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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Oct 31 00:06
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linus Torvalds: "Git proved I could be more than a one-hit wonder." []Oct 31 00:09
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Oct 31 00:10
schestowitz[22:25] <xxxx> 31 00:12
schestowitz[22:25] <xxxx> 31 00:12
schestowitz[22:26] <xxxx> I don't want to put this in tux machinesOct 31 00:13
schestowitzMicrosoft hijacking the "Linux" brandOct 31 00:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux Inside Azure Sphere on the Horizon | Software | E-Commerce TimesOct 31 00:13
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Linux Inside Azure Sphere on the Horizon | Software | LinuxInsiderOct 31 00:13
schestowitz"Micro&Soft is at it again...this time in Spain"Oct 31 00:17
schestowitz 31 00:17
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-Spain and GitHub Are Blocking an App That Helped Protesters Organize - VICEOct 31 00:17
schestowitz 31 00:19
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft Looking to be ‘Bailed Out’ by Militarism, Imperialism, Racism and Fascism | TechrightsOct 31 00:19
superkuhThe inevitable consequence of centralization. MS has a business presence in almost every country so they have to follow every country's shitty laws.Oct 31 00:47
schestowitz'have to...'Oct 31 00:48
schestowitzas if corporations always did anything a nation askedOct 31 00:48
superkuhSure, they can absorb a few tens of millions in fines for a while. But eventually that profit motive will coerce them into compliance.Oct 31 00:49
schestowitzdependsOct 31 00:49
superkuhAt least when it comes to protecting people. It's not like they're making any profit off this.Oct 31 00:49
schestowitzsometimes succumbing means losing business with another countryOct 31 00:49
schestowitzwhy did githu demoate Iranian devsOct 31 00:50
schestowitznot good for relations with IranOct 31 00:50
schestowitzbut good for relations with USOct 31 00:50
schestowitzlike I said months ago, they sucked up to Trump for JEDIOct 31 00:50
schestowitzThey will pay fpr otOct 31 00:50
schestowitzas people see Microsoft doing ICE, censorship, oppressionOct 31 00:50
schestowitzthey will pay for it in the long run. Karma.Oct 31 00:51
schestowitz 31 01:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@ERPchum: Microsoft's Plan for Linux is to Make it Proprietary Software With 'Surveillance Capitalism'… 31 01:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/#techrights-@ERPchum: Microsoft's Plan for Linux is to Make it Proprietary Software With 'Surveillance Capitalism'… 31 01:05
schestowitz"Microsoft's Plan for Linux is to Make it Proprietary Software With 'Surveillance Capitalism' … by @schestowitz #microsoft"Oct 31 01:05
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Microsoft’s Plan for Linux is to Make it Proprietary Software With ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ | TechrightsOct 31 01:05
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: NetRunner | Review from an openSUSE User []Oct 31 01:29
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Audiocasts/Shows/Screencasts: FLOSS Weekly, Linux Headlines, Fedora 31 Run Through []Oct 31 01:37
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Mesa Graphics News []Oct 31 01:44
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming: LLVM Clang, Rust and CPython/Python []Oct 31 01:47
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux Mag Behind Paywall []Oct 31 02:01
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today's howtos []Oct 31 02:05
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Software: Cockpit, HPLIP, and Mozilla Firefox on Fixed Aspect Ratio/Telemetry []Oct 31 02:17
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Changing the Python release cadence []Oct 31 02:24
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: New (Outside Paywall) Kernel Articles From LWN []Oct 31 02:26
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Games: Latest From CodeWeavers and Valve []Oct 31 02:38
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: is a Microsoft Site []Oct 31 03:04
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schestowitz 31 03:33
schestowitz"Oh, yeah the bastard son of Hades called systemd ....."Oct 31 03:33
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Linux kernel is getting more reliable, says Linus Torvalds. Plus: What do you need to do to be him? • The Register ForumsOct 31 03:33
schestowitz"In that case, would Linus Torvalds be Andre Previn to Lennart Poettering's Eric Morecombe? (During the time when Linus was not a fan of systemd)"Oct 31 03:36
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Torvalds 'Aging Faster' Since Losing Control of Linux []Oct 31 04:08
