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schestowitzsometimes they might even demand you install some proprietary crapOct 25 00:00
schestowitz(I don't)Oct 25 00:00
schestowitzvZS1aHdksSQKx2tx: about 2/3 of gnu/linux packages are tainted/infected with github depsOct 25 00:00
schestowitzso it affects all of usOct 25 00:00
schestowitztechrights did many detailed articles on thisOct 25 00:01
schestowitzfigosdev studies the packages and their deps extensively, using software he wrote to analyse the dataOct 25 00:01
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThat's an alarmingly large number. Does that take into consideration just mirror repos on GitHub?Oct 25 00:01
schestowitzeven gnu is badly infectedOct 25 00:01
schestowitzvZS1aHdksSQKx2tx: yes, it doesOct 25 00:01
schestowitz 25 00:02
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft GNU-Hub (Part 5) | TechrightsOct 25 00:02
schestowitzsee also 4 prior partsOct 25 00:02
schestowitzthey're in the "summaryOct 25 00:02
schestowitz"Oct 25 00:02
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txEhOct 25 00:04
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI'm not surprised anymoreOct 25 00:04
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txFSF is just another Microsoft mouthpiece nowOct 25 00:04
schestowitzI would not go as far as alleging thisOct 25 00:05
schestowitzunless you have concrete url to go byOct 25 00:05
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThe lack of outcries (From FSF) about what's been happening lately is enough for meOct 25 00:06
vZS1aHdksSQKx2tx10 years ago there wouldn't be so much radio silence from themOct 25 00:07
schestowitzcheck sponsorsOct 25 00:07
schestowitzGoogle was top sponsors for several consecutive yearsOct 25 00:07
MinceRperhaps the redmond mafia only bought the FSF's silenceOct 25 00:07
schestowitzwhilst lobbying the government and paying the peanut gallery through gsoc 'charity'Oct 25 00:07
schestowitzit's a lot cheaper than antitrust finesOct 25 00:08
schestowitzFSF moaned ZOOM a lotOct 25 00:08
schestowitzZOOM ZOOM ZOOMOct 25 00:08
schestowitzbut said nothing about Microsoft for yearsOct 25 00:08
MinceRmazda?Oct 25 00:08
schestowitzGithub, Skype, TikTokOct 25 00:08
schestowitzsilenceOct 25 00:08
schestowitzeven when Microsoft did really horrible stuffOct 25 00:08
schestowitzmaybe zoom is seem as a 'soft' target for themOct 25 00:09
schestowitzwhile overlooking a  bunch of others, I dunno...Oct 25 00:09
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI still get a lot of my software from FTPOct 25 00:10
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txBit of a shame it doesn't get more media coverageOct 25 00:11
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txGNU still do releases of their tarballs via FTPOct 25 00:11
schestowitzwhile moz drops ftp supportOct 25 00:11
schestowitzcoz google had done tooOct 25 00:11
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txAnd you get to pick from a host of compression algos and all are PGP signedOct 25 00:12
schestowitzthey also move away from ircOct 25 00:12
schestowitzat first experimented a bit with proprietary discord for rustOct 25 00:12
schestowitznow matrix or similar, afaikOct 25 00:12
schestowitzbut... the idea that "old" means "bad" is worryingOct 25 00:12
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThat was a big red flag for me (Discord for Rust)Oct 25 00:12
schestowitzsame for http without encryption layerOct 25 00:12
schestowitznot all web traffic needs to be that strict... the lesser evil is non-login'ed traffic, compared to trackers and cookiesOct 25 00:13
schestowitzfirefox does little or nothing about the latterOct 25 00:13
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txIdk if people here are awareOct 25 00:13
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txBut Thunderbird runs on Chrome.....Oct 25 00:13
schestowitzyet firefox now follows google in blacklisting and maligning any url request that's not httpsOct 25 00:13
schestowitzlikely with US backdoored CAOct 25 00:13
schestowitzwhat thunderbird part?Oct 25 00:14
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txOne would have though MOZILLA Thunderbird would be built on top of FirefoxOct 25 00:14
schestowitzit's geckoOct 25 00:14
schestowitzand the base is the sameOct 25 00:14
schestowitzreleases tooOct 25 00:14
schestowitzmaybe it has option now for another rendering engineOct 25 00:14
schestowitzbut that's different Oct 25 00:14
schestowitzit's mostly for mailOct 25 00:14
schestowitzafter more than a decade I dumped thunderbird for rss feedsOct 25 00:14
schestowitzbecause they broke essential plugins I had used for about a decadeOct 25 00:15
schestowitzlike "ThunderBrowse"Oct 25 00:15
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txRIPOct 25 00:15
schestowitzI moved to quiterss within daysOct 25 00:15
schestowitzthunderbird also phases out enigmail nowOct 25 00:15
schestowitzit does openpgp its own wayOct 25 00:15
schestowitzbut the migration path they offered has worked for meOct 25 00:16
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txGNU mailtuils still looks pretty solidOct 25 00:16
schestowitzafaik, thunderbird has about one maintainer (Ryan)Oct 25 00:16
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI haven't done any serious email system engineering in a while thoughOct 25 00:16
schestowitzwhile mozilla does a bunch of crapOct 25 00:16
schestowitzwith engs that call themselves "data scientists"Oct 25 00:16
superkuhQuiteRSS is the best available. I still use an old fork of Thunderbird for email/usenet.Oct 25 00:16
schestowitzthey're spying on TBs of users' dataOct 25 00:17
superkuhFossaMail. But it's no longer maintained.Oct 25 00:17
schestowitzneither is the WebOct 25 00:17
schestowitzit's out of controlOct 25 00:17
superkuhThe web needs to split.Oct 25 00:17
schestowitzspinning out of control wherever GT-MAFIA tells it toOct 25 00:17
schestowitzEME, DRM, browser 'extensions' and lots of stuff I've barely managed to even keep track of Oct 25 00:18
schestowitzlike "workers"Oct 25 00:18
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txIt's more the web for normal people is out of controlOct 25 00:18
schestowitzand all that "notifications" and "push" crapOct 25 00:18
superkuh 25 00:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | NO TITLEOct 25 00:18
schestowitzthat's the point I've long madeOct 25 00:19
schestowitzusing as an example tuxmachinesOct 25 00:19
schestowitzpeople barely log inOct 25 00:19
schestowitzthey cannot even create new accountsOct 25 00:19
schestowitztheir ISPs spies on themOct 25 00:19
schestowitzand it's not too hard to sell their browsing historyOct 25 00:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2tx"they need nine 9s uptime" this is one of the worst. That's why a lot of new kids don't do anything independently hosted.Oct 25 00:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txPeople need to renormalise downtimeOct 25 00:20
schestowitzso the gain associating with traffic encryption is rather minimal... maybe might access the site through some 'search engine' that spies  regardlessOct 25 00:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txNuclear stations have downtimeOct 25 00:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txMilitary systems have downtimeOct 25 00:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThis whole zero-downtime nonsense is what's hurt FOSS a lot more than anything elseOct 25 00:21
