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psydroidhoneypotJan 01 00:00
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DaemonFC[m]I don't feel good.Jan 01 00:45
DaemonFC[m]Tired. Really, really tired.Jan 01 00:45
DaemonFC[m]Mandy wants to play a video game but I can barely keep my eyes open.Jan 01 00:45
psydroidpeople are still lighting fireworks here, even though it's forbiddenJan 01 00:49
psydroidso I probably won't be able to sleep for a whileJan 01 00:50
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schestowitzhny!Jan 01 02:17
schestowitzfireworks here also, but only the random one here and there, nothing organised by the councilJan 01 02:18
schestowitzworst xmas and new year everJan 01 02:18
psydroidthat's trueJan 01 02:19
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psydroidthe fireworks are next door and are more like bombs, so I'll have to wait until I finally pass outJan 01 02:22
CrystalMathhappy new year, Techrights :)Jan 01 02:22
CrystalMathi like you even if you don't like meJan 01 02:23
schestowitzwho's "you"?Jan 01 02:23
CrystalMathTechrightsJan 01 02:23
CrystalMaththe whole channelJan 01 02:23
schestowitzyou make false assumptions about what we think of you, collectivelyJan 01 02:23
schestowitzI disagree with you on TrumpJan 01 02:23
schestowitzon many other things like tech we probably agreeJan 01 02:24
CrystalMathif he doesn't pardon Assange maybe he was just an idiot after allJan 01 02:24
schestowitzhe's a userJan 01 02:24
schestowitzlike he used his wivesJan 01 02:24
schestowitzhe's just using AssangeJan 01 02:24
schestowitzand then tossing him like a dogJan 01 02:24
schestowitzAriadne: HNY and thanks for all you've been doing and doing for us!Jan 01 02:38
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schestowitzAriadne: seems like the issue associate with site access during backups is mostly solved now :-)Jan 01 03:45
schestowitzI have just manually checked the integrity of the DB dumps as well and they're fine (on the surface), which is great news! I had to tackle a bug associated with cronning the entire ipfs and bulletin process, I think that's also solved now, which ought to save timeJan 01 03:53
schestowitzseems like some idiots are 'stress-testing'  tuxmachines with over 20,000 reqs/minuteJan 01 04:03
schestowitzin burstsJan 01 04:04
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CrystalMathhi gry Jan 01 04:46
schestowitzhny allJan 01 04:50
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DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz "worst xmas and new year ever"> Seconded.Jan 01 05:38
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: DDoS?Jan 01 05:39
DaemonFC[m]Why would anyone bother to do that?Jan 01 05:39
schestowitzgood questionJan 01 05:40
schestowitzthis is not a new issueJan 01 05:40
schestowitzthey attack the static files mostlyJan 01 05:40
DaemonFC[m]Is there a way to obscure the names of the files so that they can't just download them all over?Jan 01 05:42
DaemonFC[m]I seem to remember reading about something like this.Jan 01 05:43
DaemonFC[m]It's been so long since I had a website, I wrote it in HTML 3 with barely any javascript at all.Jan 01 05:43
schestowitzthere is no simple solutionJan 01 05:44
schestowitzbecause legit visitors need those files tooJan 01 05:44
DaemonFC[m]Is this part of why you simplified the site layout?Jan 01 05:47
DaemonFC[m]Older versions of HTML still work fine. I have no idea why few people use them.Jan 01 05:51
DaemonFC[m] 01 05:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | GOP looks for big Georgia runoff-election turnout to top Dems' early-voting advantage | Fox NewsJan 01 05:52
DaemonFC[m]Bad news for the Republicans.Jan 01 05:52
DaemonFC[m] 01 05:53
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Sen. David Perdue, facing tight runoff in Georgia, will quarantine after close Covid contactJan 01 05:53
DaemonFC[m]"He had planned to rally with President Donald Trump ahead of Election Day, but he will be off the trail as polls show a close race."Jan 01 05:54
DaemonFC[m]LOLJan 01 05:54
schestowitzgoodJan 01 06:01
schestowitzthose bastards want segregationJan 01 06:01
schestowitzlike South African apartheid in USA 'Freedomland'Jan 01 06:01
schestowitzlet em lose that stupid aspirationJan 01 06:01
schestowitzthen they can make their own failing "jesusland"Jan 01 06:02
schestowitzwhile everybody else gets things done with a real economy and things you can actually exportJan 01 06:02
