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Techrights-secotr: in the oven at the moment: https://xxxxx.ddns.net/Recipes/fruktkaka.htmlDec 21 19:46
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schestowitz-TRwe made delicious apple pie today in the new oven (the old one may cause outages, maybe once a year). 5 more such  pies on the way, it's actually strudel, with special dough for it. We have in the freezer 5 more packs and rianne knows how to roll and mix that.Dec 21 19:48
Techrights-secotr: strudel is great!  w/raisins or cherries or plain?Dec 21 19:49
schestowitz-TR"just plain" she says.... no walnuts here atmDec 21 19:49
Techrights-secotr: nice, what kind of apples?  (they have different flavors)Dec 21 19:50
schestowitz-TRwe only have red at the moment; we'll check on friday for other varieties. we plan a MASSIVE bargain hunt, maybe 30KGDec 21 19:50
Techrights-secotr: there are hundreds of varieties of red apples.   I hope the shops areDec 21 19:52
Techrights-secotr: vacant at the time you are able to go huntingDec 21 19:52
schestowitz-TR10am is quietDec 21 19:52
Techrights-secotr: it was crowded to day in the early afternoon, I did not go into one of theDec 21 19:53
Techrights-secotr: shops.Dec 21 19:53
schestowitz-TRI get all 'kitted up': s marks, massive distance, hat, and eye cover. The last one kelps keeping people away; maDec 21 19:59
schestowitz-TRkes mee spooky ;-)Dec 21 19:59
Techrights-secExcellent!  Chew garlic at the same time?Dec 21 19:59
schestowitz-TRit's also effective in the streets; you don't want to mess with people who look like that..Dec 21 20:00
Techrights-secotr:  :)Dec 21 20:03
schestowitz-TRjust remember that the goal is to keep people away, which is easier than evading them, esp. covidiots who don't otherwise respect distanceDec 21 20:03
Techrights-secotr: yes good point; here the shops are full of people that dont keep a distancotr: and all too many that haveDec 21 20:09
Techrights-secno mask even.  It's hard to find a timeDec 21 20:09
Techrights-secotr: of day on purpose when the shops are empty.    There are just three, Dec 21 20:09
Techrights-secotr: in practrice, around town.    Dec 21 20:09
Techrights-secotr: yes, it's math.  there are some smaller shops of the same two chainsDec 21 20:09
Techrights-secotr: around but they are always crowded too.  At one it is possible to orderDec 21 20:09
Techrights-secotr: for a fee and then pick up the order from a locker.  Dec 21 20:09
schestowitz-TRso you need to find the emptier storesDec 21 20:10
schestowitz-TRi told rianne that the bigger the store, no matter the time, the more positives were there earlier in the day orDec 21 20:10
schestowitz-TR while you are insideDec 21 20:10
schestowitz-TRand the cost of becoming one of 10-20 brits who have had it is far higherDec 21 20:10
schestowitz-TRthan the perceived saving on soem food itemsDec 21 20:10
schestowitz-TRfrom 2003 (June IIRC) until Rianne lived with me I used to order food onlineDec 21 20:10
schestowitz-TRmany upsides when you are singleDec 21 20:10
schestowitz-TRwhen a good cooks ia in the home many downsidesDec 21 20:10
Techrights-secotr: single == many restaurant visits, I generally had no kitchen and wasDec 21 20:12
Techrights-secotr: renting spare rooms and such to pay off the student loan quickly  Dec 21 20:12
Techrights-secotr: 8.5% APR :(Dec 21 20:12
schestowitz-TRdare I guess this contributed to burnout and breakdown? Or too personal a subject?Dec 21 20:12
techrights-news#elementaryOS 6.1 “Jólnir” Officially Released http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159340#comment-32232Dec 21 20:14
techrights-newsVideos: MakuluLinux, Zorin OS, and Secutity Stuff • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159389 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 20:15
techrights-news3 Best #ArchLinux -based Linux Distributions for Everyday Desktop Usage • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159390 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 20:22
Techrights-secotr: no that was the result of people being dicks 24/7 Dec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: a friend tried to tough it out at the same work place, since he had beenDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: there 20 years and had around a decade to formal retirement, but ended upDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: not just having to quit to save himself but having to shell out of hisDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: own pocket for trauma therapy for a long timeDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: people there weren't just dicks, the microsofters lied throught theirDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: teeth as natural as breathingDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: *correction* the cost *was* insane already 2 decades ago, it is muchDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr> higher nowDec 21 20:31
schestowitz-TRUS cost of higher ed is insaneDec 21 20:31
schestowitz-TRUK was about 10k pounds a year tuitionDec 21 20:31
Techrights-secotr: I tried contacting the union towards the end but was physically dyingDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr> and did not make the enormous effort to fight with them tooDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: the Union representatives there were 1) microsofters to a man, Dec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: 2) enforcers for the management and working against the workersDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: the went on a revenge hunt against my students afterwards and only Dec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: one of them lawyered up and fought them back, he had to move schools Dec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: and he later found out that they had called the dean of that schoolDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: to do what they could to set him of on the wrong foot.Dec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: 10k GBP is not bad, the US runs 100k for out of state for a good schoolDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: a bad school is not worth shit.Dec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: my last two terms, the management refused to schedule rooms for some ofDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: my classes so I just occupied what was available and kept the class     Dec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr> informed.   