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schestowitz[TR]>> PS - I'm nearly there back to normal, all it takes is time.   I've Jan 28 08:34
schestowitz[TR]>> posted this much-needed drive change for almost a year.Jan 28 08:34
schestowitz[TR]>>Jan 28 08:34
schestowitz[TR]> I've checked a few backups.  It's probably necessary to reconstruct the Jan 28 08:34
schestowitz[TR]> script.  What did it do?Jan 28 08:34
schestowitz[TR]It went through some linux sites like gamingonlinux as per the file in git and then extracted from them a ready-to-post set, like "merged"Jan 28 08:34
schestowitz[TR]This script is from this past summer. Some sites did not keep compatibility anyway, maybe time to automate some more, using the opml files? I reckon we can write a lot more if some of the feeds are processed in this way, at least some.Jan 28 08:34
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schestowitz[TR] <li>Jan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">Typesetting an entire book part V: Getting it published</a></h5>Jan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Jan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>Having written a manuscript I went about tying to get it published. The common approach in most countries is that first you have to pitch your manuscript to a literary agent, and if you succeed, they will then try to pitch it to publishers. In Finland the the procedure is simpler, anyone can submit their manuscripts directly to book publishing houses without a middle man. While this makes tJan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]hings easier, it does not help with deciding how much the manuscript should be polished before submission. The more you polish the bigger your chances of getting published, but the longer it takes and the more work you have to do if the publisher wants to make changes to the content.</p>Jan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Jan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Jan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]                                Jan 28 13:47
-TechBytesBot/ | Nibble Stew: Typesetting an entire book part V: Getting it publishedJan 28 13:47
schestowitz[TR]     <li>Jan 28 13:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    <h5><a href="">The first lawsuit against generative AI seems doomed to fail because it misunderstands the technology</a></h5>Jan 28 13:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    <blockquote>Jan 28 13:58
schestowitz[TR]                                        <p>IANAL, but I agree that the lawsuit seems flawed in its understanding of how generative AI works, and that is likely to cause the action to fail. If it does, it will probably also make it harder for future lawsuits to succeed in this area (Getty Images has just announced one in the UK against Stability AI, but no details yet). The following paragraph from the home page of the legal action iJan 28 13:58
schestowitz[TR]s also rather telling: [...]</p>Jan 28 13:58
schestowitz[TR]                                    </blockquote>Jan 28 13:58
schestowitz[TR]                                </li>Jan 28 13:58
schestowitz[TR]                                Jan 28 13:58
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