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txPart of the shilling strategy for GitHub as wellOct 25 00:21
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txAnd as if they have no downtime lolOct 25 00:21
schestowitzpermanent downtime for youtube-dl LOLOct 25 00:22
schestowitzETA? Unknown.Oct 25 00:22
schestowitz"Ask maaa lawyers.."Oct 25 00:22
schestowitzindefinite downtime :-)Oct 25 00:23
schestowitzI'd go futher tbhOct 25 00:24
schestowitzI mean, a step further backOct 25 00:24
schestowitzrethink not only these protocols and browsers, or even crap these access, like social control mediaOct 25 00:25
schestowitz"Canta" recently did an article related to this in techrightsOct 25 00:25
schestowitzthe concept of downtime is lostOct 25 00:25
schestowitzpeople used to "go online"Oct 25 00:25
schestowitzdial-up modemsOct 25 00:25
schestowitzthen disconnectOct 25 00:25
schestowitzmany people are now constantly "connected"Oct 25 00:25
schestowitzwith a phone following themOct 25 00:25
schestowitzwe constantly see people bringing their phone even to the poolOct 25 00:26
schestowitzor poolside Oct 25 00:26
schestowitzin pool it means taking selfies and stuff while at the edge of the pool, inside it, with the hand holding it outOct 25 00:26
schestowitzsymptom of how stupid personal uptime becameOct 25 00:26
schestowitzapparently in places like japan they make waterproof phones popularOct 25 00:27
schestowitzso naked people take a "smart" (computer) phone with them to the showerOct 25 00:27
schestowitzand so people are wired to corporations and statesOct 25 00:27
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThe pushback is coming. You can only go on exploiting for so long. :)Oct 25 00:27
schestowitzwith a "phone" on to serve as alarm clockOct 25 00:27
schestowitzlast I checked, my alarm clock since 20 years ago still works okOct 25 00:27
schestowitzeven has option for batteries as fallback... it's a NECOct 25 00:28
schestowitzand now more people realise 24/7 "online" does not make them happyOct 25 00:28
schestowitzI spoke to my dad about it today for 30 minutesOct 25 00:28
schestowitzhe hates the concept of FB, he's not participatingOct 25 00:28
schestowitzand it anger him to see how my sister uses itOct 25 00:28
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI don't use social control media eitherOct 25 00:28
schestowitzfor a lot of reasonsOct 25 00:28
schestowitzthey also infringe other people's privacy in these platforms; they just don't careOct 25 00:29
schestowitzso...Oct 25 00:29
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txNot personally, at least. But I like to keep an eye on what they're doing on the technical side.Oct 25 00:29
schestowitzforget about site and transport layerOct 25 00:29
schestowitzbecause low baud dual-up modems we had computersOct 25 00:29
schestowitzfloppies and word processorsOct 25 00:29
schestowitzwe had printersOct 25 00:29
schestowitzstuff got doneOct 25 00:29
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI got a printer right next to me lolOct 25 00:30
schestowitzmaybe not "online" or in "real-time", but we could pick up the phone for thatOct 25 00:30
*GNUmoon2 has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Oct 25 00:30
schestowitzand phones are more expressive than text, more nuance in voice than in charsOct 25 00:30
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txWe do have VoIP thoughOct 25 00:30
schestowitzgnu still existedOct 25 00:30
schestowitzbefore the WWWOct 25 00:30
schestowitzit used ftp back thenOct 25 00:30
schestowitznot sure about bulletin board, but nntp was aptOct 25 00:31
schestowitzit could be brought up to date whenever you "go online" againOct 25 00:31
schestowitzsynced with the ISP's local nodesOct 25 00:31
schestowitzand then too could afford some downtimeOct 25 00:31
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txProblem is you get all the shady stuff brought in in the name of "convenience"Oct 25 00:31
schestowitzthey could always go back and brought up to dateOct 25 00:31
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txLook at the IoTOct 25 00:32
schestowitzvZS1aHdksSQKx2tx: distraction is not convenienceOct 25 00:32
schestowitzat the moment I rearrange my setup to reduce noiseOct 25 00:32
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txBasically corporate spyingOct 25 00:32
schestowitzyupOct 25 00:32
schestowitzbut a Trojan horse-type-of-itOct 25 00:32
schestowitz"smart" is "easy"Oct 25 00:32
schestowitz"go smart"Oct 25 00:32
schestowitzI sayOct 25 00:32
MinceRshop smart, shop s-martOct 25 00:32
schestowitzbring your f-ing workers hereOct 25 00:32
schestowitzthey know their jobOct 25 00:32
schestowitzknock-knock, who's there, utility dude, ok come on, thank you, goodbyeOct 25 00:33
schestowitzthey want us to set up accounts and do their work for them, or have "smart" meters installedOct 25 00:33
schestowitzhow it that any more convenient than opening our door?Oct 25 00:33
schestowitzonce is like... 3 months?Oct 25 00:33
schestowitzMinceR: there are even "Smart" sex toys now... and apparently some people think it'll enrich their lifeOct 25 00:34
schestowitznot sure if the pushback against "Smart" is strong enough... the ad industry controls people's "screen space" in sites like FBOct 25 00:34
schestowitzor "Screen time"Oct 25 00:34
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI sent a friend a card a few days ago. The joy was a lot more than just sending a text message.Oct 25 00:35
schestowitzthose are the terms they now useOct 25 00:35
schestowitzwith billboards it's "field of vision"Oct 25 00:35
schestowitz(which can cause more car accidents"Oct 25 00:35
schestowitz)Oct 25 00:35
schestowitzcards can last 50 years or moreOct 25 00:35
schestowitzmore if the kids keep those tooOct 25 00:35
schestowitzthey're likely to keep it stored somewhere, even if they have no direct interest in the cardsOct 25 00:36
schestowitzpolaroid is making a comeback, I heardOct 25 00:36
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI've heard that tooOct 25 00:36
schestowitzpeople forgot what "physical copies" meanOct 25 00:36
schestowitzI had to "go online" to tell our water supplier to NOT stop sending paper billsOct 25 00:36
schestowitzthey only ever needed to send these every 6 months, so why stop?Oct 25 00:36
schestowitzservices cheapened... and "Smart" means... the customer learned to do the job we used to doOct 25 00:37
schestowitzI still have physical cards with me that people gave me at schoolOct 25 00:37
schestowitzpeople I nearly forgotOct 25 00:37
schestowitzfor most people hard drives aren't properly backed up (data will be lost in ~5 years) and many no longer have drives, they have "phone"Oct 25 00:38
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI still archive a lot of data as data matrix barcode printoutsOct 25 00:38
schestowitzand "clown storage"Oct 25 00:38
schestowitzso, like Jon Schwartz (Sun CEO) warned, a lot of memories will become inaccessible pretty fastOct 25 00:38
schestowitzthey don't care at presentOct 25 00:39
schestowitzthey will in the future, but it'll be rationalised the "sour grapes" wayOct 25 00:39
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThe whole ad thing isn't that hard to solveOct 25 00:39
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txGet people to start using E2E encrypted emailOct 25 00:39
schestowitz"well, those old photos weren't that great anyhow"...Oct 25 00:39
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txStop the email miningOct 25 00:39
schestowitzemail?Oct 25 00:39