Some of the teachers would unplug stuff.  And there was Dec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: no infrastructure.  Some of the students would try to use the M$ stuffDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: but that usually ended in frustration and failure, when it didn't endDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: in altercation between them.  One of the good teachers just pretendedDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: to use the "infrastructure" but really rented a network of VPNs anrDec 21 20:32
Techrights-secotr: had a shadow infrastructure for the actual school activities.Dec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: i accepted that I had no office and did all the prep and other workDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: at home or on the bus/train and used the time at school to eitherDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: teach or meet with students or other teachersDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: when one lab technician found out my goals, he did everything he couldDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr to build awesome stuff.  Had I a few months more, I would have hadDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: all components in full production and published in a journalDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: I had a class laboratory combination router/PXE jukebox for lab worDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: work.  Oh.  To make matters worse, the school always entered inDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: a national programming contest and never came in any placingDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: except for the one team I mentored.  They came in first, won      Dec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: a huge cash prize and a free trip to present at a conference in the EUDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: my only rule was do what you want but NO MICROSOFT PRODUCTS anywhereDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: in the room EVER.  I could answer their questions with pointers and tipsDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: and system administrative support (when the microsofters pulled the plugDec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: on the network and such)  They did all the planning design and work.Dec 21 20:33
Techrights-secotr: I also made sure that although they specialized in tasks they eachDec 21 20:35
Techrights-secotr: had an idea about what the others were doing.  So they learned a lotDec 21 20:35
Techrights-secotr: the administration and most of the other faculty members knew so littrleDec 21 20:35
Techrights-secotr as to be unable to hold up their end of a conversation about ICTDec 21 20:35
schestowitz-TRso there was an element of envy and inferiroy complex, very typicalDec 21 20:35
Techrights-secotr  envy is a national characteristic combine that with being frauds proppedDec 21 20:36
Techrights-secotr: up by high school buddies and cousins, yeahDec 21 20:36
Techrights-secotr: Ive worked a lot of places in a lot of countries, including the US miiotr: miliatry and never met smalleDec 21 20:36
Techrights-secr or pettier creaturesDec 21 20:36
Techrights-secotr: yes it is a bad problem, especially the lack of education whichDec 21 20:38
Techrights-secotr: has been declining for 40 years there and the recent rise of Dec 21 20:38
Techrights-secotr: militant ignorance.Dec 21 20:38
schestowitz-TRI have two sisterDec 21 20:38
schestowitz-TRsistersDec 21 20:38
schestowitz-TRone is my seniorDec 21 20:38
schestowitz-TRthe other 25 ishDec 21 20:38
schestowitz-TRThey are both in the USDec 21 20:39
schestowitz-TRThe younger one says Europe is a lot betterDec 21 20:39
schestowitz-TR"everything here is big... but not good" (to parasphrase)Dec 21 20:39
techrights-news#FreeBSD jails made simple using BastilleBSD • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159391 #BSD #UNIX #TuxMachinesDec 21 20:40
Techrights-secotr: sadly the schools have been dismantled such that any that wantDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr their kids to get an education have no chance to get them oneDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr:    https://www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/2021-2022/billenrolled/House/pdf/2021-HNB-4294.pdfDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: removes any and all qualifications for teaching in schools Dec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr back to teaching here, the school never officially notified me of Dec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr the win and they sent some microsofter to the capital to collectDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr the award ...Dec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr all of the (very few) talented teachers there had a similar strategyDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: for elesson plans because of the failed infrastructure, involvingDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: having a plan, a backup plan, and a disaster backup plan.Dec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: they were all eventually fired most uncerimoniously at different timesDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: some despite years of service and excellent performance.Dec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: I donät think they even teach coding any more as they fired the CDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: teacher among othersDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: that institution merged with the one here in town and none of themDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: have anything even remotely resembling a computing environmentDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: by the way, as far as the EU is concerned, Oulu is consideredDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: an Artic Partner  since the other two institutions no longerDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: know their ass from their elbow, however Oulu is not doing so wellDec 21 20:57
