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DaemonFC[m]You don't know that someone is good or bad because they got old. So these nice apartments and free healthcare and discount movie tickets is just discrimination.Jul 29 00:00
DaemonFC[m]It's a perfect example of judging someone by an arbitrary factor (age) instead of the content of their character. To get there, you have to say "Yeah, but if you let in young people they're going to cause trouble.". Mom said that.Jul 29 00:01
DaemonFC[m]But your neighbor could be Whitey Bulger, and they'd let him right in.Jul 29 00:01
DaemonFC[m]Nazis went into hiding and got old. Jul 29 00:04
DaemonFC[m]Stephen King wrote a horror story about a quiet older man next door who turned out to be a Nazi war criminal.Jul 29 00:05
DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz "if 330 million catch this and ho"> I'd say this is a "What did we learn?" pandemic.Jul 29 00:05
DaemonFC[m]You know the people who voted for it and then threw a fit over wearing masks (Trump supporters) and started shooting people for asking them to wear masks, or the two idiots who made a plane turn around this morning........Jul 29 00:06
schestowitz[00:05] <DaemonFC[m]> Stephen King wrote a horror story about a quiet older man next door who turned out to be a Nazi war criminal.Jul 29 00:06
schestowitzThere is a book called thatJul 29 00:07
schestowitzI forgot its author, it's not an old bookJul 29 00:07
DaemonFC[m]Most people who go splat are going to be them. Mom's entire church got it. I haven't. In my house, we use hand sanitizer and face masks, so it's probably just going to pass right over us.Jul 29 00:07
schestowitzthe cover has some skinhead on it\Jul 29 00:07
schestowitzbrbJul 29 00:07
*schestowitz uploads irc logsJul 29 00:07
schestowitzdependsJul 29 00:14
schestowitzre [00:07] <DaemonFC[m]> Most people who go splat are going to be them. Mom's entire church got it. I haven't. In my house, we use hand sanitizer and face masks, so it's probably just going to pass right over us.Jul 29 00:14
schestowitzthe key thing is, if you catch itJul 29 00:14
schestowitz1) make sure hospitals are cleanJul 29 00:14
schestowitz2) have the capacityJul 29 00:14
schestowitz3) maybe better treatmentsJul 29 00:14
schestowitzin the US the hospitals are full now, many areJul 29 00:14
schestowitzand 'dirty' with COVIDJul 29 00:15
schestowitzso not a good time to catch itJul 29 00:15
schestowitzafaik, here in the UK the number of patients decreased a lotJul 29 00:15
schestowitzso IF you catch it, you can still get more attention and better careJul 29 00:15
schestowitzGermany's Merkel spoke about pacing down infection ratesJul 29 00:15
schestowitzso that they have enough beds to keep mortality rates lowJul 29 00:16
schestowitzand it seems to have worked spectacularly well for themJul 29 00:16
schestowitzit's hard to eradicate it from one's body when you're in the hallway with many people choking and coughing near youJul 29 00:16
schestowitzin turkey apparently they also had loads of beds availableJul 29 00:17
schestowitzFL 186 deadJul 29 00:19
schestowitzTX still not countedJul 29 00:19
schestowitzit'll be over 1200Jul 29 00:19
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DaemonFC[m]Well, scaling back testing isn't going to have a dramatic effect on the death count.Jul 29 00:39
DaemonFC[m]People who get sick enough to require medical attention will likely still get a test.Jul 29 00:39
schestowitztesting less means giving upJul 29 00:41
schestowitzbecause it does not scale anymoreJul 29 00:41
schestowitzif you test and only 1 in 100 is positive, then you can quarantine effectivelyJul 29 00:41
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, but states like Florida are like 1 in 5. Jul 29 00:43
DaemonFC[m]So it's no longer possible to contain it.Jul 29 00:43
DaemonFC[m]Can you believe at the beginning of this, their Governor Mini Trump was down there with the state police on the state line checking for New York plates. Now Florida is an even bigger mess than New York ever became.Jul 29 00:44
schestowitzsome households have 5 peopleJul 29 00:44
schestowitzand you cannot oust/evict people from familyJul 29 00:45
schestowitzno place to stayJul 29 00:45
schestowitz1070 ex. Texas todayJul 29 00:45
schestowitzso add about 800Jul 29 00:46
schestowitzall in all +2,000 in one dayJul 29 00:46
schestowitzretroactive aggregationJul 29 00:46
schestowitzlike CHina did, adding another 1,200+Jul 29 00:46
DaemonFC[m]California only budgeted for finding homeless people some place to stay after they lost that Supreme Court case where Roberts joined the 4 Democrats to say that if a state is not helping a person find housing then they can't arrest them for simply living in a park or something.Jul 29 00:46
