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Apple Versus Partners

Apple is hardly renowned for collaborate work. Here are some examples.


  • Apple Attacks GNU/Linux Users, Lies to the Public, Gets Sued by Patent Troll

  • 2009

  • Developers Betrayed by Apple Are Uniting, Microsoft EULA Repels
  • Boycotts Against Apple and Microsoft, Class Action Likely Coming
  • Where Apple Resembles Microsoft
  • Apple May Destroy Partner and Acquisition (Lala), Google “Crushes Etherpad” with Acquisition
  • Programming for Proprietary Platforms a Risk to One’s Livelihood

  • 2010

  • How Apple Ruined an Employee’s and a Fan’s Life
  • Why Would Anyone Develop for Software Patent Bullies?
  • Apple’s Latest Mischiefs, Ignores Mono’s Pleas
  • Bad Apple, Part IV: Betraying the Fools Who Make It Richer
  • Apple Surpasses Microsoft? So What? (Apple violates the GPL)

  • 2011

  • Grounds for Antitrust Case Against Apple
  • Apple Runs Out of Ideas, Harms Developers, and Faces Antitrust Problems