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schestowitz <li>Apr 17 06:56
schestowitz                            <h5><a href="">How to install and use KompoZer in Linux - Tutorial</a></h5>Apr 17 06:56
-TechBytesBot/ | How to install and use KompoZer in Linux - TutorialApr 17 06:56
schestowitz                            <blockquote>Apr 17 06:56
schestowitz                                <p>Another good question. Why a fourteen-year-old program that doesn't even support CSS 3.0? The answer is simple. For quick writing and page editing, KompoZer is the friendliest one around, if you believe me and my workflow efficiency wisdom. There are tons of modern programs that perform a similar function, but somehow, their overall look & feel is behind KompoZer, in me book.</p>Apr 17 06:56
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schestowitz <li>Apr 17 07:15
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Canonical at Dell Technologies World 2022</a></h5>Apr 17 07:15
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Canonical at Dell Technologies World 2022 | UbuntuApr 17 07:15
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Apr 17 07:15
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schestowitz                                        <p>Together with Dell Technologies, we deliver world-leading Open Source solutions and services that capitalize on the benefits of Open Source built upon Dell’s hardened infrastructure – a joint offering that is based on a long-term strategic Alliance.</p>Apr 17 07:15
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Apr 17 07:15
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schestowitz <li>Apr 17 07:27
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Tracking the harmful particulate pollution from wildfires intelligently</a></h5>Apr 17 07:27
-TechBytesBot/ | Tracking the harmful particulate pollution from wildfires intelligently | Arduino BlogApr 17 07:27
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Apr 17 07:27
schestowitz                                        <p>McNally’s idea for how to implement a tracking system is quite unique, as it involves placing a particulate matter-sensing package onto a GPS-enabled drone that can take measurements in 3D space to give a much better map of the smoke plume. At the core of the system is a MKR WAN 1300, which is connected to a Sensirion SPS30 PM module that can measure the amount of PM 1.0, 2.5, 4.0, and 10 in the air. Apr 17 07:27
schestowitzLocation is determined by a SAM-M8Q GNSS module, and two temperature sensors were included that give temperature readings for both inside and outside the box.</p>Apr 17 07:27
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Apr 17 07:27
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schestowitz  <li>Apr 17 07:31
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Status update, April 2022</a></h5>Apr 17 07:31
-TechBytesBot/ | Status update, April 2022Apr 17 07:31
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Apr 17 07:31
schestowitz                                        <p>This month marked my first time filing taxes in two countries, and I can assure you it is the worst. I am now a single-issue voter in the US: stop taxing expats! You can get some insight into the financials of SourceHut in the recently-published financial report. But let’s get right into the fun stuff: free software development news.</p>Apr 17 07:31
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Apr 17 07:31
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schestowitz[cat] gemini:// 17 07:32
schestowitz[cat] gemini:// 17 07:32
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