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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming Leftovers []Oct 24 10:04
chomwitthi from greece.Oct 24 10:05
amarsh04hi from AustraliaOct 24 10:10
schestowitzhi from techrights hq :-)Oct 24 10:23
schestowitz 24 10:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Sheikh_al_Touar: NEW EPO #Memes - International Guidelines for PROBLEM SOLVING #humor #respect #RuleOfLaw #workplace #patents #Europe 24 10:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@Sheikh_al_Touar: NEW EPO #Memes - International Guidelines for PROBLEM SOLVING #humor #respect #RuleOfLaw #workplace #patents #Europe 24 10:36
*chomwitt reads m.garret 's rms libelOct 24 10:48
schestowitznew one?Oct 24 10:49
schestowitzor the old?Oct 24 10:49
schestowitzhe was fast ro promote the Epstein-RMS liesOct 24 10:49
schestowitzhe was almost first after ViceOct 24 10:50
chomwitt 24 10:51
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | mjg59 | It's time to talk about post-RMS Free SoftwareOct 24 10:51
schestowitzyes, this is the oneOct 24 10:51
schestowitzif you wish to study the chronologyOct 24 10:51
schestowitzthen use this page:Oct 24 10:52
schestowitz 24 10:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Stallman Under Fire for Views on Epstein | Tux MachinesOct 24 10:52
schestowitzWithin hours the self-described "SJW" (he calls himself that) was on the scene)Oct 24 10:52
schestowitzcomment number one in the page aboveOct 24 10:52
schestowitzso you can see who said what whenOct 24 10:52
schestowitzthen it was nypost (Murdoch)Oct 24 10:53
schestowitzMurdoch also pays VICE (the original piece)Oct 24 10:53
schestowitzlater came in Fox and more, same companyOct 24 10:53
schestowitzMurdoch is a close personal friend of Bill Gates, it's a matter of public record (don't take my word for it, you can check for yourself)Oct 24 10:53
chomwittso garret jump on the weblynching bandwagon from the very start.. good reflexes!Oct 24 10:55
chomwittjumpedOct 24 10:55
chomwittyou'r correct . he was really fastOct 24 10:55
schestowitzcheck timestampsOct 24 10:55
schestowitzI have notOct 24 10:55
schestowitzIIRC, my wife noticed MG firstOct 24 10:55
schestowitzand added itOct 24 10:56
schestowitzI instructed her to keep on adding these Oct 24 10:56
schestowitzas later on we can make sense of who speaks to whoOct 24 10:56
schestowitzand what narrative is being pushedOct 24 10:56
schestowitzdays later it was "remove Stallman"Oct 24 10:56
schestowitzIIRC, it came from Vice firstOct 24 10:56
schestowitzlater from their sourceOct 24 10:56
schestowitzunder the headlineOct 24 10:56
schestowitzIn Medium IIRCOct 24 10:56
schestowitzNo idea why she chose VICE as the source's exclusive publisherOct 24 10:57
schestowitzLater on VICE bragged about removal of RMSOct 24 10:57
schestowitzAfter it deliberately distorted what he had saidOct 24 10:57
schestowitzit's all thtere in the commentsOct 24 10:57
schestowitzI've repeatedly urged people to investigate this and write about it as there's def. something more thereOct 24 10:57
chomwittbe back in a while'Oct 24 10:59
schestowitzta raOct 24 11:00
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oiaohmchomwitt: is is libel remember its not libel if it is in fact based on facts.Oct 24 11:47
chomwitt ?Oct 24 11:48
schestowitz? indeedOct 24 11:48
oiaohmRMS comments did contain stuff that those in management/president positions of companies should not say and expect to remain there.Oct 24 11:49
schestowitzhe did not defend EpsteinOct 24 11:49
schestowitzthat's a  factOct 24 11:49
schestowitzin fact, we know the exact opposite to be trueOct 24 11:49
oiaohmHe did question on willing-less of underage those in management are meant to know that not possible because they cannot legally consent to anything.Oct 24 11:50
schestowitzthis is now what the Vice article is aboutOct 24 11:51
schestowitznow you look for ways to justify libelOct 24 11:51
schestowitzgtgOct 24 11:51
schestowitzwon't spend time on this crapOct 24 11:51
oiaohmThat not justify libel that is a valid reason of dismissal.  I did not see mjg59 say anything about defending Epstein I could have missed that post.Oct 24 11:53
chomwittoiaohm: he tried to  a r g u e  the position that before publicly accusing and attacking minsky there should be some 'slow thinking' (in the way Kahneman explains it)Oct 24 11:55
oiaohmchomwitt: on particular topics in management positions you don't have the slow thinking option.  They are report to authorities not debate.Oct 24 11:56
chomwittdont managements think slow??Oct 24 11:57
chomwittmanagersOct 24 11:58
oiaohmArgument itself was a total mistake for a person in his position at the time.  If you questioned position on legal linking things in management you are meant to go to legal council for ruling.Oct 24 11:58
oiaohmCrime level issues management people either take it to legal council or to authorities other options you are not meant todo this is part of being management.Oct 24 11:59
chomwittoiaohm: i cant follow youOct 24 11:59
chomwittdo we dabate if rms can add his opinion on the thread in the CSAIL email list or not?Oct 24 12:00
chomwittthe leaked thread starts with a sum up that minksy is accused of assaultingOct 24 12:01
chomwittare we seriously debating whether rms could or should or shouldnt make a comment regarding how minksy was presented?Oct 24 12:02
