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schestowitzI think we might soon have more Debian-Private leaks. It is linked to in almost every blog in this site: 30 02:14
-TechBytesBot/ | debian-private archives leakedAug 30 02:14
schestowitz-> latest leakAug 30 02:14
schestowitzQmNgEAYhpb3djgmZWcdNM2jN3epDmfGym89U41Jt2zr9tLAug 30 02:14
schestowitz 30 02:14
schestowitzIt is a good idea to Pin the CID in IPFS daemon so it is always close at hand.Aug 30 02:14
schestowitzEach time somebody leaks more, the list is updated here.Aug 30 02:14
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schestowitzHartmanAug 30 08:06
schestowitzSo, at one level, it doesn't matter. Debian asked Daniel to leave, and rather than leave, he engages in a campaign challenging the community.Aug 30 08:06
schestowitzAt another level, back in 2018, some things happened while Daniel was representing Debian that the DPL and account managers (and others) were unhappy about.. Debian asked Daniel to take a six-month break and not to represent Debian (and thus not to be a developer) during that time.Aug 30 08:06
schestowitzInstead of taking some time away from Debian, Daniel escalated the situation, spammed a list of most project members accusing various people of misconduct, and things went from there, eventually ending up with my action Sunday.Aug 30 08:06
schestowitz 30 08:06
-TechBytesBot/ | Daniel Pocock and Debian []Aug 30 08:06
schestowitzquote from thereAug 30 08:06
schestowitzwhat action on Sunday?Aug 30 08:06
schestowitzMarch 11Aug 30 08:06
schestowitzI think he means siccing lawyers on himAug 30 08:06
schestowitz"Aug 30 08:10
schestowitz Throughout my entire term as DPL, Debian has been subjected to a campaign of harassment from a former project member. The primary thing I'm doing my last few months as DPL is dealing with lawyers. This is not a new thing: this issue persisted through much of my predecessor's term as well.Aug 30 08:10
schestowitz[...] Whoever steps forward as DPL is going to need to spend some significant energy continuing to defend our community. You won't be alone. There are a number of people who are spending significant energy on this problem inside Debian and in the greater Free Software community. But I won't lie: it is a real emotional drag.Aug 30 08:10
schestowitz[...] My overall reaction to this situation is disappointment and horror thinking about how much damage a single motivated person can do to a community.Aug 30 08:10
schestowitz"Aug 30 08:10
schestowitzLegal threats basicallyAug 30 08:10
schestowitzpathetic and expensiveAug 30 08:10
schestowitzThey never even approached him for comment!Aug 30 08:12
schestowitzSo-called 'journalism'Aug 30 08:12
schestowitzonly accusations relayedAug 30 08:12
schestowitz" The situation is undoubtedly messy, but it is the case that several organizations have determined that the behavior is not something they want in their communities. Fedora also removed Pocock's blog from its Planet Fedora blog aggregator due to Code of Conduct violations. Clearly Pocock believes he is being unfairly treated by these projects, which is not surprising, but is also not really germane to the question at hand. CommunitiesAug 30 08:12
schestowitzmust set their own standards and individuals need to either stay within the bounds—or go elsewhere. Continuing to engage, or attack, communities that have, wrongly or rightly, excluded you is as clearly wrong as it is counterproductive. On the flipside, communities must try to ensure that they are even-handed and reasonable; sometimes reputations and even employment can be seriously affected by actions of this sort. "Aug 30 08:12
schestowitz" Clearly Pocock believes..."Aug 30 08:12
schestowitzDid you speak to him? No.Aug 30 08:12
schestowitzThey say what he "believes"Aug 30 08:12
schestowitzwithout even speaking to himAug 30 08:13
schestowitzsome 'journalism'...Aug 30 08:13
schestowitz" Dissent is important, but so is community. There is a balance to be struck and it is up to the community to do so for itself. "Aug 30 08:13
schestowitzWhat if there is misconduct?Aug 30 08:13
schestowitzthat cannot be expressed too politely, can it?Aug 30 08:13
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schestowitzx 30 10:06
-TechBytesBot/ | Inside TikTok's Hidden Hit Machine - Rolling StoneAug 30 10:06
schestowitz 30 10:06
-TechBytesBot/ | US election 2020: Intelligence chief ends face-to-face security meetings - BBC NewsAug 30 10:06
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schestowitz> Hi, I'm sorry but I am tired of other websites stealing my content and making money from my work. It's either that or I'm closing the website forever... :(Aug 30 12:22
schestowitz> For you I have to make an exception... or you could use the reader mode to get some text when linking back to my work....Aug 30 12:22
schestowitz> There's a guy that copies all of my articles, word by word, every single day... translates them to Portuguese and making money with ZERO effort... I want to see if this blocks him from stealing the articles...Aug 30 12:22