Techrights-secotr: either as the rot seeps up from the floor so to speakDec 21 20:58
schestowitz-TREU is a windows shop despite all the face-saving rhetoricDec 21 20:58
schestowitz-TRthey say they will release source codeDec 21 20:59
schestowitz-TRI can imagine of what kind and for what platforms or frameworksDec 21 20:59
Techrights-sechttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wGLS2rSQPQDec 21 21:00
Techrights-sechttps://www.april.org/en/microsoft-cyber-attack-a-german-documentary-ard-relations-between-microsoft-and-public-administratioDec 21 21:00
Techrights-secI don't believe the EU or the EC in that regard.  See the above documentary,Dec 21 21:00
Techrights-secMicrosoft liars lie.  It doesn't have to work it just has to occupy a lineDec 21 21:00
Techrights-secitem on the budget preventing acquistion of actual ICT.Dec 21 21:00
Techrights-secotr: a friend has hired a few hundred people over the last few years, but Dec 21 21:05
Techrights-secotr: cannot find skilled people, he eventually settled on poaching Dec 21 21:05
Techrights-secotr: first years before they get damaged by the M$ curriculum and Dec 21 21:05
Techrights-secotr> instead trains them up in-house to a high level of skillDec 21 21:05
Techrights-secotr: ^ cannot find skilled people who have passed through the "university"Dec 21 21:05
Techrights-secotr: more bad news the south is "investing" a lot more in IT tracks Dec 21 21:05
Techrights-secotr: in the colleges, that means more bullshitters on the street drowning outDec 21 21:05
Techrights-secotr; the one or two remaining skilled peopleDec 21 21:05
schestowitz-TRWhen corporations can be allowed to run whole govsDec 21 21:11
schestowitz-TRthey won't think twice about controlling cash-strapped schoolsDec 21 21:11
schestowitz-TRmaybe the best resistance we have is a flashlight and censorship-resistant publicationDec 21 21:12
schestowitz-TRbecause there are in theory vastly more people sympathetic towards us than dumb fucks (FB) controlled by their puff pieces and incited against [something]-ist  FOSS peopleDec 21 21:13
techrights-newsToday’s #HowTos | #UNIX • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159392 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 21:14
schestowitz-TRin just a couple of months we did immeasurable damage to shithub, as we had done for the past couple of years to the gates estate and maybe DDG as wellDec 21 21:15
schestowitz-TRtoday someone joined us in IRC, saying he had installed gemini client after reading about DDGDec 21 21:15
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schestowitz-TRgnDec 21 21:16
Techrights-sec0/Dec 21 21:18
Techrights-secafkDec 21 21:18
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techrights-news#Kernel: AMD, Alibaba, and IBM • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159393 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 21:27
techrights-newsShould you contribute open data to OpenStreetMap for free? • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159394 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 21:41
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techrights-newsStrap This Linux-Powered NUC to Your Face for Virtual Productivity http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159161#comment-32235Dec 21 21:51
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techrights-news#Fedora and Red Hat Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159395 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 22:16
techrights-news#Programming Leftovers • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159396 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 22:18
techrights-newsLinks 21/12/2021: GIMP 2.10.30 and Qubes OS 4.1 RC3 • Techrights ⚓ http://techrights.org/2021/12/21/qubes-os-4-1-rc3/ ䷉ #Techrights #GNU #Linux #FreeSW | ♾ Gemini address: gemini://gemini.techrights.org/2021/12/21/qubes-os-4-1-rc3/Dec 21 22:28
techrights-newsTheme.sh Is An Interactive Terminal Theme Selection Script (400+ Themes) • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159397 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 22:35
*psydroid4 (~psydroid@cqggrmwgu7gji.irc) has joined #tuxmachinesDec 21 23:28
techrights-news10GbE shows up on Linux router board and M.2 module • Tux Machines ⇨ http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159398 #GNU #Linux #TuxMachinesDec 21 23:39
techrights-newsDebian 11 ‘Bullseye' updated to 11.2 with 40+ security updates and 60+ bugfixes http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159270#comment-32236Dec 21 23:41
techrights-newsLWN has a conflict of interest (Corbet inside LF), so it has become its megaphone for PR purposes http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/158828#comment-32237 see see http://techrights.org/2021/12/15/lf-diversity-and-inclusion/Dec 21 23:44
techrights-news#TikTok Live Studio Allegedly Illegal Fork Of OBS http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159286#comment-32238Dec 21 23:55
techrights-newsSteam Deck compatibility with games is growing http://www.tuxmachines.org/node/159374#comment-32239Dec 21 23:59

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