schestowitzwhat's that?Oct 25 00:39
schestowitzoh, you mean "gmail" !Oct 25 00:40
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txmore or less lolOct 25 00:40
schestowitzemails sucks, can't use it, no emoji interface lol lmaoOct 25 00:40
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThey have Unicode emojis in email thoughOct 25 00:40
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txAnd not fake E2E encrypted email like ProtonmailOct 25 00:42
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txWhat a bloody scamOct 25 00:42
schestowitzbut the interfaces lack their 'beloved' emojisOct 25 00:42
MinceRschestowitz: (audio:important) 25 00:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Army of Darkness (HD) - This is my boomstick! - YouTubeOct 25 00:42
schestowitzso they cannot figure out how to make "chinese emails" with pictures instead of wordsOct 25 00:42
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txIdk if you guys have seen all the Protonmail adsOct 25 00:43
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThey store private keysOct 25 00:43
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txSo what's the bloody pointOct 25 00:43
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThe level of Protonmail shilling on YouTube is also disgustingOct 25 00:44
thddxis that a somewhat recent development? i signed up for protonmail way back when it first launched, and i recall storing my own private keyOct 25 00:45
thddxnever really used the serviceOct 25 00:45
thddxreturned recentlyOct 25 00:45
thddxit said my key was no longer validOct 25 00:45
schestowitzMinceR: LOLOct 25 00:45
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI gave it a try today, at least on the web interface it asked me for my private key. Generated one for my default account.Oct 25 00:46
thddxand then my few minimal messages were 'restored'Oct 25 00:46
thddxwhich i then thought defeated the purposeOct 25 00:46
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThat's what I'm sayingOct 25 00:46
thddxyeah... i was confusedOct 25 00:46
thddxi was expecting a fresh mailbox and instead i lost confidence in the serviceOct 25 00:47
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI was doing research for something I'm working on. I even paid money for the professional subscription. But I cancelled immediately. Still took my money but now I know the level of scam I'm dealing with.Oct 25 00:47
schestowitz[00:44] <vZS1aHdksSQKx2tx> The level of Protonmail shilling on YouTube is also disgustingOct 25 00:48
schestowitzthat's the business plan/modelOct 25 00:48
schestowitzsame for BraveOct 25 00:48
schestowitziirc, protonmail is NSA-connectedOct 25 00:49
schestowitzcheck their staff, let me checkOct 25 00:49
schestowitzmaybe I confuse this with another companyOct 25 00:49
schestowitzafter snowden leaks many such companies emerged, ex-NSA staffOct 25 00:49
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txRoy will probably figure out who I am if I go into more detail lolOct 25 00:49
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI swear it's just a bunch of web devs that got hold of a few sysadmins and started an email serviceOct 25 00:50
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txEncryption experts my rear endOct 25 00:51
thddxi don't doubt itOct 25 00:51
schestowitz 25 00:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: Thursday, January 02, 2020Oct 25 00:52
schestowitzI wrote about this also in 25 00:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRC: #boycottnovell-social @ FreeNode: March 11th, 2019 – March 17th, 2019Oct 25 00:52
schestowitzI cannot, however, find another sourceOct 25 00:52
schestowitzmaybe another service was ex-NSAOct 25 00:52
schestowitznot tutanotaOct 25 00:52
schestowitzwhich is also crap 'privacy' afaikOct 25 00:52
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI've got some stuff in the work that I'll forward to Techrights again later.Oct 25 00:53
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txBit busy with other projects atmOct 25 00:54
schestowitzI am trying to take stock again of which "Snowden aftermath" companies were ex-NSA-foundedOct 25 00:55
schestowitzthere were severalOct 25 00:55
schestowitzsome did not survive for longOct 25 00:55
schestowitzlike "blackphone"Oct 25 00:55
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI've got something coming out in a few weeks. I'll let Roy know in an email before I go forward with it.Oct 25 00:56
schestowitzhopefully not "cloud"Oct 25 00:56
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI have cloud hardcoded as an alias for server in my headOct 25 00:57
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txSo I don't get as triggered when I see that word as I used toOct 25 00:57
schestowitzserver might be okOct 25 00:57
schestowitz"cloud" means "not yours"Oct 25 00:57
schestowitzor "oursourced"Oct 25 00:57
schestowitz*outsourcedOct 25 00:57
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txWe live in a world where Javascript is called AIOct 25 00:58
schestowitzlolOct 25 00:58
MinceR:>Oct 25 01:00
MinceR 25 01:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Turing Tests and Other Things of That Nature - Existential ComicsOct 25 01:01
thddxall kind of moot for me anyway, as if i really need to encrypt a message, i just use gnupg in mutt/neomuttOct 25 01:02
thddxbut i've signed up sporadically for these services in the event they wind up being usefulOct 25 01:03
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI've been working on quite a few PGP implementations latelyOct 25 01:04
thddxi've always intended to just setup my own & tie it to my domain, but i'm between internet at the momentOct 25 01:04
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txBut back to the services. It's more research I'm doing for an education projectOct 25 01:04
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txIdk if you lot have hear of Sequoia but it looks pretty promisingOct 25 01:05
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txIt's a PGP implementation in Rust based on top of the Nettle crypto libraryOct 25 01:05
thddxi've not, but i'll jot it down for future researchOct 25 01:05
schestowitzRustHubOct 25 01:05
schestowitzMSFT RustHubOct 25 01:05
schestowitzEven their newsletters are "developed" on Microsoft servers and you need Microsoft account for thoseOct 25 01:06
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI wouldn't knock the Sequoia devs though. They've kept it GPLOct 25 01:06
schestowitzthey ban Microsoft criticsOct 25 01:06
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txRust is a pretty good language that has some quality of life improvements over COct 25 01:06
schestowitzthey're worthless as a project unless they realise how foolish this is... what good is a "foundation" for a project Microsoft controls?Oct 25 01:06
schestowitzC is at least not controlled by those companiesOct 25 01:07
MinceRC++ is betterOct 25 01:07
MinceRalso, rust has a fucked up trademark policyOct 25 01:07
schestowitzthey have a worrisome coc tooOct 25 01:07
MinceRso it would need to be freed by someone else like failfox wasOct 25 01:07
schestowitzyou can be ousted based on fictional "problems"Oct 25 01:07
schestowitzMinceR: rusty forkOct 25 01:08
MinceR:>Oct 25 01:08
schestowitzyumOct 25 01:08
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI'm pretty sure Rust and Go will become the new standard dev languages for anything that isn't kernel levelOct 25 01:08