schestowitz> (the above was of course not from me). I am just wondering, the UK isOct 31 04:09
schestowitz> bent to leave the EU, why not the European Patent Office. We both knowOct 31 04:09
schestowitz> that it is no EU institution but... probably there are better reasons toOct 31 04:09
schestowitz> leave the EPO than the EU..."Oct 31 04:09
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Purism's Problems Purely Boil Down to Trust and False Promises []Oct 31 06:26
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Firefox tips for Fedora 31 []Oct 31 08:35
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Oct 31 08:36
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Red Hat Storage and Fedora []Oct 31 09:00
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Microsoft Windows Goes Ballistic in India []Oct 31 09:14
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Today in Techrights []Oct 31 09:38
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: 7 Meritorious Free Linux Modelers []Oct 31 09:52
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: The 9 Best Google Analytics Plugins for WordPress []Oct 31 16:40
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Oct 31 16:42
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Games: Kronorite, OpenTTD, GDevelop, SDL and More []Oct 31 16:55
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today's howtos []Oct 31 17:08
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: GitLab pulls U-turn on plan to crank up usage telemetry after both staff and customers cry foul []Oct 31 17:13
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Audiocasts/Shows: Choose Linux, TLLTS, BSD Now, Halloween and Python []Oct 31 17:26
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: GNU: Releases of GNUnet, FSFE Newsletter, Richard Stallman Quoted in African Media []Oct 31 17:30
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: 25 (More) Funny Computer Quotes []Oct 31 17:32
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Digilent embraces SYZYGY expansion with new Linux-on-Zynq SBCs []Oct 31 17:34
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Qt 5.13.2 Released []Oct 31 17:37
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: KDE: Consistency Update []Oct 31 17:40
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Meet the Startup That Wants to Connect Linux to the Blockchain []Oct 31 17:44
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Here’s Why Blazing Fast Linux OS Peppermint 10 Just Blew Me Away []Oct 31 17:47
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Geany is a programmer friendly open source text editor for Windows, Linux, macOS []Oct 31 17:48
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linux Mint 19.3 Codename Revealed as "Tricia," Will Arrive Just Before Christmas []Oct 31 18:00
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: The Document Foundation releases LibreOffice 6.3.3 []Oct 31 18:03
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: And They Scream: “OMG! He Doesn’t Even Use Ubuntu?!” []Oct 31 18:05
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Qt 3D Studio 2.5 released []Oct 31 18:07
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Fedora 31 Performance Is Still Sliding In The Wrong Direction - Benchmarks Against Ubuntu 19.10 + Clear Linux []Oct 31 18:10
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Linspire 8.5 Linux Operating System Released, Based on Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS []Oct 31 18:12
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: #Android Leftovers []Oct 31 18:19
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Red Hat: Kubernetes, RHEL Impact and Halloween Release []Oct 31 18:28
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-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Programming: Python, Bash and More []Oct 31 18:35
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today's leftovers []Oct 31 18:49
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: today's leftovers []Oct 31 18:52
-viera/#techrights-Tux Machines: Links 31/10/2019: Linux Mint 19.3 is "Tricia," Mesa 19.3 RC1, Qt 5.13.2 and Linspire 8.5 Released []Oct 31 19:09
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decnetThe Register brown-noses Microsoft 31 23:10
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'No more room for wars in the new world'? Who are you and what have you done with Microsoft? • The RegisterOct 31 23:10
decnet"Microsoft signed Oracle's contributor agreement "in the past week" and is officially joining OpenJDK, the official open-source implementation of Java"Oct 31 23:14
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decnetI hadn't reqlizeOct 31 23:14
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decnetI hadn't realised Oracle owned "open-source" ..Oct 31 23:15
XRevan86Huh…Oct 31 23:15
