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DaemonFC[m]My guess is that a person like Bill Gates would never be caught because he'd keep it somewhere on local storage and heavily encrypted and never personally transfer anything on a network that could lead back to him if they did trace it to the source. Jul 30 00:15
DaemonFC[m]He seems like a personality type that always covers his tracks, pays off the right people, surrounds himself with people who would never turn on him. I mean, look at Donald Trump. He got caught laundering campaign money to pay to his relatives.Jul 30 00:17
DaemonFC[m]They're all on the campaign payroll and if they say anything, he can take that away from them.Jul 30 00:17
DaemonFC[m]I'm also sure that if anyone does go to prison then a guy like Gates could make sure that they have a random encounter and get found on the floor stabbed to death in the shower one day.Jul 30 00:18
DaemonFC[m]Many criminals hide right in plain sight. Jul 30 00:19
DaemonFC[m]On some level it amuses them that they are breaking the law and the government is far too stupid to ever catch them (until and unless it does). Jul 30 00:19
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: It's also almost like a drug, right? Shoplifters who could easily pay for things case the store and walk right out with it.Jul 30 00:21
DaemonFC[m]It's not about getting out with whatever they took much of the time, it's that it floods the system with adrenaline. Knowing that any second a police officer standing at the exit who knows everything could grab you. Jul 30 00:22
DaemonFC[m]Then he doesn't. That time. Jul 30 00:22
DaemonFC[m]I'd say that, psychologically, it's also a form of self-harm.Jul 30 00:23
DaemonFC[m]They know that some day they'll get caught and they'll be punished severely. They continue. It's like, why do some people cut themselves? I think it's related.Jul 30 00:23
DaemonFC[m]So there's two types of people who break the law, broadly, when it comes to shoplifting or sex crimes or whatever.Jul 30 00:24
schestowitzthanks for your thoughtsJul 30 00:24
schestowitzI am meanwhile working on "IBM and the Bomb: How IBM Played a Role in the Cold War"Jul 30 00:24
DaemonFC[m]There's people who have a psychological need for self-harm, and there's the ones that are stroking their own ego because they're far too smart to ever be caught and they're too important.Jul 30 00:24
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > What kind of stuff was redacted?  I suppose they've even gone over thatJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > to ensure there are not clues.  My own guess is if it was Bill'sJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > personal engineer then it was probably Bill's computer and the engineerJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > is taking the fall on threat of his life if not also general complicityJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > or participation.  Bill has high political ambitions for his cult andJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > staying out of the report was just one small maneuver, as was avoidingJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > having M$ testify in congress this week.  He can't position himself asJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > candidate for VP this time but my money is on him trying to run for theJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > top office next round.  Keep in mind he already even travels in convoysJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:43] <schestowitz> > with decoy cars.Jul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > According to them, that's all they've got. You went through theJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > courtroom files ?Jul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > Jul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > Not sure of next step. The Epstein files are going to be unsealed soon.Jul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > See if Gates' name turns up again.Jul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > Jul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > I really want to know about the connection. There'sJul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> > something bigger there, I'm sure.Jul 30 00:26
schestowitz[23:44] <schestowitz> They never responded to me.Jul 30 00:26
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I'm more of a lawful neutral type, actually. There's almost always a way to get what you want done that is, strictly speaking, allowed by the rules.Jul 30 00:27
DaemonFC[m]Sometimes that's not what was intended, but it's legal.Jul 30 00:28
DaemonFC[m]I'll push a law to its limit, but no more than that. Jul 30 00:28
DaemonFC[m]I've actually never had a speeding ticket, Roy. Because everyone else will be going 90 on the expressway and I'll be plodding along at 55 or 60 because that's the speed limit.Jul 30 00:29
DaemonFC[m]Nobody else is obeying it, but I do.Jul 30 00:29
DaemonFC[m]Maricel and Mark have each had about half a dozen speeding tickets in Lake County alone, ranging from $160-$300, not counting the fact that your insurance rates go up.Jul 30 00:30
DaemonFC[m]Most of the time the system doesn't catch you, but wouldn't you rather not spend $5,000 over a decade on extra insurance premiums and fines than get somewhere 2 minutes faster?Jul 30 00:31
DaemonFC[m]Also, one time, they pulled over Mark and found out that he had no insurance either. Ouch.Jul 30 00:32
DaemonFC[m]So add another $1,400 fine to the government for that one.Jul 30 00:32
DaemonFC[m]If you are breaking a major law, you really need to be careful how many minor laws you break along the way.Jul 30 00:32
DaemonFC[m]The system is loaded with people who got drug felonies and the cop that pulled them over did so because a blinker was out, they were speeding, they ran a stop sign, or they weren't wearing their seat belt. ]Jul 30 00:33
DaemonFC[m]If you don't attract attention, something small probably won't lead to something big.Jul 30 00:33
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I was reading the arrest record for Keller. Jul 30 00:34
DaemonFC[m]He was speeding, which is why he got pulled over.Jul 30 00:34
DaemonFC[m]When he got pulled over, he was in an argument with his wife, who was finished with him, and told the cop that he had a loaded handgun in the car and that he had a trove of CP.Jul 30 00:35
DaemonFC[m]So it wasn't google.Jul 30 00:35
DaemonFC[m]When the cops searched the house, they found hard drives, and on the hard drives and memory sticks, he had a CP trove, and it wasn't just crap from the internet.Jul 30 00:35
DaemonFC[m]He had recorded himself having sex with children in the bedroom and a dog.Jul 30 00:36
DaemonFC[m]Which is where the two sexual assault on a minor and sex with an animal counts came in.Jul 30 00:36
DaemonFC[m]While we'd awaiting 4 felony sex crimes, a felony for unlawful handgun, and a speeding ticket, the police invoked the Civil Asset Forfeiture law and took his SUV to be sold at a Sheriff's Sale because it was used in the commission of a crime (transporting the handgun).Jul 30 00:37
DaemonFC[m]*he'sJul 30 00:37
DaemonFC[m]The Lake County Sheriff noted that the Civil Asset Forfeiture law applied and that they were looking at taking his house too.Jul 30 00:38
DaemonFC[m]Raises money for the county to offset dealing with this guy, and it prevents him from taking out title loans or putting his house up to satisfy the bond. Jul 30 00:39