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txkernel level or below*Oct 25 01:08
MinceRlol no genericsOct 25 01:08
schestowitznot python?Oct 25 01:08
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txGo has generics nowOct 25 01:08
MinceRpython already isOct 25 01:08
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txRust does tooOct 25 01:08
schestowitzThey can go(lang) to hellOct 25 01:09
schestowitzit's google-controlledOct 25 01:09
schestowitzand afaik also ShitHubbed, but I'm not sureOct 25 01:09
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI've had to deal with Python beforeOct 25 01:09
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txPython asyncOct 25 01:09
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txNever againOct 25 01:09
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI'd rather chew on glassOct 25 01:10
*oarion7 (~anonymous@unaffiliated/oarion7) has joined #techrightsOct 25 01:12
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txRust and Go made doing concurrent programming a lot more accessible and less prone to shooting yourself in the foot. I don't see them going away anytime soon.Oct 25 01:12
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txPeople have come around to the fact that spawning processes willy nilly is not a good way to deal with systems.Oct 25 01:12
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txWhat really confuses me with these new languages though is their insistence on telling you how you should manage your dependenciesOct 25 01:14
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThey make their own little DSLs for package management and all this other fluffOct 25 01:15
MinceRand apparently rush pushes static linkingOct 25 01:16
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txIt's a design decisionOct 25 01:16
MinceRyeah, a bad oneOct 25 01:16
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txDepends on the contextOct 25 01:17
MinceRand one they could have left to the programmersOct 25 01:17
MinceRs/rush/rust/Oct 25 01:17
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI would like the option too yeahOct 25 01:19
thddxsounds boxy. a good way to recruit an army of drones to just code and not ask questionsOct 25 01:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThat's about the point with these languagesOct 25 01:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txIt's supposed to let inexperienced developers build stuff just good enough to get the job done. Which I get from a business point of viewOct 25 01:20
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txThe average programmer these days doesn't even know how to write a MakefileOct 25 01:22
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txWe live in the era of the framework developerOct 25 01:28
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txBtw, anyone seen the latest US presidential debate?Oct 25 01:30
vZS1aHdksSQKx2txI was cracking up when the whole Abraham Lincoln thing happenedOct 25 01:30
*rianne has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Oct 25 01:38
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)Oct 25 01:38
thddxi listened to most of itOct 25 01:42
thddx'i am the least racist person on this stage'Oct 25 01:43
vZS1aHdksSQKx2tx"I can't see anyone, it's so dark"Oct 25 01:43
vZS1aHdksSQKx2tx:') Oct 25 01:43
thddxhaha. oh yeahOct 25 01:43
*rianne ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 01:51
*liberty_box ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 01:51
*willyg_cos ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 01:05
*vZS1aHdksSQKx2tx has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Oct 25 01:14
*liberty_box has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)Oct 25 01:16
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schestowitz 25 01:21
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'This was bigger than GNOME and bigger than just this case.' GNOME Foundation exec director talks patent trolls and much, much more • The Register ForumsOct 25 01:21
schestowitz"Oct 25 01:21
schestowitzThe problem though is that “to fully defend a patent infringement case it usually costs about $10,000,000,” he said.Oct 25 01:21
schestowitzIts the reason why the only winners in these cases are the lawyers. The patent system is just broken in the US, and unless its fixed its just going to mean that independent developers will be driven out of business for fears of patent trolls coming after them and they will not have the fund to defend even when there is legitimate prior art.Oct 25 01:21
schestowitz"Oct 25 01:21
schestowitz 25 01:22
schestowitz'Oct 25 01:22
schestowitz.. sound like a Japanese soldier still fighting WW2 in 1960 ...Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzMS declared war on Linux many years ago.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzSteve Ballmer made it quite clear in an "interview" with the Chicago Sun-Times, 2001-06-01.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitz---Oct 25 01:22
schestowitz"Linux is a cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches ..."Oct 25 01:22
schestowitz---Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzThat war is still going on.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzTheir style is the same as it has always been: EEE / Embrace, Extend and Extinguish.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzThe approach has changed: is a friendlier so for quite a few it is harder to see.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzAs they go around throwing money about with a smile, everyone thinks MS Reborn, having seen the light, is now their long lost bro.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzBullshit for the great unwashed and gullible IT journalists.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzAs to growing up, I've already grown up.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzAt least enough to clearly understand just what is going on.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzInstead of living in a fantasy.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitzO.Oct 25 01:22
schestowitz"Oct 25 01:22
*rianne ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 01:23
*liberty_box ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 01:23
schestowitz"Oct 25 01:23
schestowitzUpvoted you for the first part, but I think the second part is essentially wrong.Oct 25 01:23
schestowitzIf IBM is a Crocodile and Oracle is a Great White Shark, which living dinosaur is Microsoft and what is their feeding ground? I think they're going extinct. Scrambling into the grounds of the other apex predators, other predators that in at least some ways have understood how to cohabitate. Microsoft just stood alone too long on their own little island, much like the Komodo dragon. I just won't be surprised at all, if rightfully and Oct 25 01:23
schestowitzsourly there isn't some destructive plan to survive. I'm not sure what happen to the T-Rex, but I'm sure they weren't reduced down to Iguanas quietly.Oct 25 01:23
schestowitzOn a side note: As a MS "hater" myself, I'm not too sure if the overly hateful of Microsoft have thought things through, I can't help to wonder about what massive disarray would happen if they magically disappeared... just vanished. Sure, the bigger they are the harder they fall, but the crater they leave behind still has to be cleaned up. But, don't get me wrong, fuck Microsoft :-POct 25 01:23
schestowitz"Oct 25 01:23