schestowitzbut China stopped reporting deathsJul 29 00:46
DaemonFC[m]I wonder if that had any effect on Chicago or Indianapolis.Jul 29 00:46
schestowitz"Death certificate data has identified 5,713 fatalities among Texas residents, including 44 newly reported Monday. That compares with 5,038 deaths reported Sunday under the previous method.""Jul 29 00:47
schestowitzabout 600-700 people differenceJul 29 00:48
DaemonFC[m]California has typically been one of the meanest states towards homeless people. That was the second case they lost in 20 years over (first) a law that made it a felony to bring a homeless person into the state and (recently) a crime to sleep in a public park.Jul 29 00:48
DaemonFC[m]I mean you hear people say that Republicans are exceptionally cruel towards homeless people are are trying to criminalize it, and that's true, but the two most notable Supreme Court cases with a state defendant are California.Jul 29 00:49
DaemonFC[m]Rich people don't want to do anything about it except send the cops out to beat them up and burn their tents. So it's not surprising. The Chicago Police were doing a lot of that under Rahm Emanuel. Jul 29 00:50
DaemonFC[m]Then you have these assholes who think the police help people and whatnot. I got another cold call from some Indiana troopers thing wanting money because I have an Indiana number. I told them "You're talking to the wrong person. The whole country is tearing itself apart because the cops are violent thugs that just go around murdering people and now you call me in the middle of this while there are riots in my city anJul 29 00:51
DaemonFC[m]you want money. Fuck you.". Then I hung up.Jul 29 00:51
DaemonFC[m]It's like how dare they. You know, they're probably calling people in Indiana to exploit the George Floyd murder, because they know they'll get conservatives who hate black people and worship the cops even though the cops are nasty to them too a lot of the time. Jul 29 00:53
DaemonFC[m]There's supposedly a "Chinese curse" that goes "May you live in interesting times and may you come to the attention of those in authority.". Smart people, if that's true. Jul 29 00:54
DaemonFC[m]The schools don't teach it, but the US dollar already failed once. Jul 29 00:55
DaemonFC[m]Congress literally could not (due to the articles of confederation) lay down a tax, and no state was volunteering to hand over money.Jul 29 00:56
DaemonFC[m]So Congress passed spending bills and then covered it by just creating new money for whatever they wanted to spend.Jul 29 00:56
DaemonFC[m]Hyperinflation set in, and it wasn't helped by the fact that British agents were counterfeiting and dumping those in as a form of harassment at the same time, and eventually it took so many Continental Dollars to buy something that Washington quipped "A wheelbarrow full of money barely buys a wheelbarrow full of supplies." and the phrase "Not worth a Continental." came into being. Jul 29 00:57
DaemonFC[m]Actually, for almost a century after the new Constitution, the federal government mostly paid its bills with various excise and estate taxes. Then the Civil War happened and the IRS was created. (along with paper money that wasn't backed by anything).Jul 29 00:59
DaemonFC[m]You can, of course, buy gold and silver with dollars today, but the government doesn't back them with that upon demand, and the price floats.Jul 29 01:00
DaemonFC[m]Right now, gold is at $2,000 an ounce. It was at $1,500 an ounce in January. Jul 29 01:01
DaemonFC[m]People are skeptical of the US Dollar and are buying gold and silver instead of Treasuries, so the government has resorted to the Fed inflating the Dollar more to finance the deficit and pump money into worthless stocks and corporate debt to create the appearance of everything being okay.. Jul 29 01:02
schestowitz1,174 deaths Jul 29 01:08
schestowitz+700 or soJul 29 01:08
schestowitzso it's about 1,900 totalJul 29 01:08
DaemonFC[m]McDonald's stock is doing better than most.Jul 29 01:09
DaemonFC[m]They tend to do okay in recessions.Jul 29 01:09
DaemonFC[m]I heard they're cutting down the menu and getting rid of that all day breakfast.Jul 29 01:09
DaemonFC[m]Franchise owners hate it because it lowers operating margins, but corporate demands things because they get the franchise fees no matter what and they have it stacked so that they're not exposed to the effects of their demands.Jul 29 01:10
DaemonFC[m]When things get bad, they give franchise owners more flexibility.Jul 29 01:10
schestowitzwho goes to eat out in this junk place?Jul 29 01:11
schestowitzheck, who even pays for food more than is needed?Jul 29 01:11
DaemonFC[m]I don't do that often these days.Jul 29 01:11
DaemonFC[m]Sometimes.Jul 29 01:11