DaemonFC[m]Since he can't raise money to post bond, he stays in jail and they can offer him a harsher plea deal.Jul 30 00:39
DaemonFC[m]I'd say just have sex with people who want it and are at least 17 (at least in Illinois) and don't video tape it. You should be okay.Jul 30 00:40
DaemonFC[m]I don't really know what's so difficult about it.Jul 30 00:40
DaemonFC[m]I'd really hate being a defense attorney because you'd get people like Keller and have to figure out some kind of a defense for that. What defense is there, really?Jul 30 00:41
DaemonFC[m]On the flip side, you get people who really didn't do it and the state doesn't care. Jul 30 00:43
DaemonFC[m]Again, though, like a lot of this could be avoided if people just didn't record themselves doing something to savor it and then have someone turn on them and go to the cops.Jul 30 00:44
schestowitzI will soon publish this:Jul 30 00:44
DaemonFC[m]Without the videos, it's like "The bitch is lying. Prove it!" and they can't. Jul 30 00:44
schestowitzSummary: With Epstein files set to be released soon (Gates and Epstein were extremely close) we’re gratified to say that we have all the material about Mr. Jones, the engineer of Bill Gates who stockpiling a lot of child pornography and child rape footageJul 30 00:45
schestowitzHOURS ago we received what the police in Seattle claims to be everything it has on this case. The Police Department (SPD) was asked again to assure us that this was everything and it confirmed. “The Epstein files are going to be unsealed soon,” a reader has told us, so we’re likely to resume on this subject some time later this year. At the moment we’re studying some IBM history and will be focusing on that over the coming daysJul 30 00:45
schestowitz A lot of that history predates the Web and even the Internet (history of IBM is over a century old!), but national archives can still be accessed, at least partly. We’re doing the best we can to assess the material and get the facts. █Jul 30 00:45
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: This series Upload got me thinking. They have all these memories the minute someone gets uploaded at the time of their death. So if the person ever committed a crime, obviously there'd be a recording of it in their mind. Jul 30 00:46
schestowitzI don't care much for filmsJul 30 00:47
schestowitzwhen I was younger I had two tech fantasies:Jul 30 00:47
DaemonFC[m]Obviously, if you know you committed a crime, you'll never say anything about it again if you're smart, but what would such a system do? Refuse to Upload? Legally, in this future, you're still alive because your consciousness can be simulated accurately. Jul 30 00:47
schestowitz1) somethine like Google StreetViewJul 30 00:47
schestowitzThat was about a decade before it existedJul 30 00:47
DaemonFC[m]Rot in simulated prison for eternity? Jul 30 00:48
schestowitzbut that turned out to be a surveillance thingJul 30 00:48
schestowitz2) something like the Upload you mentionJul 30 00:48
schestowitza sort of devices for recording one's own dayJul 30 00:48
schestowitzGoogle tries it with CCTV GlassesJul 30 00:48
schestowitzagain, surveillance machineJul 30 00:48
schestowitzPrior to Google Microsoft researched this type of stuffJul 30 00:48
schestowitzlike journaling one's life, day, routine...Jul 30 00:48
DaemonFC[m]That HoloLens thing?Jul 30 00:48
schestowitzSounds like something a megalomaniac (like Gates) would wantJul 30 00:49
schestowitzhe has people taking notes at the dinner table to patent ideas that come up... that's how mentally sick he isJul 30 00:49
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, in this series they mention that.Jul 30 00:49
schestowitz(God complex)Jul 30 00:49
schestowitzHoloLens is differentJul 30 00:49
DaemonFC[m]They tried to "download" one of their uploads into an android body so that he could be back in the real world forever.Jul 30 00:50
schestowitzWe're taking about something like 2004Jul 30 00:50
schestowitzanyway, those are 2 things I wantedJul 30 00:50
DaemonFC[m]But he paid them $4 billion dollars to try it and the android went nuts and died after a few seconds.Jul 30 00:50
schestowitzI still have my PDA archives to help me look back at what I did each dayJul 30 00:50
schestowitzEmail helps alsoJul 30 00:50
schestowitzso you can roughly go back in time and reconstruct eventsJul 30 00:50
DaemonFC[m]Could you imagine a world where Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk never die just because they're rich?Jul 30 00:50
DaemonFC[m]Bad future.Jul 30 00:50
schestowitzNot that you ever will, it's time consuming and offers little/no benefitJul 30 00:51
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: they will die sooner than you thinkJul 30 00:51
schestowitzfirst the brain goesJul 30 00:51
schestowitzBill's dad has had dementia for 2-3 yearsJul 30 00:51
DaemonFC[m]In my opinion, the law should change at that point. Either everyone should have to die or nobody should.Jul 30 00:51
schestowitznot sure if it means he'll do more evil or less evilJul 30 00:52
schestowitzseeinng demented Trump doing lots of damageJul 30 00:52
schestowitzJobs died younger than Gates is nowJul 30 00:52
DaemonFC[m]They've been working on Alzheimer's research for years. It's like HIV/AIDS.Jul 30 00:52
DaemonFC[m]It's a money pit and it stalled out a long time ago.Jul 30 00:52
schestowitzGates is being exposed more and more these daysJul 30 00:52
schestowitzand it lowers his changes of being effective with political leverageJul 30 00:53
schestowitzpeople can trade back lots of bribes he gaveJul 30 00:53
DaemonFC[m]Gates says he wanted to solve AIDS and it's no closer to being a solved problem now than it was in 1995. Jul 30 00:53
schestowitzso I don't worry >too< much or only about himJul 30 00:53
schestowitzthe problem is a lot broader nowJul 30 00:53
schestowitzGates wants to solve nothingJul 30 00:53
schestowitzhe wants to profitJul 30 00:53
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: There is a good point my mom mentioned, of all people.Jul 30 00:53
schestowitz"solving" things is how he MARKETS itJul 30 00:53
schestowitzit's about money and powerJul 30 00:53
DaemonFC[m]She said the HIV/AIDS problem will never go away even if the prevention method is free for everyone.Jul 30 00:54
DaemonFC[m]Because you can prevent it cheaply now and people just don't.Jul 30 00:54
schestowitzlike measlesJul 30 00:54
schestowitzand antivaxxers who spread itJul 30 00:54
schestowitzbrbJul 30 00:54
DaemonFC[m]It's like "unwanted pregnancy". Everyone knows how you get pregnant.Jul 30 00:54
schestowitzI need to go for a bitJul 30 00:55
DaemonFC[m]They fuck with no contraception and they get pregnant, 5 times.Jul 30 00:55
DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz "and antivaxxers who spread it"> I asked a pharmacist if they recommended a second MMR for adults.Jul 30 00:55
DaemonFC[m]She said generally, no.Jul 30 00:55
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I got Mandy vaccinated against like half a dozen things last year. Because they don't have mass vaccination campaigns in the Philippines.Jul 30 00:56
DaemonFC[m]His sister is  nurse and didn't bother, even though his insurance paid for most of it.Jul 30 00:57
XRevan86 – they didn't lie, did theyJul 30 00:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Why the US has so many Filipino nurses - YouTubeJul 30 00:57
DaemonFC[m]But one of her own patients on Yelp for Cancer Treatment Centers of America and say Maricel "or Marisol" is incompetent and shouldn't be a nurse. Jul 30 00:58
