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schestowitz[TR]> I haven't got anyone's email, I think I contacted xxxxx through Facebook.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> xxxxx said he wasn't enrolled, not was xxxxx, I don't know about xxxxx.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> I don't think there were many others who had been there long enough to Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> have been enrolled.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> Do you have any details you might be able to give me that might help me Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> get in touch with standard life? Is there a company plan number or name Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> that you know of?Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> The pension service did mention to me that they are in the process of Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> setting up a pensions dashboard that eventually all pension companies Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> will need to be enrolled with so if it was transferred to another Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> provider we should eventually find out about it but that is probably Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> still a few years away from completing.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]Hi,Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]I have the papers before me now. This is from the era Linda still worked at Sirius and was arranging this plan.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]"SIRIUS CORPORATION PLC" (xxxx has pretty much deprecated it by now, he now operates through two new shells from 2017 in the UK and 2019 in the US, "Limited" and "Inc.")Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]SCHEME NUMBER: xxxxxMar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]Their higher level people can locate it, but won't find anything based on your NI number, unless you escalate.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]Advisor information (Standard Life):Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]Advisor code: xxxxMar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]The papers are from summer of 2011.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]It says chosen retirement age is 65Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]Employer gives 3%, you give 2.4%Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]I am meanwhile probing the 'new' pension schemes too. There are two formal letters from them on their way by post.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]This is far from the only scandal, but this one is a liability also to former staff. Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]So have you had any luck? Any progress/breakthrough? With pension trackers, phonecall etc.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]I'm still chasing NOW:Pension as well. They too are rather dodgy, but they don't deny the money exists there. The Standard Life money is just a total enigma. We know it was passed somewhere, hopefully not plundered.Mar 25 04:56
schestowitz[TR]> No luck with standard life.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> I've sent an email got an automatic reply, no idea if they are actually Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> looking into it, I sent another email 2 days ago and got no reply.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]That sounds typical of them. When pushed a bit, they do reply ;-)Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> I am considering a subject access request for copies of all Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> correspondence they have sent to me which I would expect to include any Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> letters they might have sent me which could include anything about the Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> transfer.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]Excellent to hear of such progress. Let me know how that goes. I too check the options.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> I didn't keep my address up to date with standard life so I had letters Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> from them, was that the same for you are were you still getting updates Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> from them until it was transferred?Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]They nearly never contacted me  about anything. Ever. That in itself was a negative sign.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> I don't have a problem with Now pension, I can login to their website Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> and it still shows my balance, but it was only a few months worth as I Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> left not long after that one was setup.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]I'm chasing them too. They keep making promises they cannot fulfill and don't respond to mail.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> I did get some emails from them a few years ago about missing Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> contributions to the scheme being looked into but since I wasn't getting Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]> any it didn't affect me.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]I wrote about that in December. Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]I'll keep you in the loop on any progress. We ought to get to the bottom of this. Many others are impacted.Mar 25 04:57
schestowitz[TR]Have you already tried contacting xxxxxxxxx? If so, did he reply? What did he say?Mar 25 04:58
