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schestowitz>> Here's a modified version that I hope addresses the feedback you'veDec 20 07:37
schestowitz>> provided me with.  Thanks for that.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> Thank you both, again, for the feedback on the blog post.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> It is now public:Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> 20 07:37
-TechBytesBot/ | ::[FSFLA]:: leadershipDec 20 07:37
schestowitzI posted a copy of this before I had even checked mail because I saw it in RSS feeds.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> ... and so, having finished the blog post series, I can now contact RoyDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> again, without breaking my claim/promise of no private contact with himDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> while publishing the series.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz>Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> Roy, sorry about that, and sorry it took me so incredibly long; that wasDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> unexpected, and I was under incredible pressure.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitzAs many people are these days.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> We got a lot of work to do on perception by RMS et al on techrights andDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> writings by you all.  Your writing about problems in the FSF and in GNU,Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> whether facts or speculation, are coming across as hostility towards himDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> by himself and some of his close supporters.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitzSplitting groups apart is a strategy noted in internal documents (Microsoft), and my writings are different from fig's (I disagree with him on many things actually). His are articles listed under "guest". He threw a tantrum the other day because of something someone said in IRC about nutrition, then deleted his E-mail account. Nothing to do with me...Dec 20 07:37
schestowitzThere may be anger management issues...Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> I know he's received advice with reservations about techrights, after myDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> blog post series was published, but I think most of it is just fromDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> people forwarding to him posts that, without context, may indeed comeDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> across as hostile.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitzBefore the coup fig sent some rather inadequate messages to RMS. I disagreed with him on that. But that's all I can do; never met him, I don't even know his first time.Dec 20 07:37
schestowitz> I've started some clearing up, having to point out even the existence ofDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> multiple writers with different positions, but often my attempts toDec 20 07:37
schestowitz> clear things up come across as hypotheticals rather than factuals,Dec 20 07:38
schestowitz> because I can't easily find posts where I got pieces of context.Dec 20 07:38
schestowitzIt's important not to mix my writings with those of a person whom I often do not agree with.Dec 20 07:38
schestowitz> I suppose you guys might be better able to clarify your positions andDec 20 07:38
schestowitz> dispell the notions of hostility.  Would you mind if I got you directlyDec 20 07:38
schestowitz> in touch with him and one very close supporter who seem to share thisDec 20 07:38
schestowitz> (IMHO incorrect) notion of hostility directed by you at him?Dec 20 07:38
schestowitzYes, please do.Dec 20 07:38
schestowitz# should the TR feed use this site?Dec 20 07:44
Techrights-sec2re mintpressDec 20 07:44
Techrights-sec2is their feed working now?Dec 20 07:44
schestowitzx 20 07:47
-TechBytesBot/ | DistroTube - YouTubeDec 20 07:47
schestowitz# no new episodes since three weeks agoDec 20 07:47
Techrights-sec2The mintpress feed works, is there a high enough percentage of relevant items toDec 20 08:50
Techrights-sec2add it to the automated feeds?Dec 20 08:50
Techrights-sec2It has covered the TPP jsut now, but not so much other tech-related topics.Dec 20 08:50
schestowitzWhen we checked months ago their RSS feed was broken. If it's fixed now, it's worth adding for their coverage of politics because it's non-corporate and non-junk IMEDec 20 08:51
Techrights-sec2Ok.  It's added.Dec 20 08:55
schestowitzI'm trying to do 2 videos per day, never with preparation other than opening the right pages, and I think those will improve over time because of experience. Doing dialogue is easier, but monologue I can cope with if it's a subject I covered beforeDec 20 08:56
Techrights-sec2Be sure to follow up the videos at least with quick written notes.Dec 20 08:58
Techrights-sec2The writing is important for, among other things, the search engines.Dec 20 08:58
Techrights-sec2However, while there are some who prefer video, there are also manyDec 20 08:58
Techrights-sec2who read only because it is so much faster.Dec 20 08:58
schestowitzYes, I recognise the importance of text. At the start i did text, then video, now I do the opposite. One will be ready in 10 minutes, re EPODec 20 08:59
schestowitzkaniini says we can work on migration tomorrow. I made offsite file and DB backups overnight (just in case, I'm out of data anyway).Dec 20 09:00
schestowitz*dateDec 20 09:00 and viera will be back after 3-week MIA soonDec 20 09:01
Techrights-sec2I haven't done backups for a while.Dec 20 09:02
Techrights-sec2Is it worth putting the load on the bandwidth?   I suppose it is.Dec 20 09:02
Techrights-sec2I can do a backup run today unless it is contraindicated.Dec 20 09:02
