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Microsoft Critique: Resources

Original design contributed by an anonymous reader who wishes not to be named.

"'No Alternative' To Microsoft Fine"

""Very Severe Hole" In Vista UAC Design" @ Slashdot.org 02/13/2007

""Your data or your life" Proprietary Software Can Kill You"

"17 Mistakes Microsoft Made in the Xbox Security System – Xbox-Linux"

"1989 Bill Gates Talk on Microsoft" @ csclub.uwaterloo.ca
"Bill Gates discusses the software and computer industry, and how Microsoft has contributed. Gates also discusses his views on the future of the computing industry. The talk was recorded in 1989 but was only recently digitized."

"A 5-Year Deal With Microsoft To Dump Novell/SUSE" @ Slashdot 11/09/2006

"A Brief History of Microsoft FUD" @ lxer.com

"A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection" @ Schneier.com 12/2006

"A List of Microsoft Litigation"

"A Prisoner of Windows"
"Imprisoned in a Windows jail? Make your escape to Linux through an SSH tunnel and remote X Windows." LG #129

"A Vista of Licensed Censorship" @ gripe2ed.com 10/24/2006

"A five year deal with Microsoft to dump Novell/SUSE" @ LinuxJournal.com 11/2006

"A leaked letter to the European Commission has revealed the extent of lobbying by proprietary software groups to prevent the widespread adoption of open-source software." @ techworld.com 10/16/2006

"A plea for relief from Microsoft's escalating anti-competitive tactics."

"ALSR in Vista Gets OEM Push" @ Slashdot.org 12/15/2006

"Activating Vista Enterprise Using a Spoofed Server" @ Slashdot.org 12/08/2006

"Allchin Backs Off Antivirus Remarks" @ Betanews.com 11/2006
"Allchin acknowledged Friday that he wasn't as clear as he intended to be, saying he never meant to imply that Windows Vista does not need antivirus software, despite citing the example of his son's PC."

"Analysts: Microsoft Has Antitrust Anxiety"

"Annual Cost of Microsoft Monopoly: $10 Billion"

"Another Microsoft Exec Steps Down"

"Are New DRM Technologies Setting Vista Up for Failure?" @ Slashdot 11/16/2006

"As far as "growing up" is concerned, I guess I'll "grow up" when the process dispatcher inside Microsoft
Windows is as good as the process dispatcher inside the Compatible Time Sharing System (Corbato, et al,1962)."

"Yes, you read that correctly: 1962. It is ridiculous that one can (essentially) hang a single-CPU copy of Windows XP with a spinning application. We solved that problem 55 (that would be FIFTY FIVE) years ago." – user comment quotes from Slashdot.org

"Ballmer Repeats Threats Against Linux" @ Slashdot.org 02/21/2007

"Ballmer Says Google's Growth Is 'Insane'" @ Slashdot.org 03/16/2007

"Ballmer Says Linux "Infringes Our Intellectual Property"" @ Slashdot 11/17/06

"Ballmer repeats threats against Linux" @ news.com.com 2007

"Ballmer's new weapon against Linux is…Linux" @ Infoworld.com 11/02/2006

"Big Microsoft Brother"

"Bill Gates Brags About Vista, Reacts to Apple's Latest Ads" @ Slashdot.org 02/02/2007

"Bill Gates Talk From 1989 Surfaces" @ Slashdot.org 03/24/2007

"Bill Gates and other communists"

"Bye bye Windows I don't need you anymore" @ itwire.com.au 2007

"Chinese Blogger Slams Microsoft"

"Clipboard Data Theft Now Optional With IE7" @ Slashdot.org 12/21/2006

"Comes v. Microsoft – Trial Highlights, Jan. 8, 2007 – Mr. Alepin Has a Jolting Experience" @ groklaw.net

"Commentary: Gates wants poor to spend $600+, not $100 or $200, for computers"

"Confidential Microsoft Emails Posted Online" @ Slashdot.org 02/03/2007

"Congress: Clear the Air and Stop Preloads"

"Corel Sells Out To Microsoft"

"CyberInsecurity: The Cost of Monopoly" .PDF
"The report, prepared by Dr. Dan geer and six other distinguished computer-security researchers, laid bare what many have known for years: That the presence of a single, ubiquitous operating system, no matter who produces it, is inherently dangerous to networked computers"

"DRM Based on Trusted Computing Chips"

"DRM in Windows Vista" @ Schneier.com 02/2007

"DRM, Vista and your rights" @ polishlinux.org

"Dark Cloud Over Good Works of Gates Foundation" @ Slashdot.org 01/07/2007

"Dark cloud over good works of Gates Foundation" @ latimes.com 01/07/2007

"De Icaza Pleads For Mono/.Net Cooperation" @ Slashdot.org 03/27/2007

"Dear Sir Bill Gates: invoice enclosed" @ The Register

"Dell Customer Gets Windows Refund" @ Slashdot 11/08/2006

"Details of Novell-MS Pact – The SEC filing" @ groklaw.net 11/07/2006

"Did Microsoft Threaten Linux OEM?"