DaemonFC[m]XRevan86: There's a nursing shortage that's so bad that they'll take any kind of fuck-up you can mention. Some of them even steal narcotics and get fired and get a job as a nurse somewhere else.Jul 30 00:59
DaemonFC[m]You don't even have to be all that intelligent, really.Jul 30 00:59
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DaemonFC[m]If I had a dollar for every horror story that I've heard about a nurse, I'd have my own private island.Jul 30 01:00
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: To think that a country with the most expensive healthcare in the world would have that kind of problem…Jul 30 01:00
DaemonFC[m]So Filipino Nurse Ratched isn't really a surprise, I guess.Jul 30 01:00
DaemonFC[m]<XRevan86 "DaemonFC: To think that a countr"> Just because it's expensive doesn't mean that the $3 million a year CEO isn't looking for ways to cheap out. In many cases, there's not more than 1-2 hospital networks in your region and often not more than 1.Jul 30 01:01
DaemonFC[m]Where are you going to go?Jul 30 01:01
DaemonFC[m]The CEO of Parkview Hospital networks in Indiana used to be one of their janitors.Jul 30 01:02
DaemonFC[m]Now he makes almost $4 million a year.Jul 30 01:02
XRevan86DaemonFC[m]: Just a wee bit ironic is all. I get it, I'm in Russia, after all.Jul 30 01:03
DaemonFC[m]They try to cover up their extreme greed by saying they have a "charity care" program where they can forgive your bill to an extent based on income.Jul 30 01:03
XRevan86Fables go about how extremely expensive Moscow is.Jul 30 01:03
DaemonFC[m]In 2009, after the $15,000 ER visit (3 hours) due to seizures, they said they'd waive the bill if I applied for Medicaid and got turned down.Jul 30 01:03
XRevan86Still doesn't quite live up to that.Jul 30 01:04
DaemonFC[m]So I applied for Medicaid and took the denial letter to the billing department, and they refused to write it off, and turned me over to a collection agency.Jul 30 01:04
DaemonFC[m]XRevan86: I occasionally still got letters about things _like_ that up through this year.Jul 30 01:04
DaemonFC[m]One of them was "You didn't pay your bill in 2008 and 2011, so we added interest and doubled it.".Jul 30 01:05
DaemonFC[m]That was all too old to get sued over, but I listed them all as creditors in my bankruptcy since I was filing anyway.Jul 30 01:05
DaemonFC[m]Now it's illegal for them to even call me or send me a letter about it.Jul 30 01:05
DaemonFC[m]If they do, I can petition the court to reopen the bankruptcy case, and file an Adversarial Proceeding against them.Jul 30 01:06
DaemonFC[m]They'll get fined by the court, and then I can use that ruling to sue the collection agency in state court.Jul 30 01:06
DaemonFC[m]It's illegal for them to try to collect on a debt that they know is invalid, and bankruptcy made the debt invalid.Jul 30 01:07
MinceR29 233847 < XRevan86> Oh, UEFI certificate revokation… oh no.Jul 30 01:18
MinceRtold you soJul 30 01:18
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XRevan86MinceR: I meant Secure Boot.Jul 30 02:39
XRevan86Through firmware update.Jul 30 02:39
XRevan86But turns out that certificate revokation can be done from the OS, and Шindows 10 Update does that completely automatically.Jul 30 02:41
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux Kernel RNG and Linux Foundation Spying, CNCF, Certification []Jul 30 02:43
XRevan86Fun fact: MS Edge (Chromium) plants a desktop icon on fresh start, and when Windows installs it, it's set to autostart on next boot.Jul 30 02:45
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #LWN on Kernel: Stability, Windows APIs and Protection Domains []Jul 30 02:57
schestowitzШindows?Jul 30 02:58
schestowitzposeidon?Jul 30 02:58
XRevan86schestowitz: An obscure reference, for that Windows is sometimes called Shindows.Jul 30 02:59
schestowitzUS now peaking again at about 1.5k deaths a day with #covid19 and the numbers just go up, not down. #trump for you... shaming people who wear masks, even in public, in "tweets"...Jul 30 03:00
XRevan86An old video title IT'S TIME TO REINSTALL ШINDOWSJul 30 03:00
XRevan86Шindows won't reinstall itself. I reinstall Шindows every 20 minutes.Jul 30 03:01
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Top 10 Cheap Linux Laptops [2020 Edition] []Jul 30 03:04
schestowitztake out the pitchforksJul 30 03:05
schestowitzforked windowsJul 30 03:05
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DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: The good news is that it's not exceptionally bad up here in Illinois.Jul 30 03:08
DaemonFC[m]Might just burn itself out down in "We gon make you squeal like a pig!" land.Jul 30 03:09
schestowitz313 in TXJul 30 03:09
schestowitz216 FLJul 30 03:09
schestowitz195 CAJul 30 03:09
DaemonFC[m]Mandy's looking at me like I lost my mind.Jul 30 03:09
DaemonFC[m]I was imitating that guy from Deliverance. Jul 30 03:10
schestowitz33k deaths in NYSJul 30 03:10
XRevan86Another fun fact: original design of Щ had the sticking out bit at the centre, as it was a ligature of Ш and ТJul 30 03:10
DaemonFC[m]"We gon make you squeal like a pig! SQUEAL PIG!!!!"Jul 30 03:10
XRevan86So it looked a lot like a pitchfork.Jul 30 03:10
schestowitzthere must be ascii for pitchfork alsoJul 30 03:10
schestowitzor unicodeJul 30 03:10
schestowitzeither wayJul 30 03:11
schestowitzit's a character in some languages' glyphJul 30 03:11
schestowitzanyway, gnJul 30 03:11
schestowitzI'm knackeredJul 30 03:11
XRevan86schestowitz: Good nightJul 30 03:11
XRevan86And there's always psiJul 30 03:15
XRevan86ΨJul 30 03:16
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DaemonFC[m]Having watched Breaking Bad first makes Better Call Saul less interesting.Jul 30 03:59
DaemonFC[m]You know which people have Main Character Armor in Better Call Saul.Jul 30 04:00
DaemonFC[m]In Bethesda games, some quests break if certain people are not alive, so until everything in the story line they're in plays out, you can only knock them out.Jul 30 04:01
DaemonFC[m]On the PC you can open a console and take away their essential character flag, but then if they die the game is busted, unless you open the console and tell it to spawn them at the spot you're looking at.Jul 30 04:02
DaemonFC[m]I remember one of them where I amused myself by taking away his essential flag and then finding a nice steep hill to look from and kept telling the game to spawn him. It kept spawning him and that one would scream and fall to his death.Jul 30 04:03
*psymin has quit (Quit: Leaving)Jul 30 04:03
DaemonFC[m]I did it a couple dozen times and then spawned one and put the flag back on him.Jul 30 04:03
DaemonFC[m]If we are in a simulation of some kind, I want to know how to bring up the console so that I can do this with John and Maricel.Jul 30 04:04
DaemonFC[m]Did probation do anything to me? Yeah it did. It pissed me the hell off that I had to figure out what to do to make it go away, is what it did.Jul 30 04:14
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: My probation officer told me that I could go to "Moral Reconation Therapy".Jul 30 04:15
DaemonFC[m]I said, "I see. Is that a requirement? Because I believe that my doctor told you that my treatment plan was to continue seeing him every 6 months to get medication.".Jul 30 04:15
DaemonFC[m]"The probation agreement says that whatever he says the plan is, is the plan, if I am not mistaken."Jul 30 04:16
DaemonFC[m]She says, "Well, it's optional. It's just something for you to consider.".Jul 30 04:16