schestowitz[TR]> Hi Roy, xxxxxx tells me you have been in touch about trying to track down Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]> your pension from the original Sirius pension scheme.Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]> I am in the same situation and had previously given up trying to track Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]> it down.Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]> If you want to talk about it at some point let me know.Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]Hi,Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]Thanks for getting in touch.Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]a) I wonder how many people are impacted by this -- probably a lotMar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]b) Standard Life and NOW:Pension plans are both registered with a company that has only one employee: the CEO. He moved everything else to two shells, one in the UK (Ltd.) and another in the US (Inc.).Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]c) we requested written assurances from NOW that the pensions cannot be scuttled as beforeMar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]d) Standard Life refuses to even tell me what happened (the manager there)Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]e) the company is, in effect, 'in hiding'. It'll be hard to sue.Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]Do you know who else was in that Standard Life plan?Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]Hiya,Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]Sorry was trying to get hold of him to make sure he was happy with me handing it out.Mar 25 04:59
schestowitz[TR]Just checked with xxxxxx if she was happy for me to pass on the details (and double check what I had was right as it’s 5000000 years ago). I have added Kate to the thread and the e-mail is: xxxxxMar 25 05:04
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schestowitz[TR] <li>Mar 25 09:53
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">Tails 5.11: Secure-surfing 'amnesiac' live distro arrives</a></h5>Mar 25 09:53
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 25 09:53
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>Tails 5.11, just released, has some worthwhile improvements that may make it run a little better on machines lacking large amounts of memory. Tails now uses ZRAM as standard, like the unofficial Ubuntu DDE remix and Debian variant Spiral Linux.</p>Mar 25 09:53
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 25 09:53
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 25 09:53
-TechBytesBot/ | Tails 5.11: Secure-surfing 'amnesiac' live distro arrives • The RegisterMar 25 09:53
schestowitz[TR] <li>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">Slimbook Titan, Kubuntu, RGB backlight keyboard</a></h5>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>Welcome, lil' penguins. Let us talk about me new laptop some more. As you may have heard or read, I purchased a Slimbook Titan, a hefty machine with hybrid graphics and lots of processing power. My mission? To use this device in earnest, for everything, to prove that I can wean myself off Windows come 2025, once Windows 10 goes kaputt. Because we don't want no Windows 11 and such nonsense, Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]now do we.</p>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                             Mar 25 09:58
-TechBytesBot/ | Slimbook Titan, Kubuntu, RGB backlight keyboardMar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR] <li>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">An experimental low-cost ultrasonic drone positioning system</a></h5>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>Like most positioning systems, this relies on triangulation through time of flight measurements. Triangulation lets you find the position, on a 2D plane, of Point A by measuring its distance to both Point B and Point C and knowing the distance between Point B and Point C ahead of time. This is a triangle and you know the length of every side (the distance between points), so you can calculaMar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]te the position of Point A. Time of flight is the time it takes a signal to travel between two points. When you know the signal’s rate of travel (which is typically statistic or close enough), you can calculate distance by simply measuring the time it takes the signal to leave Point A and reach Point B (or vice-versa).</p>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Mar 25 09:58
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Mar 25 09:58
-TechBytesBot/ | An experimental low-cost ultrasonic drone positioning system | Arduino BlogMar 25 09:58
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schestowitz[TR]> *Automattic Trust & Safety* (Automattic)Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 24, 2023, 20:20 UTCMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Hello,Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     My friend Ryan (whom I've known for 15 years) has a blog atMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> His E-mail is ryanafarmer@protonmail.comMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     <> andMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> <> (the one heMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     uses to contact you).Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     His blog was unjustly suspended this week, apparently because the wordMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     "porn" appeared in the headline. The article had nothing to do withMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     porn.Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     As a result, he was so distraught and angry that he deleted his account.Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     Only later did he realise that his account was suspended by a bot. HeMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     now regrets deleting the account and wishes to undelete it. Can youMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     please rectify this?Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Thanks for checking in. In order to discuss a site, or to un-delete it, Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> we need to hear from the email account associated with the site. From Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> your email, it sounds like he already reached out, but if he hasn't Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> reached out recently, or about the site deletion itself, you can let him Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> know that he should write in again.Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     Also, may I suggest not using this "shoot first,Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     ask questions later" approach? The word porn can be used in all sorts ofMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     contexts. It's a very poor criterion/keywork for abuse detection.Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> We don't discuss most of our tools externally, for a few reasons, but Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> generally, I can let you know a few pieces of information that might be Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> helpful here:Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>   * Our (human) staff reviews abuse reports (e.g., things like reportsMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     of explicit sexual material and other policy violations).Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>   * For automated systems (like anti-spam flagging), there are no singleMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]>     words that can prompt a site suspension.Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> We're definitely aware that the word "porn" can be used in many Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> contexts, and there are many, many sites using it with no Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> repercussions; it's not something we suspend for (manually or robotically).Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> I hope this is helpful!Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]> Automattic Trust & SafetyMar 25 11:43
schestowitz[TR]Re: Sirius pensionsMar 25 11:45
schestowitz[TR]> Sorry to hear that. Has Roy found a job yet?Mar 25 11:45
schestowitz[TR]> Mar 25 11:45
schestowitz[TR]> I think only XXXX and XXXX have left since you left!Mar 25 11:45
schestowitz[TR]Sirius lost more clients (that we know of), but it is not telling staff.Mar 25 11:45
schestowitz[TR]"European CommissionMar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]    Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]Have your sayMar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]Dear Sir or Madam,Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]One initiative has been published or updated on the European Commission's 'Have your say' portal:Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]Feedback opportunities.Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]Title     Topic     Deadline     ActionMar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]Draft ActMar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]Road safety – advanced driver distraction warning systems <>     Single marketMar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]    21/04/2023     Published for feedbackMar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]To consult all the existing initiatives please visit the portal:Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR] <>Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]This is an automatic notification message. Please do not reply to it.Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]With kind regards,Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]*European Commission *Mar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]Secretariat-General "Mar 25 11:46
-TechBytesBot/ | Have your sayMar 25 11:46
-TechBytesBot/ | Have your sayMar 25 11:46
schestowitz[TR]"> This is about having cameras *inside* the car and pointed at the driver. Mar 25 11:47
schestowitz[TR]>   Probably microphones too."Mar 25 11:47
schestowitz[TR] 25 11:49
schestowitz[TR]"The media is recently talking a lot about massive layoffs by Silicon Valley companies. It's not only Microsoft, but also Facebook, Google, and dozens of smaller companies. Not really surprise there."Mar 25 11:49
-TechBytesBot/ | Microsoft crisis. People who work there say there are massive cuts....Mar 25 11:49
schestowitz[TR]"These tech giants treat their own employees like sh%&"t. What would one expect how do they treat everyone else using their services!?"Mar 25 11:49
schestowitz[TR]"I don't think so. They compete for the best talents and that demographic isn't very easy to get. So, they give them the best salaries, comfortable working conditions and many benefits. However, don't expect to have an easy life, they consistently evaluate their employees and remove low performers from their staff. Besides, in silicon valley, you aren't married to your employer, it's much more common to change your working place relMar 25 11:49
schestowitz[TR]atively frequently. I'm pretty sure, for every big tech company, there are dozens of companies who are treating their IT staff far worse than Big Tech."Mar 25 11:49
schestowitz[TR]"" remove low performers from their staff." - not only those people. They remove obsolete staff at a blink - no matter if they have been low-performer or not. It might be also a matter of stupid management decisions. There are often other things that count, not only performance. Changing working places might work - as long as the employee is under a certain age. At a (very) high level it might be a bit different (there are differentMar 25 11:49
schestowitz[TR] dynamics), but in general big tech does treat employees in an ignorant way. Just thinking of twitter right now, sending away even long-standing senior developers in order to save on their salaries."Mar 25 11:49
schestowitz[TR]"Here is a relevant comment just came across under a Sun/Oracle article: "Having said all that, they (Sun) were a great company to work for, unlike Oracle, who I also worked for. Oracle were a ‘hire and fire a will’ company and probably still are. People disappeared as quickly as they did in Nazi Germany.""Mar 25 11:50
schestowitz[TR] 25 11:51
-TechBytesBot/ | Reshare by gunnar@diasp.orgMar 25 11:51
schestowitz[TR]""Today that role is unrecognisable. Not because technology “got better”, but because we all got a lot dumber and more dependent on click-box cloud technology. We don’t own or really understand it now. We have a shrugging, negative permissions culture. The first position is to assume nothing can be done. The disconnect between the official theoretical syllabus and daily practice is immense. Today my university could not affordMar 25 11:51
schestowitz[TR] to hire my own graduates for roles currently occupied by people I would fail if they were my students. Much of what we teach is in fact obsolete because, if the standards of our own institutions are anything to go by, nobody actually needs to know how anything really works. The reality is they’d be better off doing a Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud certificate for a tenth of the price and spend the rest of their careeMar 25 11:51
schestowitz[TR]rs clicking on drop-down menus with meaningless brand names. The skill-set of educational ICT has been eviscerated.""Mar 25 11:51
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