MinceRi'd welcome that disarrayOct 25 01:42
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kingoffranceas soon as they start saying "hater" they have already distracted from actual issuesOct 25 03:17
kingoffranceso have to agree with MinceR Oct 25 03:17
kingoffranceso my answer isOct 25 03:18
kingoffrancecrocodile tearsOct 25 03:18
kingoffrancethat fitsOct 25 03:18
kingoffranceplay the victimOct 25 03:18
*willyg_cos ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 03:40
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Microsoft Disables GitHub Repository of Open Source Project youtube-dl []Oct 25 05:43
schestowitzjust woke up from a very weird dreamOct 25 05:57
schestowitzwhere Billy G. had tried to forcibly bribe me against my will and without my knowledgeOct 25 05:57
schestowitzmaybe shows a subconscious fearOct 25 05:57
schestowitzas he already did try to bribe my bossOct 25 05:58
CrystalMathBill Gates himself?Oct 25 05:59
schestowitzyesOct 25 05:59
schestowitzby sabotaging something of mine, then paying the repair bills to 'fix' itOct 25 06:00
CrystalMathstrange...Oct 25 06:00
CrystalMathi mean it makes no senseOct 25 06:00
CrystalMathhe doesn't even run microsoftOct 25 06:00
schestowitzI know it's a dream, but dreams do mean something and this one was a long and complicated one...Oct 25 06:00
CrystalMathall he does is yap on TV and ride horsesOct 25 06:00
schestowitzbribery is not always possibleOct 25 06:01
schestowitzyou might even bribe something by throwing money at them and then they'll still keep criticising youOct 25 06:01
CrystalMathalso i don't really think dreams are anything beyond just, your brain randomly mixing things upOct 25 06:01
schestowitzbut that's not the pointOct 25 06:01
schestowitzhe did play some risky games by bribing publishers in the pastOct 25 06:01
schestowitzGoogle does that too BTWOct 25 06:01
schestowitzit silenced a lot of projects and orgsOct 25 06:01
schestowitzinc. FSF IMHOOct 25 06:01
CrystalMathbut really, techrights?Oct 25 06:01
CrystalMathtechrights is kinda softOct 25 06:02
CrystalMathi mean yes you're on the right side, but you seem kinda soft about itOct 25 06:02
schestowitzif you become too harsh, then people take the message less seriouslyOct 25 06:02
schestowitzbut anyway, there's a basis for itOct 25 06:02
schestowitzbecause one year ago my boss put us on conference callOct 25 06:03
schestowitzand told us "bill and melinda gates" had paid himOct 25 06:03
schestowitzand that it's OK for me to keep criticising if I want toOct 25 06:03
schestowitzthe whole thing was very strangeOct 25 06:03
schestowitzit was like a month after the MIT-Epstein thingOct 25 06:03
CrystalMathhmmOct 25 06:03
schestowitzand RMS was 'cancelled' a day after we had petitions the police with FOIA for arrest at his house, which might still be totally a coincidenceOct 25 06:04
schestowitzthe payment was tied to an NDAOct 25 06:04
schestowitzwe never do NDAsOct 25 06:04
schestowitzand as soon as he tells employees about it, I suppose he too violates the NDAOct 25 06:04
schestowitz(which we were never privy to)Oct 25 06:05
schestowitzmissing piece (I made this public this year): 5 years ago a journalist was here for weeks/months in IRCOct 25 06:08
schestowitzhe had been working on a hard-hitting Gates pieceOct 25 06:08
schestowitztogether with our inputOct 25 06:08
schestowitzGates then paid his employer, The Verge, for some "partnership"Oct 25 06:08
schestowitzand he was then firedOct 25 06:08
schestowitzbefore he even managed to publish his articleOct 25 06:08
schestowitzso there's some history to all thisOct 25 06:08
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Japanese IME on PCLinuxOS 64 KDE5 Magnum 2020 1015 | Tux Machines ☞ []Oct 25 06:11
schestowitz  Those useless politicians again 25 06:11
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Murkowski's nod gives Barrett extra boost for Supreme Court | Politics | gazette.comOct 25 06:11
schestowitzdark money is 'buying' SCOTUS justice againOct 25 06:11
schestowitzand you know whose moneyOct 25 06:11
CrystalMathbtwOct 25 06:11
CrystalMathhave you covered the youtube-dl takedown?Oct 25 06:12
CrystalMathsorry i haven't been keeping trackOct 25 06:12
oarion7there's more to the story, too, as the maintainers of the project were ignoring pull requests for sometime, and allegedly blockign people who tried to talk about itOct 25 06:14
oarion7the project can live on in one of the forks as long as it's hosted on another platformOct 25 06:14
CrystalMaththat's a lieOct 25 06:17
CrystalMaththey weren't blocking peopleOct 25 06:17
CrystalMathand that had nothing to do with the DMCA takedownOct 25 06:17
CrystalMathalso, the fork was also taken downOct 25 06:17
oarion7Who are you accusing of lying? Oct 25 06:17
CrystalMathbut is now back up, with one problem listed in th DMCA notice fixedOct 25 06:17
CrystalMaththe various people who are the source of that claim that they blocked peopleOct 25 06:17
CrystalMathi've heard it before, so it's not youOct 25 06:18
oarion7Thank you I appreciate thatOct 25 06:18
CrystalMathi actually heard it before the DMCA thingOct 25 06:18
oarion7I just wonder if the last few weeks of "intrigue" is relevant backstoryOct 25 06:18
CrystalMathbut the RIAA is the source of the DMCA claimOct 25 06:18
oarion7Right onOct 25 06:18
CrystalMaththey also took down the fork, youtube-dlcOct 25 06:18
CrystalMathhowever it's back up with some history rewritten, as yt-dlcOct 25 06:19
CrystalMaththe offending links and signs of bad faith were removed from the entire git historyOct 25 06:19
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Zink OpenGL-Over-Vulkan At ~97% Piglit Testing Conformance []Oct 25 06:19
CrystalMathyoutube support remains, and so the ii claim of the DMCA letter is perhaps still not quite resolvedOct 25 06:20
CrystalMathif it has any merit to itOct 25 06:20
oarion7Skimming their subreddit there seems to be an atmosphere of pessimism as to whether the devs will "bother" to reorganize on another platform, I hope they are wrong. At least they own a domain name and website to check on periodically for updatesOct 25 06:20
oarion7"their" subreddit meaning the user baseOct 25 06:20
CrystalMathsupposely, the RIAA thinks that when firefox downloads a javascript file, executes it to get a link to a video, that is all fine and dandyOct 25 06:20
oarion7I haven't heard from any of the main devs to my knowledgeOct 25 06:21
CrystalMathbut when youtube-dl downloads a javascrpt file, executes it to get a link to a video, well that's DMCA circumventionOct 25 06:21
schestowitzCrystalMath: I covered this issue too brieflyOct 25 06:22
schestowitzthe media already does a decent job covering thatOct 25 06:22
schestowitzso for us to do more articles about it would be sort of "lost in the sea of coverage"Oct 25 06:22
CrystalMathoarion7: well, yt-dlc, the fork, is certainly going onOct 25 06:23
CrystalMathand on github, even, they decided to fix claim i and call BS on claim iiOct 25 06:23
schestowitz[11:10] <schestowitz> Prediction: #RIAA or another wing of #MAFIAA will label #curl a “piracy” tool and pressure to ban it from #github (causing chaos and disarray for developers, like the YouTube-DL case). #deletegithub and put git on your new server, @bagder (regain >control< over the project). #sweden has notably strong protections.Oct 25 06:24
CrystalMathi see schestowitz Oct 25 06:25
CrystalMathwell i'm going to sleepOct 25 06:30
*CrystalMath has quit (Quit: Support Richard Stallman, Jacob Appelbaum, and other good people! | 25 06:30