DaemonFC[m]I said, "Well, as much fun as it would be to sit huddled together with alcoholics that ran people over and people who have sex with kids, and tell them all about me screaming at someone my sleazebag of an ex boyfriend brought home off of a hookup app, which turned into Disorderly Conduct...I have considered your proposal and I respectfully decline.".Jul 30 04:17
DaemonFC[m]She says, "You act like being here is beneath you.". I said, "Yeah, that's because it is. Since that's how the system works, you have the pleasure of speaking with me for half an hour once a month until you let me go and watching me urinate.".Jul 30 04:19
DaemonFC[m]She was amused that I realized she was asking questions from the test for Machiavellian Personality Type. Jul 30 04:21
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: That's where I gave her my "Yeah, the main difference between criminals and everyone else is that everyone else hides their shit better." speech.Jul 30 04:22
DaemonFC[m]"And I'm not sorry I said that."Jul 30 04:22
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Take a look at the court computer system some time. Jul 30 04:23
DaemonFC[m]They're not catching Lex Luthor here, day in and day out. They're getting the guy that pissed in a park and a woman who stabber her husband over a grilled cheese sandwich.Jul 30 04:24
DaemonFC[m]I'm scheduled for Termination in 8 days.Jul 30 04:27
DaemonFC[m]Whoop Whoop.Jul 30 04:27
MinceR:>Jul 30 04:28
MinceRi've never seen anyone be so happy about being Terminated in 8 days though :>Jul 30 04:29
MinceRXRevan86: well, UEFI has always been a vehicle for Restricted BootJul 30 04:29
MinceRwhat's the point of a massively bloated, error-prone boot firmware "standard" that forces bad practices and formats on everyone if it doesn't also try to lock everyone into massively bloated and broken malware that are allegedly "operating systems"?Jul 30 04:30
DaemonFC[m]"After living here with you, the idea of non-existence is almost like an upgrade!" -KrytenJul 30 04:30
MinceR:>Jul 30 04:31
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: Mandy hates my cheapness. I use Walmart bags for trash. I turn over aluminum foil and use it again.Jul 30 04:33
DaemonFC[m]I mean, I'm damned cheap. I told him be glad, because that's why we're going to survive this.Jul 30 04:33
DaemonFC[m]I already lived through what was the second worst recession in this country's history.Jul 30 04:34
DaemonFC[m]I never returned to spending like I did before.Jul 30 04:34
DaemonFC[m] 30 04:40
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act - TV TropesJul 30 04:40
DaemonFC[m]MinceR: That's how the court computer records the "defer judgment" ending.Jul 30 04:40
DaemonFC[m]"Terminated"Jul 30 04:40
DaemonFC[m] 30 04:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Deferred Judgment Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.Jul 30 04:42
DaemonFC[m]Basically, you can be found guilty and not convicted.Jul 30 04:42
DaemonFC[m]It's weird, I know. But you can avoid being convicted in a plea agreement.Jul 30 04:43
DaemonFC[m]Prosecutors are fairly liberal with these because it's still counted as a conviction as far as them getting re-elected.Jul 30 04:44
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schestowitzinute ago Jul 30 07:07
schestowitz● NEWS ● #TheVerge #Surveillance ☞ Everything you need to know from the tech #antitrust hearing "What bribes have “Microsoft paid and to whom in order to be left out of the congressional hearings this week?”-iophkJul 30 07:07
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Tech antitrust hearing: Zuckerberg, Bezos, Cook, and Pichai testify before Congress - The VergeJul 30 07:07
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Open source text editor GNU nano has reached the milestone []Jul 30 07:31
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: What does Microsoft have a monopoly on?Jul 30 07:58
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schestowitzWhat does Apple?Jul 30 08:09
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Jul 30 08:28
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s leftovers []Jul 30 09:47
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Links 30/7/2020: Kodi Media Center 18.8, GNOME Gingerblue 0.2.0, ‘BootHole’ Hype Everywhere (UEFI ‘Security’ Was Always Overhyped Anyway) []Jul 30 09:53
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: 4 ways I contribute to open source as a Linux systems administrator []Jul 30 10:42
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: 10 cheat sheets for Linux sysadmins []Jul 30 10:44
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Jul 30 11:12
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schestowitz 30 12:18
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Report: U.S. Nuclear System Relies On Outdated Technology Such As Floppy Disks : The Two-Way : NPRJul 30 12:18
schestowitz"Jul 30 12:18
schestowitzFor years, the U.S. nuclear program has faced "low morale, understaffing and equipment shortages," NPR's Geoff Brumfiel has reported. He said that in 2014, reports came to light that "three nuclear bases had only one special wrench that's needed to put nuclear warheads on missiles." They had to share the wrench between bases — but apparently each base later got its own wrench.Jul 30 12:18
schestowitzAt the time, Geoff pointed out some of the complications that come with a major weapons system "constantly on alert, but ... very unlikely [to ever] be used":Jul 30 12:18
schestowitz    "Frankly, it's easy for the leadership to forget about the missiles and the people responsible for them. And it's easy for those people to sort of get bored and get themselves into trouble. On top of all this, we have a much bigger problem coming down the road. The weapons themselves are aging. The submarines, the bombers, the missiles — they're all going to have to be replaced."Jul 30 12:18
schestowitzYou can read the full GAO report here:Jul 30 12:18
schestowitz"Jul 30 12:18
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kingoffranceDaemonFC[m], i thought the whole point of "law" is the law is the law, its not "moral" thats another dept. :/Jul 30 13:16
kingoffrancejustice is blind and allJul 30 13:17
kingoffrancenoone is above the law and allJul 30 13:17
schestowitzlolJul 30 13:18
schestowitzin principle*Jul 30 13:18
schestowitz___Jul 30 13:18
schestowitz*T&C apply.Jul 30 13:18
kingoffranceim not saying thats good or bad, just they usually spin thigns that way i thoughtJul 30 13:19
kingoffranceto try to set peoples expectations for what it isJul 30 13:19
kingoffrance"rule of law" too of courseJul 30 13:19
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today in Techrights []Jul 30 13:25
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MinceR 30 14:24
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Irony - Album on ImgurJul 30 14:24
XRevan86those BigGovs and their… conscious communitiesJul 30 14:27
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Games: Godot, Godhood, PCSX2 and More []Jul 30 15:26
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Version 7 of REMnux Malware Analysis Toolkit Released []Jul 30 15:36
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux-based PinePhone Will Soon Come With Nokia N900-Style Keyboard []Jul 30 15:45
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: GeckoLinux ROLLING 999.200729 released []Jul 30 15:48
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s howtos []Jul 30 15:53
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: HVMI becomes A Xen Project Incubating Project []Jul 30 15:56
