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GulagTube is a Burning Platform (Exit YouTube, Invidious Won't Save Us From Google/Alphabet in the Long Run)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Oct 02, 2023

Alphabet Agency (Google) sees the future of video as a "skinnerbox" (running Android) that indoctrinates you like TikTok does

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THE site formerly known as "YouTube" (we call it "GulagTube" now, as there's no "You" in it anymore; it's just "Google Video" taking over the "market leader" at the time) is still the site where over 90% of videos about GNU/Linux go. Some of the same videos also get uploaded to LBRY/Odysee (or similar), but the view counts in all "instances" or PeerTube installations is minuscule compared to YouTube, which you ought to call "GulagTube" as a warning sign. As we recently noted, "GulagTube" is getting more malicious over time. They don't know how to make money out of it, so they've mostly stopped supporting actual creators (financially) and they're implementing a "strike" system against mere viewers who have the 'audacity' not to watch intrusive ads.

When we started making videos 3 years ago (we're made nearly 2,000 of them since then) we insisted on no third parties, no JavaScript, and open formats that can be played with Free software. We'll get back to making videos once we've progressed a little further with the migration. Priorities, priorities...

"GulagTube" isn't going to improve. If you ask prominent GNU/Linux people ("creators") in "GulagTube", they will tell you the same. It's time to exit that platform.

Fuck "GulagTube" and fuck Alphabet Agency (Google). You're killing everything that's good on the Web. It is just a power trip to you.

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