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schestowitz> *We are watching dire news from Manchester announcing a tight shutdownOct 25 01:12
schestowitz> owing to a spike in Corona virus cases.Oct 25 01:12
schestowitz>Oct 25 01:12
schestowitz> Before the surge were the majority of people refusing to follow basicOct 25 01:12
schestowitz> guidelines of wearing  masks, social distancing and frequent handOct 25 01:12
schestowitz> washing.  Or, is this happening in spite of people following the rules.*Oct 25 01:12
schestowitz> *Oct 25 01:12
schestowitz> *Oct 25 01:12
schestowitz> *Stay safe!Oct 25 01:12
schestowitzA lot of northern England (and Ireland, Wales, even some of Scotland near Glasgow) is the same. I am not too sure why.Oct 25 01:12
schestowitz> It’s inevitable, xxxxx and I will be moving to Canada. Why and when?Oct 25 01:13
schestowitz>Oct 25 01:13
schestowitz> If we know by then who is our president, arrangements will beOct 25 01:13
schestowitz> started November 4th <x-apple-data-detectors://0>,Oct 25 01:13
schestowitz>Oct 25 01:13
schestowitz> xxxx has has declared if Trump wins she will start packingOct 25 01:13
schestowitz> If Biden wins, I’ll be crossing the border at Niagara Falls.Oct 25 01:13
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schestowitz> *A possible cause of the increase in cases could be the dailyOct 25 05:50
schestowitz> temperatures are dropping below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and soon will beOct 25 05:50
schestowitz> down in the 30’s. Some scientists say low temperatures are anOct 25 05:50
schestowitz> accelerator of the disease.*Oct 25 05:50
schestowitzThe numbers here aren't worse than in a lot of the US, but we're not governed by COVID deniers, so the lockdowns are a precaution.Oct 25 05:50
schestowitzOur gym and spa are open as usual, so this does not impact us personally.Oct 25 05:50
schestowitzuseless politicians again 25 06:07
-TechBytesBot/ | Murkowski's nod gives Barrett extra boost for Supreme Court | Politics | gazette.comOct 25 06:07
schestowitz 25 09:24
-TechBytesBot/ | Not a toothless prohibition: Even implicit step of treatment by surgery makes method claim unpatentable under the EPC - The IPKatOct 25 09:24
schestowitz"Oct 25 09:24
schestowitzThis decision is perfectly justified and does not go over G 1/07. The decision leading to G 1/07 might have been injection of contrast agent into the heart, which undoubtedly represents a surgical step.Oct 25 09:24
schestowitzI would however like to remind you of the Catchword 2c in G 1/07.Oct 25 09:24
schestowitz2c. Whether or not the wording of the claim can be amended so as to omit the surgical step without offending against the EPC must be assessed on the basis of the overall circumstances of the individual case under consideration.Oct 25 09:24
schestowitzFirst question: would you like the method carried according to EP to be carried out by the dental’s practice cleaning lady?Oct 25 09:24
schestowitzNow let’s look at the methodOct 25 09:24
schestowitzThe first step of the method is to rebuild provisionally the missing tooth substance so as to get an impression of a human dentition in which missing tooth substance is replaced, cf. [021] or [026]. Who else but a dental surgeon can rebuild the missing tooth substance?Oct 25 09:24
schestowitzThis provisionally missing tooth substance is then removed and the teeth prepared for receiving the final tooth replacement, cf. [027]. Here again, who else but a dental surgeon can prepare the teeth before the second impression. Then a second impression is taken, and the final tooth replacement is then prepared from both impressions.Oct 25 09:24
schestowitzIn the light of Catchword 2c of G 1/07, the method cannot be carried out without surgical steps, although those steps are not mentioned in the claim, so that the revocation is fully justified.Oct 25 09:24
schestowitzThe patent should never have been granted as the positive IPER even mentioned that before the first imprint the teeth have to be restored. It is surprising that this did not lead to a warning that at least when entering the regional phase before the EPO, an objection under Art 53,c) is likely to be raised. As the IPER was positive, the grant was immediate. At least the chairman of the ED should have reacted.Oct 25 09:24
schestowitz"Oct 25 09:24
schestowitz 25 21:20
-TechBytesBot/ | The '640K' quote won't go away -- but did Gates really say it? | ComputerworldOct 25 21:20
schestowitz 25 21:21
-TechBytesBot/ | 3: Bill Gates Said 640K RAM Was Enough -- for Anyone - Top 5 Myths About Bill Gates | HowStuffWorksOct 25 21:21
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schestowitz 25 23:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Adam Gaskins: " But anyone can freely c…" - | MastodonOct 25 23:57
schestowitz" But anyone can freely clone a public repo. Is there anything around that you think is a better candidate? Even a WIP maybe?"Oct 25 23:57
schestowitz 25 23:57
schestowitz"Oct 25 23:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Ade Malsasa Akbar: "Thanks to Ali Miracle from Uruk Project, now I se…" - FLOSS.socialOct 25 23:57
schestowitzThanks to Ali Miracle from Uruk Project, now I see a free software project Youtubedl removed from Microsoft GitHub. I think it is important for free software projects to see @codeberg.Oct 25 23:57
schestowitzWhat do you think, Dr. Roy @schestowitz? Thanks in advance.Oct 25 23:57
schestowitz@alimiracleOct 25 23:57
schestowitz"Oct 25 23:57
schestowitz 25 23:58
schestowitz"Oct 25 23:58
-TechBytesBot/ | NixiИ: " once a software is no l…" - LinuxRocks.OnlineOct 25 23:58
schestowitzonce a software is no longer being worked on people want to call it abandonware. as long as responsive developers are attached to a project it is not dormant. xorg is at the point where nothing needs be added. call it "maintenance mode".Oct 25 23:58
schestowitzcups is abandonware. none are maintaining it.Oct 25 23:58
schestowitz"Oct 25 23:58
schestowitz 25 23:59
-TechBytesBot/ | NixiИ: " it has been costing the…" - LinuxRocks.OnlineOct 25 23:59
schestowitz"it has been costing them economically and socially trying to stop them. more profitable for them to be entrenched like escalator and google."Oct 25 23:59
schestowitz 25 23:59
-TechBytesBot/ | NixiИ: " /. is an aggregator. t…" - LinuxRocks.OnlineOct 25 23:59
schestowitz" /. is an aggregator. the sources are the culprits. how many proper free software periodicals are still active?"Oct 25 23:59
schestowitzAggregation of Microsoft boosters evidentlyOct 25 23:59

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