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Techrights-secTM dumps working as normal again.  It was a matter of the host key.Jan 06 06:30
Techrights-secThe new host's new key is now in the register.Jan 06 06:30
schestowitzNo, OTR I always leave out and sometimes I xxxxxx redact personally identifying thingsJan 06 06:30
schestowitzi obfuscate the things that are irrelevant to transparency anyway, like something about one's day or location etc.Jan 06 06:31
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Techrights-seccan I contribute?Jan 06 11:32
Techrights-secIt is valuable work and more importantly valuable skillsJan 06 11:32
schestowitztechrights is vastly faster now, not sure if everyone has notice. Sometimes like 3 times faster.Jan 06 11:32
schestowitzMy ISP issues are back BTW. Will phone me shortly, I will say I'm reporting them to Ofcom for throttling and they must upgrade me (it's their equipment, they can) and threaten to demand a full refund for this month. We cannot even make VoIP calls, Rianne had to use landline.Jan 06 11:34
Techrights-secI notice that it does not get slowed down and become temporarily unavailableJan 06 11:41
Techrights-secIt is quite likely that the ISP oversold their capacity many times overJan 06 11:41
Techrights-secand is trying to stall and bluffJan 06 11:41
Techrights-secThe change to work from home has also probably made that worse.Jan 06 11:41
Techrights-secIn the US with AOL the POTS network became poor because of long connectionJan 06 11:41
Techrights-sectimes with modems lasting many times longer than the 3-minute averageJan 06 11:41
Techrights-secfor voice.  That resulted in people just not disconnecting the modems whenJan 06 11:41
Techrights-secit became too hard to connect thus making the problem even worse.Jan 06 11:41
schestowitzThis was discussed, in part, in #techrights yesterday. vZS1 says that Ofcom is getting into the matter/scene, belatedly catching upJan 06 11:42
Techrights-secThe ISPs xxxxxxxxxx] have it in the law that they only have to deliver 30% of whatJan 06 11:43
Techrights-secis in the contract... :(Jan 06 11:43
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schestowitz__Just spent nearly two hours battling with greedy BT over the phone; they're making it almost impossible to cancel an account after repeatedly failing their customers. So awful. Will do an article about it.Jan 06 13:47
Techrights-secIf you do switch ISPs at home, try to get the new ISP to make a better offerJan 06 13:57
Techrights-secto entice you to change to them over the others.  Some people can be quiteJan 06 13:57
Techrights-secskilled at playing the companies off against each other.  Just don[t getJan 06 13:57
Techrights-seclocked into a 2-year contract or anything else dangerous.Jan 06 13:57
schestowitz__those bastards disconnected me briefly, so I lost ytalk link some time ago and may have missed some text here, after the word "dangerous"Jan 06 14:19
vZS1schestowitz__: you didn't miss anythingJan 06 14:27
schestowitz__TJan 06 14:27
schestowitz__Cornonavirus May Have Caused a Nationwide or Regional Congestion Crisis for BTJan 06 14:27
schestowitz__HIS is not a rant and it is not written in a rush. <em>Far from it</em>. It has taken me three days to research and prepare. I didn't want to write this, but circumstances -- however unfortunate -- rendered me an unwitting messenger. This post is based on my observation, my technical analysis, and many conversations with half a dozen BT employees and various people I know who are intimately familiar with such issues. In a sense,Jan 06 14:28
schestowitz__this post is a joint effort of many voices, some of which are insiders.Jan 06 14:28
schestowitz__I am typing it up, vZS1Jan 06 14:28
schestowitz__vZS1: I meant, maybe in ytalkJan 06 14:28
schestowitz__when I got cut offJan 06 14:28
schestowitz__they cut me off againJan 06 14:28
schestowitz__by "testing my line"Jan 06 14:28
schestowitz__which I told them NOT to doJan 06 14:28
schestowitz__as they give me lots of choresJan 06 14:28
schestowitz__new IP for the Pi BTW: 06 14:29
schestowitz__in case you need remote accessJan 06 14:29
vZS1Not yet but tyJan 06 14:29
vZS1BTW, you should definitely set up IPNS. That way all your configs can be scripted dynamically. It's what I do at homeJan 06 14:31
schestowitz__My ISP issues, with BT, started on Monday, i.e. more than 2 days ago. BT is the 'former' monopoly that still controls Openreach and many other entities behind the scenes (yesterday they tried to pretend to have nothing to do with Openreach, but that's just laughable). An hour ago I spoke to somewhat from a government-commissioned 'independent' outpost, but he admitted to me that he's in fact a BT employee, salaried by BT. We'll comeJan 06 14:31
schestowitz__back to that in a moment.Jan 06 14:32
vZS1I've got a simple JSON file that has a map of all the addresses and ports.Jan 06 14:32
vZS1Maybe this weekend I can give you a run down of how to set it up. It alleviates a lot of these headaches.Jan 06 14:35
vZS1Good luck with BTJan 06 14:35
schestowitz__Suffice to say, the media is, as usual, sleeping at the wheel and not doing its job investigating and scrutinising these daysJan 06 14:41
schestowitz__ BT is very sensitive about the whole thing. I've noticed that they're increasingly evasive as they might fear some sort of class action or mass cancellation, based on the premise they're unable to deliver proper service.Jan 06 14:42
schestowitz__quote from draft in progressJan 06 14:43
schestowitz__Surprisingly enough, as things heated up a bit, at one point a manager told me I'm not allowed the record the call (BT does record everything). I did not actually record any of the calls, but it shows a degree of fear or paranoia if they threaten people who might simply record what they're saying.Jan 06 14:44
schestowitz__They keep refusing to answer simple question. I asked them about capacity issues and they refuse to comment.Jan 06 14:51
schestowitz__"All in all, I've reached the conclusion that BT isn't being honest about what's going on. They could, instead, just acknowledge that due to lack of capacity they're throttling people's connections (here if not elsewhere), then apologise. But instead it boils down to complainant shaming and leaned helplessness. They shamelessly pretend that this has nothing to do with them. Like with many other things during the crisis (pandemic),Jan 06 14:58
schestowitz__extreme measures are taken to deny people their rights (as humans, customers, labourers) and we're suppose to just accept it."Jan 06 14:58
Techrights-secThat was the most recent I had written/Jan 06 14:59
Techrights-secThe tmux session should persist between disconnects.Jan 06 14:59
Techrights-secIf it did not, then we should tweak the formula for connection.Jan 06 14:59
Techrights-secBut ytalk stayed running so I presume that tmux also stayed running.Jan 06 14:59
schestowitz__very goodJan 06 14:59
schestowitz__schestowitz.com  -  Blog Archive  -  Coronavirus May Have Caused a Nationwide or Regional Congestion Crisis for BT ⇨ http://schestowitz.com/Weblog/archives/2021/01/06/coronavirus-bt/ •●• #schestowitz | more in http://schestowitz.com/2021/01/06/#latestJan 06 15:37
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