"Did Microsoft want to 'whack' Dell over its Linux dealings?" @ news.com.com 02/2007

"Dim Vista" @ Forbes.com 02/2007

"Divide and Conquer: The Microsoft/Novell deal is more about disruption than cooperation" @ pbs.org 11/10/2006

"Does Microsoft impose a prisoner mentality?" @ PenguinPetes.com

"Does Microsoft's Monopoly Power Extend to Government and Media?"

"Dvorak on Windows Genuine Advantage" @ Slashdot 10/19/2006

"EFF's trusted computing guru sums up MSFT's lockware strategy"

"EU Official Labels Microsoft's Behavior Unacceptable" @ Slashdot.org 03/22/2007

"EU Rejects Microsoft Royalty Proposal" @ Slashdot.org 04/05/2007

"EU investigating new complaint about Microsoft"

"Eben Moglen to Scrutinize Novell-Microsoft Deal" @ Slashdot 11/09/2006

"Evidence Surfaces That MS Violated 2002 Judgement" @ Slashdot.org 01/18/2007

"Exhibits and Transcripts from Comes v. Microsoft" @ Groklaw.net 02/2007

"Extracts from the guilty verdict"
"Viewing Microsoft's conduct as a whole also reinforces the conviction that it was predacious"

"FAA May Ditch Microsoft's Windows Vista And Office For Google And Linux Combo" @ informationweek.com 2007

"FOSS Community Should Not Negotiate With Microsoft On Port 25"

"FSF Launches "BadVista" Campaign" @ Slashdot.org 12/16/2006

"FSF: Microsoft's attack on EC is 'outrageous'"

"Fed up with Microsoft's defiance, EU regulators to slap new fines"

"Federal Agency Bans Microsoft Vista" @ ap.org 2007

"Feds seek formal extension of Microsoft antitrust deal" @ zdnet.com 08/31/2006

"Firm just acquired by Microsoft faces Rutgers suit" @ seattletimes.nwsource.com 2007

"Flaws Are Detected in Microsoft’s Vista" @ nytimes.com

"Following Bill Gates' Linux Attack Money if you still wonder about who railroaded Peter Quinn"

"Former judge defends his bid to break up Microsoft"

"Free Upgrade From XP Home to XP Pro Lite"

"Full Disclosure: Windows–New! Improved! Yada Yada Yada!" @ PCWorld.com

"Gates, chairman of Microsoft, wants a simple system that will allow the world's largest software maker and other companies to protect their intellectual property in the European Union – and profit from licensing their patents." @ iht.com 11/08/2006

"Gateway bows to Microsoft's power"
""The (two-strike) threat…has a remarkable chilling effect on an OEM's (original equipment manufacturer's) willingness to promote non-Microsoft middleware, platform software or otherwise," Fama testified. "Microsoft retains incredible power over Gateway and, presumably, other OEMs.""

"Gentoo Linux founder quits Microsoft"

"Getting people to say nice things about Microsoft" @ Linux-Watch.com 01/2007

"Google Subpoenas Microsoft & Yahoo" @ Slashdot.org

"Google goes after Microsoft"
""We certainly see a history with that particular company, Microsoft, behaving anti-competitively, being a convicted monopoly,""

"Google to Microsoft – Give Users Choices in Vista" @ Slashdot 10/31/2006
Why people even bother wasting their precious time to give Microsoft feedback/suggestions is beyond me. The world should just look elsewhere for their software/hardware needs and forget about Microsoft and their products/services.

"Gosling questions Sun-Microsoft pact"

"Groups Call for Investigation of MS Ad Service" @ Slashdot 11/01/2006

"HP's Windows Bundle Trouble" @ Slashdot.org 12/15/2006

"Homeland Security says 'Patch Windows Now'" @ Slashdot

"Hotmail hole exposes free email accounts" "Although Microsoft says it has patched a security hole in its MSN Hotmail free email service that let anyone access users' accounts without a password, tests of the program prove otherwise."

"How Microsoft & Massachusetts played hardball over open standards" @ computerworld.com 2006

"How Vulnerable Was Internet Explorer?" @ Schneier.com 01/2007

"How to get Vista back on track: open source it"

"How to get a Refund on Your Unwanted Windows" @ Slashdot.org 01/05/2007

"How to get a Windows tax refund" @ Linux.com 01/03/2007

"IBM Subpoenas HP, Baystar, Sun & Microsoft"

"IE6 Was Unsafe 284 Days In 2006" @ Slashdot.org 01/04/2007

"IE7 Vulnerability Discovered" @ Slashdot 10/19/06
""Not 24 hours after the release of IE7, Secunia reports Internet Explorer Arbitrary Content Disclosure Vulnerability. So much for the "you wanted it easier and more secure" slogan found on Microsoft's IE Website.""