schestowitzto maintain "lifestyle"?Jul 29 01:11
schestowitzif Coca Cola says Coke sales were down by X, assume Xx2Jul 29 01:11
schestowitzcompanies embellish and don't report based on what's realJul 29 01:12
schestowitzthere are loopholesJul 29 01:12
schestowitzthey don't want to alarm investorsJul 29 01:12
MinceR29 021126 < schestowitz> heck, who even pays for food more than is needed?Jul 29 01:13
MinceRtastier food vs the cheapest possible for survival?Jul 29 01:13
schestowitzthis junk food is neither tasty nor healthyJul 29 01:14
DaemonFC[m] 29 01:14
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Coronavirus: Trump asks why he doesn't have high approval like FauciJul 29 01:14
schestowitzyou could eat beans and be better offJul 29 01:14
DaemonFC[m]Fauci didn't tell people to bleach themselves.Jul 29 01:14
schestowitzlolJul 29 01:14
schestowitzor chlorinateJul 29 01:15
schestowitz1190 dead+700Jul 29 01:15
MinceRperhaps, but there is other food that is more expensive than needed and is also more rewarding to eatJul 29 01:20
DaemonFC[m]Sometimes I grab what other people got from the food banks and threw out.Jul 29 01:32
DaemonFC[m]Lots of canned vegetables that end up tossed on the food pantry days.Jul 29 01:33
DaemonFC[m]I clean the cans off and store them by themselves for a week or so.Jul 29 01:33
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Mandy told me to get new clothes because of some holes.Jul 29 01:34
DaemonFC[m]So I got a $1 sewing kit instead.Jul 29 01:34
DaemonFC[m]You can't even tell there were holes because the shirts were coming apart at the bottom of the sleeves. Jul 29 01:35
DaemonFC[m]Things like that.Jul 29 01:35
DaemonFC[m]I've probably spent maybe $50-60 on clothes in the last ten years. Jul 29 01:35
DaemonFC[m]Trump went from badmouthing Fauci and accusing him of 'spreading disinformation" and then pivoted to "But he's got great approval ratings, and I like that, because....remember...he's working for this administration!".Jul 29 01:37
DaemonFC[m]For those of us in our mid 30s who don't want to be sick all month, seem to recover, and then have a stroke, I'd say the administration is doing a horrific job. Made all the more frightening by the fact that my even more aged parents still give this carnival barker their approval.Jul 29 01:41
MinceRlolJul 29 01:41
DaemonFC[m]You know. It happens every year. Hundreds of thousands of Americans get the flu. It lasts all month, don'tcha know? Then after the rest recover they have heart and lung damage that never goes away and fall over dead at 23 from a stroke. Happens all the time. Nothing shuts down. Move along.Jul 29 01:43
DaemonFC[m]*get the flu and die, that is.Jul 29 01:43
DaemonFC[m]We've already had at least 5 years of flu deaths in 90 days of COVID.Jul 29 01:44
DaemonFC[m]But nothing abnormal about that.Jul 29 01:44
DaemonFC[m]It seems to kill people about 10 times faster than the flu with ineffective mitigation. Jul 29 01:47
DaemonFC[m]We know that because Trump ensured ineffective mitigations by leaving it all up to the states, half of which are governed by his party. Jul 29 01:47
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Mandy was complaining "Potatoes again!?".Jul 29 01:49
DaemonFC[m]I said, "Hey, they're everywhere. Don't blame me.".Jul 29 01:49
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Well, the mobile food pantry can be used by anyone. There's no income limit, but it is sort of random what you get.Jul 29 01:50
DaemonFC[m]So you might get a bag of chia seeds and go "What the hell are these?". But I guess you'll figure it out.Jul 29 01:50
DaemonFC[m]Unless you're black.Jul 29 01:52
DaemonFC[m]Then you throw it to the curb and I get more chia seeds.Jul 29 01:52
DaemonFC[m]They're keeping the good stuff for the white people.Jul 29 01:53
DaemonFC[m]Mom said in Indiana they're giving away so much bacon that nobody knows what to do with all the bacon.Jul 29 01:54
DaemonFC[m]I told her I'd trade her 20 pounds of chia seeds for a pack of bacon.Jul 29 01:54
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DaemonFC[m]"There must be a mistake. You're feeding me the food that my food eats.".Jul 29 01:58
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DaemonFC[m]I use that Instant Pot pressure cooker thing nearly every day.Jul 29 02:08
DaemonFC[m]I'm glad they make replacement inner pots.Jul 29 02:08
DaemonFC[m]It's gotten so bad here that they don't make people fill out income forms to use the food pantry.Jul 29 02:10
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DaemonFC[m]But unemployment is getting so much better, you know?Jul 29 02:10
*GNUmoon (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsJul 29 02:10
schestowitz[01:34] <DaemonFC[m]> schestowitz: Mandy told me to get new clothes because of some holes.Jul 29 02:11
