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schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:46 <xxxxxxx> btwApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:46 <xxxxxxx> richard stallman is a pedophileApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:46 <xxxxxxx> i went to a talk he did in brighton, UK in the summer of 2014Apr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:47 <xxxxxxx> after the usual sycophants had left, i was still there, i had been waiting patiently. i just wanted to meet himApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:47 <xxxxxxx> we were chatting, and he was thanking me for xxxxxxx, etcApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:47 <xxxxxxx> and then a teenage girl walked past us in the hallway, she looked like, 12-14 years oldApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:48 <xxxxxxx> and he was eyeing her up. even said how attractive she is. he was proper staring at her, and "admiring" her from behind as she walked pastApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:48 <xxxxxxx> you probably won't believe me. but it's the truthApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:49 <xxxxxxx> back then, rms probably thought i wouldn't be around for long, and underestimated how much of my own popularity i would get. so he didn't care if i saw him pervingApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:49 <xxxxxxx> the dude's a creepApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:49 <xxxxxxx> an absolute creepApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:49 <xxxxxxx> that, and he has publicly blogged about how child pornography should be legalApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:50 <xxxxxxx> look here:Apr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:50 <xxxxxxx> 22 09:27
-TechBytesBot/ | 2003: May - August Political Notes - Richard StallmanApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:50 <xxxxxxx> there, he wrote:Apr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:50 <xxxxxxx> "The nominee is quoted as saying that if the choice of a sexual partner were protected by the Constitution, "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography, and even incest and pedophilia" also would be. He is probably mistaken, legally--but that is unfortunate. All of these acts should be legal as long as no one is coerced. TheyApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> are illegal only because ofApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:50 <xxxxxxx> prejudice and narrowmindedness.Apr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:50 <xxxxxxx> "Apr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:52 <xxxxxxx> i wish i had recorded the encounterApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:53 <xxxxxxx> a police investigation is definitely warranted. i wouldn't be surprised if he looked at child pornApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:53 <xxxxxxx> just thought you should knowApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> 07:54 <xxxxxxx> i never talked about this publicly, and i won't, because i don't want to be harassedApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:56] <xxxxxxx> tl;dr my defense of him last year was to prevent him becoming a martyr. the idea being that if he's at the top again, he's a target againApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[07:59] <xxxxxxx> i would him to be exposed, before he diesApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[08:57] <schestowitz-TR> I had a nap for an hourApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[08:58] <schestowitz-TR> I met RMS that same year, probably the same yearApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[08:58] <schestowitz-TR> I said in 2019 that what he wrote was disturbingApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[08:58] <schestowitz-TR> and I saw that many years before, in his siteApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[08:58] <schestowitz-TR> as you are aware, I wrote about Bill Gates and his special relationshipApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[08:58] <schestowitz-TR> but I never accused his of pedophiliaApr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[08:59] <schestowitz-TR> you would need something stronger than, "he was looking at this girl... who looked like 14"Apr 22 09:27
schestowitz-TR[09:00] <schestowitz-TR> RMS has the tact of someone who lacked social interactions of has suffered from mental deficit, which does not preclude being very smartApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:00] <schestowitz-TR> he does tend to stare at people, at guys alsoApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:01] <schestowitz-TR> If you had recording him saying something very crude like, "oh! she's so sexy" it's a very troubling thingApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:02] <schestowitz-TR> but otherwise, just calling him "pedo" and saying "i wouldn't be surprised if he looked at child porn" is not strong enoughApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:02] <schestowitz-TR> similarly, if i said gates is a pedoApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:02] <schestowitz-TR> people would rightly say, show me proofApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:02] <schestowitz-TR> well, I do know he liked hanging around epsteinApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:02] <schestowitz-TR> and the wife found that disturbing enough to ask for divorceApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:03] <schestowitz-TR> there are a number of other thingsApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:03] <schestowitz-TR> but we never saw a girl claiming that she had been "done" by Gates by EspteinApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:03] <schestowitz-TR> we do know he cheated on the wife with women at MicrosoftApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:04] <schestowitz-TR> and Microsoft insiders were aware for a whileApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:04] <schestowitz-TR> so, I urge you not to go public with this kind of "evidence"Apr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:04] <schestowitz-TR> what he wrote in his site always disturbed me, tooApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:04] <schestowitz-TR> but that's not newApr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:05] <schestowitz-TR> I am not an apologist, denier etc.Apr 22 09:28
schestowitz-TR[09:05] <schestowitz-TR> I just need 'smoking guns' and otherwise I risk being too speculative to be taken seriouslyApr 22 09:28
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