XRevan86Is it because of Minecraft (Java Edition)?Oct 31 23:15
decnetMicrosoft has joined the Oracle's contributor agreement.Oct 31 23:16
decnetIn relation to Oracles propriety JavaOct 31 23:16
XRevan86Makes sense, Oracle forces everyone to sign their CLA to allow contributing to their upstreams, like OpenJDK or MySQL.Oct 31 23:16
XRevan86Interestingly, MariaDB allows marking a merge request as BSD-licensed as an alternative to signing their CLA.Oct 31 23:18
decnetit's ironic, considering what Microsoft did to sabatage Suns Java.Oct 31 23:19
decnetBen Slivka to bill Gates: "how do we wrest control of Java away from Sun"Oct 31 23:19
XRevan86Not really, they do a 180° on many things, including, well, GNU/Linux.Oct 31 23:20
XRevan86From stage Extinguish back to stage Embrace.Oct 31 23:20
decnetYes really .. 31 23:20
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | bens: how do we wrest control of Java away from Sun ..Oct 31 23:20
XRevan86decnet: Oh, I see your point :)Oct 31 23:20
MinceRhow is going from trying to destroy GNU and Linux to trying to destroy GNU and Linux a 180°? :>Oct 31 23:21
decnetSo now it's a MICROS~1 Oracle duopoly - yesOct 31 23:21
XRevan86MinceR: It's just a very tight embraceOct 31 23:21
XRevan86one might suffocateOct 31 23:21
MinceR:>Oct 31 23:22
decnetbillg: "the richness of these applications grows every day making it a crisis that we have not drawn the line."Oct 31 23:22
decnetBill Gates: "the path we were going down of building on AWT was a sure disaster - It was creating a situation where pure 100% Java applications would look just as good as pure Windows applications which we have to avoid."Oct 31 23:24
XRevan86They never did though %)Oct 31 23:25
XRevan86nor did they blend with GTKOct 31 23:25
decnetSo I guess Microsoft-Oracle Java will only run on Windows and be subject to non-compliance if run on anything else?Oct 31 23:26
XRevan86Not that it matters much in the world where Electron is a success.Oct 31 23:26
decnetno for the want of trying1Oct 31 23:26
MinceR 31 23:27
XRevan86decnet: I don't think much will change.Oct 31 23:27
XRevan86decnet: Also, nothing in Java will be owned by MicrosoftOct 31 23:29
XRevan86that's the point of a CLAOct 31 23:29
decnetThe license says joint-ownership.Oct 31 23:30
XRevan86though technically it means that the code that Microsoft contributes will be owned by both Microsoft and Oracle, shared ownershipOct 31 23:30
XRevan86practically it means that Oracle will stay the only entity that Oracle needs to ask permission for anythingOct 31 23:30
decnetBut can be forked to sole-ownership by either company.Oct 31 23:30
XRevan86Oracle gets 100%, Microsoft gets whatever they've committed. ~0%?Oct 31 23:31
XRevan86And even if Microsoft gets their hands in every single line of code, I'm still not sure that would mean they own it.Oct 31 23:32
decnetThis doesn't sound like "open-source" to me. What was theRegister thinking in using the term?Oct 31 23:33
decnet2. With respect to any worldwide copyrights, or copyright applications and registrations, in your contribution:Oct 31 23:33
decnet• you hereby assign to us joint ownership, and to the extent that such assignment is or becomes invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, youOct 31 23:33
decnethereby grant to us a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, worldwide, no-charge, royalty-free, unrestricted license to exercise all rightsOct 31 23:33
decnetunder those copyrights. This includes, at our option, the right to sublicense these same rights to third parties through multiple levels ofOct 31 23:33
XRevan86They share ownership on their commits, but how exactly does that translate on owning code itself?Oct 31 23:33
decnetsublicensees or other licensing arrangements;Oct 31 23:33
decnet• you agree that each of us can do all things in relation to your contribution as if each of us were the sole owners, and if one of us makesOct 31 23:33
decneta derivative work of your contribution, the one who makes the derivative work (or has it made) will be the sole owner of that derivativeOct 31 23:33
decnetwork;Oct 31 23:33
decnet• you agree that you will not assert any moral rights in your contribution against us, our licensees or transferees;Oct 31 23:33
decnet• you agree that we may register a copyright in your contribution and exercise all ownership rights associated with it; andOct 31 23:33
decnet• you agree that neither of us has any duty to consult with, obtain the consent of, pay or render an accounting to the other for any use orOct 31 23:33
decnetdistribution of your contribution.Oct 31 23:34
XRevan86decnet: It's still FOSS, because you don't *have to* contribute to upstream. Free to fork.Oct 31 23:34
XRevan86Most of GNU projects are under a CLA.Oct 31 23:34
decnetXRevan86: no it isn't as it's tied to Oracle and the dot Framework.Oct 31 23:35