schestowitzgo to ukaiukai in tondo thenJul 29 02:11
schestowitzwith fleas for freeJul 29 02:11
schestowitzbut no "boslot"Jul 29 02:11
DaemonFC[m]HehJul 29 02:11
schestowitzclothes with holes are fine for home, like pyjamasJul 29 02:12
DaemonFC[m]Shittier than Goodwill I take it?Jul 29 02:12
schestowitzthey can be fine clothes if you ignore these imperfectionsJul 29 02:12
schestowitzWell, they get them donated for freeJul 29 02:12
schestowitzas goodwillJul 29 02:12
schestowitzbut then they CHARGE the locals for itJul 29 02:12
schestowitzso the charity becomes some people's scamJul 29 02:12
DaemonFC[m]I don't care if pajamas have holes in them, until it gets really really bad and then I throw them out.Jul 29 02:12
schestowitzyou can use them as rugsJul 29 02:13
schestowitzrather than ragsJul 29 02:13
DaemonFC[m]Some of that is legit. They have employees to pay.Jul 29 02:13
DaemonFC[m]Rent, utilities...Jul 29 02:13
MinceRi insist that some of my clothes have holes in themJul 29 02:15
MinceRone for the head, for exampleJul 29 02:15
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Jul 29 02:29
scientesyes, palemoon has MUCH better flash performance if you really need thatJul 29 02:41
scientesbut you really should ONLY use it for that, as flash is VERY insecureJul 29 02:41
DaemonFC[m] 29 02:45
DaemonFC[m]This guy is living at this hotel.Jul 29 02:45
DaemonFC[m]I talked to him in the laundry room today.Jul 29 02:46
DaemonFC[m]Says he got 6 years. Maybe they let him out because of COVID.Jul 29 02:46
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I also found another case where internet service providers might have made an automated report to Highland, Illinois police.Jul 29 02:47
DaemonFC[m]It's an ongoing ordeal though, so a FOIA request would be so blacked out it would probably be useless. Jul 29 02:48
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Stackable Raspberry Pi HAT provides up to 64 Resistance Temperature Detectors []Jul 29 03:04
MinceRwhy would the Highlanders want to know?Jul 29 03:07
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Tails 4.9 is out []Jul 29 03:10
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming: LLVM, ttdo and Python []Jul 29 03:17
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Debian: Former DPL Chris Lamb, Current DPL Jonathan Carter and Steve Kemp []Jul 29 03:25
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: The Beta Version Of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.3 Is Now Available []Jul 29 07:34
DaemonFC[m]<MinceR "why would the Highlanders want t"> The case says they got a "disturbing report" which led them to raid his house.Jul 29 07:36
DaemonFC[m]Could mean anything. Could mean an ex found out about it. More likely he put something on Gdrive.Jul 29 07:37
schestowitz 29 07:47
schestowitz"Talking to a reporter in 1974, Watson Jr. described his relationship with his father; "My father and I had terrible fights ... He seemed like a blanket that covered everything. I really wanted to beat him but also make him proud of me." But this relationship was not all negative: "I really enjoyed the ten years (working) with him". In his book he says; "I was so intimately entwined with my father. I had a compelling desire, maybe out Jul 29 07:47
schestowitzof honor for the old gentleman, maybe out of sheer cussedness, to prove to the world that I could excel in the same way that he did.""Jul 29 07:48
schestowitz"After graduating, Watson became a salesman for IBM but had little interest in the job. The turning point was his service as a pilot in the Army Air Force during World War II. Brother "Dick" (Arthur) Watson had dropped out of Yale as a Major in Ordnance. Tom Jr. became a Lieutenant Colonel flying military commanders. Tom Jr. later admitted to journalists that the one career he would have liked to follow was an airline pilot. Piloting Jul 29 07:48
schestowitzcame easily to him and for the first time, he had confidence in his abilities. Toward the end of his service, Watson worked for Major General Follett Bradley, who suggested that he should try to follow his father at IBM. Watson regularly flew Bradley, the director of lend-lease programs to the Soviet Union, to Moscow during the war. On these trips, he learned Russian, which would later serve him well as the American Ambassador to the Jul 29 07:48
schestowitzSoviet Union. "Jul 29 07:48
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Do you want me to see if I can pull anything on this?Jul 29 07:57
DaemonFC[m]I'll watch his case and see when it closes out in a few months and then do a FOIA.Jul 29 07:58
DaemonFC[m]Well, this guy has a rap sheet a mile long.Jul 29 08:00
