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schestowitzLife & Liberty (@LifeLiberty3): "I am solidly for Israel. Palestinians who want peace should renounce terrorism and jihad against the West. If they are still Jihadists they do not have my sympathy or support. They need to get over jihad against Christians and Jews." | nitter ⚓ ䷉ #nitter | more in 25 17:48
-TechBytesBot/ | Life & Liberty (@LifeLiberty3): "I am solidly for Israel. Palestinians who want peace should renounce terrorism and jihad against the West. If they are still Jihadists they do not have my sympathy or support. They need to get over jihad against Christians and Jews." | nitterNov 25 17:48
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schestowitzLife & Liberty (@LifeLiberty3): "I am solidly for Israel. Palestinians who want peace should renounce terrorism and jihad against the West. If they are still Jihadists they do not have my sympathy or support. They need to get over jihad against Christians and Jews." | nitter ⚓ ䷉ #nitter | more in 25 17:48
schestowitz 25 17:49
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-TechBytesBot/#techbytes-@schestowitz: XTRA GUAC: Here’s Everything Enbridge Is Buying Cops to Fight Protesters ⚓ "Hundreds of inv… 25 17:49
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schestowitz 25 17:49
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schestowitzDaemonFC: pingNov 25 21:18
DaemonFCYeahNov 25 21:18
schestowitzjust fyi, Matt 'backdoor' GAFAM is threatening to sue over your article about his poor tippingNov 25 21:18
schestowitzdon't tell himNov 25 21:18
schestowitzthis pervert actually spends money on lawyers for this, so you know it hurts him a lotNov 25 21:19
schestowitzthought I should at least tell youNov 25 21:19
DaemonFCShit.Nov 25 21:19
schestowitzdon't worry, he won't do anything imho, as I too can sue him for the sameNov 25 21:19
schestowitzjust ignore himNov 25 21:20
schestowitznothing will happenNov 25 21:20
DaemonFCIllinois has anti-SLAPP laws.Nov 25 21:22
DaemonFCIf I have to fend him off, he'll be ordered to pay my legal bills.Nov 25 21:22
DaemonFCschestowitz, I also didn't make any accusations. I said I was told normally this happens if you don't tip enough.Nov 25 21:24
DaemonFCI called him a clown, which is a subjective opinion.Nov 25 21:24
DaemonFCI mean, where does he think there's a lawsuit here?Nov 25 21:24
schestowitzit's laughableNov 25 21:25
schestowitzhe is just using this as an intimidation tacticsNov 25 21:25
schestowitzSome patent lawyers did it to me befoeNov 25 21:25
schestowitzeven the Trump lawyer, Chuck HarderNov 25 21:25
schestowitzjust strategic scare-mongeringNov 25 21:25
schestowitzignore, move onNov 25 21:25
schestowitznot worth thinking aboutNov 25 21:25
schestowitzanyway, today I did lots of articles and it doesn't bother me at allNov 25 21:26
DaemonFCYeah. It's actually not that easy to successfully sue someone for libel here. Getting your feeling hurt by someone's opinion of you is not enough.Nov 25 21:26
DaemonFCAnd if he does, I'll counter that with a motion to dismiss and order for him to pay my lawyer.Nov 25 21:26
DaemonFCUnder anti-SLAPP.Nov 25 21:27
schestowitzjust ignore, move onNov 25 21:27
schestowitzanyway, today rianne spoke to immigration lawyers about her naturalisation processNov 25 21:27
schestowitznot a bunch of posersNov 25 21:27
DaemonFCI hate lawyers.Nov 25 21:28
DaemonFCI hate our courts.Nov 25 21:28
DaemonFCI hate the legal system, period.Nov 25 21:28
schestowitzMaybe Mandy can also apply in the coming 5-8 years, not sure about US lawsNov 25 21:28
schestowitzDaemonFC: I was never sued in my lifeNov 25 21:28
DaemonFCIn January 2023 he canNov 25 21:28
schestowitzthey are thugsNov 25 21:28
schestowitzthey uses the supposed 'capability' to sue to blackmail peopleNov 25 21:28
