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schestowitzRe: literally gave "F" to Github:Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz> that they literally gave "F" to Github:Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz> 27 00:47
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz> It seems to have "graduated" to a real solution regardless. They gave itSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> a rating and walked away. Do you think they'll ever discourage peopleSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> from using Github again, or talk about how many projects have driftedSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> there, or why that's a bigger problem than ever?Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz> That was 4 years ago. I mean you could just define the 4 freedoms andSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> walk away, as well.Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz> Let me know if you personally think they're actually handling thisSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> matter, as though it matters at all, and I'll remove that itemSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> immediately. My personal opinion is they no longer care about it.Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz> In 2016 rms wasn't cancelled yet, so it was a lot harder to say theySep 27 00:47
schestowitz> didn't care about free speech, but that's changed a lot. The pattern ofSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> cancelling people is that PROBLEMS go from being important to beingSep 27 00:47
schestowitz> ignored. I'd say that shoe fits here.Sep 27 00:47
schestowitz>>     I'm kind of surprised it has had such a low profile. ProbablySep 27 00:48
schestowitz>>     because it was not "Made in USA"Sep 27 00:48
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:48
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:48
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:48
schestowitz> i would say its more likely that even the fsf cant get away from fadsSep 27 00:48
schestowitz> and popularity in languages entirely. ml seems less important (notSep 27 00:48
schestowitz> UNimportant) if they rely more often / for more things on perl andSep 27 00:48
schestowitz> python. i can assure you, they rely on those a lot. arguably more thanSep 27 00:48
schestowitz> ml, though that is more of a guess.Sep 27 00:48
schestowitz>> Is there a video for this? If you do an article, we can prepare aSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> video to go with it, or portion of a skit. To make a point. As WebM.Sep 27 00:49
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:49
schestowitz> Yeah, Izzard is a popular comedian though (likely past the height of hisSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> fame, but still frequently quoted, like Carlin or Python) and you mightSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> want to talk to a couple people (your people?) about Fair Dealing beforeSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> you try this.Sep 27 00:49
schestowitz>Sep 27 00:49
schestowitz> I think it's Fair Dealing where you are, but I'm no expert on that. IMOSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> it's risky copyright-wise-- the other clips you make are more directlySep 27 00:49
schestowitz> relevant and (at a guess) easier to justify. Fair use is a defence, notSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> a right, but Fair Dealing works differently in some ways. It's notSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> necessarily better, but I suppose that depends on what you need and howSep 27 00:49
schestowitz> it helps there.Sep 27 00:50
schestowitzTypically depends on the length of portion one takesSep 27 00:50
schestowitz> The emphasis/has/ to be on a "portable" - read "forkable" kernel.Sep 27 00:51
schestowitz> Hi, RoySep 27 01:02
schestowitzHi, nice to hear from you.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitz> Hope you and the family are doing well.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitzThankfully none of us contracted the nasty virus, afaik.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitz> Would you please make some minor changes to the website?Sep 27 01:02
schestowitzSure. Done.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitzSee below.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitz> Under the patient forms tab I would like to add a fifth form, “5.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitz> Financial policy” and I would like to replace forms 1. and 2. with theSep 27 01:02
schestowitz> above revised versions.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitzKind request for clarity. The attachments are (5), (1), and (4), not (5), (1), and (2).Sep 27 01:02
schestowitzCan you check it's OK as it is now? I integrated the newer forms, checked/tested in a hurry.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitz  > Thank you, I appreciate your help.Sep 27 01:02
schestowitzNo problem. Any time...Sep 27 01:02
schestowitzRe: Eddie IzzardSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> I had a look for the part where he says "Where the fuck have you guysSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> been?" But some of it's blocked by NBC Universal. You might try "EddieSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> Izzard World War 2" without quotes, maybe you'll have more luck. MySep 27 02:56
schestowitz> favourite stuff is when he talks about "do you have a flag?" But thereSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> are lots of favourites.Sep 27 02:56
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:56
schestowitz> Some notes for the sake of accuracy-- Izzard formerly referred toSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> himself for years as "transvestite" and has done activism around that,Sep 27 02:56
schestowitz> speaking out on behalf of transvestites-- I believe he still favoursSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> women (most likely exclusively) which isn't exactly rare amongSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> transvestites in the first place.Sep 27 02:56
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:56
