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schestowitz"Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzDear SirNov 27 10:18
schestowitzThis morning i read your article on TechRights regarding Purism and i would like to add the problems i am having.Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzLast Tuesday after reading many articles about the Librem 5, i decided to ask for a refund on my ‘pre-ordered’ phone as i feel somethings dont feel right.Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzThe communication was cordial making sure they had the right credit card details to my account and was told it would take 2 - 15 days.Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzOn Thursday i checked my Purism account to still find my order was ‘active’ and awaiting shipping, so i emailed again asking for confirmation, only to receive a very cavalier response saying ‘we’ll sort it in a couple of days!’Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzAs you can imagine this was a red rag with my reply being rather angry reminding them i wasnt a backer but a pre-order and interest will expected.Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzAs of today my order is still active and i dont hold much hope that anything will happen soon.Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzSo info i did find strange was on the Purism forum, an early backer 350th (he screen shot his place) received his email asking what batch he would like, which he put Aspen, Birch and Chestnut, only to receive a reply he would be in Evergreen? I cant believe there is only 350 units being produced for the first 4 batches??? This stinks!Nov 27 10:18
schestowitzMany ThanksNov 27 10:18
schestowitz"Nov 27 10:18
schestowitz> Thank you for your reply, if you dont mind can you wait until TuesdayNov 27 10:25
schestowitz> and i will keep you informed of any change. This will be a week from myNov 27 10:25
schestowitz> first email and two working days for the reply of my ThursdayNov 27 10:25
schestowitz> confirmation email when they said it’ll be done in a couple of days, iNov 27 10:26
schestowitz> need to be fair even when pissed off. After that you can do what youNov 27 10:26
schestowitz> want and i’ll even give you the order number so they bloody know exactlyNov 27 10:26
schestowitz> who its about and the email stream between purism and myselfNov 27 10:26
schestowitz>Nov 27 10:26
schestowitz> Many ThanksNov 27 10:26
schestowitzSounds good, that's in my notes now.Nov 27 10:26
schestowitz> Finally today they have issued a refund telling me it will take betweenNov 27 10:26
schestowitz> 5 and 10 days.Nov 27 10:26
schestowitz>Nov 27 10:26
schestowitz> You have my permission to use any info i have provided.Nov 27 10:26
schestowitz>Nov 27 10:26
schestowitz> Many ThanksNov 27 10:26
schestowitzThanks. I will think how to approach the subject.Nov 27 10:26
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