XRevan86decnet: What does that change? The only actual caveat is them bloody software patents.Oct 31 23:36
XRevan86Google forked Java and then faced the consequences.Oct 31 23:36
decnetThis aggrement 8only* applies to Microsoft and Oracle *and* no one else. Reminds me of the Russian/Germany pact in WW2. didn't apply to poland :]Oct 31 23:36
XRevan86decnet: You can go and sign the CLA yourself.Oct 31 23:36
XRevan86You're no different than Microsoft here.Oct 31 23:37
XRevan86Oracle will own your code.Oct 31 23:37
decnetXRevan86: well spotted :]Oct 31 23:38
decnetanyways what do you think of the Microsoft Register article? 31 23:38
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | 'No more room for wars in the new world'? Who are you and what have you done with Microsoft? • The RegisterOct 31 23:38
XRevan86It would've been very interesting if Microsoft *didn't* sign the CLA, yet still contributed to OpenJDKOct 31 23:38
MinceRlolOct 31 23:39
MinceRthe register falls for bullshit yet againOct 31 23:39
XRevan86decnet: Practically a love-letterOct 31 23:39
decnetWhy don't Oracle release Java under the GPL?Oct 31 23:39
MinceRone would expect a lot more cynicism from the ones who claim to 'bite the hand that feeds'...Oct 31 23:39
decnetToo much advertising money from MICROS~1Oct 31 23:40
XRevan86OpenJDK is under "GPLv2 with linking exception"Oct 31 23:40
XRevan86IIRC, proprietary Java is gone now.Oct 31 23:40
decnetso what's the point of this agreement?Oct 31 23:40
MinceRwhat, obstacle won't sue anyone for making java successful again? :>Oct 31 23:41
XRevan86decnet: Oracle won't accept any contribution from anyone who hasn't signed it.Oct 31 23:41
<--chomwitt has quit (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)Oct 31 23:42
oiaohmXRevan86: Not exactly true  "Please note that you do not need to sign an OCA if you work at Oracle or a company which has negotiated an equivalent agreement. "     There is the equivalent allowanace.Oct 31 23:43
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | OpenJDK: How to contributeOct 31 23:43
decnetWhat if I don't want to assign Apple "joint ownership" and assign apple a perpetual license to my patents. Oh wait, I think i just nailed it. it's a patent grab?Oct 31 23:43
*XRevan86 checked: Oracle JRE is indeed gone. SE8 will be the last version for it.Oct 31 23:44
XRevan86decnet: Didn't know. Makes sense, I guess.Oct 31 23:45
decnetCan I sub-license Oracles contributions? OCA: "you hereby grant to us a perpetual ..  license to .. to sublicense these same rights to third parties through multiple levels of sublicensees or other licensing arrangements."Oct 31 23:46
oiaohmXRevan86: GNU does not use CLA  you normally see another "Copyright Assignment Agreement"  Yes CAA and CLA sound close but they are in fact slightly different beasts.Oct 31 23:48
decnet"The Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact,[a] officially known as the Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,[b] was a neutrality pact between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union" 31 23:48
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact - WikipediaOct 31 23:48
XRevan86decnet: As a Russian I'm very aware of this existing %).Oct 31 23:49
MinceR 31 23:50
XRevan86oiaohm: What's the key difference? Is CAA actually about *transferring* copyrights?Oct 31 23:50
decnetCan i create my own compatible Java implementation and still not-risk apples lawyers coming after me. THat's the only compatible test I want.Oct 31 23:50
XRevan86When did Apple get into the picture?Oct 31 23:52
decnetJoachim Kempin :"The key for us is that they bundle Microsoft solutions and do not give their money to competitors" 31 23:52
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | MS on fighting the Java infestation ..Oct 31 23:52
decnetNice people :[Oct 31 23:52
decnetOracle == applesOct 31 23:53
XRevan86Pretty confusing. Can't you give them some other fruit? :)Oct 31 23:53
decnetCan i create my own open source compatible Java implementation and not risk getting sues by Oracle?Oct 31 23:54
decnetf&^*ing keyboardOct 31 23:54
XRevan86How did the lawsuit with Google end? %)Oct 31 23:55
oiaohmXRevan86: yes the CAA is in fact about transferring the copyrights in ways that can be used for enforcement or if done underhanded like the or latter clause GPL license so allowing FSF to update and change the license.Oct 31 23:55
decnet"Google Rebuffed Again in Epic Java API Battle – Billions in Damages for Oracle in Sight" 31 23:56
-TechrightsBot-tr/ | Oracle vs Google: Damages Trial Looms After Supreme Court Bid BlockedOct 31 23:56
<--amarsh04 has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)Oct 31 23:57
decnet"“Petitioner copied 11,500 lines of computer code verbatim" I thought Google duplicated the API functionality using common generic namesOct 31 23:59

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