"If Only We Knew Then What We Know Now About Windows XP" @ washingtonpost.com 09/24/2006

"If your Xbox is defective, MSFT screws you again with DRM" @ boingboing.net

"Indian State Logs Microsoft Out" @ Slashdot.org

"Inside Vista's Image-Based Install Process"

"Intel, Microsoft Despised the XO Laptop"

"Internal Microsoft E-mail Reveals Anti-Linux Strategies on Dell Severs" @ Digg.com

"Interview: Corel's Linux VP on the Microsoft deal" @ CNN 10/16/2000
Never forget what happened to Corel Linux

"Is Microsoft Using RIAA Legal Tactics?" @ Slashdot.org

"Is Vista a Trap?" @ Slashdot.org 03/02/2007

"Is the Microsoft/Novell Deal a Litigation Bomb?" @ Slashdot 11/03/2006

"Jeremy Allison Has Resigned from Novell to Protest MS Patent Deal" @ Groklaw.net 12/21/2006

"Jeremy Allison Resigns From Novell In Protest" @ Slashdot.org 12/21/2006

"Jury Hears Lawsuit Claiming Microsoft Violated Iowa's Competition Laws" @ biz.yahoo.com 12/01/2006

"Just what has Microsoft been doing for IE 7?"

"Late Vista, timely Linux"

"Leaked Microsoft Dossier on Journalist" @ Slashdot.org 03/28/2007

"Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire: Microsoft and Open Standards"

"Linux News says Microsoft Engaged in Persecution and Discrimination"

"Linux users to Microsoft: What 'balance sheet liability'?" @ ComputerWorld.com 11/2006

"Linux vs. Windows Viruses" @ securityfocus.com

"Loophole in Windows Random Number Generator"

"MICROSOFT can, and will, violate this proposed Final Judgment"
"MICROSOFT has consistently violated United States Antitrust Law. MICROSOFT has illegally tied licenses of its operating systems to OEMs' sales of processors in computers" "MICROSOFT has continually engaged in "vaporware" to kill competing products" "Since MICROSOFT can drag out any enforcement action that the DOJ brings against MICROSOFT for violating this proposed Final Judgment, MICROSOFT can, and will, violate this proposed Final Judgment."

"MS Dirty Tricks Archive Trickles Back Online" @ Slashdot.org 02/22/2007

"MS FUDs like SCO, Red Hat Responds. and MS/Novell Transcript Available" @ Groklaw 11/03/2006

"MS Has Free Software Removed From U.N. Paper" @ Slashdot.org

"MS Office Zero-Day Under Attack" @ Slashdot.org 02/04/2007

"MS Patent Applications Reveal Search Technology" @ Slashdot 11/06/2006

"MS Plans Emergency Update to Fix .ANI Bug" @ Slashdot.org 04/02/2007

"MS Promotion Site Flagged By MS Anti-Phishing" @ Slashdot.org 03/06/2007

"MS Security Guru Leaves for Amazon.com"

"MS Security Guy Wants Vista Bugs Rated Down" @ Slashdot.org 03/18/2007

"MS To Push Silverlight Via Redesigned Microsoft.com" @ Slashdot.org 01/03/2008

"MS Trying To Spur Vista Sales With Discounts" @ Slashdot.org 03/26/2007

"MS vs AT&T Case Stirs Software Patent Debate" @ Slashdot.org 02/22/2007

"MS ‘Software Choice’ scheme a clever fraud" @ The Register 08/09/2002

"MS ‘slush’ fund provides big discounts to stop Linux — email"

"MS' penalties for selling Linux — not punishment, as such"

"MS: OK. OK, we'll set up an "OS" project to build an ODF killer. Er, we mean translator."

"MSN.com shuts out non-Microsoft browsers"

"Maddog bites Microsoft"

"Mark of the Microsoft Beast"

"Microsoft Acquires Winternals and Sysinternals"

"Microsoft Admits Vista Has "High Impact Issues"" @ Slashdot.org 01/23/2007

"Microsoft Admits XP Has Same Bug As Win2K"

"Microsoft Admits to Hiding Flaw Details"

"Microsoft Admits to Serious Problems with OneCare" @ Slashdot.org 03/16/2007

"Microsoft Admonished by US District Court Judge" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Apologizes for Serving Malware" @ Slashdot.org 02/21/2007

"Microsoft Applies To Patent DRM'ed OS Modules" @ Slashdot.org 02/01/2007

"Microsoft Attacks Google on Copyright" @ Slashdot.org 03/06/2007

"Microsoft Attacks Innovators, Not Just Google" @ EFF.org 03/06/2007

"Microsoft Attempts to Quash OSS Recommendations" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Bribing Bloggers With Laptops" @ Slashdot.org 12/27/2006

"Microsoft Caught Out"

"Microsoft Continues Anti-OSS Strategy"

