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schestowitzAnnual General Meeting - Invitation to all members to participate in the AGM on Wednesday 9th November 2022Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzDear members,Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzTime: SUEPO’s Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 9th November 2022 at 17.00 hrs.Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzLocation: Welgelegen, Laan te Blothinge 1, 2282NJ RijswijkOct 27 03:21
schestowitzAgenda:Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzApproval of the agendaOct 27 03:21
schestowitzPresentation of the Annual Report 2021*Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzPresentation of the Financial Reports 2021Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzPresentation of the Auditors Reports*Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzAcceptance of the Accounts 2021Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzNumber of full members of the Bureau (Art. 15.2 Statute)Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzIt is proposed to have 7 full members as at presentOct 27 03:21
schestowitzRemaining candidates are elected as alternates as in the pastOct 27 03:21
schestowitzApproval of 2023 membership feesOct 27 03:21
schestowitzProposal: for active members: no change to the percentages at this point in time; for pensioners the fees stay the same (50.- euros/year)Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzProposal for all : elimination of the 15 euro discount with automatic debit (SEPA). Given the upcoming legal battle on the SAP and the Education Reform, it is to be expected that costs are going to rise.Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzAmendments to the Election RulesOct 27 03:21
schestowitzIt is proposed to amend Art. I.6 a) of the election rules as follows:   Oct 27 03:21
schestowitz“Each voter can vote for up to 4 full members.” To guaranty that the process is of an elect nature and not an indigitation, as well as to establish a representativeness legitimacy, a reduction of number of votes from 7 to 4 is proposed.Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzMore information, links to the underlying documents and proposed amendments to the Election Rules can be found here. A copy of the proposed Election Rules, ANNEX I - 2022, is also attached to this email.Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzAmendments to the Statutes:Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzThe Committee proposes to change the statutes by adding the formal constitution of an “Advisory Board”. The Advisory Board is a body for consultation with the SUEPO Committee on matters within the statutory competence of the SUEPO. It shall, inter alia, be responsible for pronouncing on the matters submitted to it by the SUEPO Committee; and submit, on its own initiative, recommendations and suggestions to the SUEPO Committee within the scope of Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzthe statutory powers of SUEPO. The deliberations of the Advisory Board are not binding and are of an advisory nature. (a draft of the statutes is available here)Oct 27 03:21
schestowitzThe Committee requests a mandate from the GA for the constitution of the Advisory Body.Oct 27 03:21
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schestowitz <li>Oct 27 07:41
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">Netfilter Workshop 2022 summary</a></h5>Oct 27 07:41
-TechBytesBot/ | Netfilter Workshop 2022 summaryOct 27 07:41
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Oct 27 07:41
schestowitz                                        <p>This is my report from the Netfilter Workshop 2022. The event was held on 2022-10-20/2022-10-21 in Seville, and the venue was the offices of Zevenet. We started on Thursday with Pablo Neira (head of the project) giving a short welcome / opening speech. The previous iteration of this event was in virtual fashion in 2020, two years ago. In the year 2021 we were unable to meet either in person or online.</p>Oct 27 07:41
schestowitz                                        <p>This year, the number of participants was just eight people, and this allowed the setup to be a bit more informal. We had kind of an un-conference style meeting, in which whoever had something prepared just went ahead and opened a topic for debate.</p>Oct 27 07:41
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Oct 27 07:41
schestowitz                                </li>Oct 27 07:41
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schestowitz> Looks good Roy.Oct 27 15:02
schestowitz> When will it go live, so I can tell a few friends.Oct 27 15:02
schestowitz> cheers,Oct 27 15:02
schestowitzThis morning we fixed the gemini version a little. Oct 27 15:02
schestowitzgemini:// 27 15:02
schestowitzgemini:// 27 15:02
schestowitzThose use different code and different gemini server software, but both readable. :-)Oct 27 15:02
schestowitzI also did an article and video about this last night.Oct 27 15:02
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schestowitz[TR3] 27 21:22
-TechBytesBot/ | Coming soon: The Riyad Mahrez storyOct 27 21:22

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