Techrights-sec2It seems like there were several catastrophic failures at pleromaDec 20 09:02
schestowitzkaniini told me pleroma implementation was really bad with ram. I don't want to manage such pre-1.0 software myself.Dec 20 09:03
schestowitz 20 09:06
-TechBytesBot/ | Team UPC Throws Vienna Convention Out the Window and Vienna’s EPO Branch (in EPC) Discarded by EPO Management | TechrightsDec 20 09:06
schestowitzscanning for typos nowDec 20 09:06
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Techrights-sec2Spare backup drive here seems quite dead.Dec 20 09:30
Techrights-sec2Won't be able to get to the shop before tomorrow or Tuesday to get a replacement.Dec 20 09:30
Techrights-sec2No previous signs of failure.  However now it just won[t mount.Dec 20 09:30
schestowitzI have had similar experiences. Always good to keep several externals, alternate between them, mirror the same data across at least 2Dec 20 09:30
schestowitzA friend of mine lost my drive at his home during the move, but I am guessing he just lost track of which box it was in. It's for emergencies like house fires, last updated about 4 years ago (magnetic).Dec 20 09:33
Techrights-sec2Yes, this time I will get two.Dec 20 09:34
Techrights-sec2Yes magnetic HDD is important.Dec 20 09:34
schestowitzTwo days ago or maybe 4 I searched for more old digital things, after the webcam hunt that took over an hour. I found some old physical drives of mine, all magnetic. Unlikely I'll use them. At one point I even stored a full backup on a partition of sister's PC. I lost my data from the 90s but tbh not much of value to it...Dec 20 09:35
Techrights-sec2I have little from the 1990s.  Mostly less than 400MB, the files were muchDec 20 09:47
Techrights-sec2smaller thenDec 20 09:47
Techrights-sec2Not too much from the 1980s either.Dec 20 09:47
Techrights-sec2I think the oldest files are from 1986Dec 20 09:47
schestowitzI did not even have my own computer in 1986Dec 20 09:47
Techrights-sec2I did.  It was one of the earlier Macintoshes, but I found it too locked down.Dec 20 09:49
Techrights-sec2That was in spite of having a lot of the developer tools available.Dec 20 09:49
Techrights-sec2I was very disappointed that it was not as open as the II+Dec 20 09:49
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Techrights-sec2I'm going to do more maintenance on this setup tomorrow.Dec 20 11:05
Techrights-sec2Since it will mean physical modifications it might be an hour or two ofDec 20 11:05
Techrights-sec2disconnection.Dec 20 11:05
schestowitzthanks for the headsupDec 20 11:05
schestowitzI never managed to get soldering equipment (covid). Is there any other way to attach the hat that needs soldering? IIRC, there's only one such hat (HAT).Dec 20 11:15
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Techrights-sec2SOldering is the only way for that model.Dec 20 11:21
Techrights-sec2If you know someone with the tools, it would be easy -- if they could beDec 20 11:21
Techrights-sec2convinced to do it.  However, on top of all that there is lockdown.Dec 20 11:21
Techrights-sec2I'll probably take this system down around  xxxxxxxDec 20 11:21
schestowitzNo hurry, but... am I right to assume that one HAT can be attached without soldering? And I can leave the second one aside for later? I also want to make use of the housing as it's a 'naked' board for now.Dec 20 11:22
Techrights-sec2I hope to have it back up and runnning by xxxxxxxxx UTCDec 20 11:23
Techrights-sec2(both tomorrow)Dec 20 11:23
Techrights-sec2Yes.  The one can be attached and the empty pins left open.Dec 20 11:32
Techrights-sec2The LEDs can go on the far side and space left for the buttons towwardsDec 20 11:32
Techrights-sec2the middle of the card.Dec 20 11:32
schestowitzxmas project. hope I won't fry the board in the process. Getting the enclosure fit correctly is probably something I can find info about online. I guess you already have some scripts to operate the LEDs for various things.Dec 20 11:34
Techrights-sec2Just make sure all the power cords are detached before working or making anyDec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2adjustmebts,Dec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2Yes, there is one already uploaded, I think.Dec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2If not, I can upload it again.Dec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2You're better with algorithms than I am so the script will probably seemDec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2quite basic and simple.Dec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2s/simple/primitive/Dec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2I've put a copy in ~/bin/ for my accountDec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2The Raspberry Pi OS repostitory will have the package: python3-blinktDec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2Then see the documentation: 20 12:41
-TechBytesBot/ | Welcome — Blinkt! 0.1.1 documentationDec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2 20 12:41
-TechBytesBot/ | Blinkt! at Raspberry Pi GPIO PinoutDec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2One downside to a lot of Pi guides is the curl | sudo bash crapDec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2There's no excuse for that these days.Dec 20 12:41
Techrights-sec2For the 4B itself: 20 12:41
-TechBytesBot/ | Raspberry Pi GPIO PinoutDec 20 12:41
schestowitzI will use those notes later, gtg to the gym, 3rd day in a row before the Great Shutdown (for the gym)Dec 20 12:42
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Techrights-sec2soldering, recabling, vacuuming, etc.Dec 20 16:59
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Techrights-sec2back in a bitDec 20 17:41
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Techrights-sec2I've started a backupDec 20 18:59
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