"Microsoft Cracking Open the Door To OSS" @ Slashdot.org 03/13/2007

"Microsoft DRM To Get Even Tighter" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Denies BayStar Connection" @ OSnews.com 10/2006

"Microsoft Denies Sabotaging Mandriva Linux PC Deal" @ Slashdot 11/03/2007

"Microsoft Deprecating Some OOXML Functionality" @ Slashdot.org 12/28/2007

"Microsoft Developing Console Chips" @ Slashdot 10/20/2006

"Microsoft DirectX killing innovation" @ TheInquirer.net

"Microsoft Exec Wanted To Mask Linux Report Sponsorship, E-Mails Reveal" @ news.yahoo.com 02/2007

"Microsoft Exec: OEMs Must Not Install Linux Besides Windows"

"Microsoft Flubs Patch, Putting Users At Risk" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Found Guilty of Patent Infringement"

"Microsoft Getting Paid for Patents in Linux?" @ Slashdot.org 02/11/2007

"Microsoft Gives MVP Award to Adware Pusher" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Hit With 280m Euro Fine" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Issues Zero-Day Attack Alert For Word" @ Slashdot.org 12/06/2006

"Microsoft Joins OpenAjax Alliance" @ Slashdot.org 03/21/2007

"Microsoft Launches Comical Effort to Fight Piracy" @ Slashdot.org 01/22/2007

"Microsoft Lawyer to Run Antitrust Panel for ABA"

"Microsoft License Goes to OSI But Not From Redmond" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Looks Within to Design and Test Chips" @ OSNews.com

"Microsoft Loses Appeal in Guatemalan Patent Claim"

"Microsoft Media Player shreds your rights" @ theinquirer.net

"Microsoft Misrepresenting WGA's Functionality?"

"Microsoft Office Genuine Advantage (OGA)" @ Slashdot 10/27/2006
Do yourself a favor and switch to Open Office which is free. You don't have to purchase, verify, activate, or give away personal information about you or your computer to use Open Office.

"Microsoft Opposing California Open Doc Bill" @ Slashdot.org 04/08/2007

"Microsoft PR Paying to "Correct" Wikipedia" @ Slashdot.org 01/22/2007

"Microsoft Patent Deal Could Leave Novell Behind" @ Slashdot 11/24/2006

"Microsoft Piracy Plan Means Concerns for IT" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Re-Re-Releases IE Patch" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Recalls Small Business Server" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming Impossible"
No s*, that's why those who know better choose superior Operating Systems, like Linux!

"Microsoft Segments Linux "Personas"" @ Slashdot.org 03/20/2007

"Microsoft Sells Linux To Wal-Mart" @ Slashdot.org 01/23/2007

"Microsoft Settles Iowa Antitrust Case" @ Slashdot.org 02/14/2007

"Microsoft Settles Iowa Consumer Antitrust Lawsuit" @ bloomberg.com 01/2007

"Microsoft Shown Involved with Baystar and SCO" @ Slashdot 10/08/06

"Microsoft Shuts Down Linux 10 Years Ago Says Iowa Attorney" @ linuxelectrons.com 2007

"Microsoft Sued Over Vista Marketing" @ Slashdot.org 04/03/2007

"Microsoft Sued Over WGA"

"Microsoft Sued over Xbox Live" @ Slashdot.org

"Microsoft Sues and Gets Sued" @ Slashdot

"Microsoft Taking Heat For Patent Stance" @ Slashdot 11/22/2006

"Microsoft Told to Pay Alcatel-Lucent $1.52 Billion" @ bloomberg.com

"Microsoft Vista's Endless Security Warnings"

"Microsoft Vista, IE7 Banned By U.S. DOT" @ Slashdot.org 03/02/2007

"Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design" @ Washingtonpost.com 08/24/2003

"Microsoft Withdraws Vista's Kill Switch"

"Microsoft XML Fast-Tracked Despite Complaints" @ Slashdot.org 03/12/2007

"Microsoft accused of withholding Vista APIs" @ news.zdnet.co.uk

"Microsoft and Abramoff: Influence in an Anti-Trust Outcome?"

"Microsoft and FairUse4WM" @ Schneier on Security

"Microsoft and Novell: Fox marries chicken, both move into henhouse" @ Zdnet.com

asking people to write leters opposing California A.B. 1668 – Open Document Format" @ groklaw.net 04/2007

"Microsoft backs Novell's Linux platform" @ cnn.com 11/03/2006

"Microsoft breaks with standards effort" @ ZDNet.com

"Microsoft criticized for Open XML petition" @ news.zdnet.com 2007

"Microsoft extends open source killing plan to Russia"

"Microsoft faces $1.5bn MP3 payout" @ news.bbc.co.uk 2007

"Microsoft has performed an illegal function and should be shut down."
By Ralph Nader – "some suggestions:"

"Microsoft hit with 280m euro fine" @ BBC News

"Microsoft is expanding in Bellevue in a big way" @ seattlepi.nwsource.com 2007

"Microsoft leaves Word zero-day holes unpatched" @ news.com.com 2007

"Microsoft patch stops Linux on Xbox 360" @ news.cnet.co.uk 2007

"Microsoft pays Timeline $5M in Patent Settlement"

"Microsoft picks new fight with Linux, IBM"

"Microsoft promises Vista security" @ news.bbc.co.uk 10/2006
Rather than promises, Microsoft, why not just release the source code for everyone to see so we may audit it ourselves? When it comes to security, I don't believe the word of another, especially when it comes to corporations, I believe what my own eyes can see, and if I can't see the source code then I won't use it! All operating systems and software, especially any software claiming to have any degree of security, should be free and open source so the users may audit, inspect, and modify it themselves!