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Intel ISPC Compiler and AMD’s ROCm AOMP Compiler []Jul 30 16:08
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Red Hat: Malwarebytes, ‘Cloud’, Partners and Buzzwords []Jul 30 16:11
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: BSD Shows: “OPNsense Makes Sense” and BSD Now []Jul 30 16:16
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: 7 Best Free Compositing Window Managers []Jul 30 16:19
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: RHEL and CentOS 7 Receive Important Kernel Security Update, Patch Now []Jul 30 16:39
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: RHEL and CentOS 7 Receive Important Kernel Security Update, Patch Now []Jul 30 16:43
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: OPNsense® 20.7 “Legendary Lion” released []Jul 30 16:43
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: IPFire 2.25 - Core Update 148 is available for testing []Jul 30 16:53
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Kontron debuts hardened OpenWrt stack on new rolling stock computer []Jul 30 16:56
MinceR 30 17:01
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | IRCZ makes your life worth living Post object (4343950)Jul 30 17:01
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: OPNsense 20.7 Released For This BSD-Powered Open-Source Firewall []Jul 30 17:03
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: System76’s Keyboards for GNU/Linux []Jul 30 17:33
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Games: Svoboda 1945, Monster Sanctuary, Hellpoint #games #gnu #linux []Jul 30 17:37
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DaemonFC[m]I'm getting more junk mail from the governor's PAC to remind me to vote.Jul 30 18:05
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance "DaemonFC, i thought the whole po"> The law just gives the government an excuse to harass whoever they want.Jul 30 18:05
DaemonFC[m]If you bend a law the right way, everyone is a criminal of some sort.Jul 30 18:06
DaemonFC[m]They'd prefer that people didn't know that or think like that.Jul 30 18:06
DaemonFC[m]Once you know that you're probably committing crimes regardless of what you do, your focus will naturally be to proactively prevent them from catching you.Jul 30 18:07
DaemonFC[m]Being reactive is just too dangerous. By the time you're reacting to criminal charges, it's too late and the prosecutor is just going to come up with a plea deal that's barely enough for most people to not go to court and waste his time. Then he can push through more cases per day.Jul 30 18:08
DaemonFC[m]If everyone demanded their right to a jury trial, the entire system would fall apart. Individually, you have no reason to do that because it won't crash the system and you'll just be bringing more trouble down on top of yourself.Jul 30 18:09
DaemonFC[m]The government has an upper hand because nobody, individually, has a strong incentive to fight it.Jul 30 18:10
*smnthermes ( has left #techrightsJul 30 18:11
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today’s leftovers []Jul 30 18:11
DaemonFC[m]That being said, you can minimize the value of the prosecutor's assets, but this too can be viewed as a crime.Jul 30 18:11
DaemonFC[m]Talking to the state's witnesses about why it would not be in their interest for bad things to happen to you is called witness tampering. Even if it is true and you won't make those bad things happen.Jul 30 18:12
DaemonFC[m]For example, let's say that a woman's husband beats her, and she calls the police and demands that he be arrested.Jul 30 18:13
DaemonFC[m]Later, he posts bail and, well, first the judge probably issued a no contact order. So it's a crime to even talk to her. But let's say he does, and he says, "Now you know as well as I do that I make 2/3rds of the money in our household. If I go to prison, nobody wins here, because the mortgage won't be paid and the Sheriff will be out in 3 or 4 months when the bank takes the house back to make sure you leave. Also,Jul 30 18:15
DaemonFC[m]nobody is going to buy the baby its formula and diapers.".Jul 30 18:15
DaemonFC[m]So now he's facing domestic battery, violating a no contact order, and witness tampering, if the state finds out.Jul 30 18:16
kingoffrance:/Jul 30 18:16
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Links 30/7/2020: System76’s ‘ Linux Keyboard’, OPNsense 20.7 Released []Jul 30 18:16
DaemonFC[m]Now if it doesn't find out because it worked, and she goes to his defense attorney and says "I changed my mind and I think we can work this out. It was a misunderstanding. We've been married 20 years and this has never happened, and I think counseling can be arranged.".Jul 30 18:17
DaemonFC[m]They go to the prosecutor and the prosecutor goes "Shit. If I put her on the stand, she's not going to say what I want her to!".Jul 30 18:17
DaemonFC[m]So he'll get suspicious, and he'll say, "Ma'am, has your husband contacted you?" and of course she'll say "No, he hasn't. I just came to my senses.".Jul 30 18:17
DaemonFC[m]Then the prosecutor hangs up. His deal was going to be a year in jail and some probation when the guy gets out.Jul 30 18:18
DaemonFC[m]Instead it's a fine and anger management counseling.Jul 30 18:18
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance ":/"> Yeah, I saw something like this happen when I was in court. Some woman told the judge she didn't want the no contact order that the judge had just given her because the guy wouldn't be sending money for the baby.Jul 30 18:19
DaemonFC[m]The judge says, "Well he's in jail right now and it would be illegal for him to contact you. That includes sending money even if he posted his $15,000 bail and got out.".Jul 30 18:19
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Intel Celeron G5900 + Pentium Gold G6400 Benchmarks - Low-Price Comet Lake CPUs []Jul 30 18:19
DaemonFC[m]This guy is over there smiling because the wife he just beat up is making a fool out of herself in court over him because the "Oh shit. Who will take care of the baby?" thing got to her.Jul 30 18:20
DaemonFC[m]kingoffrance: Witness tampering is a crime whether or not it works, but there's incentive to do it whether or not you think you'll ultimately win the case.Jul 30 18:21
DaemonFC[m]It might cause the prosecutor to re-evaluate what his case would look like if it went to trial and he had to put these people on the witness stand.Jul 30 18:22
kingoffranceare you saying they will selectively let it slide?Jul 30 18:22
DaemonFC[m]Maybe not entirely, but you could get a better plea deal. It's the state that brings the charges. Technically, they don't have to call those witnesses if they think they'll do more damage than it's worth, but at that point, the defense will.Jul 30 18:23
kingoffrancei mean...ahem...use their discretion to best allocate resources for the public they serveJul 30 18:23
kingoffrance</cough>Jul 30 18:23
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance "i mean...ahem...use their discre"> Absolutely.Jul 30 18:23
kingoffrancelolJul 30 18:23
DaemonFC[m]Their mind goes to "How do I get rid of this and say I got something from Mr. So and So?".Jul 30 18:23
DaemonFC[m]So Mr. So and So is enjoying ending the Canada Strike with Bennigan's coupons and chewing gum. (South Park reference).Jul 30 18:25
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Jul 30 18:25
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance "lol"> Canadian Prime Minister: "I have to get something or else I'll look like an idiot.".Jul 30 18:27
DaemonFC[m]Kyle: "Can't you just give him something and say it was a lot?"Jul 30 18:27