oiaohmWhile holding management position with operational control to obey the rules of operating a safe workplace under work place health and safety/labour laws (this depends on country what they are call)  you are not meant to debate criminal things anywhere.Oct 24 12:02
chomwitti still cant follow youOct 24 12:03
chomwittwe apparently making parrallel monologues hereOct 24 12:03
oiaohmRMS had no right to put a opinion on criminal actions while he was president of FSF that is the way the labour laws are.Oct 24 12:04
oiaohmHolding those positions you are meant to get a lawyer to give your position on those things by the labour laws.Oct 24 12:05
chomwittif you see a young mob getting ready to defame people, or your friend , you must make it legal?Oct 24 12:06
chomwittshould you try to throuht some water in the fireOct 24 12:07
chomwittshouldnt Oct 24 12:07
oiaohmTechnically in management/president position defamation is a crime either you report that to legal who is gives them a nasty latter or to authorities.  You are legally not meant to handle it yourself.Oct 24 12:07
oiaohmif you are in management position.Oct 24 12:07
oiaohmThose in management positions hands are quite legally tied on what they are and are not allowed todo.Oct 24 12:08
chomwittoiaohm: if he spoke to a group of grads about that matter in front of his mit office should that be also a legal offence?Oct 24 12:08
chomwittoiaohm: anyway i am glad that you see that as a technical legal issue . because the lynch mob questioned his morality , his capacity to think logically and humane etc Oct 24 12:11
oiaohmThere is a serous reason.  In management on criminal things you are meant to have the appearance of neutrality.   Its not a legal offence is a breach of workplace/labour laws. that worse as legal handling of that is inspector comes to your business and closes your workplace and you then have to go to court to fight for your innocence. Oct 24 12:11
oiaohmIf you cannot prove innocence you business can be liquidated.Oct 24 12:12
oiaohmIf you fight it that is instead of dismissing the problem person.Oct 24 12:12
oiaohmLabour/work place safety laws serousally sux if you get on the wrong side of them.Oct 24 12:12
oiaohmchomwitt: RMS was never good at the appearance of neutrality those in management should have.Oct 24 12:13
chomwittshould rms as a mit ''teacher??'' report mit students for defamation to authorities?Oct 24 12:13
oiaohmYou are starting to see why those in management positions are normally not teachers.Oct 24 12:14
chomwitti dont see anythingOct 24 12:15
oiaohmBecause holding that management position highly ties ones hands on handling things.Oct 24 12:15
chomwitti made a questionOct 24 12:15
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oiaohmAs a teacher without a management position that link to the legal side of safe workplace he would not have to report it.   Now RMS while he held president of the FSF that effectively made him operational CEO of GNU he legally should have reported those defamation to authorities to his superiors. Oct 24 12:17
chomwittoiaohm: ok . even if i accept that in legal technical terms rms misteped forgetting thad due to his fsf position that email statement could open a door for his attackers does that give ground to the massive distortion that happend afterward of mnay media outlets regarding to what he said trying to make him  look as a epstein defender?Oct 24 12:19
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chomwittbecause the attack was on his personality mainly not for making a legal mistepOct 24 12:19
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oiaohmLegal misstep means FSF really had to respond.  I am not kidding about labour laws/workplace laws suxing badly.   Yes they can send inspecter delare your workplace unsafe and shut your workplace down and this does not require a judge or anyone else to sign off.Oct 24 12:21
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oiaohmLabour/workplace safety laws are designed to be able to respond fast and hard.Oct 24 12:21
chomwittanyway i dont have reasons to not accept your argument that rms felt in a legal pithole. That for me is a minor human error,Oct 24 12:21
oiaohmLike if he did not resign he need to be like stood down for formal training but I don't think RMS would like being restricted by the legal requirements of management.Oct 24 12:22
chomwittbut i think tha case here wasnt that . i mean nobody accused him to step down because he put him self in a legal pithole. He is not that person i guess. fsf i think should have legal counseling on so much sublte issues Oct 24 12:23
chomwittso i think we are overdiscussing a legal aspect that wasnt put forward by the attacking lynch mob or anyone else.Oct 24 12:25
chomwitti mean is helpfull as an insightOct 24 12:25
oiaohmThat one of the things FSF can have used legal counsel but remember client lawyer privilege so there was no requirement to for that information ever to be published.Oct 24 12:25
oiaohmI really think a lot of lynch mob is taking credit for something really they had no power over.Oct 24 12:26
chomwittan insight to how some time you should pay attentions to those subtleties even when you are being provoken and you should think coldly as a manager and not as a common humman being having feelings for his teacherOct 24 12:26