DaemonFC[m]Not a model citizen.Jul 29 08:00
DaemonFC[m]Oh wow.Jul 29 08:01
DaemonFC[m]It wasn't just CP.Jul 29 08:02
DaemonFC[m]They got him with a loaded firearm with no permit and sex with an animal.Jul 29 08:02
DaemonFC[m]Jesus.Jul 29 08:02
schestowitzwho is thhis about?Jul 29 08:02
DaemonFC[m]Thomas W. KellerJul 29 08:03
DaemonFC[m]I saw a news story about this guy.Jul 29 08:03
schestowitzOh, I see Jul 29 08:03
schestowitzsomeone you spoke toJul 29 08:03
DaemonFC[m]Hell no.Jul 29 08:03
DaemonFC[m]His mug shot looks creepy af.Jul 29 08:03
schestowitzwell, if it's some random personJul 29 08:04
schestowitzthen it's of no relevance to usJul 29 08:04
schestowitzI am doing IBM digging at the momentJul 29 08:04
schestowitzwant to help me?Jul 29 08:04
DaemonFC[m]They used civil asset forefeiture to take his 2016 Chevy Silvarado because of the handgun.Jul 29 08:04
schestowitzI am checking some decalassified files about founder's sonJul 29 08:04
DaemonFC[m]Well, he won't need his SUV where he's going when this gets to court. Jul 29 08:06
DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz "want to help me?"> With what?Jul 29 08:07
schestowitz 29 08:09
schestowitzHave a quick lookJul 29 08:09
schestowitzmany are not relevant among the resultsJul 29 08:09
schestowitzsome areJul 29 08:09
DaemonFC[m]Not a fantastic search engine.Jul 29 08:12
schestowitz 29 08:14
schestowitzsee what you can find in itJul 29 08:14
schestowitzkey task:Jul 29 08:18
schestowitzsee if there's something conspicuous in itJul 29 08:18
schestowitzlike nepotismJul 29 08:18
schestowitzthis is 1979Jul 29 08:18
schestowitzAlso 29 08:19
schestowitznot likely anyone ever covered itJul 29 08:20
schestowitzdeclassified years agoJul 29 08:20
schestowitz 29 08:23
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schestowitz 29 09:00
schestowitz1960Jul 29 09:00
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XRevan86 what a trickJul 29 15:26
MinceRah yes, innovation putin styleJul 29 15:28
schestowitzwhat does it say?Jul 29 15:30
XRevan86A Moscow municipal deputee was requested to sign a receipt on a building capital repair (major overhaul?)Jul 29 15:35
XRevan86repair of internal electrical supply network in a multi-flat buildingJul 29 15:36
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Kernel: Google, Intel and Amazon Code []Jul 29 15:39
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Devices: Wind River, Raspberry Pi and Arduino []Jul 29 15:42
MinceR(cat) 29 15:46
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schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: Florida already reports 216 deaths today with ~10,000 more cases. By contrast, England+Wales+Scotland+N. Ireland at around 500-700 cases a day.Jul 29 16:15
schestowitzSome time this week Mexico will become the third country to have more #covid19 deaths than the #uk (which also did a truly terrible job)Jul 29 16:17
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: OSS Leftovers []Jul 29 16:35
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s leftovers []Jul 29 16:38
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Links 29/7/2020: LabPlot 2.8 Beta and GNU Nano 5 []Jul 29 16:43
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Nano 5.0 Released As A Big Feature Update To This Easy-To-Use Terminal Text Editor []Jul 29 16:55
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: IBM Launches Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) Toolkit for Linux []Jul 29 17:00
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Samsung 870 QVO SSD Performance On Ubuntu Linux []Jul 29 17:01
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: PinePhone Linux smartphone could get a slide-out keyboard acessory []Jul 29 17:02
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Stable Kernels: 5.7.11, 5.4.54, 4.19.135, and 4.14.190 []Jul 29 17:03
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Android Leftovers []Jul 29 17:06
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Why has Debian been gripped by vendettas? []Jul 29 17:13
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Jul 29 17:28
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: just got the next installment from SPDJul 29 17:46
schestowitzRe: InstallmentJul 29 17:46
schestowitz> Hi Jul 29 17:46
schestowitz> Jul 29 17:46
schestowitz> Have a look through these. I had a glance. But I can't see a lot ofJul 29 17:46
schestowitz> info. See what you think. They marked it final installment. Jul 29 17:46
schestowitzI am going to take a look. It's supposed to be 12 instalments, they have told another petitioner. Are they taking shortcuts?Jul 29 17:46
schestowitzLet's see what's in it...Jul 29 17:46
MinceR 29 17:48