DaemonFC[m]kingoffrance: Well, mine was kind of a break even.Jul 30 18:29
DaemonFC[m]When I went back to court to get it converted to unsupervised probation, I even successfully argued to the judge that they calculated my fine wrong and got $362 of it refunded.Jul 30 18:30
DaemonFC[m]Which I spent on car repair, of course.Jul 30 18:31
DaemonFC[m]kingoffrance: The city that arrested me got part of the fine, but I had been sitting on a paramedic/ambulance bill from them for a year that I tossed into the bankruptcy .Jul 30 18:32
DaemonFC[m]So they ate an ambulance bill that was about 8x bigger than their share of the fine.Jul 30 18:33
DaemonFC[m]The bills for the hospital and ambulance ride and everything started coming in while I was out on bail.Jul 30 18:34
DaemonFC[m]Until I could get a PO Box I put a hold on my mail and came to pick it up every once in a while.Jul 30 18:35
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: How to Play Android Games on Linux []Jul 30 18:49
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Kangaroo on protest []Jul 30 19:00
DaemonFC[m] 30 19:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Herman Cain dies from coronavirus - CNNPoliticsJul 30 19:03
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Herman Cain got the Coronavirus at the Trump rally in Tulsa where he was mocking people for wearing face masks, got hospitalized in Atlanta, and died of it this morning.Jul 30 19:03
DaemonFC[m]I guess Trump will have to find some other high profile Uncle Tom to lead "Blacks for Trump" (all 5% of them).Jul 30 19:04
DaemonFC[m] 30 19:09
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Cutting the $600 unemployment benefit could hurt the recovery, economists say - CNNPoliticsJul 30 19:09
DaemonFC[m]It's pretty clear that the Republicans want to get rid of the extra unemployment benefits to pressure people to reopen everything and "get back to work", but the problem there is that there's no work to go back to until the customers say that there is. Until the state health departments say that there is.Jul 30 19:10
DaemonFC[m]Also, we've seen what "reopen everything and don't wear a mask" looks like. It's called Florida, Georgia, Arizona, and Texas.Jul 30 19:11
DaemonFC[m]Enough of the people down there were dumb enough to listen to Trump and their Republican governors and pretend it was business as usual. Now they're paying for that. Jul 30 19:11
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: class war in the US. oligarchs slaughter the poor, whom they drive to starvation 30 19:32
schestowitz[19:03] <DaemonFC[m]> schestowitz: Herman Cain got the Coronavirus at the Trump rally in Tulsa where he was mocking people for wearing face masks, got hospitalized in Atlanta, and died of it this morning.Jul 30 19:33
schestowitzgood, so karma works sometimesJul 30 19:33
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: watch FL and AZ todayJul 30 19:33
schestowitzmaybe another record day comingJul 30 19:33
schestowitz[18:05] <DaemonFC[m]> I'm getting more junk mail from the governor's PAC to remind me to vote.Jul 30 19:34
schestowitzmehJul 30 19:34
schestowitzwho for?Jul 30 19:35
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: New KDE Slimbook available []Jul 30 19:38
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Want to run Mac OS 8 on Linux as an Electron app? Well, you can anyway []Jul 30 19:42
DaemonFC[m]<schestowitz "who for?"> Nobody in particular. It just has a website where you can go request a mail ballot.Jul 30 19:42
DaemonFC[m]It's the PAC he set up for the "Fair Tax" proposal.Jul 30 19:43
DaemonFC[m]RE: Mac Classic. I'm surprised that it worked as well as it did, for as long as it did.Jul 30 19:44
DaemonFC[m]It had a lot of those "This is really a hacked to death OS originally meant for 80s PCs that we piled a bunch of junk on top of." things in it, like Windows 9x did.Jul 30 19:44
DaemonFC[m]Classic Mac still has some new software development and a web browser that works, believe it or not.Jul 30 19:45
DaemonFC[m]It has a lot off die hard users who don't switch away from it as long as the computer itself is working.Jul 30 19:46
DaemonFC[m]It seems to me probably a more logical evolution of the Mac OS would have been to extend A/UX and turn it into their next gen operating system.Jul 30 19:48
DaemonFC[m]It was basically an AT&T UNIX variant with the Mac GUI bolted on top of it.Jul 30 19:48
XRevan86> Whenever a new security issue gets announced one of the first questions we all ask ourselves are: am I vulnerable? Jul 30 19:50
XRevan86Not in this case. Who caresJul 30 19:51
DaemonFC[m]I don't really worry too much. I just install the patches and move on.Jul 30 19:51
XRevan86It's like if Intel ME had a vulnerability that lets one disable it completely.Jul 30 19:52
XRevan86The quote is from 30 19:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Why the GRUB2 Secure Boot Flaw Doesn't Affect Purism Computers – PurismJul 30 19:52
schestowitz#spain growing again to about 3,000 new #covid19 cases  a day. Not good, it would mean more patients and fewer tourists...Jul 30 19:52
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: My question about Herman Cain was just how much stupid you could pack into one guy.Jul 30 19:54
DaemonFC[m]He went from mocking people for wearing masks to hospitalized to dead in the span of like 2 weeks.Jul 30 19:54
psydreadWho would even consider going on holidays in this current climate?Jul 30 19:57
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: New Security Patches and New UEFI ‘Secure’ Boot Catastrophe []Jul 30 19:58
XRevan86Why is this such a big story…Jul 30 19:59
DaemonFC[m]Dunkin Donuts is closing 800 stores in the US permanently.Jul 30 20:02
DaemonFC[m]McDonalds announced 200 closures.Jul 30 20:02
schestowitzpsydread: stayvaction :-)Jul 30 20:02
schestowitzpsydread: staycation :-)Jul 30 20:02
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: add another one hereJul 30 20:03
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Must be a bad time for them. People cooking at home. Can't justify $4-5 for a coffee they can make at home for 10 cents.Jul 30 20:03
schestowitz10 cents?Jul 30 20:03
schestowitzI up you Jul 30 20:03
schestowitzwe can go down to 5Jul 30 20:03
schestowitzor lessJul 30 20:03
DaemonFC[m]Best price I can get in bulk is about $2 a pound.Jul 30 20:04
schestowitzif you shop at aldi or lidi you can find 200g/300g for about 2 bucksJul 30 20:04
DaemonFC[m]Then there's cream and splenda (store brand).Jul 30 20:04
schestowitzthe milk is likely about the same price, but still at that quantity you're looking at 2-4 centsJul 30 20:04
schestowitzdepending on amountJul 30 20:04
schestowitzwater is almost freeJul 30 20:04
schestowitzkettle power for 1 minute is less than a centJul 30 20:04
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I'm thinking about just having Walmart drop ship me 18 pounds of Great Value Classic Roast at once.Jul 30 20:04
DaemonFC[m]I can use Mandy's 10% discount, then the credit card gives me 5% back in points.Jul 30 20:05
schestowitzand it's important because we talk about ripoff ratioJul 30 20:05
schestowitzstarbucks charges about 3 pounds for some coffeesJul 30 20:05
DaemonFC[m]In the doubles packs, they take about 5% off the unit price to begin with.Jul 30 20:05
schestowitzand if you go for 10 cents, then maybe it's like 1:20 ratio, at 5 cents 1:40Jul 30 20:05
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Mom goes there every day in Huntington.Jul 30 20:05
schestowitzso you pay for one cup what you could make FORTY cups at home forJul 30 20:05