"Microsoft said to have offered payment for Wikipedia edits"

"Microsoft security chief bitten by rogue dialler"

"Microsoft software banned at WSF" @ Tectonic.co.za 2007
Some people are wise enough to do such a thing, hooray! :)

"Microsoft sprung in cash for Wikipedia edit attempt" @ itwire.com.au

"Microsoft still acting like a monopoly, EU complains" @ crn.com.au 2007

"Microsoft sued by Canadian company over document patent" @ MarketWatch.com 2007

"Microsoft sued on 'patent breach'" @ news.bbc.co.uk 11/22/2006

"Microsoft sued over Windows Vista marketing" @ seattlepi.nwsource.com 2007

"Microsoft to "periodically" check Vista installs for piracy" @ arstechnica.com 03/30/2007

"Microsoft to Announce Linux Partnership" @ Slashdot 11/02/2006
Because we all know Corel Linux did so well and became a household name following Microsoft's partnership with Corel in 2000… sigh

"Microsoft to Pay $1.52 Billion in Patent Suit Damages" @ Slashdot.org 02/22/2007

"Microsoft to hand over Windows secrets to Samba team" @ itworld.com 12/20/2007

"Microsoft to lock pirates out of Vista PCs" @ usatoday.com
Yet another reason to switch to a free OS like Ubuntu Linux which ships to you for free, you can use for free, update for free, and install on as many computers as you like without having to buy a license!

"Microsoft to pay AOL $750 million"

"Microsoft to support Novell's cancer" @ TheRegister.com 11/02/2006

"Microsoft to use comics in antipiracy campaign" @ news.com.com 01/2007

"Microsoft tried to muck with anti-Linux ‘facts’" @ blogs.zdnet.com 2007

"Microsoft uses Linux" "reader response on| CNET News.com"

"Microsoft was also making it hard for new entrants to the market"
"such as Linspire to make deals with OEMs to preinstall software on PCs, according to Robertson. He explained that, because PC building is such a low-margin business, OEMs are scared of losing any Microsoft revenue."

"Microsoft winds up on both ends of software piracy stick" @ newsforge.com 05/07/2002

"Microsoft wins in second Alcatel-Lucent patent suit" @ news.com.com 2007

"Microsoft wobbles on open file format support" @ Linux.com 04/10/2007

"Microsoft ‘killed Dell Linux’ — States"

"Microsoft's "Immortal Computing" Project" @ Slashdot.org 01/22/2007

"Microsoft's Dirty OEM-Secret"

"Microsoft's Guidelines for Customer Privacy" @ Slashdot 10/18/2006

"Microsoft's Lobbying In Massachusetts" @ Slashdot.org 12/04/2006

"Microsoft's Masterpiece of FUD" @ LinuxJournal.com

"Microsoft's Patent Pledge "Worse Than Useless"" @ Slashdot 11/10/2006

"Microsoft's Security Meeting Causes Unease"

"Microsoft's Vista AV Fails Certification" @ Slashdot.org 02/07/2007

"Microsoft's backroom deals"
"the OEMs have established a distribution channel that initially defines and then attempts to control what software the majority of consumers run on their computers. For us to correct this problem, we need to stop wondering about Microsoft's backroom deals and such and start focusing on the OEMs themselves. We need to show the FTC and other parties of interest that the average consumer is not presented with a choice when purchasing a personal computer. We need to stop settling for the occasional bone thrown at us when an HP or Dell preinstalls GNU/Linux on a fraction of its products and then buries the option 50 links deep on the product's site. This is not the "choice" I am speaking of and that I envision in order to establish a level playing field."

"Microsoft, Novell team up in Linux deal" @ CNN 11/02/2006
M$ $U$E ? OS/2 and Corel Linux: who weeps for you?

"Microsoft/Novell Deal Could Create Two-Tier Linux Market" @ Slashdot 11/07/2006

"Microsoft/Novell deal on shaky ground?" @ itweek.co.uk 11/22/2006

"Microsoft: "Drug-Dealing Methods""

"Microsoft: Open source is too complex"
Hello: Freedom is complex too! :)

"Microsofts InfoCard draws open-source response"

"Mocking Bill Gates Mockery of the Mockup $100 Laptop"

"Money clashes with mission" @ Latimes.com 2007
"The Gates Foundation invests heavily in sub-prime lenders and other businesses that undercut its good works."