oiaohmNot everyone can always think coldly as a manager so not everyone is suitable to be in management positions and that just the way it is.Oct 24 12:27
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oiaohmReally RMS had a really good run thinking his personality was not ideal management position.Oct 24 12:28
chomwittso as a tangent we have lay down more evidence that rms is a compasionate human being ready to put his ass in the fire to protect his teacher reputation confronting hothearted youth who wanted to burn things to the ground, instead of coldly calculating that due to his fsf position should maybe act more coldly.Oct 24 12:30
chomwittok i agree with you. rms legal and managerial skills are mediocre.Oct 24 12:31
oiaohmchomwitt: you think about if if something happens in your workplace and you believe management has a particular counter point of view do you report the issue or do you keep your mouth shut.    This is why management neutrality is critical mandate requirement.Oct 24 12:32
chomwittso i think we should concentrate our efforts  now  to make his voice loud again and clear his damaged reputation and make the attackers ponder on the unjust conduct they displaced toward the founder of the free software?Oct 24 12:34
oiaohmPeople wonder why those in management in most cases seam to have no compassion and are fairly cold at times.   Its part of doing the job right. Oct 24 12:34
oiaohmPlease note I not against those who have got the fact about what RMS said wrong being done for deformation.   Also this is a good wake up call about how focused we have been just on RMS.Oct 24 12:36
chomwittoiaohm: but even in the legal frame we examing should he even talk to his friends about it?Oct 24 12:36
chomwittshouldntOct 24 12:36
oiaohmOnly expection would be if his friends happened to be legal council.Oct 24 12:37
oiaohmBasically particular topic when you take up management positions are basically no go areas.  If your friends who are not management  or legal start talking about them you change the topic. Oct 24 12:39
chomwittthey way you put it rms should be at mit at all from the time he started fsf Oct 24 12:39
chomwittshouldntOct 24 12:39
chomwittsorryOct 24 12:39
oiaohmparticular topic/particular topicsOct 24 12:39
chomwittok. happy talking. i go for lunch .Oct 24 12:40
oiaohmThat was really part of the historic problem RMS has technically had a conflict of interest for a very long time by holding incompatible job titles.Oct 24 12:40
oiaohmSome ways RMS is not the only one at fault here MIT management had to be asleep at wheel.Oct 24 12:40
oiaohmBy the donations they took and attempt to cover up you would say MIT management was asleep at wheel.Oct 24 12:41
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Java License Fallout Continues Impacting IBM i Shops []Oct 24 15:45
XRevan86 wait, whatOct 24 15:58
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Urgent security issue in NGINX/php-fpm – NextcloudOct 24 15:58
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Coding: Python is the Preferred Data Language []Oct 24 16:00
schestowitzXRevan86: why?Oct 24 16:02
XRevan86I'm trying to figure that out. Seems to be PHP's fault.Oct 24 16:03
schestowitzyeah, as usualOct 24 16:03
schestowitzwhy even issue a warning if it's not their fault?Oct 24 16:03
schestowitzThat's like them pointing out a flaw in Linux or tlsOct 24 16:03
XRevan86 24 16:04
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | PHP :: Sec Bug #78599 :: env_path_info underflow in fpm_main.c can lead to RCEOct 24 16:04
XRevan86schestowitz: Well, that's how I found out, so something worked outOct 24 16:05
XRevan86 a good explanationOct 24 16:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-GitHub - neex/phuip-fpizdam: Exploit for CVE-2019-11043Oct 24 16:08
schestowitz_logshithubOct 24 16:08
XRevan86schestowitz: And the repo name is "PHP-FPM" with swear words inserted in betweenOct 24 16:11
XRevan86subtleOct 24 16:11
XRevan86* Slavic swear wordsOct 24 16:11
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XRevan86I've got to wonder if nginx is a necessary requirement. It doesn't seem that way…Oct 24 16:14
XRevan86Since php-fpm can (and should) be used with Apache httpd.Oct 24 16:14
XRevan86hah! I include snippets/fastcgi-php.conf everywhere, and the cautious fix is already thereOct 24 16:18
XRevan86 24 16:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | debian/conf/snippets/fastcgi-php.conf · buster · Nginx / nginx · GitLabOct 24 16:21
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schestowitz 24 17:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: EPO solution problem approach #epomustgo 24 17:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: EPO solution problem approach #epomustgo 24 17:36
schestowitz 24 17:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Why should Europeans suffer from software patents from abroad? "Debian will not knowingly distribute software encum… 24 17:36
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Why should Europeans suffer from software patents from abroad? "Debian will not knowingly distribute software encum… 24 17:36
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Mozilla: Management Shakeups, Glean 'Telemetry' (Spying), and Firefox Enhancer for YouTube []Oct 24 21:00
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