schestowitz> I saw your video yesterday on which you look exhausted, thusI hope you can afford a little rest at the beginning of the New Year.Jan 01 06:12
schestowitz> Thank you for all what you have done to promote freedom of speech and for your support of EPO staff. Jan 01 06:12
schestowitz> Jan 01 06:12
schestowitz> Thanks & stay healthy.Jan 01 06:12
schestowitzI was AWAKE for far too long lately because of our datacentre migration. 34 y-o admin died in a car accident, we had to rush the migration and WIPE CLEAN the old server within >>hours<< (as it might get sold and we don't want any traces of data on that machine).Jan 01 06:12
schestowitzThe new machine has 88 CPU cores and no back door (this was made for military, without the Intel M.E.).Jan 01 06:12
schestowitzMany leaks coming soon (esp. Intel).Jan 01 06:12
schestowitz---- quote ---Jan 01 06:12
schestowitzre EPOJan 01 06:12
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Ariadneroll overs are badJan 01 07:21
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, that's how my aunt died.Jan 01 07:21
DaemonFC[m]She had one of those damned Jeeps.Jan 01 07:22
DaemonFC[m] 01 07:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Vaccination is going slowly because nobody is in charge - The Washington PostJan 01 07:23
DaemonFC[m]"Let’s start with a quick recap: As recently as early October, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said we’d have 100 million doses of vaccine by the end of 2020. One month later, that was reduced to 40 million doses. As recently as Dec. 21, Vice President Pence, the head of the White House coronavirus task force, said that we were on track to vaccinate 20 million Americans by Dec. 31. Unfortunately, 20Jan 01 07:23
DaemonFC[m]million doses haven’t even gotten to the states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting that we have vaccinated about 2.6 million people. Assuming the reporting lags by a few days, we might be at 3 or 4 million total."Jan 01 07:23
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schestowitzwe've more or less decided...Jan 01 07:30
schestowitzto abandon emailJan 01 07:30
schestowitzseeing that the new IP is sort of blacklistedJan 01 07:30
schestowitzgmail, gmx and even my own doesn't receive from itJan 01 07:31
schestowitzfixing these things with verification is too much workJan 01 07:31
schestowitzthe monopolies swallowed SMTPJan 01 07:31
schestowitzwe'll use other ways, more secure ones, to pass messagesJan 01 07:31
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Ariadneschestowitz: oh.  that's due to reverse dnsJan 01 08:37
Ariadneschestowitz: i plan on fixing that todayJan 01 08:37
schestowitzthe email issues? Cool.Jan 01 08:54
schestowitzeither way, in the meantime we also made one small pane in tmux thay periodically displays system statusJan 01 08:55
schestowitzthings like disk space, backup integrity, trafficJan 01 08:55
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vZS1_2schestowitz: I'll take a look at cleaning up some of the IPFS bot's bits and bobs today. Will test out a bot that uses temp files instead of just storing everything in RAM.Jan 01 10:23
vZS1_2Shouldn't take too long.Jan 01 10:23
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schestowitzGIMP FTW: 01 10:26
Techrights-secOT:**king-c**t/Jan 01 10:26
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | boris johnson is a f**king c**t | full Official Chart History | Official Charts CompanyJan 01 10:26
schestowitzvZS1_2: over time it take longer and longer to generateJan 01 10:27
schestowitznow it's like 2 minutesJan 01 10:27
schestowitzas the list of objects grows longerJan 01 10:27
schestowitzit scales linearlyJan 01 10:28
schestowitzbut as size doubles, so will time to generate index etc.Jan 01 10:28
vZS1_2Yeah. It's a dumb algorithm. I intend to keep it that way.Jan 01 10:30
schestowitzok, wait.Jan 01 10:30
schestowitzso I assume you are among the codersJan 01 10:30
vZS1_2"coders"?Jan 01 10:30
schestowitz:-)Jan 01 10:30
vZS1_2For whatJan 01 10:30
schestowitzhackersJan 01 10:30
vZS1_2No, I mean "coder for what?"Jan 01 10:31
vZS1_2Re: the ipfs bot. I have it going over each object in the index because it provides a check at the same time. If, somehow, an object got deleted by accident, it'll get added back.Jan 01 10:33
vZS1_2It wouldn't take long to split that into two parts. We could just add new objects only and then do an index check periodically (as a separate cron job).Jan 01 10:34
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vZS1_2schestowitz: same IP address for the Rpi?Jan 01 10:44