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TechrightsBot-trHello World! I'm TechrightsBot-tr running phIRCe v0.77Jul 29 17:54
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libertybox 29 18:29
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Man arrested at Bill Gates' estate for reportedly trading child pornJul 29 18:29
schestowitz 29 18:32
schestowitzThis is consistent with  what we have from the policeJul 29 18:32
schestowitz"Jones has not been jailed, but he is ordered to stay away from all children."Jul 29 18:32
schestowitz"Jul 29 18:34
schestowitz Jul 29 18:34
schestowitzHi Roy, I see you're logged on!Jul 29 18:34
schestowitzJul 29 18:34
schestowitz"Jul 29 18:35
schestowitz(discussing all this internally)Jul 29 18:35
schestowitzwe're not making progress yet, might have to get the documents from the court as wellJul 29 18:35
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MinceR 29 19:35
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Frog PrinceJul 29 19:35
*obarun ( has joined #techrightsJul 29 19:42
DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz ""Jones has not been jailed, but "> Roy, Probation for this isn't a picnic. He'll have trouble finding a place to live or work for the rest of his life even if he doesn't go to prison.Jul 29 19:44
DaemonFC[m]That's felony probation. It's not "show up every month and tell me you haven't done anything else this month so I can get you off my books" probation like I got on a C Misdemeanor. This is ankle monitor, can't go into a park, can't live near anything.....good luck getting a job at McDonalds.Jul 29 19:45
DaemonFC[m]The courts aren't terribly concerned with facts. Just being charged with it is enough for them to get something from you.Jul 29 19:46
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: My cousin's husband went to prison because his ex wife got mad at him and made accusations to the police. He was in prison for 2 years.Jul 29 19:46
DaemonFC[m]They offered him probation on a plea bargain, but he went to prison for 2 years and now he's on felony parole.Jul 29 19:47
DaemonFC[m]The lawyer he got bilked my cousin out of a small fortune and promised them the moon and the stars and then opted for a jury trial, where they basically had no good defense, and they convicted him like that. Didn't take 10 minutes to consider it first. Jul 29 19:48
DaemonFC[m]The prosecutor was in there throwing shit at him right and left. He drove on an expired license once. He had an ounce of weed in 1988. It was awful. It was a complete shit show. The judge ate it up.Jul 29 19:48
DaemonFC[m]The courts in this country simply do not care about the facts or the law.Jul 29 19:49
DaemonFC[m]You'll get an hour or two where they feign interest in what happened before they convict you (87% of the time).Jul 29 19:50
DaemonFC[m]People say "My lawyer was leaning on me to take that deal so he could get rid of me.".Jul 29 19:51
DaemonFC[m]Maybe, but probably not.Jul 29 19:51
DaemonFC[m]They know the local courts, the prosecutors, the judges. They know what kind of a case the state has.Jul 29 19:51
DaemonFC[m]If you can't go in there and swiftly blow them out of the water and there's a relatively lenient deal compared to what's likely to happen, you take it. That's all it is. Damage control. From the time you're arrested, it's damage control.Jul 29 19:52
DaemonFC[m]You can go in there and 9 out of 10 times you go to jail for 8 months, but here's a deal with probation and we'll call it something else to spare your reputation a bit. How's that?Jul 29 19:53
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: There was another case where the prosecutor who went after me last year got a man on a hate crime. A felony.Jul 29 19:54
DaemonFC[m]The guy saw a man with a Mexican flag on a motorcycle. So he ran the guy off the road and then chased him down with an ice pick saying "Go back where you came from!".Jul 29 19:54
DaemonFC[m]The prosecutor made a deal with the Trump supporter to drop the hate crime and plea deal for misdemeanor assault.Jul 29 19:54
DaemonFC[m]So he goes "This sort of behavior will never be tolerated in Lake County!" for the news cameras, and then because the prosecutor is a Republican, he quietly drops the hate crime and basically lets the Trump supporter who ran after someone with an ice pick go.Jul 29 19:55
DaemonFC[m]It was one of those "Hey, he's one of us. He landed on my desk, so we can't just let him go, so we'll slap him and make him go to probation for a while." things.Jul 29 20:02
DaemonFC[m]If he was a black guy, what happens? Everyone knows what happens.Jul 29 20:02
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I actually taunted the probation department a little bit.Jul 29 20:03
DaemonFC[m]Under the radar a little, but openly.Jul 29 20:03