DaemonFC[m]She was wondering why they were cutting hours.Jul 30 20:05
schestowitzAND... use home wifiJul 30 20:06
DaemonFC[m]I told her "It was Huntington BEFORE the recession.".Jul 30 20:06
schestowitzwithout the extra spying and locginJul 30 20:06
schestowitzloginJul 30 20:06
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I always tell the wifi here that my name is ggurhogurhou rgohrergjergreoguh.Jul 30 20:06
DaemonFC[m]Then hit enter.Jul 30 20:06
schestowitzwaste of time stillJul 30 20:06
scientes<schestowitz> waste of time stillJul 30 20:06
schestowitzand they might get your MAC addressJul 30 20:06
scientesthat is exactly why people use starbucksJul 30 20:07
DaemonFC[m]RANDOMIZEJul 30 20:07
schestowitzthen link it to GAFAM stuff that knows you by cookieJul 30 20:07
schestowitzdata brokers are like fusion centeresJul 30 20:07
schestowitz*centresJul 30 20:07
scientesthat stuff is just nastyJul 30 20:07
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: You can fake your MAC address and lie about your name and encrypt everything / use Tor.Jul 30 20:07
schestowitzif you know how toJul 30 20:07
DaemonFC[m]I would recommend doing all of that on any wifi network you use.Jul 30 20:08
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz I'm just the dumb guy who barely knows how to get my Hotmail account to work.Jul 30 20:09
DaemonFC[m]That's what I told the cops once. They left.Jul 30 20:09
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: Somehow, my mom's ex ended up having his email accounts scrambled, got locked out of his bank account, had his Facebook vandalized, and the power went out.Jul 30 20:11
DaemonFC[m]All in one day. Who would do such a thing?Jul 30 20:12
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I had John on voicemail complaining that I shut the power off on my way out.Jul 30 20:13
DaemonFC[m]My attorney asked me if I shut the power off. I said, "Well, yeah, but it was my name on the bill so I can totally turn my power off any time I want to. Did he mention THAT to the state's attorney?".Jul 30 20:14
*smnthermes ( has joined #techrightsJul 30 20:16
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: The Rust Programming Language Blog: Announcing Rust 1.45.1 []Jul 30 20:16
DaemonFC[m] 30 20:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Sales of Dawn and Bounty paper towels are surging - CNNJul 30 20:17
DaemonFC[m]I'm sure they slipped CNN some money to post this for them.Jul 30 20:17
DaemonFC[m]"Meanwhile, people are no longer stockpiling packaged food as much as they were when the coronavirus first hit. Nestle (NSRGF) said Thursday that sales grew 1.3% in the second quarter compared with the same period a year ago. The company said that while consumers loadedJul 30 20:18
DaemonFC[m] up their pantries during the early stages of the coronavirus, growth had tapered off."Jul 30 20:18
DaemonFC[m]Yeah, I've been doing online grocery orders for everything for the past few months.Jul 30 20:18
DaemonFC[m]The state government has been encouraging people to do that.Jul 30 20:18
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Free software in business: Success stories []Jul 30 20:19
schestowitz[20:17] <DaemonFC[m]> I'm sure they slipped CNN some money to post this for them.Jul 30 20:21
schestowitzthis is the business modeJul 30 20:21
schestowitzand modelJul 30 20:21
schestowitzsadly, many sites that still exist do thisJul 30 20:21
schestowitzsponsored reviews, some call itJul 30 20:21
schestowitzAmazon did some scripted segments too recentlyJul 30 20:21
schestowitzbut...Jul 30 20:21
schestowitzthey will pay for itJul 30 20:21
schestowitzif people like us expose them repeatedlyJul 30 20:22
schestowitzand nobody is left to trust even their LEGIT storiesJul 30 20:22
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: but let's focus on techJul 30 20:22
schestowitzless of this toilet businessJul 30 20:22
DaemonFC[m]I figured that they were testing the waters with the "Sponsored Story" warnings that used to appear.Jul 30 20:24
DaemonFC[m]Firefox was promoting climate change denial posted on the New York Times, in a "sponsored story" by Exxon. Jul 30 20:24
DaemonFC[m]That's how bad things have gotten. Then when I took a screen shot of it doing that and posted it as a "shame on you" article on Reddit, the topic got locked and sunk by Mozilla.Jul 30 20:25
DaemonFC[m]Conservatives are definitely stupid enough to be climate change deniers and that'll never stop. They literally just watched Herman Cain and a bunch of megachurch pastors mock people for wearing masks and then die a couple weeks later in a hospital, and they're still posting anti-mask memes on Facebook.Jul 30 20:26
DaemonFC[m]These people are retards.Jul 30 20:26
DaemonFC[m]This flipping the setting on Sponsored Stories crap was an "oops" in the sense that "Gee, you didn't want that on and it got flipped on again when you updated to Firefox 79? "Oops!"Jul 30 20:28
DaemonFC[m]It's turning into fucking Edge.Jul 30 20:28
schestowitz[20:24] <DaemonFC[m]> Firefox was promoting climate change denial posted on the New York Times, in a "sponsored story" by Exxon. Jul 30 20:37
schestowitzgot links about it?Jul 30 20:37
schestowitz 30 20:42
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Academy logo (featuring Oscar statue silhouette) denied copyright registration in the US - The IPKatJul 30 20:42
schestowitz"Jul 30 20:42
schestowitzIs the silhouette, all by itself, protected previously? - This article doesn't make that clear.Jul 30 20:42
schestowitzThanks.Jul 30 20:42
schestowitzRufusJul 30 20:42
schestowitz"Jul 30 20:42
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: 30 20:57
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Firefox promoting environment-killing fossil fuel companies. : firefoxJul 30 20:57
DaemonFC[m]I remembered it wrong. It was Chevron who wrote the "guest story".Jul 30 20:58
DaemonFC[m] 30 21:03
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Anyone else get an "oops" on their Firefox 79 upgrade that turned Pocket advertisements back on? : firefoxJul 30 21:03
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz "I took a quick look around the rest of the browser to make sure they didn't "Microsoft Edge" me on anything else, and I didn't see anything. Is this really some kind of a mistake, or is Mozilla so desperate for click pennies that they just can't take no for an answer?"Jul 30 21:04
*DaemonFC[m] uploaded an image: Screenshot_20200730_150701.png (84KB) < >Jul 30 21:07
DaemonFC[m]Notice that the first quarter was almost as bad as the first and third quarter of 2008.Jul 30 21:08
DaemonFC[m]Then the second quarter was as bad as the entire Great Depression.Jul 30 21:09
*superkuh has quit (Remote host closed the connection)Jul 30 21:11
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Systemd 246 Released With Many Changes []Jul 30 21:13
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux PC maker System76 is designing a new customizable keyboard []Jul 30 21:15
*superkuh (~superkuh@unaffiliated/superkuh) has joined #techrightsJul 30 21:16
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux Plumbers Conference and Linux Foundation Leftovers []Jul 30 21:24
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Opera 70 is Here with Major Improvements to its Existing Features []Jul 30 21:26
schestowitzDaemonFC[m]: nice chartJul 30 21:27
schestowitzget ready for the economic apocalypse predicted for AugustJul 30 21:28
schestowitzno stupid "i" phones and nonsenseJul 30 21:28
schestowitzor chicago aquariumJul 30 21:28