schestowitzmay  have changedJan 01 10:44
schestowitzwill pmJan 01 10:44
schestowitzvZS1_2: and yes, splitting at some  stage for years might helpJan 01 10:45
schestowitzalso to split indexes, pagesJan 01 10:45
schestowitzas they will get rather long after a yearJan 01 10:45
vZS1_2Might be best to adopt date(1), in that case, for the timestamp field.Jan 01 10:46
vZS1_2Because date(1) has builtin comparison functionalityJan 01 10:46
vZS1_2Don't want to hack that by handJan 01 10:46
vZS1_2One thing at a time, though.Jan 01 10:47
vZS1_2Btw, IP address of Rpi is still the same.Jan 01 10:49
schestowitzI was told soJan 01 10:50
schestowitzwe had an outage because of a tumble dryer, router resetJan 01 10:50
vZS1_2AhJan 01 10:50
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vZS1_2I'll log in some time over the weekendJan 01 10:54
vZS1_2Once I have tested prototypes on my own nodeJan 01 10:54
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vZS1_2Since we use RSA-based SSH, I could just IPNS to point to the IP address of the Pi. Let me know if you'd be alright with that.Jan 01 10:56
vZS1_2s/just/just use/Jan 01 10:56
vZS1_2Would just ping an external service for your IP address and then store that in a file. Turn that into and IPFS object and point to it with IPNS.Jan 01 10:57
vZS1_2No additional software requres. IPNS comes bundles in with go-ipfs.Jan 01 10:58
vZS1_2s/bundles/bundled/Jan 01 10:58
vZS1_2s/requres/required/Jan 01 10:58
schestowitzvZS1_2: the IP address will change over timeJan 01 11:04
schestowitzI have no control over itJan 01 11:04
vZS1_2I know, and that's fine.Jan 01 11:04
vZS1_2Let me explain a bit moreJan 01 11:04
vZS1_2We store your IP address and update it in a file. That gets turned into an IPFS object. We use IPNS to point to a new IPFS object every time the IP address (and hence IPFS object) changes.Jan 01 11:05
vZS1_2IPNS objects don't change their hash, they stay the same. They can be updated to point to new things while keeping their hash (this is because it's just a hash of an asymmetric encryption key).Jan 01 11:06
vZS1_2It's like DNS but isn't DNSJan 01 11:06
vZS1_2So I wouldn't need to keep asking you for your IP address. I could just query the IPNS object.Jan 01 11:07
schestowitzOh, I see...Jan 01 11:09
vZS1_2This is also how Tor onion addresses work. The address is just a hash to an asymmetric encryption key (the public one).Jan 01 11:09
vZS1_2Those hashes are a static hash that can be updated to point to arbitrary data.Jan 01 11:11
vZS1_2I'll make an IPNS object for the TR IPFS index as well, so that people have an alternative to the DNS version.Jan 01 11:13
vZS1_2You can have one on your Rpi as well. They'll just be different IPNS objects pointing to the same underlying IPFS object.Jan 01 11:14
vZS1_2Analogous to how multiple DNS records can point to the same IP address.Jan 01 11:14
vZS1_2IPNS has the distinct advantage that you can point to arbitrary IPFS objects. This makes is much more general and capable.Jan 01 11:15
vZS1_2s/makes is/makes it/Jan 01 11:15
vZS1_2So you could, for example, have a whole table of IP addresses AND port mappings. DNS can't do ports.Jan 01 11:16
vZS1_2Say, for example, you had your own IRC server running on IP:PORT, you could maintain an IPNS object with that information and people can just query that IPNS object to "discover" how to log in. No reason why you couldn't bundle other things in as well because we are just using arbitrary files here.Jan 01 11:18
vZS1_2There are HTTP gateways for IPNS as well so it's just as accessible as IPFSJan 01 11:21
vZS1_2You just replace "/ipfs/CID" with "/ipns/CID" when you query the HTTP gatewayJan 01 11:22
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scientesI downloaded like 3 4K alien movies, and they were all the same movieJan 01 11:55
scientesnot like the same video, but the same plotJan 01 11:55
schestowitzhahaJan 01 13:14
vZS1_2schestowitz: I got a really messy prototype of the tmp file version working. I'll sanitise it over the weekend and will set up on your node once it's been tested thoroughly.Jan 01 13:41
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schestowitzexcellent, thanks, vZS1_2Jan 01 14:03
*mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsJan 01 14:05
schestowitzvZS1_2: last night I think I got everything automatedJan 01 14:09
schestowitzcheat sheetJan 01 14:09
schestowitzto avoid private key on your account, I put that under a more privileged (in sudoers) accountJan 01 14:09
schestowitzand so it uploads the index every hour between midnight and 5 amJan 01 14:10
