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Techrights-sec2the post on the video does not have a link to the video for download so that scripts may be avoided.  Scripts should /never/ be enabled for non-HTTPS sites.Dec 27 15:02
Techrights-sec2Not that HTTPS is a guarantee of saftey, but lacking it is a guarantee of non-saftey.Dec 27 15:02
Techrights-sec2 27 15:02
Techrights-sec2microsoft-nokia-his 100%[===================>] 210.02M  1.73MB/s    in 3m 21sDec 27 15:02
Techrights-sec2Fetching posts that were themselves from a past date is not as relevantDec 27 15:02
Techrights-sec2as being able to retrieve a set based on a topic which is relevant to the dateDec 27 15:02
Techrights-sec2So i IF $date then  show $TOPIC / $KEYWORDDec 27 15:02
Techrights-sec2along with a blurb expaining the dateDec 27 15:03
schestowitzthat's best done manually tbhDec 27 15:04
Techrights-sec2the set up is manual, but then the display is based on the week of the yearDec 27 15:07
Techrights-sec2BTW see ~/wrap-index.html on TRDec 27 15:07
schestowitzI see it better indented and all, might need to check email to know the changesDec 27 15:07
Techrights-sec2Oh, don't worry about the indentation ,that isDec 27 15:12
Techrights-sec2tidy -indent ...Dec 27 15:12
Techrights-sec2The changes were to the CSS (and the classes allowing the CSS)Dec 27 15:12
schestowitzI'd need to merge with the copy of what I did since you grabbed a copyDec 27 15:12
schestowitzserver copy same as email's?Dec 27 15:13
Techrights-sec2Yes, both of those are the same.Dec 27 15:17
Techrights-sec2I figured you might not want to fire up the mail client until later this week.Dec 27 15:17
Techrights-sec2Somce rC3 stuff online, but nothing viewable in practice:Dec 27 15:17
Techrights-sec2 27 15:17
Techrights-sec2The video capture is off and catches most of the break and then half of the presentation and the sound in the two I have sampled is not good.Dec 27 15:17
Techrights-sec2HOPE2020 seems to have set a high bar for comparison.  They pre-recorded all the talks and then while the talk was playing, they used the time to get the cameras and mics adjusted.Dec 27 15:17
schestowitzthe merge would be a big job because it is not a php file, rather a static copy of a web produced by php. But I see what you did, I knew it was doable, tried to keep it super-simpleDec 27 15:18
schestowitzI'll think what to make of it, maybe a parallel version for small-screen stuff. Need to think... surely there's use to itDec 27 15:19
Techrights-sec2HTML tidy has a lot of settings -indent is one of the more frequently useful onesDec 27 15:21
Techrights-sec2I kept the demo simple so it should be importable to PHPDec 27 15:21
Techrights-sec2without much difficulty.  Just a few CSS rules and then the order and labellingDec 27 15:21
Techrights-sec2of th eelements.Dec 27 15:21
Techrights-sec2maintaining two versions is at least three times the work of oneDec 27 15:21
Techrights-sec2I thought it might take a few days to find the method but it turned out toDec 27 15:21
Techrights-sec2be very straight forward..Dec 27 15:21
schestowitzhang on, working on itDec 27 15:22
schestowitzRe: Index page with wrappingDec 27 15:23
schestowitz> Attached is a demo of the wrapping.  It works for me in Chromium andDec 27 15:23
schestowitz> Firefox, recent versions both.  Seems ok in Lynx too.Dec 27 15:23
schestowitzphp automates all the key bits, is some link falls behind it's no big dead as long as the core parts are dynamicDec 27 15:24
schestowitzfeel free to edit directly, I'll keep the current copy on my PC. Edit at /home/boycottn/public_html/index/mobile/index.phpDec 27 15:30
schestowitzI will think what to do about the "history" part, then set up the redirect for rootDec 27 15:31
schestowitzmaybe also add a link to the alternative mobile versionDec 27 15:31
schestowitz'mobile'Dec 27 15:32
Techrights-sec2Thanks.Dec 27 15:32
Techrights-sec2Ok.  I don't know any changes to make it fit with or be generated from the PHPDec 27 15:32
Techrights-sec2The ugly colors are there to show the regions and how the resize and flow.Dec 27 15:32
schestowitzalter the colours over ssh, to shades of grey you fancyDec 27 15:32
Techrights-sec2I'd recommend against having two versions.  It's a lot more than double theDec 27 15:33
Techrights-sec2effort to maintain.Dec 27 15:33
Techrights-sec2Ok.  I'll set them to a light grey.Dec 27 15:33
schestowitzthe mobile version will be the neglected one as nobody is likely to use it much anywayDec 27 15:33
schestowitzI've just set up a link to that page and put a placeholder: "Vacant for now"Dec 27 15:39
Techrights-sec2Ok.  How are the greys now?Dec 27 15:40
Techrights-sec2I't not quite right yet I feel.Dec 27 15:40
Techrights-sec2Maybe the sidebars should be darkerDec 27 15:40
schestowitzwill adjust the redirection now, I think it is good to go, will just ensure meta is completeDec 27 15:41
schestowitzview-source: 27 15:41
schestowitznotice at the top how bloated the web was becoming even in 2006Dec 27 15:41
schestowitzsee the <head> partDec 27 15:41
Techrights-sec2Should the side bars have trendy rounded corners with small radii?Dec 27 15:48
Techrights-sec2There was a missing P element in the PHP part, I've added it.Dec 27 15:48
schestowitzdeleting millions of rows in configs at the moment, due to redirectionDec 27 15:51
schestowitzI hate making config changes without a very recent backupDec 27 15:52
Techrights-sec2Fixe an off-by-one in the post count during tdisplay.Dec 27 15:56
Techrights-sec2I've made a few tweaks.Dec 27 16:16
Techrights-sec2Back in about xxxxxxxxxx minutes.Dec 27 16:16
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schestowitz[19:29] <schestowitz> hi mate :-) any ETA?Dec 27 19:54
schestowitz[19:44] <href> before new eve. Hardware sucked, gotta find a workaroundDec 27 19:54
schestowitz[19:51] <schestowitz> thanks for the effort :-)  merry xmas and hny!Dec 27 19:54
schestowitz[19:52] <href> you too!Dec 27 19:54
schestowitz[19:54] <schestowitz> :-)Dec 27 19:54
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