"More confirmation: WGA to be baked into Vista" @ Zdnet.com

"Mr. Ballmer, Show Us the Code" @ Slashdot.org 02/25/2007

"NSA Builds Security Access Into Windows"


"NYT Security Tip – Choose Non-Microsoft Products" @ Slashdot.org 01/07/2007

"New Microsoft Dirty Tricks Revealed" @ Slashdot.org 02/17/2007

"New Windows Attack Can Disable Firewall" @ Slashdot 10/31/2006

"New Zero-Day Vulnerability In Windows" @ Slashdot 11/05/2006

"No Defense Against Windows Rootkits?"

"No fix for 'critical' hole in Windows 98, ME"

"Norway's public broadcaster sells out taxpayers to Microsoft" @ BoingBoing.net 10/16/2005

"Novell CEO Has No Regrets About Microsoft Deal" @ eweek.com 2007

"Novell Files New Summary Judgement Motion" @ Slashdot.org 12/02/2006

"Novell Gets $348 Million From Microsoft" @ Slashdot 11/08/2006

"Novell Injects MS Lawsuit Exploit Into Open Office" @ Slashdot 11/18/2006

"Novell Sells Out" @ Groklaw 11/2006

"Novell and Microsoft: intellectual property bridge or innovation tax?" @ Businessreviewonline.com 11/2006

"Novell's IRC session on the Microsoft deal" @ LWN.net 11/27/2006

pact not about interoperability, says Open Source leader" @ ITWorldCanada.com 2007

"Novell-Microsoft: Financial Details Revealed" @ OSNews.com 11-08-2006

"Novell-Microsoft: How many times can you sell your soul?" @ Zdnet.com

"Novell-Microsoft: What They Aren't Telling You" @ Technocrat.net

"Novell/Microsoft deal: good for Novell, good for Linux?" @ Linux-Watch.com

"Now Is Not the Time for Vista" @ Slashdot.org 12/29/2006

"Nvidia Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Vista Drivers" @ Slashdot.org 02/03/2007

"ODF Threat to Microsoft in US Governments Grows" @ Slashdot.org 03/05/2007

"Office 2003 Service Pack Disables Older File Formats" @ Slashdot.org 01/01/2008

"Office 2007 Includes WGA 'Kill Switch'" @ OSNews.com 11/20/2006

"One In Five Windows Installs Is Non-Genuine" @ Slashdot.org 01/23/2007

"Opening Statements Begin in Microsoft – Iowa Case" @ Slashdot.org 12/02/2006

"Opinion: Microsoft, Sun, Oracle can't sidestep Linux, open source movement" @ techtarget.com 2006

"PC Makers Say Vista Is Not a Seller" @ Slashdot.org 03/31/2007

"Patent verdict against Microsoft, Autodesk stands" @ CNET News.com

"Paul Graham Claims "Microsoft is Dead"" @ Slashdot.org 04/07/2007

"Perens blasts Microsoft/Novell "protection racket"" @ Linux-Watch.com 2007

"Perens: 'Novell is the new SCO'" @ theregister.co.uk 11/07/2006

"Pirating Software? Choose Microsoft!" @ Slashdot.org 03/13/2007

"Playing the Standards Game the Microsoft Way"

"Protesters provide a nasty "vista" for Gates"

"Q&A: Former Mass. CIO feels 'bittersweet pride' after battles with Microsoft, legislature" @ ComputerWorld.com

"Remote Exploit of Vista Speech Control" @ Slashdot.org 02/01/2007

"Researchers Sour on Vista Service Pack 1 Performance"

"Rivals attack Vista as illegal under EU rules" @ news.yahoo.com 01/26/2007

"Rivals slam Vista on antitrust grounds" @ Computerworld.co.nz 2007

"SFLC's Bradley M. Kuhn's Letter to the FOSS Development Community Regarding Microsoft's Patent Promise" @ Groklaw

"Samba asks Novell to scuttle Microsoft deal" @ Linux.com 11/17/2006

"Scoble Bites The Hand That Fed Him" @ Slashdot.org 03/19/2007 re: Microsoft

"Secret deals MS uses to control PC companies"

"Security Fixes Come Faster With Mozilla"

"Security Report: Windows vs Linux" "An independent assessment" @ TheRegister.Co.Uk 10/22/2004

"South Korea: hostage to Microsoft" @ BoingBoing.net 01/26/2007

"States Claim There is No Match for Microsoft"

"Study Finds IE7 + EV SSL Won't Stop Phishing" @ Slashdot.org 01/26/2007

"Superior Linux Technology not Stopping Microsoft – Time to Call Uncle Sam"

"Switching to Windows, Not as Easy as You Think"