schestowitzit generated a new index 20 minutes after my machine makes the IRC logs and passes them to the piJan 01 14:10
schestowitzI get cron jobs to generate a report and bring up kate, falkon for audit of the outputJan 01 14:10
schestowitzthere was a bug on the first go, but I corrected it, so hopefully it'll be good to go tonight, then I can stop thinking or worrying about making bulletins and ipfs indicesJan 01 14:11
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MinceR(cat) (audio:music) 01 14:17
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schestowitzFloppa Friday?Jan 01 14:23
schestowitzis that a type of car?Jan 01 14:23
schestowitzlike fossa?Jan 01 14:23
schestowitzjust guessing, did not look upJan 01 14:23
MinceR¯\_(ツ)_/¯Jan 01 14:24
MinceRmaybe that's what they call caracalsJan 01 14:24
MinceRbut not all cats in that video are caracalsJan 01 14:24
MinceR 01 14:27
schestowitzfoxy styleJan 01 14:28
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schestowitzMinceR: can foxes be domesticated like wolves, over generations?Jan 01 14:41
schestowitzalso, what's the deal/story with Akita?Jan 01 14:41
schestowitzseems to me a bit more like cross breed and more like fox than wolf/canineJan 01 14:42
schestowitzmarsupial ;-)Jan 01 14:42
*schestowitz plans to buy akita for MinceR for his birthdayJan 01 14:42
MinceRschestowitz: afaik there was an attempt to domesticate foxes, to make it easier to produce pelts, and it worked, but their coat patterns changed (presumably to juvenile ones), so it didn't work for what they wantedJan 01 14:43
MinceRalso, you don't want a dog to be forced to live in this tiny concrete boxJan 01 14:44
MinceRa neighbor keeps one and sometimes it barks all dayJan 01 14:44
schestowitzit would be nice if instead of 8 billion humans we made more animals acceptable as petsJan 01 14:44
MinceRnot sure about thatJan 01 14:45
MinceRanimals tend to change as part of domesticationJan 01 14:45
MinceRand it might not be best for a wild animal to be kept as a petJan 01 14:45
schestowitzbetter than extinction?Jan 01 14:45
MinceRthe wild variant would likely go extinct anywayJan 01 14:45
schestowitzif they're not domesticate, humans will continue to domesticate babiesJan 01 14:45
schestowitz"go to school"Jan 01 14:45
schestowitz"don't eat that... take a MORTGAGE"Jan 01 14:45
MinceRcats seem to be the best middle groundJan 01 14:45
MinceRthey're only half domesticated and function fine that wayJan 01 14:46
schestowitzCats require industrial animal farmingJan 01 14:46
MinceRjust like humansJan 01 14:46
schestowitzI am not too sure humans strictly require itJan 01 14:47
schestowitzand remember, we have more humans than catsJan 01 14:47
MinceRneither do catsJan 01 14:47
schestowitzI need to read up on itJan 01 14:47
MinceRindeed, the problem is the overpopulationJan 01 14:47
schestowitzI guess artificial substitutes exist alreadyJan 01 14:47
MinceRwe shouldn't have to live like ascetics so we could ensure a lifetime of suffering for an extra million peopleJan 01 14:47
schestowitzwe can keep the planet heavily populatedJan 01 14:47
schestowitzbut some animals have little footprintJan 01 14:47
MinceRwe should be aiming for quality of life, not for quantityJan 01 14:47
schestowitzexcept pooingJan 01 14:47
MinceR 01 15:15
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MinceR 01 15:59
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schestowitz 01 16:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Elizabeth Holmes | European Inventor Award | EPO | CNN Advertisement FeatureJan 01 16:18
schestowitzWe also made a copy right after the EPO had silently removed that page, in effect covering things up. "After remembering the "good old times" there is one question left," the reader concluded, "who is going to play Battistelli and who Elodie Bergot?"Jan 01 16:18
schestowitz> It's time to bring this up again :-)Jan 01 16:18
schestowitzDefinitely ! Jan 01 16:18
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DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I'll probably nuke Windows 10 off this computer as soon as I'm done putting out this latest fire with immigration.Jan 01 17:46
DaemonFC[m]I have too many things to get done at the moment to start messing around with a migration to an OS where things might not even be quite ready for this hardware yet.Jan 01 17:47
schestowitzvista 10?Jan 01 17:47
DaemonFC[m]From what I can tell, Linux mostly works on this hardware, but I need to give things another few months to finish settling down.Jan 01 17:47