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Ubuntu-driven Coffee Lake AI system features Myriad X, FPGA, and PoE add-ons []Jul 30 21:40
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: New GeckoLinux Rolling Editions Are Out Now, Based on openSUSE Tumbleweed []Jul 30 21:41
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Jul 30 21:42
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: I now refer to Trump as the Bankrupt-in-Chief.Jul 30 21:43
DaemonFC[m]It's wordplay. He's the chief of bankruptin' things.Jul 30 21:43
DaemonFC[m]Mostly himself. Now an entire country.Jul 30 21:43
schestowitzlolJul 30 21:49
schestowitz 30 21:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-When you are born in this world, you are given a ticket to the Freak Show - George Carlin - YouTubeJul 30 21:52
schestowitzTX and CA start to reportJul 30 21:55
schestowitzit might be 1400 deaths today, so upward trend carries onJul 30 21:55
schestowitzas election day is 3 months awayJul 30 21:55
schestowitzwhen he's done the troubles won't be goneJul 30 21:55
schestowitznot the economic ones at leastJul 30 21:55
schestowitzand the health crisis, followed by social security ending, credit crunch, starvation, riotsJul 30 21:55
psydreadyesterday all our troubles seemed so far awayJul 30 21:58
schestowitzfigurativelyJul 30 21:59
DaemonFC[m]I filed a CAN-SPAM Act complaint with the FTC regarding the Illinois Policy Institute.Jul 30 22:00
schestowitzAjit is on the caseJul 30 22:01
schestowitzLOLJul 30 22:01
schestowitzohJul 30 22:01
schestowitzftcJul 30 22:01
DaemonFC[m]That's the FCC.Jul 30 22:01
schestowitzI thought fcc deals with these thingsJul 30 22:01
schestowitzlike robocallsJul 30 22:01
DaemonFC[m]No, spam is the Federal Trade Commission.Jul 30 22:01
schestowitzI sent letters to FTC regarding Microsoft astroturfingJul 30 22:01
schestowitzof course they did nothingJul 30 22:01
DaemonFC[m]I complained that Illinois Policy was ignoring their unsubscribe requests and continuing to send me requests for money, newsletters, and other junk.Jul 30 22:02
psydreadI called out a few for doing so this past weekJul 30 22:02
DaemonFC[m]I'm surprised they still exist.Jul 30 22:02
psydreadof course they never respond once they've been found outJul 30 22:03
psydreadbut what a sad existence that must beJul 30 22:03
DaemonFC[m]Right-wingers gave them millions to get Republicans elected and for a moment, it worked. Then the Republicans managed to get a two year state government shutdown and a debt crisis, and got completely wiped out in the 2018 election.Jul 30 22:03
psydreadnormally you would think they have jobs, so they shouldn't have so much time to spend on social mediaJul 30 22:05
DaemonFC[m]It's an astroturfing group made to seem like there is an Illinois Republican Party after the crap that Rauner pulled.Jul 30 22:05
psydreadand they pretend to have technical knowledge but most of the time they are just bluffingJul 30 22:05
DaemonFC[m]90% of their operating budget came from Bruce Rauner and Ken Griffen's personal checking accounts.Jul 30 22:05
DaemonFC[m]Now they're getting very desperate and even breaking the law to blast out request for twenty bucks to anyone who has ever signed a petition or something. Jul 30 22:07
DaemonFC[m]Mike Madigan mocked them. "Oh you're the people from the 'policy institute', right?" and he did quotation fingers and laughed.Jul 30 22:08
DaemonFC[m]They weren't happy.Jul 30 22:08
DaemonFC[m]schestowitz: The probation officer said that I seemed fairly intelligent. I told her thanks, but I couldn't own up to all of that.Jul 30 22:43
DaemonFC[m]She asked why. I said, "Because I generally base my actions predicting the most pessimistic outcome and the most base and selfish behavior possible from all the other parties involved in a transaction. I can see how that would make me appear to be a Cassandra.".Jul 30 22:44
kingoffrancelolJul 30 22:45
DaemonFC[m]I am a Cassandra. I had Maricel pegged for what she was 8 months before anyone else would believe me. Kept saying "Don't do that. This is what she is. Here's what she will do.".Jul 30 22:45
kingoffrancewell yeah thats the point of being a cassandra you arent believedJul 30 22:46
DaemonFC[m]I told Mandy, "We have to keep her in the dark on what your employment situation is or she's going to shake us down.".Jul 30 22:46
DaemonFC[m]So he gets on the phone and tells her, and he has his sister blackmail him for his Walmart money.Jul 30 22:46
DaemonFC[m]She didn't even wait five seconds.Jul 30 22:46
*psymin has quit (Quit: Leaving)Jul 30 22:47
DaemonFC[m]Then when he says "We're a little broke at the moment and Ryan needs to get this bankruptcy out of the way.". She has a nuclear meltdown, disowns him, and smokes the tires to some shifty immigration lawyer and has them draw up papers to try to ruin our immigration case.Jul 30 22:47
DaemonFC[m]<kingoffrance "well yeah thats the point of bei"> Never have been.Jul 30 22:48
DaemonFC[m]Not by the cops. Not by my mom. Not by my husband.Jul 30 22:48
DaemonFC[m]Then when they do believe you, it's either already too late to do anything about it, or they don't do anything useful with the heads up.Jul 30 22:49
DaemonFC[m]That's why the sooner you get used to nobody believing you and just jump straight to planning to unfuck yourself from whatever they've stupidly gone and done, the better.Jul 30 22:50
psydreadI have a pretty good understanding about these things with my mom and one of my sisters, but  agree it can be hard to make them follow throughJul 30 22:52
DaemonFC[m]kingoffrance: I find that it's best to just not tell people what they shouldn't do. If they don't know what they shouldn't do then they will never start thinking about doing it because I told them not to do it. Jul 30 22:52
psydreadI've become particularly good at noticing and excluding narcissists from my life the moment I realise what they are and am ruthless when it comes to doing soJul 30 22:53
DaemonFC[m]It took me forever to figure that out. It's possible that telling Mandy not to tell his sister all of that gave him the idea to mention at least some of it.Jul 30 22:53
psydreadit just takes them longer to come to the same conclusionJul 30 22:54
DaemonFC[m]I just changed my phone number. If she's still going crazy, it's over text message to someone who got a new phone number recently.Jul 30 22:54
DaemonFC[m]Maybe they'll tell her to shut the fuck up.Jul 30 22:54
psydreadmaybe he just doesn't realise that his own flesh and blood could be such an evil personJul 30 22:54
DaemonFC[m]That was my mom's guess.Jul 30 22:55
*GNUmoon (~GNUmoon@gateway/tor-sasl/gnumoon) has joined #techrightsJul 30 22:55
psydreadmy cousin wrote me some shit 2 years ago and I told her never to contact me againJul 30 22:56
psydreadbut that's after being conditioned all of my life and only coming to terms with the true nature of people a few years agoJul 30 22:57
DaemonFC[m]Well, the only thing that might keep people in line is what they have to lose. Jul 30 22:57
psydreadand it's like some switch goes off in your headJul 30 22:57
DaemonFC[m]I know so much about her that I could cause some serious legal issues if I went and spilled my guts.Jul 30 22:57
DaemonFC[m]If this immigration thing doesn't go well, that'll be my next move.Jul 30 22:58
DaemonFC[m]<psydread "and it's like some switch goes o"> Seeing the same behavior from many people over years. Never anything good.Jul 30 23:41
*mmu_man has quit (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)Jul 30 23:43

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