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schestowitz 15 02:04
-TechBytesBot/ | ViCo for Oral Proceedings at the EPO – CIPA’s view - Kluwer Patent BlogDec 15 02:04
schestowitz"Dec 15 02:04
schestowitzDear Mr Gillespie,Dec 15 02:04
schestowitzIf it was really a worry for CIPA to attempt avoiding problems relating to “visa and/or work permit arrangements for travelling from the UK to the Schengen Area”, it could have said so.Dec 15 02:04
schestowitzIf there would have been a worry of this kind, this worry is whatsoever not justified. Just have a look at Art 134, especially Art 134(6 and 8). According to Art 134(6) members of the epi are even entitled to establish a place of business in any Contracting State in which proceedings established by this Convention may be conducted! That is in The Netherlands and in Germany. I know of one London firm of patent attorneys which establishedDec 15 02:04
schestowitza branch in Munich as early as in 1980!Dec 15 02:04
schestowitzQualified representatives from non-EU contracting states are or have been regularly present at OP in person before the pandemic, and I have never heard that travel restrictions were imposed upon them. The possible necessity of obtaining a visa cannot justify that OP in form of ViCo have to become mandatory.Dec 15 02:04
schestowitzI therefore have to maintain that the reasons brought forward by CIPA have more to do with business reasons than with possible travel restrictions!Dec 15 02:04
schestowitz"Dec 15 02:04
schestowitz 15 02:05
schestowitz"Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzDear Richard,Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzI wonder why anyone would need a visa when working on EPO premises, as those are exempt from any national rules, regulations, and and and, as the EPO management continues to point out. Hence the office management sees no need to sign any agreement under Article 20(2) EPO-PPI.Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzArticle 15 of the EPO-PPI could apply, as the representatives are experts performing tasks for the organisation (representing the applicants, in many cases the applicants even need compulsory representation, they are part of the adminsitration of justice). This might need a decision by the Administrative Council (Article 17 EPO-PPI) (I don’t know if such a decision already exists, the list of names exists anyway).Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzMaybe CIPA should lobby for such a “quick fix” for the Brexshit desaster.Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzIt wouldn’t require a doubtful, flexible interpretation of a fixed Convention.Dec 15 02:05
schestowitz"Dec 15 02:05
schestowitz"Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzMax Drei and Attentive Observer, my comment was half-joking half-serious. As noted by Attentive Observer the single-examiner division has been a fact for a long time, as professionals are well aware. The generalization of home working and VICO meetings, shown to allow continuation of day-to-day work during Covid, would bring arguments toward a revision of the EPC, assuming the three-member division cannot be made optional even by a “Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzdynamic interpretation” of Article 18. And this format is unique to the EPO.Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzThat being said, NTIC technologies have already revolutionized the patent profession toward commoditizing many components of patent work in order to cut costs and speed up procedures. See e.g. an interesting presentation at FICPI 2019 Australia ( This trend is bound to broaden and increase.Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzA relevant factor in my view is the potential value of an application as perceived by the players and the strategic/commercial stakes involved. For some applicants, it is of prime importance to build patent arsenals and quantity tends to prevail over quality, with exceptions when stakes are high. In such cases, costs are significant and reforms allowing cost reduction will be welcome. On the other hand, oppositions and appeals implyDec 15 02:05
schestowitzhigh stakes, and cost-cutting is no longer the name of the game. The parties and the offices or courts find it justified to devote adequate resources for quality proceedings, including three-judge panels and face-to-face oral proceedings.Dec 15 02:05
schestowitzIn national court systems, you can have this divide. Small-stake cases are handled by single judges and proceedings are simplified, while high-stakes are handled by three-member panels.Dec 15 02:05
schestowitz"Dec 15 02:05
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schestowitzRe: Do you know anything about this: "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender"Dec 15 02:49
schestowitz> Where can I get in touch with figos?Dec 15 02:49
schestowitzVery weird. I will look into it.Dec 15 02:49
schestowitzMinceR:Dec 15 02:53
schestowitz> Maybe I've imagined things, but I was under the impression that theDec 15 02:53
schestowitz> "real" Mincer didn't waste time twisting everything into bullshitDec 15 02:53
schestowitz> non-sequiturs.Dec 15 02:53
schestowitz>Dec 15 02:53
schestowitz>> lactose intolerance doesn't turn lactose into a drugDec 15 02:53
MinceRlolDec 15 02:53
schestowitz>Dec 15 02:53
schestowitz> Right, because that was my argument. Look, both you guys can be idiotsDec 15 02:53
