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Apple disappoints


Apple Cannot Fool Everyone Anymore

--User:Schestowitz|Schestowitz 03:16, 28 May 2011 (UTC)

Apple Cannot Fool Everyone Anymore




Apple, with [cref 17574 its 'extreme' marketing], is upsetting some of its existing customers, some of who are throwing in the towel. For developers, the affair is not so healthy anymore either with incidents like the [cref 48855 the Lodsys fiasco] occuring. Even [cref 12316 Microsoft/Apple boosters like Bill Snyder] are complaining):

Other developers are less certain that Apple will really fight for them and have banded together in an effort to pool resources and stand up to Lodsys.

One person has started this blog post series about "things Apple stole". This refers to [cref 27977 Steve Jobs' own admission] that the company merely copies others' ideas, "shameless"[ly].

">"> Steve Jobs is often quoted as saying “Good artists copy, Great artists steal” (though he was quoting someone else).

Heck, in the PBS show “Triumph Of The Nerds“, Jobs go so far as to say “We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas”. And, looking at the history of Apple software… this is obviously the case.

Yet, somehow, many people now seem to consider Apple to be the source of the vast majority of software (Desktop and Mobile) innovation.

This is the first part in a series of articles that seeks to dispel that very notion.

We look forward to the next posts in this interesting series. We have already written some prior posts demonstrating that Apple is an imitator and not a real innovator. Apple's is more successful as a religious cult (link than a technology company.