DaemonFCIt's also a lot easier to successfully sue someone over libel in the UK.Nov 25 21:28
DaemonFCTrump wanted to make our laws more like yours because it would make it easier to prevail against CNN and anyone else who said things he didn't like.Nov 25 21:29
schestowitzmaybe Trump will elope to Belarus Nov 25 21:29
schestowitzbut you see courts are slow to tackle rich corrupt peopleNov 25 21:29
schestowitzI doubt FBI will subpoena Bill Gates any time soon Nov 25 21:30
DaemonFCIf they ever do it at all. They usually don't.Nov 25 21:30
schestowitzHe controls a lot of the media, so he can manipulate any such attemptsNov 25 21:30
DaemonFCschestowitz, My point was more about Doordash anyway.Nov 25 21:30
DaemonFCYou can't pay them enough in tips to make the economic incentive to do it work out.Nov 25 21:31
DaemonFCIt's slavery.Nov 25 21:31
DaemonFCThe more I thought about it, the more I was disgusted that I ever used it to begin with. A lot of these restaurants don't tell you it's Doordash.Nov 25 21:31
schestowitzDoordashNov 25 21:32
DaemonFCThen they also lie to you about there being no delivery fee, and add a delivery surcharge instead.Nov 25 21:32
schestowitzyou hurt him with thatNov 25 21:32
DaemonFCThen they don't give that to the driver.Nov 25 21:32
schestowitzit transpires he struggles to find employment because of things we wroteNov 25 21:32
schestowitzhe wants to flex some musclesNov 25 21:32
schestowitzI cna sue him alsoNov 25 21:32
schestowitzto be very clear, there is NO chance he'll do anything to you, it's just posting and puffingNov 25 21:33
DaemonFCRight, I can make any claim I want to on the internet.Nov 25 21:33
DaemonFCOn the internet, everyone is a tought guy.Nov 25 21:33
DaemonFCAnd then nothing happens.Nov 25 21:33
DaemonFC*toughNov 25 21:33
schestowitzyeahNov 25 21:33
schestowitzanyway, a trophy for youNov 25 21:33
schestowitzyou pissed off a very bad personNov 25 21:33
schestowitzwell doneNov 25 21:33
DaemonFCI think he's probably madder about my article regarding Secure Boot.Nov 25 21:34
DaemonFCAnd how it's bullshit and the FSF should revoke his Software Freedom award.Nov 25 21:34
schestowitzyes, he would not challenge the real source of angstNov 25 21:34
DaemonFCThat uEFI is a complete shipwreck, and he's been pushing it as if it were possible to secure.Nov 25 21:34
schestowitzas that draws attention to things that leave him looking like a foolNov 25 21:35
DaemonFCHe's been going on and on about how to "secure" Internet of Things devices.Nov 25 21:35
DaemonFCAnd instead of pointing out the obvious. Don't ship them with software that time forgot and then never patch it... He pushes "Secure Boot".Nov 25 21:36
schestowitzyupNov 25 21:36
DaemonFCIf they're not updating anything on the device, firmware included, they cannot stay ahead of Secure Boot bypasses either.Nov 25 21:36
DaemonFCSo there's nothing secure about it.Nov 25 21:36
schestowitzmaybe you should publish another one about itNov 25 21:37
schestowitzthat would help refocus on the real issueNov 25 21:37
schestowitznot the phantom thingsNov 25 21:37
DaemonFCI recall reading about "shim" and saying "My god, that's horrible." Not just that it's a binary-only stub bootloader that you can't audit (because Microsoft only signs don't really know what's in shim), but it adds more complexity and unreliability to the boot process on a uEFI PC.Nov 25 21:40
DaemonFCIt didn't need any more, obviously. We can see that, given the history of the bugs that brick the entire computer.Nov 25 21:40
DaemonFCOpenSUSE documents some of the workarounds that it employs to try to minimize the chances of accidentally ruining the entire motherboard.Nov 25 21:41
DaemonFCThey say you can trust it because your distribution compiles shim and then sends it off to Microsoft, and pays them to sign it using some sort of "developer" certificate that can be revoked. Not the root certificate that can't be revoked that's in there to boot Windows with, you know.Nov 25 21:42