schestowitz> if you want to be. I've definitely tried to make a point here, obviouslyDec 15 02:53
schestowitz> nobody is interested in one. But the responses are ignorant. AuthorityDec 15 02:53
schestowitz> and logic (albeit with superficial data and questionable motive) are onDec 15 02:53
schestowitz> your sides, if that's good enough for you then be my guest. And ifDec 15 02:53
schestowitz> you're actually wrong, who gives a fuck?Dec 15 02:53
schestowitz(I did not even express an opinion on it!)Dec 15 02:53
MinceRsounded like way overstating the point to meDec 15 02:54
schestowitz> Again-- personal *first-hand*, repeated experience... but if by now thatDec 15 02:54
schestowitz> counts for *nothing at all* but a bunch of sarcastic half-wittery, thenDec 15 02:54
schestowitz> really why the hell do I even talk to either of you?Dec 15 02:54
schestowitzmaybe temperDec 15 02:54
schestowitzI didn't even express an opinion on this subject... at allDec 15 02:54
schestowitzso surely a misunderstanding or somethingDec 15 02:54
schestowitzRe: Hey don't worry about itDec 15 02:55
schestowitz> I don't know a better way to make my point than to take this fork in theDec 15 02:55
schestowitz> road. Nobody had to agree, I just didn't know that the response toDec 15 02:55
schestowitz> first-hand experience was going to be so condescending.Dec 15 02:55
schestowitz>Dec 15 02:55
schestowitz> It's not a joke to me, just to you, so enjoy it.Dec 15 02:55
schestowitz>Dec 15 02:55
schestowitz> When years of fucking personal suffering aren't enough to get aDec 15 02:55
schestowitz> datapoint considered against the backdrop of corporate lobbying, then IDec 15 02:55
schestowitz> think things have gotten too elitist for my taste anyway. I'm of no useDec 15 02:55
schestowitz> here, and you boys take care of yourselves. Don't bother telling me it'sDec 15 02:55
schestowitz> a misunderstanding, either-- only so many of those things actually are.Dec 15 02:55
schestowitz> Hmm. Ciao.Dec 15 02:55
schestowitzwow, regarding something I expressed no opinion onDec 15 02:55
MinceRafaict most people don't suffer from itDec 15 02:59
MinceRi'm pretty sure i don'tDec 15 02:59
schestowitzcan't believe it annoyed him >that< muchDec 15 03:01
schestowitzI myself don't even have an opinion on it...Dec 15 03:01
schestowitz 15 03:04
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@AAnon974: @DC_Draino And some would suggest that his wealth and success was earned through thievery rather than intelligence. 15 03:04
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Techrights-sec-> water, light exercise, napDec 15 08:51
Techrights-secin that orderDec 15 08:51
schestowitzrering was on by default again, so I may have missed text before ">water" if there was any such text above buffer thresholdDec 15 09:06
Techrights-secYes, just a link to the mention of migrainesDec 15 10:09
schestowitzwas the first video OK and also worked at your end? I did not check with  more than 2 web browsersDec 15 10:34
Techrights-secI will check.Dec 15 10:51
Techrights-secThere are two scripts, one to TR one to, I'm not going to unblock either.Dec 15 10:51
Techrights-secHowever, in chromium with the scripts blocked, there is no link to the video.Dec 15 10:51
Techrights-secIn Firefox, there is a link to the video even if the sripts are blocked.Dec 15 10:51
Techrights-secSo via FF, but not Chromium, I can save the Ogg file and open it in VLC>Dec 15 10:51
Techrights-secExcept there is an errrorDec 15 10:51
Techrights-secGot it with wget.Dec 15 10:51
Techrights-secProbably best to modify the post to have a plain text, as in works in lynx, link to the Ogg fileDec 15 10:52
Techrights-sec.Dec 15 10:52
Techrights-secCurrently it is embedded and that is proiblematic.Dec 15 10:52
Techrights-secThe wget + vlc combination works well.  You might start the video with a title slide indicatingDec 15 10:52
Techrights-secthe topic and the date before moving to the photos.Dec 15 10:52
Techrights-secThat way people can realie that it is a slide show and not a movie.Dec 15 10:52
Techrights-sec^realizeDec 15 10:52
schestowitzThanks, I will make technical improvements. Those take a very short time to produce, uploading takes a lot longer but is hassle-free (waiting).Dec 15 10:52
Techrights-secThe video takes about 4 minutes to get into the flow.  Many podcasts usually start talking withDec 15 10:55
Techrights-sectheir guests a few minutes while setting up for warm up before starting to record.Dec 15 10:55
Techrights-secI'm not sure how that would go with a monologue.Dec 15 10:55
Techrights-secBut it might be possible.Dec 15 10:55
schestowitzI can practice, both on the talking side and technical side of things. My goal is to waste no time scripting of doing multiple takes, editing...Dec 15 10:55
schestowitzsecond video: 15 10:59
-TechBytesBot/ | Video: Quick Remarks About the Lack of Oversight at the European Patent Office | TechrightsDec 15 10:59
schestowitzit seems to choke up the server, I see 8MB/sec or worseDec 15 11:06
Techrights-secWell, the video is 66MBDec 15 11:20
Techrights-secWhen you get to the end of the talking in the video, it would be useful to say a word or two wraDec 15 11:20
Techrights-secpping up rather than cutting to blank.Dec 15 11:20
schestowitzWill need to memorise those suggestions as it's totally unscripted. Maybe I'll do some about Free SW soon.Dec 15 11:20
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