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schestowitz 22 03:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Jun 22 03:57
schestowitz (Kluwer Patent Blog published on 17/06/2022) "Petition for ministerial conference on European Patent Organisation". Translations are available in German, French and Dutch.""Jun 22 03:57
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schestowitzx 22 08:45
-TechBytesBot/ | GitHub Copilot is generally available to all developers | The GitHub BlogJun 22 08:45
schestowitzx 22 08:46
-TechBytesBot/ | Britain can’t claim to care about free speech if it extradites Julian AssangeJun 22 08:46
schestowitz# false narrative repeated ad nauseumJun 22 08:46
schestowitz  <li>Jun 22 08:59
schestowitz                                            <h5><a href="">Hidden Anti-Cryptography Provisions in Internet Anti-Trust Bills</a></h5>Jun 22 08:59
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-Hidden Anti-Cryptography Provisions in Internet Anti-Trust Bills - Schneier on SecurityJun 22 08:59
schestowitz                                            <blockquote>Jun 22 08:59
schestowitz                                                <p>Two bills attempting to reduce the power of Internet monopolies are currently being debated in Congress: S. 2992, the American Innovation and Choice Online Act; and S. 2710, the Open App Markets Act. Reducing the power to tech monopolies would do more to “fix” the Internet than any other single action, and I am generally in favor of them both. (The Center for American Progress wrote a good Jun 22 08:59
schestowitzsummary and evaluation of them. I have written in support of the bill that would force Google and Apple to give up their monopolies on their phone app stores.)</p>Jun 22 08:59
schestowitz                                                <p>There is a significant problem, though. Both bills have provisions that could be used to break end-to-end encryption.</p>Jun 22 08:59
schestowitz                                            </blockquote>Jun 22 08:59
schestowitz                                        </li>Jun 22 08:59
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schestowitz>>> Thinking back, I believe they attacked you and you stopped syndicatingJun 22 15:10
schestowitz>>> onto Techrights in March 2021, the same time as the RMS mobJun 22 15:10
schestowitz>> Who do you mean by they?Jun 22 15:10
schestowitz> I don't know but I get regular reports about gangstalkers from a subsetJun 22 15:10
schestowitz> of FSFE/Debian who send messages to my friends, clients andJun 22 15:10
schestowitz> collaborators in other open source projectsJun 22 15:10
schestowitz> Jun 22 15:10
schestowitz> Just out of interest, did anybody ever try to contact your wife toJun 22 15:10
schestowitz> harass you?  That is the type of thing they are doing now.Jun 22 15:10
schestowitz> Jun 22 15:10
schestowitz> It seems they eventually realized who owns the trademark in CH.  IJun 22 15:10
schestowitz> avoided saying anything about it publicly to save them embarrassment butJun 22 15:10
schestowitz> now the cat is out of the bag.Jun 22 15:10
schestowitzI intentionally said nothing on the subject until late last night as it had already become common knowledge.Jun 22 15:10
schestowitz> I'm making a list of the suicides, Aaron Swartz, Ian Murdock, Frans Pop, etcJun 22 15:13
schestowitz> Jun 22 15:13
schestowitz> Do you know any other cases, even if they are not so famous?Jun 22 15:13
schestowitzArjen and at least one of Julian Assange's lawyers/associates (many died; at least 3 I think, but some of natural causes).Jun 22 15:13
schestowitzOf no relation to Debian, but I spend AGES reading about this case at the time and links to articles hundreds of time :Jun 22 15:16
schestowitz 22 15:16
-TechBytesBot/ | Death of Shane Todd - WikipediaJun 22 15:16
schestowitzsome suicides aren't what they seem and some murders aren't what they seem. But when all you have is a missing or dead body it's a coin toss and pseudoscience.Jun 22 15:16
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schestowitz"Jun 22 22:56
schestowitzDG1: close target monitoringJun 22 22:56
schestowitzA supporting or an oppressive exercise?Jun 22 22:56
schestowitzDear colleagues,Jun 22 22:56
schestowitzWe have been contacted by a number of colleagues reporting an increase in the degree of micromanagement they are facing in recent months. These micromanaging measures include, inter alia, a weekly monitoring of their targets, daily calls from their team manager, and excessive scrutiny of search strategies, communications or FO mailboxes. Although the purported intention of the intervention of the managers is to support the staff members, it is often Jun 22 22:56
schestowitzexperienced as oppressive and leaves colleagues feeling overwhelmed. Being in such a situation may seriously affect their health, and result in them needing to take sick leave.Jun 22 22:57
schestowitzThis publication provides recommendations on how to react to the pressurising practices.Jun 22 22:57
schestowitzThe Central Staff Committee - CSCJun 22 22:57
schestowitz"Jun 22 22:57
schestowitz22/06/2022Jun 22 23:03
schestowitz[CSC] GCC meeting of 2 June 2022: The Mobility Package reloadedJun 22 23:03
schestowitzDear colleagues,Jun 22 23:03
schestowitzIn a previous GCC meeting, the CSC members of the GCC gave a negative opinion on the new package on mobility corresponding to document CA/32/22. In the GCC meeting on 2 June, the President submitted document GCC/DOC 9/2022 aiming at the implementation of the mobility package. In particular, the CSC members of the GCC had to give their opinion on:Jun 22 23:03
schestowitz·        A new Circular on “Young Professionals”;Jun 22 23:03
schestowitz·        A new Circular on (outbound) secondment and on leave on personal grounds (aka unpaid leave);Jun 22 23:03
schestowitz·        Changes to Circular No. 364 lowering qualifications for external recruitment.Jun 22 23:03
schestowitzThe circulars give us the occasion to revisit the buzzwords used by the Administration to make the package palatable to the Administrative Council (and maybe to some staff). They confirm that buzzwords are just that: empty words, and that we were right in our strong reservations against the package presented in CA/32/22 as it calls centralisation into question and establishes a separate set of Service Regulations for a category of low-cost staff Jun 22 23:04
schestowitzwith fewer rights.Jun 22 23:04
schestowitzYou can read the full opinion here.Jun 22 23:04
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