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schestowitz> Thanks for getting back to me.  Figos and I have had a falling-out.  He told me that he had interrupted one of your chats and I disapproved and he got mad at me...   Maybe he will get over it, and then again, maybe not.Sep 17 00:09
schestowitzit's hard to speak to him directly any longer because he gets angry very easily, including at Alex Oliva and RMS.Sep 17 00:09
schestowitz> Thanks for posting the story!Sep 17 00:10
schestowitzNo problem.Sep 17 00:10
schestowitzSorry it took so long.Sep 17 00:10
schestowitzJoinDiaspora fixed some of the broken bits (not all; still no email notifications... since last year) the same morning I donated some money.Sep 17 00:10
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schestowitz 17 07:52
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@joseangelguio: @schestowitz Una gran noticiaSep 17 07:52
schestowitz> For some reason, I thought I would look beyond the website, and see whatSep 17 07:59
schestowitz> was on the internet about Pollock Cohen.Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> According to this, it is a young aggressive law firm with the perfectSep 17 07:59
schestowitz> attitude to take on the USPTO.  Just have to hope they figure out howSep 17 07:59
schestowitz> they can make enough money to do it.Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> 17 07:59
-TechBytesBot/ | Pollock Cohen LLP - Firm | Best LawyersSep 17 07:59
schestowitz> <>Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> Pollock Cohen LLP is a boutique, purpose-driven firm. We were founded inSep 17 07:59
schestowitz> 2018 with the mission of helping people solve problems—strategically,Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> creatively, thoughtfully. Pollock Cohen’s attorneys are fierce advocatesSep 17 07:59
schestowitz> on the side of people.Sep 17 07:59
schestowitz> Sep 17 08:00
schestowitz> We include former New York attorneys general, federal law clerks,Sep 17 08:00
schestowitz> whistleblower litigators, consumer protection advocates, andSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> environmental attorneys. To that end, a core part of Pollock Cohen’sSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> work involves using the law—and litigation—to help protect and promoteSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> the public health and our shared communities. Pollock Cohen believesSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> that everyone should have access to affordable, high-quality healthcare,Sep 17 08:00
schestowitz> a clean environment, and a safe community—using the law to achieveSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> justice for our clients, and often for the broader community.Sep 17 08:00
schestowitz> Sep 17 08:00
schestowitz> At Pollock Cohen, we also focus on complex litigation disputes. OurSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> attorneys have worked on both sides of the table, and that experienceSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> has made them all the better for it. We are attorneys who enjoy beingSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> trial lawyers and find that many commercial disputes can be resolvedSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> through litigation.Sep 17 08:00
schestowitz> Sep 17 08:00
schestowitz> The firm’s work, mission, and successful outcomes in litigation are theSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> result of its people. Attorneys at Pollock Cohen provide topflight legalSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> representation for their clients, and seek to promote the firm’s valuesSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> of teamwork, public service, and “doing good.” To that end, the firm hasSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> attracted a talented and experienced array of attorneys, includingSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> former New York attorney generals and federal law clerks. The depth andSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> breadth of our attorneys’ experience makes Pollock Cohen well positionedSep 17 08:00
schestowitz> to serve and protect the interests of consumers.Sep 17 08:00
schestowitzFWIW, I think the lawsuit against Lee is misguided, IIRC it's Tennessee-based, and it is mis-framing the actual problem at the USPTO or aims at the wrong thing. Iancu and Kappos bothered me a lot more and extremists try to shoehorn another puppet into Director slot at the moment.Sep 17 08:00
schestowitzThis whole system is f-ed. It's even worse in Europe's EPO, which I write a lot more about: 17 08:00
-TechBytesBot/ | EPO - TechrightsSep 17 08:00
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schestowitzx 17 12:41
-TechBytesBot/ | Windows 11: Just say no | ComputerworldSep 17 12:41
schestowitzx 17 12:47
-TechBytesBot/ | Supply chain attacks against the open source ecosystem soar by 650% – report | The Daily SwigSep 17 12:47
schestowitz-TR2 17 12:50
-TechBytesBot/ | Pierre Bueno 🇧🇷🇺🇳 (@vendettaxk): "MS is a cancer not only in games!" | nitterSep 17 12:50
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