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schestowitz <li>Apr 23 09:11
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">University of Minnesota banned from contributing to Linux kernel</a></h5>Apr 23 09:11
-TechBytesBot/ | University of Minnesota banned from contributing to Linux kernel - The VergeApr 23 09:11
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Apr 23 09:11
schestowitz                    <p>In addition to not accepting any new code from the university, all of the code submitted in the past is being removed and re-reviewed. It seems like it will be a massive amount of work, but Kroah-Hartman has made it clear that the developer community doesn’t appreciate “being experimented on” and that all of the code from the university has been called into question due to the research. </p>Apr 23 09:11
schestowitz                    <p> The university has put out a statement, saying it’s been made aware of the research and its subsequent ban from contributing. It says it has suspended that line of research and will be investigating how the study was approved and carried out.</p></blockquote></li>Apr 23 09:11
schestowitz <li>Apr 23 09:13
schestowitz                  <h5><a href="">Ubuntu goes all-out for Wayland</a></h5>Apr 23 09:13
schestowitz                  <blockquote>Apr 23 09:13
schestowitz                    <p>We also thought it worth noting that Ubuntu’s long road to the Wayland display server is finally complete. The now fully mature Wayland graphics support is available by default.</p></blockquote></li>Apr 23 09:13
-TechBytesBot/ | Ubuntu 13.04 preps for mobile convergenceApr 23 09:13
schestowitz 23 17:46
schestowitz"Apr 23 17:46
-TechBytesBot/ | In Support of Richard Stallman - Margarita Lacabe: My Relationship with RichardApr 23 17:46
schestowitzMargarita Lacabe is a Doctor of Law graduated at the University of Berkeley. She met Richard Stallman at Berkeley when she was 18. She was shocked when she learned about the attacks to Stallman in 2019. At that time, she expressed her perplexity in an article she published in Facebook. In the light of the new attacks started in March 2021, she updated that article to be published here.Apr 23 17:46
schestowitzI met Richard when he was around 33 and I had just turned 18, the summer after my freshman year in college. We were introduced by a neighbor who studied computer science. Richard was doing some stint at Berkeley that summer, and we hang out some. He had me over to his place to listen to Indonesian music (or something of the sort), while he danced, and he came to my place or we went out for meals with our mutual friend for longApr 23 17:46
schestowitzconversations. While I don't specifically recall them, I'm sure there were hugs as well—I hugged a lot of people back then.Apr 23 17:46
schestowitzKnowing Richard, I get his point that it makes little sense that while it'd have been perfectly legal for any of those men to sleep with me that summer, it would have been statutory rape if it'd happen a few weeks earlier. I can almost understand why he made the arguments on pedophilia that he made as well. Richard likes (or liked back then) to play devil's advocate, and to examine issues from different perspectives. At 18, I enjoyedApr 23 17:46
schestowitzmatching intellects with him.Apr 23 17:46
schestowitzA lot of women seem to see Richard as a creep, but I don't think he means to be a creep. He is someone who just has practically no social awareness. A lot of computer scientists are in the spectrum and share these traits, but in Richard they go many steps beyond. As described, he has phobias (his one, when I met him, was of having his head under water, which meant he seldom washed his hair.)[*]Apr 23 17:46
schestowitzRichard marches to his own tune, but in my experience, he respected boundaries when they were made VERY clear to him, and he is a good man with a good heart.Apr 23 17:46
schestowitzRichard literally won a MacArthur genius fellowship a few years after I first met him. This brings up the question of how to deal with non-neurotypical people in our society who break social mores and act creepy without realizing the consequences of what they are doing. Do we need to put them in the corner, even though it was that very “disability” that enabled them to make profound positive changes in society?Apr 23 17:46
schestowitzI don't have an answer, but I care about Richard in the way one can't help but caring about old friends and I guess I want to say there is some nuance here.Apr 23 17:46
schestowitz* We are told that in the 1990s Stallman developed a technique for washing his hair which felt safe, and since then he has washed his hair regularly.↑Apr 23 17:46
schestowitz"Apr 23 17:46
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schestowitz__Hi,Apr 23 21:23
schestowitz__I liked your article in 23 21:23
schestowitz__Would you permit us to reprint in Techrights with attribution and link to the original for broader audience?Apr 23 21:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Comment on the open letter to "remove RMS", based on the GNU Kind Communications GuidelinesApr 23 21:23
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schestowitz__> The attached document is provided for publication with full permissionApr 23 21:36
schestowitz__> for any editorial amendments or corrections that may be judged necessaryApr 23 21:36
schestowitz__> at your end.Apr 23 21:36
schestowitz__>Apr 23 21:36
schestowitz__>Apr 23 21:36
schestowitz__> Best regardsApr 23 21:36
schestowitz__Thanks, will publish asap, as then I really am desperate for some rest :-)Apr 23 21:36
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