schestowitz> He has since identified as "transsexual" but I'm not clear on whatSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> exactly, he just favours the term. He has (maybe jokingly) used the termSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> "Male Lesbian" in the past, I don't know if he still does. But he stillSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> goes by "he" to the best of my knowledge, so it's easy for people toSep 27 02:56
schestowitz> notice a dress and the word "transsexual" and start thinking he's MTF,Sep 27 02:56
schestowitz> though I wouldn't assume. He still goes by Eddie Izzard as far as ISep 27 02:56
schestowitz> know. Here on Wikipedia it clarifies that he's genderfluidSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> which doesn'tSep 27 02:57
-TechBytesBot/ | Eddie Izzard - WikipediaSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> seem like a real change from what he's always been; all that's changedSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> is the label he puts on it. He's always been genderfluid.Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz> If you're ever (for some reason) looking for a more dramaticallySep 27 02:57
schestowitz> genderfluid artist I enjoy, I'm a fan of Азис (Vasil Troyanov Boyanov)Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz> but he (also his proferred pronoun) makes Madonna seem pretty tame inSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> terms of her performances and public image...Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz> There's no real political intent here, just giving you some detailsSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> should you accidentally make (or more hopefully avoid) some faux pas--Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz> it's best to not live in fear of offending people, but it's also wise toSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> try to get these sorts of things right the first time if possible. In mySep 27 02:57
schestowitz> experience we hear more from MTF transsexuals than genderfluid or FTM,Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz> though all exist in the Free Software community, Izzard and Азис areSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> both genderfluid and use male pronouns, and the friend that introducedSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> me to him was FTM. He was comfortable talking about it but obviously weSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> never dead-named him, I never met him prior to transitioning. TheSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> significance of the variety here is of course like I said-- it's unwiseSep 27 02:57
schestowitz> to assume. It's usually easier to just look these things up.Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:57
schestowitz> Transcript at least-- from "Dress to Kill"--Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> Queen Victoria became Empress of lndia. She never even went there. SheSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> was one of our more frumpy queens. They’re all frumpy, aren’t they?Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> Because it’s a bad idea when cousins marry. Bottom of the gene pool,Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> you’re scraping the barrel. “I haven’t got enough for any more of youSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> royals, sorry.”Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> First rule of genetics, spread the genes apart. But the royals areSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> obsessed. “Are you royal? “Then you can marry me and our lQs will goSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> down the toilet.” Fantastic. That’s why there’s no crazy royals. “Hello,Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> what do you do? You’re a plumber? What on earth is that?”Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> So, yeah. After the Second World War, that’s when the empires dissolved.Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> We came first in the war but we were financially fucked by the end. CosSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> for a time it was just us and the Nazis. They’d been making weapons forSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> ages. We were going, “Get the tanks out!” “We haven’t got any.” “GetSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> that ice cream van out, then.” “Kill!” “All right, oh, fuck it. “FuckSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> off.” “Everything! Just throw everything at them! “Orange Fruities andSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> Zooms, throw the Zooms! “Fuck off, you bastard! “Pots and pans! ThrowSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> the pots and pans at them!”Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> By the time America came in – you were watching a US cavalry film. TheSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> US cavalry always comes in towards the end of the film. “OK, let’s go,Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> America.” (Sings fanfare) “I love the smell of Europe in the morning.Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> How are you?”Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz>Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> We were going, “Fucking hell, where’ve you been?” “Having breakfast.Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> “So, what’s going on?” America did well. Russia did well, and deservedlySep 27 02:59
schestowitz> so. Half a million American and British soldiers died and about 26Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> million Russian soldiers and civilians died. That’s 50 times as many.Sep 27 02:59
schestowitz> It’s unbelievable. And no one mentions this. These are figures ISep 27 02:59
schestowitz> discovered. Napoleon had been steaming in 100 years before – “I’m gonnaSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> kill them! “Ooh, it’s a bit cold! “Right. OK, bad idea.” And then HitlerSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> – “I’ve got a better idea! “Oh, it’s the same idea.” No wonder they setSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> up the Eastern bloc, for a buffer zone. So that’s where they’re comingSep 27 02:59
schestowitz> from.Sep 27 03:00
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