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, the graphics chip in particular is a major departure from Intel's previous lineup.Jan 01 17:48
DaemonFC[m]It has a lot of similarity to the previous design, but enough things changed that it effectively needs about half of a new driver written for it. Jan 01 17:48
DaemonFC[m]But unlike some of their horrible decisions in the past, like those PowerVR patent trolls, this will actually be fully supported on Linux.Jan 01 17:49
DaemonFC[m]Even Windows couldn't ultimately continue supporting some of the things Intel did because they didn't even have access to driver source code or programming specifications for what they said was their own platform.Jan 01 17:50
DaemonFC[m]It alarmed me at the time that it looked like they were heading in that direction.Jan 01 17:50
DaemonFC[m]That's exactly how the management at Microsoft still strikes me.Jan 01 17:52
DaemonFC[m]They have different elements engaged in infighting and the group with the most ridiculous ideas wins a lot of the fights, forces others out, and presses forward with something really dumb that won't work.Jan 01 17:52
DaemonFC[m]Forcing out Sinofsky and Larsen-Green, regardless what you might have thought about them, made them a lot weaker as a company in my opinion.Jan 01 17:53
DaemonFC[m]Those people were smart enough to do UX design and not overpromise a bunch of features that resulted in another Vista, and they held enough sway over Windows 7 that it actually got fairly popular.Jan 01 17:54
DaemonFC[m]But then there was this night of the long knives where Steve Ballmer realized that Sinofsky might be in the running as their next CEO, and they wanted to reward Stephen Elop with a plum job in kind for sabotaging and selling Nokia to them, and that's what forced out Larson-Green.Jan 01 17:56
DaemonFC[m]The wrong people ended up taking over the company and that's why their major consumer-facing stuff is a disaster again.Jan 01 17:56
DaemonFC[m]I think the people that got forced out might have made a credible threat to Android/iOS even.Jan 01 17:57
schestowitz[17:49] <schestowitz> and still incoming ;-) ?Jan 01 17:57
DaemonFC[m]It's pretty clear from looking at these Surface phones that they're expensive, they're just a gussied up Android, and they have a lot of ridiculous "features" that nobody will be interested in, like dual screens.Jan 01 17:58
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*Ariadne (~ariadne@2602:fd37:1::86) has joined #techrightsJan 01 18:31
DaemonFC[m]I saw two screens and I can't imagine how this is a product.Jan 01 18:32
DaemonFC[m]They're also working on a Windows 10 laptop with a second screen in the keyboard area.Jan 01 18:32
DaemonFC[m]It's just weird.Jan 01 18:32
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)Jan 01 18:36
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DaemonFC[m]ICE is mad that they get negatively portrayed as villains in many movies and TV shows.Jan 01 18:48
DaemonFC[m]Those are just a reflection of what a great deal of the country thinks about them based on what they do that actually managed to get reported.Jan 01 18:48
DaemonFC[m]I appreciated the backstory in The Handmaid's Tale that showed the US government collapse and the early days of the new theocracy while it was still calling itself the US government.Jan 01 18:49
DaemonFC[m]The first Revolutionary Guard members were ICE.Jan 01 18:49
DaemonFC[m]Governments that rule by fear usually have a separate branch from the military full of fanatics to make sure that they don't get overthrown.Jan 01 18:50
DaemonFC[m]If ICE doesn't want to be portrayed as a group operating on the fringes of the law, they should have refused to play along with Trump's illegal orders to attack Americans last summer.Jan 01 18:51
DaemonFC[m]ICE is full of people who would take a personal loyalty oath to Trump if it came down to it....on the record.Jan 01 18:52
DaemonFC[m]They're not even concerned about the appearance of legitimacy.Jan 01 18:52
DaemonFC[m]But they're also not a big enough band of thugs to operate outside the chain of command and block the transition from taking place.Jan 01 18:53
DaemonFC[m]What they'll do is they'll keep their heads down for the next 4 years and hope that some new president lets them do what they will once again.Jan 01 18:54
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DaemonFC[m] 01 19:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Trump hotel looks to cash in on Biden inauguration - POLITICOJan 01 19:02