DaemonFCschestowitz, Apparently he thinks he'd be the next Peter Thiel or something.Nov 25 21:43
DaemonFCUsing the Hulk Hogan sex tape. Only there's nothing of the sort going on here.Nov 25 21:43
DaemonFCCalling someone a clown, stating an opinion that Doordash is slavery and awful, and that normally they don't deliver on time if someone was cheap with a tip is all subjective.Nov 25 21:44
DaemonFCRon White actually was more exposed to a lawsuit from Sears.Nov 25 21:44
DaemonFCHe said that they screwed up the tires on his van and told the story about turning out of a mall parking lot and having the tires fall off. He said, "Well apparently, they sent this guy to....'tire college' and he was sick on lugnut day,".Nov 25 21:45
schestowitz[21:41] <DaemonFC> OpenSUSE documents some of the workarounds that it employs to try to minimize the chances of accidentally ruining the entire motherboard.Nov 25 21:45
schestowitzThat's why Germany's govt. blocked itNov 25 21:46
schestowitzit's considered  a national security threatNov 25 21:46
schestowitzanyway, feel free to write more about himNov 25 21:47
schestowitzhe's all steamNov 25 21:47
schestowitzand I will write about him as alwaysNov 25 21:47
schestowitzI know my rights and he defamed me for yearsNov 25 21:47
schestowitzI'm just his latest "project"Nov 25 21:47
schestowitzafter bigger names like LT and RMSNov 25 21:47
schestowitzwho are still in chargeNov 25 21:47
schestowitzhe ejected himself from kernel devNov 25 21:47
schestowitznot finding himself anymorNov 25 21:47
schestowitzused, discardedNov 25 21:48
schestowitzand FSF won't let him anywhere NEAR, he's considered part of the coupNov 25 21:48
schestowitzhe only defamed me repeatedlyNov 25 21:48
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DaemonFCschestowitz, He shrieks a lot, I've noticed.Nov 25 21:48
DaemonFCHe attacks actual Free Software developers like Ted T'so.Nov 25 21:48
schestowitzthat's all he has left after stalking me everywhere from twitter to IRC for a yearNov 25 21:48
schestowitzDaemonFC: he and SharpNov 25 21:48
schestowitzThey pick "targets"Nov 25 21:48
DaemonFCschestowitz, Has he threatened to sue you previously?Nov 25 21:48
schestowitzand it's like a project to thenNov 25 21:49
schestowitzrianne has a jokeNov 25 21:49
schestowitzlike, GAFAM has a photo of peopleNov 25 21:49
schestowitzwhom he obssess overNov 25 21:49
schestowitzand then he goes, "wahahahaha! I'll destroy you!"Nov 25 21:49
DaemonFCOr perhaps a voodoo doll....Nov 25 21:49
schestowitzI've long told her (maybe 2 years) that he was digging dirt full timeNov 25 21:49
schestowitzand provokingNov 25 21:49
schestowitzlebelling meNov 25 21:49
schestowitzwaiting for me to take the bait and respondNov 25 21:50
schestowitz[21:48] <DaemonFC> schestowitz, Has he threatened to sue you previously?Nov 25 21:50
schestowitzI'm not sure if I threatened him firstNov 25 21:50
DaemonFCschestowitz, He won't like what happens if he does anything of the sort. First of all, he'll be paying his lawyer, my lawyer, and the court.Nov 25 21:50
schestowitzI cannot recall, but I never threaten people with lawsuitsNov 25 21:50
schestowitznot my thingNov 25 21:50
DaemonFCAnd that will be published if I have to go through all of that.Nov 25 21:51
schestowitzhe won't do a thingNov 25 21:52
schestowitzit's a strategyNov 25 21:52
schestowitzEPO and many others did this to meNov 25 21:52
schestowitzand I learned from my pro bono lawyersNov 25 21:52
schestowitza lot of the time you bark back and then back away like a little tiny poodleNov 25 21:52
DaemonFCThen you can sue the SLAPP filer for punitive damages under SLAPP Back.Nov 25 21:53
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