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Kernel: KVM, Btrfs and nosymfollow | Tux Machines ☞ []Oct 25 06:31
*oarion7 has quit (Quit: Running IRC on a charmed medieval abacus.)Oct 25 06:32
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Python Programming | Tux Machines ☞ []Oct 25 06:35
schestowitz New themes, glorified hype and name, "dark mode" (we had that in the 1990s, maybe 1980s) 25 06:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chrome OS finally has a dark mode, and you can try it right now | Android CentralOct 25 06:38
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Distro Flashback: What happened to Cub Linux? | Tux Machines ☞ []Oct 25 06:46
schestowitz 25 06:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@DadeWilliams: Boooooooooooo 25 06:47
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Failed connect to; Connection refused ( status 0 @ )Oct 25 06:47
schestowitzopen clowns :-) 25 06:47
schestowitz"open up that fucking clown!! Open HIM!!"Oct 25 06:48
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today’s #HowTos | #UNIX | Tux Machines ☞ []Oct 25 06:50
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming: RISC-V Dev Board, JS, Bash and More | Tux Machines ☞ []Oct 25 06:53
schestowitzzoobab: 17,709 new cases and 79 new deaths in Belgium Oct 25 07:02
schestowitzwow, that's like half a million US cases in a dayOct 25 07:02
schestowitzif scale for population sizeOct 25 07:03
schestowitz 25 07:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Let's double - post regarding Red Hat layoffsOct 25 07:09
schestowitz"Oct 25 07:09
schestowitzLet's doubleOct 25 07:09
schestowitzIBM Hopes to Double Sales at Red Hat in Next Three YearsOct 25 07:09
schestowitzInternational Business Machines Corp. IBM -1.97% hopes to double sales at its Red Hat open-source software unit in the next three years as Chief Executive... Oct 25 07:09
schestowitz"Oct 25 07:09
schestowitzThis is 2 days oldOct 25 07:09
schestowitzand says nothing about the topic of the site, layoffsOct 25 07:09
schestowitzI wonder why it was submitted the same day I linked to the layoffs pageOct 25 07:09
schestowitz 25 07:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Disadvantages of working from home? - post regarding Microsoft Corp. layoffsOct 25 07:13
schestowitzsome people post not layoff rumours thereOct 25 07:14
schestowitzbut promotional PR postsOct 25 07:14
schestowitzfor all we know, those could be PR molesOct 25 07:14
schestowitztrying to price these bulletin boards with fluffOct 25 07:14
schestowitzSuch as this one 25 07:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Cloud-computing battle launches into space - post regarding Microsoft Corp. layoffsOct 25 07:14
schestowitzplus the one from Red HatOct 25 07:14
schestowitznot sureOct 25 07:14
schestowitznothing to assure us those are employees as opposed to PR operativesOct 25 07:14
schestowitz"This guy just came and all that he did was politics.. destroyed business momentum...agree?"Oct 25 07:15
schestowitz 25 07:15
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Dave Miller Dynamics - post regarding Microsoft Corp. layoffsOct 25 07:15
*psydread ( has left #techrightsOct 25 07:42
*psydread ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 07:42
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Red Hat’s Tom Stellard Now Serving As LLVM Release Manager | Tux Machines ☞ []Oct 25 07:44
oiaohmschestowitz: the early 1990s the high contrast modes were basically what we call dark mode today.Oct 25 07:46
oiaohmNothing like going around a big huge circle.Oct 25 07:47
schestowitzhype waveOct 25 07:47
schestowitzthey remove optionsOct 25 07:47
schestowitzlike changing UI coloursOct 25 07:47
schestowitzin the name of "app" and "simple"Oct 25 07:47
schestowitzthen we have two modes at mostOct 25 07:48
schestowitznormal and "dark mode"Oct 25 07:48
schestowitzcheaper to develop and maintainOct 25 07:48
schestowitzthis is just insaneOct 25 07:48
oiaohm   Do wonder if this will ever come back.Oct 25 07:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | A Tribute to the Windows 3.1 "Hot Dog Stand" Color SchemeOct 25 07:48
schestowitzsoftware getting worse over timeOct 25 07:48
oiaohmNot in all areas.Oct 25 07:48
oiaohmMost people forgot hot dog standard themes.Oct 25 07:48
schestowitz"ux" "Ease of use" = we remove optionsOct 25 07:49
schestowitzto "not confuse the user"Oct 25 07:49
schestowitzand "pay our engineers less"Oct 25 07:50
oiaohmNot always so.Oct 25 07:50
oiaohmBlender easy to use equaled make the interface completely reconfigurable by python.Oct 25 07:50
schestowitz"all y'all need ed all along with an app with "all" the buttons except "back" and "burger" menu"Oct 25 07:50
schestowitzblender isn't easy and not supposed to beOct 25 07:51
schestowitz3-d tracing and design cannot be made >too< easyOct 25 07:51
schestowitzpov-ray when I last used it was also hardOct 25 07:51
schestowitzbut the underlying task is hardOct 25 07:51
oiaohmThe reconfigurable interface comes out of easy to use with blender. Oct 25 07:51
oiaohmAs in you can reconfigure it to replicate another applications interface if you like.Oct 25 07:52
oiaohm"Easy to use" arguements are paths to different levels of hell.Oct 25 07:52
oiaohmIts like Apple having only a single mouse button.Oct 25 07:53
oiaohmschestowitz: "Easy to use" does not always equal remove options.  Blender "Easy to use" made it you sit down at someone elses workstation and attempt to use blender without knowing how it been customised equals mega screw ups.Oct 25 07:55
schestowitzyou are sort of missing the pointOct 25 07:56
*mmu_man ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 07:56
schestowitzI was satirising the thingOct 25 07:56
schestowitzthat they remove options, make things impossible, then claim it's "easy of use" or "UX"Oct 25 07:56
schestowitzoiaohm: and if you want to use blender, you need to learnOct 25 07:57
oiaohm"Easy to use" with UX is never descriptive enough to be 100 percent sure what they are upto.   Easy to use with UX are either stripping features or adding that many features without nice safe guards.   Both end up with user screwed in different ways.Oct 25 07:57
schestowitzthe tasks themselves, then the toolsOct 25 07:57
schestowitzsame gor gitOct 25 07:57
schestowitzgitOct 25 07:57
oiaohmI have worked with blender.Oct 25 07:57
schestowitzmaking "shortcuts" encourages bad practicesOct 25 07:57
schestowitzlike outsourcing to githubOct 25 07:57
oiaohmI have had enough people be caught out when a system gone wrong to attempt to use someone else blender setup and screw everything.Oct 25 07:57
oiaohmBlender fun you can even alter how you can access the setting menu.Oct 25 07:58
oiaohmLike connecting the normal path to access settings to quit blender.Oct 25 07:58
schestowitzgnome 3 made things worse, not sure about blenderOct 25 08:00
schestowitzthey removed lots of stuffOct 25 08:00
schestowitzthen they tell you to get extensionsOct 25 08:00
schestowitzfirefox had many plugins killed by mozillaOct 25 08:00
schestowitzthen they talk about extensionsOct 25 08:00
schestowitzand the browser isn't getting easier, just dumberOct 25 08:00
schestowitzin the name of "unified" experienceOct 25 08:01
schestowitzas if all users are the same and should be the sameOct 25 08:01
schestowitzlike the "app" mindsetOct 25 08:01
schestowitzgive senior citizen with zero computer experience same tools as geeksOct 25 08:01
oiaohm   This one is nice and fun.Oct 25 08:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chrome exempts Google sites from user site data settingsOct 25 08:01