DaemonFC[m]They're trying to get "Democrats" to book rooms there at $2,500 a night for the inauguration.Jan 01 19:02
DaemonFC[m]This is priceless. Like anyone who wanted Trump gone is going to pay 6 times the normal rate to get a hotel room at some place that Trump owns.Jan 01 19:03
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MinceR(cat) (audio:important) 01 21:00
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XRevan868 minutes in the new Doctor Who episode (I never learn) and I'm already baffled by how incredibly corny it is.Jan 01 22:32
XRevan86Music still overlaps with voices. Typical.Jan 01 22:32
XRevan86Starts with a horrible green screen in a truck cabin.Jan 01 22:33
XRevan86An IT guy casually cloned a dalek from cellular remnants without anyone knowing. Sounds like 2020 alright.Jan 01 22:53
XRevan863D printing dalek tanks – yea, also within reach.Jan 01 22:55
schestowitz 01 23:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | How Progressive Democrats Almost Re-Elected Trump | Howie Hawkins for President | Angela Walker for Vice PresidentJan 01 23:02
CrystalMathXRevan86: is this a new episode? or simply an episode you haven't seen before?Jan 01 23:11
XRevan86CrystalMath: new episodeJan 01 23:12
CrystalMathi actually thought about watching the old showJan 01 23:12
CrystalMathi saw a small clip of it in some youtube videoJan 01 23:12
CrystalMathand it seemed somewhat interesting, and quite nostalgicJan 01 23:12
CrystalMathi've never seen any of that show, btwJan 01 23:13
XRevan86CrystalMath: I watched the old show since season 7 and the first 3 seasons.Jan 01 23:13
XRevan86A lot of lost episodes there, so I just skipped the Second Doctor and parts of the First.Jan 01 23:13
XRevan86but yea, it's gutJan 01 23:14
CrystalMaththat's from like the 60s?Jan 01 23:14
XRevan86Season 7 starts exactly in 1970, so right :).Jan 01 23:14
CrystalMatheverything was wonderful in the 60sJan 01 23:14
CrystalMathit just all looked so much more meaningfulJan 01 23:15
CrystalMathmuch more realJan 01 23:15
XRevan86> What've you done, Leo. Cloned a smallest trace of organic material, not understanding that dalek conciousness can live within the tiniest fragment of that DNAJan 01 23:16
XRevan86sounds plausibleJan 01 23:16
CrystalMathon second thoughtJan 01 23:16
XRevan86Finally, mass murder. Well, at least the series still delivers on that.Jan 01 23:20
DaemonFC[m]Google keeps screwing up everything from News to Gmail for me because I'm on a VPN.Jan 01 23:20
DaemonFC[m]Out of 272,621 people MSN polled, 92% said they spent New Years with a quiet night in or just slept through it.Jan 01 23:21
DaemonFC[m]3% said partyJan 01 23:21
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schestowitzhi tr_guest|33Jan 01 23:36
*tr_guest|33 has quit (Client Quit)Jan 01 23:36
schestowitz 01 23:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Good Riddance, 2020. How You Doin', 2021?! (DT LIVE) - YouTubeJan 01 23:43
schestowitzholy macaroni, false dichotomies much? 01 23:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which browser is best? | Laptop MagJan 01 23:44
psydroidwhere do you want to go today?Jan 01 23:44
schestowitzgooglsoftJan 01 23:44
schestowitzBTW, Manchester United has finally made it. Tied at the top. 01 23:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Man Utd beat Villa to go level on points with Liverpool! | Man Utd 2-1 Aston Villa | EPL Highlights - YouTubeJan 01 23:45
psydroidyes, I watched itJan 01 23:48
schestowitzthey still suckJan 01 23:50
schestowitzall clubs suck this season/year (last year)Jan 01 23:50
psydroidif you play as badly as Liverpool and especially Man United do and still end up at the top of the league, it's not what you would normally expectJan 01 23:54
psydroidChelsea really disappoint me in that they are so dependent on Hakim Ziyech, who is quite prone to injuryJan 01 23:54
psydroidand Man City needs to start building a new team too before it's all over for themJan 01 23:55
schestowitzCity is a messJan 01 23:55
schestowitzthe budget was high, morale not so much..Jan 01 23:56
schestowitzbut anyway, alternative explanation is, all clubs are goodJan 01 23:56
schestowitzso it's hard to get winning streams going this seasonJan 01 23:56
schestowitzor they lack motivation due to a lack of crowdsJan 01 23:56
psydroidit must be a surreal experience to play without any crowds being presentJan 01 23:57
schestowitzthe PL folks add sounds of crowdsJan 01 23:57
schestowitzyou have to remind yourself this is fake, a templateJan 01 23:57

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