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schestowitzThe EPO’s solution to the energy crisis: Passing the burden to staffApr 30 08:41
schestowitzDear colleagues,Apr 30 08:41
schestowitzThe Office has published an announcement outlining their plan in case of an energy crisis. The emergency plan can be summarised as lowering the available workspace by closing entire buildings and further by changing the office temperatures to unpleasant levels. This might solve the problem of an energy crisis for the Office, but only by passing the burden to staff. Any potential savings achieved by the Office must be passed on to those that will Apr 30 08:41
schestowitzbear the expense of providing a suitable workspace.Apr 30 08:41
schestowitzFurthermore, the official reason for the plan is to “reduce … dependence on Russian energy supplies” rather than any intention for cost saving. Since most of our homes are heated with gas or oil, sending the colleagues home would not necessarily reduce the dependence on Russian energy.Apr 30 08:41
schestowitzSo many questions are still open. As usual, Staff Representation has neither been involved in drawing up the emergency plan nor has Staff Representation been informed or asked for comments before the publication of the emergency plan.Apr 30 08:41
schestowitzWe do, however, expect the Office to take into consideration the opinion of staff and their representatives before any action is taken, and ensure that their duty of care is satisfied.Apr 30 08:41
schestowitz  <li>Apr 30 08:54
schestowitz                                    <h5><a href="">The Future of the NTFS Linux Driver as Part of the Kernel Is in Question</a></h5>Apr 30 08:54
-TechBytesBot/ | The Future of the NTFS Linux Driver as Part of the Kernel Is in QuestionApr 30 08:54
schestowitz                                    <blockquote>Apr 30 08:54
schestowitz                                        <p>After Paragon’s NTFS3 driver was accepted to become part of the Linux kernel last year, it has not received a single line of code maintenance.</p>Apr 30 08:54
schestowitz                                    </blockquote>Apr 30 08:54
schestowitz                                </li>Apr 30 08:54
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schestowitz> Hey Roy,Apr 30 22:43
schestowitz> Apr 30 22:43
schestowitz> I have just got back from Leeds, mindful you are in work at 5 so do youApr 30 22:43
schestowitz> want to meet on Monday instead, i am down that way training so couldApr 30 22:43
schestowitz> meet after around 3pm if you like.Apr 30 22:43
schestowitzyes, monday would be good, I don't work that day.Apr 30 22:43
schestowitzYou missed the 0-4 in Leeds ;-) 17:30Apr 30 22:43
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