"Tamil Nadu (India) Shutting the Door On Microsoft" @ Slashdot.org 01/03/2007

"Tangent Suit Claims Microsoft Soaked Partners"

"Terror Plot, NASA, DHS Patch Alert" @ Slashdot

"The Cost of Software Monopoly: How Australian Consumers Lose"

"The End is Nigh for XP" @ Slashdot.org 04/12/2007

"The Land of "Nothing for free"" The Low Point — Jeremy Allison Column Archive — Column 11

"The Morning After – Reactions to Novell-MS" @ Groklaw 11/03/2006

"The SCO-Microsoft connection grows darker" @ Linux-Watch.com 10/2006
"According to BayStar Capital's managing partner Larry Goldfarb, Microsoft allegedly assured BayStar that it would somehow "guarantee" BayStar's $50 million investment in SCO."

"The Structural Failures of Windows" @ theinquirer.net 04/13/2006

"The Sweet Kiss of Death for the Penguin-Chameleon. From Microsoft" @ Playfuls.com re: Novell/SUSE

"The big DRM mistake"

"The price of Windows"

"They need people to stay brainwashed" Slashdot user comment

"Top Ten Ways to "Play Dirty" against Microsoft"

"Tricking Vista's UAC To Hide Malware" @ Slashdot.org 02/26/2007

"True or False: E-Waste" Re: Switching to Linux from Windows
"True or False: Switching from a Windows-operated computer to a Linux-operated one could slash computer-generated e-waste levels by 50%. The answer is: TRUE"

"Trusted or Treacherous Computing?" @ Slashdot 11/24/2006

"Two ways Microsoft sabotages Linux desktop adoption"

"U.S. 'lobbied' the EC over Microsoft fine" @ Tech News on ZDNet

"U.S. Lobbied EU Over Microsoft Fine" @ Slashdot.org 09/26/06

"UAC Security Hole in Vista" @ Schneier.com 02/2007

"UK Greens Declare Vista Bad For Environment" @ Slashdot.org 01/31/2007

"US ambassador to the EU was former Microsoft lobbyist" @ theinquirer.net

"United States v. Microsoft: Trial Summaries (page 2)"

"User paid to uninstall Windows XP" @ BBC 11/14/2006
"Mr Mitchell, who is an active member of the open source community, said he knew that other Linux fans had tried to get refunds in a similar fashion with varying degrees of success."

"Users scoff at Microsoft's Linux IP claims" @ computerworld.com.au 12/15/2006

"VBootkit Bypasses Vista's Code Signing Mechanisms" @ Schneier.com 04/2007

"VBootkit Bypasses Vista's Code Signing" @ Slashdot.org 04/04/2007

"Virtualization Disallowed For Vista Home" @ Slashdot.org 11/24/2006

"Vista DRM Prevents Kernel Tampering" @ Slashdot 10/11/06

"Vista Failing "Blackboard" College Courses" @ Slashdot.org 03/31/2007

"Vista Family Discount Keys Found Not Compatible" @ Slashdot.org 02/01/2007

"Vista Firewall to be Crippled" 04/26/06

"Vista Indicates A Shift in Microsoft's Priorities" @ Slashdot.org 02/01/2007

"Vista Licenses Limit OS Transfers, Ban VM Use" @ Slashdot 10/12/06

"Vista Protected Processes Bypassed" @ Slashdot.org 04/07/2007

"Vista Security The 'Longest Suicide Note in History'?" @ Slashdot.org 12/25/2006

"Vista Security — Too Little Too Late" @ Slashdot.org 02/21/2007

"Vista has speech recognition hole" @ news.bbc.co.uk 2007

"Vista licence: Microsoft's abusive relationship with you" @ BoingBoing.net 10/19/2006

"Vista license forbids accessing DRM inside a virtual machine" @ BoingBoing.Net

"Vista license improves, but still broken" @ BoingBoing.net 11/03/2006

"Vista to Allow "One Significant" Hardware Upgrade" @ Slashdot 10/30/2006

"Vista's EULA Product Activation Worries" @ Slashdot 11/21/2006

"WGA and Activation Failures Don’t Faze Redmond at American McGee’s Blog"

"WGA — Too Many False Positives" @ Slashdot.org 09/27/06

"WMF Vulnerability is an Intentional Backdoor?"

"What is DRM? Digital Restrictions Management" @ DefectiveByDesign.org

"What's So Bad About Microsoft?"

"What's the Difference Between that 2004 Sun-MS Agreement and Novell's?" @ Groklaw.net 11/2006

"When good demos go (very, very) bad" 07/28/06

"White House Specifies And Mandates Secure Windows" @ Slashdot.org 03/23/2007

"Why Does Everyone Hate Microsoft?" @ Slashdot.org 12/13/2006

"Why Does Windows Still Suck? / Why do PC users put up with so many viruses and worms? Why isn't everyone on a Mac?"