DaemonFC[m]She asked me what kind of music I listened to, and I said "Oh nothing recent. I found an Alan Parsons Project box set the other day." (on rutracker lol)Jul 29 20:04
DaemonFC[m]She asked me some more about them and I got to "There was this weird album at the end called 'The Sicilian Defence', and it was never meant to be released.". She goes, "Why?".Jul 29 20:04
DaemonFC[m]I said, "Well, it was basically a middle finger to Arista, the record company, to get out of their contractual obligation to make a certain number of albums in a given timeframe. They got to the end and Alan Parsons knew they didn't have time to do anything good and they wanted a new contract, so they basically just banged on some keyboards and such until they had enough material to put on a tape and send to theJul 29 20:06
DaemonFC[m]record company. The record company tried to sue them, but ended up dropping it because they didn't say exactly what kind of album it had to be.".Jul 29 20:06
DaemonFC[m]Then I explained the reasoning behind the chess move.Jul 29 20:09
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Firefox 79 is using Microsoft tactics. I upgraded and it turned "recommended by Pocket" back on.Jul 29 20:10
DaemonFC[m]I followed the probation contract to the letter with my own "Sicilian", and she knew it, but she couldn't do anything because those were the rules.Jul 29 20:12
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psydreadFirefox is now both literally and figuratively MicrosoftwareJul 29 20:49
DaemonFC[m]I almost always opened with the Sicilian when I was new to Chess even before I knew there was a name for it.Jul 29 20:55
DaemonFC[m]It seems obvious that if you can't go on the attack, you should force your attacker into the worst possible move for them.Jul 29 20:55
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DaemonFC[m] 29 21:23
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 1557407 - Don't expose the `DOMWindowClosed` event to contentJul 29 21:23
DaemonFC[m]"A number of internal Gecko events — including DOMWindowClose — which were accidentally exposed to the web, are now internal-only as intended (bug 1557407)."Jul 29 21:23
DaemonFC[m]LOLJul 29 21:23
schestowitzlolJul 29 21:24
DaemonFC[m]Over a dozen.Jul 29 21:25
DaemonFC[m]This would be very useful for fingerprinting attacks.Jul 29 21:25
DaemonFC[m]Test if it's supported. In Firefox 78 and earlier, they are.Jul 29 21:25
*psymin (~psymin@fsf/member/psymin) has joined #techrightsJul 29 21:28
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Rep. Louie Gohmert has COVID-19.Jul 29 21:30
DaemonFC[m]He refused to wear a mask or practice social distancing.Jul 29 21:33
DaemonFC[m]His office was not responding to requests for comment.Jul 29 21:33
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: There's a preview for the new season of Archer.Jul 29 21:46
DaemonFC[m]I actually used one of his lines on my mom when she was ranting about something.Jul 29 21:46
DaemonFC[m]"That sounds great, mother. Unfortunately I have to get back to Earth before the Stargate closes. Mother... Chevrons are locking!".Jul 29 21:47
DaemonFC[m]After my probation expires I might drive the old battle wagon down to Indiana after I get it repaired.Jul 29 21:50
DaemonFC[m]Come back up with a trunk full of cigarettes. Jul 29 21:50
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Security Leftovers []Jul 29 21:51
DaemonFC[m]The cops won't go anywhere near this place if they can avoid it and just about everyone smokes.Jul 29 21:51
DaemonFC[m]I think there are more Walmart shopping carts in the motel's parking lot than there are at Walmart.Jul 29 21:52
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Mitigating BootHole – ‘There’s a hole in the boot’ – CVE-2020-10713 and related vulnerabilities []Jul 29 21:55
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Jul 29 21:58
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: That GRUB CVE has a fix in today's updates.Jul 29 21:59
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Carrier board duo support Toradex’s Verdin modules []Jul 29 21:59
DaemonFC[m]Actually lots of CVE patches in GRUB today.Jul 29 22:00
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Jul 29 22:00
DaemonFC[m]8 CVEs, but more patches that indicate that the bug might be a CVE if someone requested one.Jul 29 22:01
DaemonFC[m]Maybe 20 total.Jul 29 22:02
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Librem 14 Thoughts From a CG Artist []Jul 29 22:02
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Jul 29 22:04
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today in Techrights []Jul 29 22:17
schestowitz17 million #covid19 cases confirmed now. I remember when it was under 100,000.Jul 29 22:19