schestowitzand impose on the latter something that's just not suitableOct 25 08:01
oiaohmChrome one is example of having setting that does not do what the user expects.Oct 25 08:02
oiaohmLike you told it to delete all cookies but it skips and youtube cookies.Oct 25 08:02
oiaohmStuff like that you see argued as should be done for "easy of use" as well.   When it really lets collect data.Oct 25 08:03
oiaohmEasy of Use being used to explain a software change is normally something wrong.Oct 25 08:03
schestowitz 25 08:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Chrome OS finally has a dark mode, and you can try it right now | Android CentralOct 25 08:03
schestowitzto make a pointOct 25 08:03
schestowitzwtf is that?Oct 25 08:03
schestowitzwelcome back, kde 1995?Oct 25 08:03
oiaohmWith different vision issue a dark theme option is required.    Yes white text with black background is more readable to some people than black on white backgroundOct 25 08:10
oiaohmIts more why did chrome OS not have that feature from day one.Oct 25 08:10
schestowitzit seems to have started as a web site and battery thingOct 25 08:13
schestowitzand then "apps"Oct 25 08:13
schestowitzand "desktop"Oct 25 08:13
schestowitzthis whole "dark theme" BSOct 25 08:13
schestowitzthis kind of thing is being imposed or dictated by companies nowOct 25 08:14
schestowitzeven the "open" and "free" stuffOct 25 08:14
schestowitzeven some distros, to some degreeOct 25 08:14
schestowitzthey don't want to test contrast with more theme familiesOct 25 08:15
schestowitzits a development and testing cost issueOct 25 08:15
schestowitznot much to do with actual usersOct 25 08:15
schestowitz 25 09:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Pumped up - What Donald Trump did for hydrocarbons | United States | The EconomistOct 25 09:13
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: 9 Best Free and Open Source Linux Archive Managers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 09:23
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: RISC OS 5.28 now available • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 09:41
zoobab 25 09:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Rumour of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) being signed between the EPO and Breton, meaning the Europe Commissi… 25 09:45
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@zoobab: Rumour of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) being signed between the EPO and Breton, meaning the Europe Commissi… 25 09:45
zoobab"Rumour of an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) being signed between the EPO and Breton, meaning the Europe Commission might copy/paste any policy demand that the EPO will make, like we have seen in their recent public interventions on patent policy #epo #breton #europe #patent"Oct 25 09:45
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: It’s Time To Admit It: The X.Org Server Is Abandonware • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 09:46
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: GNU Taler news: RFC 8905 - “The ’payto’ URI Scheme for Payments” published • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 10:02
*mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)Oct 25 10:04
kingoffranceoh i dont know that dark mode is kind of funny to meOct 25 10:12
kingoffrancethats how many terminals areOct 25 10:12
kingoffranceboth when they were real, then many virtual ones tooOct 25 10:12
kingoffrancelike, that is normal mode for a large number of command line people i suspectOct 25 10:13
kingoffrancei always thought solaris or next looked funny with white terminal bgOct 25 10:14
kingoffrancebeos too IIRCOct 25 10:15
schestowitzzoobab: no source?Oct 25 10:21
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today’s 𝓣𝓾𝔁 𝓜𝓪𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓮𝓼 Leftovers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 10:41
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Links 25/10/2020: GNU Taler’s IETF Milestone, RISC OS 5.28 and New Ubuntu Community Council []Oct 25 10:43
*psydread ( has joined #techrightsOct 25 11:30
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MinceR(cat) (no audio) 25 13:22
*CrystalMath (~coderain@reactos/developer/theflash) has joined #techrightsOct 25 14:03
MinceR 25 14:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - PoetsOct 25 14:14
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schestowitzMinceR: "I just fell on her, I swear"Oct 25 15:17
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Kodi 18.9 Released with HTTP Access Workaround [PPA] • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 15:26
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux Weekly Roundup: Edge for Linux, Ubuntu Groovy Release, KDE Plasma 5.20.1 and more • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 15:28
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Microsoft Disables GitHub Repository Of youtube-dl After RIAA DMCA Notice []Oct 25 15:39
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today’s #HowTos | #UNIX • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 15:54
MinceR 25 16:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post object (4876488)Oct 25 16:17
MinceR 25 16:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post object (4876290)Oct 25 16:33
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Videos About GNU/Linux and Free Software • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 16:56
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Seeed offers PCB assembly discounts for RPi CM4 boards and teases CM4 carrier • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 17:35
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Still seeing some belated coverage about #ubuntu #gnu #linux release []Oct 25 17:41
schestowitz 25 17:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | FFII preparing constitutional complaint against Unified Patent Court Agreement - Kluwer Patent BlogOct 25 17:44
schestowitz"Oct 25 17:44
schestowitzRead also this interesting article by Bardehle, which is pretty much the same answer:Oct 25 17:44
schestowitz 25 17:44
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | les Nouvelles Article of the Month May 2020Oct 25 17:44
schestowitz“A first indicator of how the above principles will be applied by the FCC are the pending four cases against the allegedly deficient system of judicial review before the Boards of Appeal of the EPO. These cases are on the 2020 agenda of the FCC. The judge rapporteur is the same one as in the UPC case. The outcome of these cases may not only be relevant for the standard of review to be expected in future constitutional complaints Oct 25 17:44
schestowitzagainst decisions of the UPC. In fact, it may immediately affect the unitary patent system because the Boards of Appeal are integrated into this system as competent to finally decide on the revocation of unitary patents in opposition appeal proceedings.”Oct 25 17:44
schestowitz"Oct 25 17:44