schestowitz> I can give you by email the first two paragraphs of the articles I wrote today if you want...Aug 30 12:22
schestowitzRoy >> OK, here's what to do:Aug 30 12:22
schestowitzRoy >>Aug 30 12:22
schestowitzRoy >> Each day send to s@xxxx and rianne@xxxx text or (even simpler) I can set you up an account at tuxmachines with which to post links to your site as you see fit. It takes only a minute if you use our template. I suggest the latter as it brings you visitors faster. I can send you the instructions.Aug 30 12:22
schestowitz> That would be awesome! Please give me the instructions.Aug 30 12:22
schestowitzRoy > I will send them by email. What's your address?Aug 30 12:22
schestowitz> xxx@xxxAug 30 12:22
schestowitzThose are more than enough things you can do to help us lower the workload at tuxmachines ;-) but we are thankful and happy to let you edit directly ;)Aug 30 12:22
schestowitz Aug 30 12:22
schestowitzI've just set you up an editor's account! :-) welcome to the tuxAug 30 12:22
schestowitzmachines team!Aug 30 12:22
schestowitzUser: xxxxAug 30 12:23
schestowitzPassword: xxxxxAug 30 12:23
schestowitz 30 12:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Login | Tux MachinesAug 30 12:23
schestowitzPassword and further instructions have been e-mailed, I think.Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzBut just to be sure I reproduce these above.Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzWe have templates for posting -- ones of which I'll send you more ofAug 30 12:23
schestowitzover time.Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzYou have a blog, I believe, and can now add news items.Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzUser blogs are here: 30 12:23
-TechBytesBot/ | Blogs | Tux MachinesAug 30 12:23
schestowitzTo add a news post: (once logged in)Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz 30 12:23
-TechBytesBot/#techbytes- ( status 403 @ )Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzWe typically use one of three templates:Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz1. individual articles, for important stories:Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<p><img src=""IMAGE GOES HERE border="0" align="left" width="160"Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzhspace="20" vspace="20"  style="padding: 17px 17px 17px 17px;Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzbox-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #222;" />Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<p class="dropcap-first">TEXT GOES HEREAug 30 12:23
schestowitz<a href="URL GOES HERE"><img src="/files/read-on-white.png" alt="ReadAug 30 12:23
schestowitzmore" title="Read the rest of this article" /></a>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz1. For groups of related links, e.g. programming picks:Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<ul>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<li><h5><a href="URL GOES HERE">TITLE GOES HERE</a></h5>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<blockquote><p>TEXT GOES HEREAug 30 12:23
schestowitz</p></blockquote></li>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<li><h5><a href="URL GOES HERE">TITLE GOES HERE</a></h5>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<blockquote><p>TEXT GOES HEREAug 30 12:23
schestowitz</p></blockquote></li>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<li><h5><a href="URL GOES HERE">TITLE GOES HERE</a></h5>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz<blockquote><p>TEXT GOES HEREAug 30 12:23
schestowitz</p></blockquote></li>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitz</ul>Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzMinor points:Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzAfter putting in the title, choosing the right category (can pickAug 30 12:23
schestowitzseveral, by pressing down CTRL while selecting), putting in the body,Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzplace the cursor at the end of the body text, then click "Split summaryAug 30 12:23
schestowitzat cursor"Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzThis will ensure the item is shown fully at the front page and similarAug 30 12:23
schestowitzmeta-pagesAug 30 12:23
schestowitzUnder "Publishing options" you will find things like "Promoted to frontAug 30 12:23
schestowitzpage", which ought to be the default.Aug 30 12:23
schestowitzOnce you save the page, it will immediately appear on the site. You canAug 30 12:24
schestowitzalways choose to untoggle its visibility if  you wish ("PublishingAug 30 12:24
schestowitzoptions" -> "Published").Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzOver time you'll find that this workflow is quite fast. The site isAug 30 12:24