*rianne has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jul 29 22:20
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superkuhIn terms of confirmed sars-cov-2 infections I can't imagine a world happening where that number doesn't reach 4 billion eventually.Jul 29 22:25
*GNUmoon (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsJul 29 22:25
DaemonFC[m]CVE-2020-15657: DLL hijacking due to incorrect loading pathJul 29 22:31
DaemonFC[m]That's the second dll hijack I've seen in Firefox in 2 months (Windows only, obviously).Jul 29 22:32
DaemonFC[m]"Firefox could be made to load attacker-supplied DLL files from the installation directory.Jul 29 22:32
DaemonFC[m]This required an attacker that is already capable of placing files in the installation directory."Jul 29 22:32
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, like every installation program the user might run.Jul 29 22:33
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Record Live Audio as Ogg Vorbis in GNOME Gingerblue 0.2.0 []Jul 29 22:33
XRevan86Secure Boot bypass? Oh noes!Jul 29 22:38
XRevan86Oh, UEFI certificate revokation… oh no.Jul 29 22:38
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Atari VCS games cost up to $25, will focus on indies and not AAA games []Jul 29 23:04
*mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)Jul 29 23:05
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Self-Hosted and Open-Source Alternatives to Popular Services []Jul 29 23:09
DaemonFC[m]Mandy does not like Earl Grey tea. Hmm, according to Wikipedia just as well it seems.Jul 29 23:10
DaemonFC[m]One of his medications says don't eat grapefruit. Jul 29 23:10
schestowitz 29 23:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Destination Linux 184: Let's Squash Some Bugs (plus Manjaro ARM Interview)Jul 29 23:10
DaemonFC[m]Apparently, bergamot oil has the compound which causes the interactions with drugs that say no grapefruit.Jul 29 23:11
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I came across a Wikipedia article about HEVC and the patents.Jul 29 23:11
DaemonFC[m]It says "Many key players". So I changed it to "Many key patent holders.".Jul 29 23:12
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Audiocasts/Shows: FLOSS Weekly, Linux Headlines and Destination Linux []Jul 29 23:12
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: So, not a Picard personJul 29 23:12
DaemonFC[m]Guessing not.Jul 29 23:15
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Hardware/Modding: Arduino Nano, Raspberry Pi CM3 and Linux-ready UP Xtreme Lite []Jul 29 23:19
*psymin (~psymin@fsf/member/psymin) has joined #techrightsJul 29 23:20
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: sounds about rightJul 29 23:21
schestowitzthose who get "Royalties"Jul 29 23:21
schestowitzfor doing a bunch of junkJul 29 23:21
schestowitzlike applying for more and newer patentsJul 29 23:21
XRevan86> Bergamot is a source of bergamottin which, along with the chemically related compound 6',7'-dihydroxybergamottin, is known to be responsible for grapefruit–drug interactions in which the consumption of the juice affects the metabolism of a variety of pharmaceutical drugs.Jul 29 23:26
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming: GCC, Perl, Python and Rust []Jul 29 23:27
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: Right.Jul 29 23:27
schestowitzMisleading headline. This is about #linuxfoundation boosting #SURVEILLANCE hosted on #microsoft #github (!) - not even effective against COVID  see 29 23:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Foundation Launches Open Source COVID GroupJul 29 23:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | [Meme] Linux (or Linux Foundation) Rapidly Becoming ‘Stalin’s Dream’ | TechrightsJul 29 23:33
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: IBM announces homomorphic encryption toolkit for Linux []Jul 29 23:50
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: question...Jul 29 23:51
schestowitzI was debating this with two people todayJul 29 23:51
schestowitzas weceived about 2,700 additional pages; still exploring ways forward with this longstanding investigationJul 29 23:51
schestowitz*receivedJul 29 23:51
schestowitzfrom SPDJul 29 23:51
schestowitzwhat does your gut feeling tell you about billgJul 29 23:52
schestowitzhaving seen public appearance, age, people he associates withJul 29 23:52
schestowitzcould there be any billg direct connection?Jul 29 23:52
schestowitzlike stash by proxy?Jul 29 23:52
schestowitzI reckon your institution seeing people like this is better than mineJul 29 23:52
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Jul 29 23:56

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