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schestowitz 21 11:17
schestowitzFrance and Germany have decided that.... To be frank, that seems open to challenge. The Agreement seems to have bceom irrelevantMay 21 11:17
-TechBytesBot/ | Unified Patent Court: Milan will be the third seat of the Central Division - The IPKatMay 21 11:17
schestowitz"The decision of the Presidium of the UPC is superseded by a new event. <br /><br />In a press release of the Italian Ministry of Foreign affairs of 18.05.2023, the latter announced that the French, German and Italian government have agreed on Milan becoming the third location of the central division instead of London. <br /><br /> 21 11:18
schestowitz-otterra-sezione-distaccata-per-milano/ The text is in English<br /><br />The IPC classes allocated to Milan will most probably not be the IPC classes A and C, but related to “sectors relevant to the Italian entrepreneurial system”.<br /><br />“The agreement … will be submitted to the other Contracting States of the Unified Patent Court during the next Administrative Committee meeting in order to be formalised”, means that theMay 21 11:18
schestowitz AC will decide on the new location so that the new allocation is in principle valid as of 01.06.2023.<br /><br />Further to the revisions laid down in Art 87(1) UPCA, the three governments have agreed that a further revision will take place in 2026. <br /><br />Strong doubts are permitted whether such bargaining and amendments of the status of a court by the executive is in accordance with the rule of law."May 21 11:18
-TechBytesBot/ | Tribunale Unico dei Brevetti. Italia otterrà sezione distaccata per Milano – Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione InternazionaleMay 21 11:18
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