schestowitzdoing 8.3 requests per second, on average, as per my monitoring:Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzlast hit: 06:19:05         atop runtime:  4 days, 22:22:18             0Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzAll:      3544026 reqs (   8.3/sec)        146.9G (  361.4K/sec)Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzDon't be wary to try things; I expect some "oopses" will be made atAug 30 12:24
schestowitzfirst, we can correct them from our end as well.Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzWe changed a lot in 2013 and 2014 (visually mostly). But we try toAug 30 12:24
schestowitzmaintain the general classic and familiar experience, there's a longAug 30 12:24
schestowitztradition to the site and its style. The same is true for Techrights,Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzwhich does even twice as much traffic. And keeps growing... both sitesAug 30 12:24
schestowitzgrow in reach over time, so we're happy to have you on board!Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzSide note: How are you tracking the site traffic?Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzMostly apachetop. At a later stage we can arrange more access for you. We're all volunteers in this. But the processAug 30 12:24
schestowitzmakes us better and more productive. We don't do spying, we just log user requests for up to 4 weeks, then delete the logs.Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzSee 30 12:24
-TechBytesBot/ | Tux Machines Privacy Statement | Tux MachinesAug 30 12:24
schestowitzWe're huge privacy proponents.Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzWe may want to migrate to a more modern CMS at some stage, while preserving all the data and metadata from the ~140,000 pages the site currently has.Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzWe'll be more than happy to have you involved in more processes in the future and make our partership work both ways.Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzIf you have any further question, please don't hesitate to ask. I am not fast on email, but I do lurk in IRC 30 12:24
-TechBytesBot/ | IRC | Tux MachinesAug 30 12:24
schestowitzMy wife Rianne is on IRC too.Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzWelcome and thanks!Aug 30 12:24
schestowitzI already added the steam story this morning, so please start by adding the thunderbird story (we tried, cannot get text, not even page source/html!!)Aug 30 12:24
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schestowitz> Hi,Aug 30 22:56
schestowitz>Aug 30 22:56
schestowitz> I think it worked. The Thunderbird story is showing on the front page and latest news widget on the right.Aug 30 22:56
schestowitz>Aug 30 22:56
schestowitz> I will submit all of my stories from now on.Aug 30 22:56
schestowitz>Aug 30 22:56
schestowitz> Thank you!Aug 30 22:56
schestowitzExcellent! Rianne is also very very happy about this. She says, now your stories will show up faster and you get the 'break the story!'Aug 30 22:56
schestowitzIf we find stories similar to yours, we'll often add them as comments on the node (like addena) in order to cluster things.Aug 30 22:56
schestowitzWe never link to Bogdan anymore, as you wished...Aug 30 22:56
schestowitzMinor point: when splitting the text (summary and full) make sure it all goes at the top box and the second box is empty, otherwise in the front page the "read more" button won't show up until/unless you open the actual node. A lot of people read the site over RSS, so it won't be a problem for them, but for those who go to the front page it can obstruct navigation.Aug 30 22:56
schestowitzFor the Thunderbird story I edited the note to 'fix' this. I've attached a screenshot as it's better or easier to explain is that way. Everything else is perfect. I think it won't take longer than 60 seconds to add each story (once you get used to it and have the story template at hand). We always try to post fast and add stories fast -- the faster, the better as people are more interested in stories they have not seen (yet).Aug 30 22:56
schestowitzThanks for helping!Aug 30 22:56
schestowitzAtt. screenshotAug 30 22:56
schestowitz>> 24 hours ago techrights released debian-private 1996-1997 archive.Aug 30 23:00
schestowitz>> 24,000 requests since then. I assume that having a part two within aAug 30 23:00
schestowitz>> number of weeks would help maximise effect (enough time for readers toAug 30 23:00
schestowitz>> digest)Aug 30 23:00
schestowitz>> 30 23:00
-TechBytesBot/ | NO TITLEAug 30 23:00
schestowitz>Aug 30 23:00
schestowitz> As they say when it comes to washing dishes... let's find a volunteer toAug 30 23:00
schestowitz> assistAug 30 23:00
schestowitzNow it's 34,000 (1.5 days later). I am still studying many of the emails there. For future parts I hope mhonarch can be set to not include the top part as it can discourage some people from linking. Not that it's wrong, it's just clear by now why those messages are being released.Aug 30 23:01
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