"Why Software Should Not Have Owners" @ GNU.org

"Why South Korea Is Shackled To Windows" @ Slashdot.org 01/26/2007

"Why Vista's DRM Is Bad For You" @ Forbes.com 02/10/2007

"Why Windows Vista will suck"

"Why Windows is a security nightmare" @ smh.com.au 05/22/2004

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"Why the Novell / MS Deal Is Very Bad" @ Slashdot.org 12/06/2006

"WinFS Gets the Axe"

"Windows Chief Suggests Vista Won't Need Antivirus" @ Slashdot 11/10/2006 (bookmarked this to laugh at later)

"Windows Genuine Annoyance?"

"Windows Live OneCare Can Eat Your Email" @ Slashdot.org 03/10/2007

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"Windows Nag Windows to Counter Piracy"

"Windows Rootkit Wars Escalate"

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"Windows XP SP3 Postponed Until 2008" @ Slashdot 10/26/2006

"Windows screwup forces Ubuntu shift" @ uk.theinquirer.net 2006

"Windows vs. Unix: the resolution" @ ZDNet.com 2007

"WoW Players Targeted By Windows Flaw Exploit" @ Slashdot.org 04/05/2007

"Zune problems for MSN customers" @ BBC 2006

"Zune's Viral DRM Will Violate Creative Commons" @ Slashdot.org

"Zune's Wireless Almost Totally Worthless" @ Slashdot.org

"deals enabled Microsoft to maintain its dominance"
"Over the course of the day, Boies laid out a comprehensive picture of what he alleged to be Microsoft's attempts to bully its allies, competitors, and business partners — including OEMs , ISPs, ISVs and others — into making deals. He said those deals enabled Microsoft to maintain its dominance in the operating system market and to parlay that dominance into a dominant position in the Internet browser market."

"make Microsoft finally take notice"
"It is going to take a major Linux vendor pairing up with a major first-tier OEM and a major enterprise or government to make the inroads on the desktop which will make Microsoft finally take notice."

"the Mapuche Indians of Chile are accusing Microsoft of linguistic piracy." @ Slashdot 11/23/2006

Analysis of Microsoft's Suicide Note (part 1) — BadVista

Article: "Dim Vista"

Article: Did NSA Put a Secret Backdoor in New Encryption Standard?

Class Action Notice @ iowasoftwaresuit.com
"Legal Notice to Iowa Consumers and Businesses" "If you purchased certain Microsoft software, or a computer on which it was installed, a class action lawsuit may affect your rights"

Comes v. Microsoft @ iowaconsumercase.org

DoJ Extends Microsoft Oversight for Two Years

Good user comment on Slashdot, quoted in whole:
"No, you're wrong. Microsoft's "evil", insofar as I'm concerned, has to do with the companies and technologies that never had a chance because someone at Microsoft decided to steal it, buy it or just destroy it. That someone was often William H. Gates. The Personal Computer Revolution was largely stolen from us, because we all got forced to go the Redmond way. There's no point in going over Microsoft's other evils, such as the fact that it is a Grade-A government-certified illegally acquired-and-maintained monopoly. Now, monopolies aren't necessarily evil or illegal … but Microsoft's is, on both counts. And don't try to excuse them as just being, you know, basically decent people who make honest mistakes. Microsoft is a criminal organization that has maintained a consistent pattern of unlawful activity throughout its entire corporate existence. And so far as Apple and Google are concerned, it sounds like you're excusing Microsoft's bad behavior because well, you know, Apple and Google might be as bad, but we don't know yet so let's give Microsoft a pass for now. Look nobody knows whether we are alone in the Universe … but the question of whether that company is good or evil has been answered. They were taken to court over the issue of their monopoly status and lost. So yeah, Microsoft is evil, and the pattern of general nastiness persists to this very day. Why do you think the European Union is giving them such a hard time? Have you been following the OOXML fiasco, with Microsoft attempting to buy their way into a standard? No, I suggest you keep Googling Microsoft: it's obvious you've not been around long enough to have experienced their evil firsthand. I've been in the software business since before Microsoft was a gleam in Bill Gates' eye, and I've seen the damage he and his brainchild have caused. Bill can give all his money to charity if he wants, but there's no Undo button for what he's done."

Halloween Documents, The (re: Microsoft)

List of assets owned by Microsoft Corporation @ Wikipedia

Microsoft Will Stream Ads To Grocery Carts

New Vista Random Numbers to Include NSA Backdoor?

Open Letter to Hobbyists @ Wikipedia
"The Open Letter to Hobbyists was an open letter written by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, to early personal computer hobbyists, in which Gates expresses dismay at the rampant copyright infringement taking place in the hobbyist community, particularly with regard to his company's software."

Opera Files EU Complaint Against Microsoft

U.S. v. Microsoft: Court's Findings of Fact : Civil Action No. 98-1233 (TPJ) + Civil Action No. 98-1232 (TPJ)

United States v. Microsoft @ Wikipedia

dual ec drbg ad @ Schneier.com 12/2007

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