in xxxx.  They are true slimeballs.Jan 15 02:11
schestowitz>Jan 15 02:11
schestowitz> Regards,Jan 15 02:11
schestowitz 15 02:14
schestowitz"Jan 15 02:14
schestowitzThe craziest rumor I've heard in a long time was circulating last week: Microsoft was going to cooperate with the Open Source Development Lab to port Microsoft services, utilities, and applications to the Linux platform.Jan 15 02:14
schestowitzIt's true that, as we reported a couple of weeks ago, Microsoft no longer considers Linux and open source to be enemy No. 1 (that "honor" goes to you, the user, according to Steve Ballmer) but it's a far cry from "no longer top-enemy" to "bosom buddy."Jan 15 02:14
schestowitzThe rumor evidently started when OSDL head Stuart Cohen addressed the Commonwealth Technology Forum in London last week. "I would not be surprised to see them [Microsoft] participate in software that runs on top of Linux in the future," he said, in remarks that were widely quoted in the British technology press (,39020381,39208632,00.htm).Jan 15 02:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Welcome to Network World.comJan 15 02:14
schestowitz[ Become a Microsoft Office 365 administrator in record time with this quick start course from PluralSight. ]Jan 15 02:14
schestowitzMicrosoft's general manager of platform strategy, Martin Taylor, was quick to deny (to any and all who would listen) that Microsoft will pursue any collaboration with the OSDL.Jan 15 02:14
schestowitzMicrosoft won't even supply the drivers to allow Linux users to authenticate against Active Directory. As we noted last issue, Redmond relies on its partners Centrify and Vintela to handle that chore so that Microsoft wouldn't have to associate with the penguin lovers. So it would really be unthinkable, at this time, for Gates & Co. to port their product to an open source operating system.Jan 15 02:14
schestowitzI could see, though, how a rumor such as this might get started. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was cited having lunch with Red Hat's CEO Mathew Szulick recently. And Redmond has long ported its applications to the Macintosh OS. And the latest Mac OS versions are Unix based. And Linux is Unix based. So put it all together and you get - the silly season, I think.Jan 15 02:14
-TechBytesBot/ | Technology News, Analysis, Comments and Product Reviews for IT Professionals | ZDNetJan 15 02:14
schestowitzThere's not much chance you'll be running SQL Server, Exchange, IIS or any other Microsoft server application on a Linux host any time soon. And you can quote me on that.Jan 15 02:14
schestowitz"Jan 15 02:14
schestowitz> Then AZQuotes would be the source.Jan 15 07:07
schestowitzA very long time ago - about a decade - I got the quote copied into my notes from somewhere I saw as reliable.Jan 15 07:07
schestowitzInternet rot will make many not-so-flattering quotes rot away.Jan 15 07:07
schestowitzWhen I was about 24 Microsoft trolls provoked me and I replied rudely at least once. They used that for a while after that, then forgot it.Jan 15 07:07
schestowitz>>> Not a single article seen from Canonical on how to upgrade from Vista7Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>>> to Ubuntu LTS.Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>>>Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>>> January is now half over already.Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>> Canonical did one blog post about it.Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>>Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>> But that was it.Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>>Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz>>Jan 15 08:38
schestowitz> Also another question about the news, and regarding the flight whichJan 15 08:38
schestowitz> Iran gleefully shot down, what kind of air traffic control authorizesJan 15 08:38
schestowitz> take off during a missile attack and which kind of pilot takes offJan 15 08:38
schestowitz> during a missile attack?  There may well be nothing there in thatJan 15 08:39
schestowitz> investigation but for now there are two very large question marks.Jan 15 08:39
schestowitzI need to read the latest news. I am not (yet) aware of a missile attack on Iranian soil.Jan 15 08:39
schestowitzI will finish work in 20 mins and start posting.Jan 15 08:39
schestowitzFor now, in Techrights, I publish not under my name.Jan 15 08:39
schestowitzTwo more nights at work; this weekend we travel to Sheffield, but not staying overnight.Jan 15 08:39
schestowitz>> I need to read the latest news. I am not (yet) aware of a missile attackJan 15 08:57
schestowitz>> on Iranian soil.Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz> Not on Iranian soil but from Iranian soil:Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz>Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz> 15 08:57
schestowitz>Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz> 15 08:57
schestowitz>Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz>Jan 15 08:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Iran didn’t kill anyone in missile attack, spurring hopes for de-escalationJan 15 08:57
schestowitz> 15 08:57
schestowitz>Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz> 15 08:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Iran Missile Strike Death Count: Here is all you should know about Iran's attack on two American base in Iraq - The Economic TimesJan 15 08:57
schestowitz>Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz> How much time elapsed between the first attack and when the airliner wasJan 15 08:57
schestowitz> shot down?Jan 15 08:57
schestowitzTo be most frank, delving into this would take me off course.... off technology.Jan 15 08:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Video Shows Two Iranian Missiles Hit Ukrainian Plane - The New York TimesJan 15 08:57
schestowitzI interpret the above based on the URL slugs alone.Jan 15 08:57
schestowitzMaybe I will mention this later while reading Daily Links. Whilst also doing future articles in tandem.Jan 15 08:57
schestowitz> Another thing is that Youtube is filling up with far-right and neo-naziJan 15 08:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Iran admits unintentionally shooting down Ukrainian airliner | World news | The GuardianJan 15 08:57
schestowitz> material being foisted off as news sources.  Any given search on theseJan 15 08:57
schestowitz> topics brings up a lot of Youtube hits including those.Jan 15 08:57
schestowitzYes, this is a real problem. In many domains... Google claims to not have control over it.Jan 15 08:57
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