schestowitz"Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzThe FFII might look naïve, but who is the most naive? Besides the usual rant about no patents for software I would consider that there is lot of truth is in FFII’s stance. That the EU software patents directive was rejected in July 2005 was thanks to the lobbying action of FFII and the like in the European Parliaments. As for the UPC, politicians were talking about something they did not master. It is somehow ironical that for the Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzUPC other lobbyist are at work.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzIt is the secret hope of the German lobbyists to blend the members of the Bundestag and that he agrees about something they do not have the faintest clue. It worked in so many other countries, and in the European Parliament, so why should it not work now at the Bundestag.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzThe UPCA has a number of drawbacks, but those have been conscientiously swept under the carpet. Only some will be mentioned here.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzThat an Administrative Committee decides where cases will go, and this in blatant contradiction with the text of the UPC, cf. Art 7(2) UPCA with respect of the London Section, is hard to believe. Where is the notion of the “legal judge” when cases can be pushed around at will.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzI thought the lawyers setting up the UPC would have had in mind the public interest, but it is blatant that their interest is only to fill their pockets, and for this any means are to be welcomed.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzThat the UPC will be more patent owner friendly is clear. The starting fee is 11 000€ for an infringement action, but 20 000€ for action in nullity. This speaks for itself. On the other hand, a court living only from the fees it levies, where is this to be seen beside private arbitration courts?Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzOne should not forget that the German Government, the European Commission and Business Europe are deeply infiltrated by pro-UPC lobbyists, so it is no surprise that they push for the UPC.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzThe UPC, like the Boards of Appeal of the EPO lack a revision instance. In both the UPC and the EPC a revision is only possible for formal reasons, mainly for non-observation of the right to be heard. The very rare decisions of the EBA under Art 112 and in the future of the UPC under R 238A UPC cannot replace a proper revision instance in matters of substance. In the UPC this very important possibility can even be removed by decision Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzof the Administrative Committee! At least in the EPC it is enshrined in the convention itself which cannot be changed at the whim of an administrative committee.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzThat the EPO cannot be sued a refusal to grant is correct. On the other hand a UP can, at least in the beginning, only exist if the proprietor requests it. After the transitional period, all EP will be automatically designating a member state of the UPC, they will automatically subject to the jurisdiction of the UPC provided they are granted. But being granted or refused, letting a court outside of the control of the CJEU to decide on Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzthe fate of an asset potentially or actually valid in part of the member states of the EPC is indeed a problem. Whether or not the pro-UPC ignore this fact is irrelevant. It is a fact and might become a much bigger problem as originally thought or presently belittled.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzOne of the biggest problems for which there is no solution is a potential clash of case law between the UPC and the Boards of Appeal. Without a proper mechanism to decide which one will have the lead, the situation might end up in a mess. It is not because Sir Robin Jacob has trumpeted that the UPC will become the lead court in Europe, and all other courts will follow them, that it will necessarily be the case.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzThe problem of the independence of the boards of appeal, or of the members of the UPC are two distinct problems, and mixing the two issues is at best confusing. That a UPC judge can be dismissed by a decision of the Presidium of the UPC without giving him a means of redress is scandalous to say the least. Here the German Federal Constitutional Court has made a serious mistake. But as it was said in the famous decision, we have one Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzreason to kill it, so other reasons are no really important.Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzNothing against establishing a true pan European patent protection, but not what is attempted to the shoved down our throats in the interests of big companies and the lawyer working for them. The whole UPC is not giving the expected true pan European protection and ought to be scrapped and new negotiations started. The birth problems of the Luxembourg Convention of 1975 have only been solved at the surface, the UPCA and the UPC are notOct 25 17:45
schestowitza proper replacement for it. European industry has been happily living without something like the Luxembourg convention, so why do we need such a bad replacement?Oct 25 17:45
schestowitzIn view of the very few truly supranational litigations in Europe, ( an average of 5-7 validations for an EP) and now that the UK is not participating, the UPC is only badly needed for those hoping to further fill their already deep pockets. Have you also noticed that the usefulness of the UPC for European SMEs has disappeared from the propaganda?Oct 25 17:45
schestowitz'Oct 25 17:45
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 17:52
schestowitzzoobab: ^^Oct 25 17:56
schestowitzI assume you go by the movie guy's nameOct 25 17:56
schestowitzthe Belgian oneOct 25 17:56
schestowitzBecause the wording sounds a lot like yoursOct 25 17:56
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Kernel: Linux 5.10 Outline, TTM and Intel Compute Stack • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 20:54
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-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-"DEBATE NIGHT 2020!" — A Bad Lip Reading of the First Presidential Debate of 2020 - YouTubeOct 25 21:21
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: System76’s Pop!_OS 20.10 and More Preinstalled GNU/Linux • 𝕿𝖚𝖝 𝕸𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖘 ☞ []Oct 25 22:18
schestowitzgovernments lieOct 25 22:22
schestowitzbut the labels used are wrongOct 25 22:22
schestowitzbut then again, the purpose it to mix truth with fictionOct 25 22:22
schestowitzthen discredit anything that questions an official's claimOct 25 22:22
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schestowitz"big data"Oct 25 23:08
schestowitz 25 23:08
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-2013 Red Hat Summit: Arvind Krishna, IBM Keynote - YouTubeOct 25 23:08
schestowitzspying and data-miningOct 25 23:08
schestowitz 25 23:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-IIT Kanpur's Distinguished Alumnus Dr Arvind Krishna, CEO, IBM as he shares his experiences with us - YouTubeOct 25 23:10
schestowitzlolOct 25 23:10
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-TechrightsBot-tr/ | …‘dummy value’ is offensive to the value. Think about the feeling… | Dr. Roy Schestowitz (罗伊)Oct 25 23:40
schestowitz"Oct 25 23:40
schestowitzI feel horrible. Think of all those poor valuesOct 25 23:40
schestowitzI offended during my IT system testing.Oct 25 23:40
schestowitzI cant look in a mirror anymore.Oct 25 23:40
schestowitz"Oct 25 23:40

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