Avadis Tevanian to Bill Gates: IE4 disables Quicktime

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Date: 1997




From: Paul Marltz
To:  David Vaskevitch
Subject: FW: post-agreement
Sent Friday. August 08, 1997
—Original Message—
From: Bill Gates
Sent; Friday, August 08. 1997 10:54 AM
To: Paul Mahtz David Stutz
Cc: Greg Maffel; Don Bradford; John Ludwig; Paul Gross
Subject: FW: post-agreement

I want to get as much mileage as possible out of our browser and JAVA relationship here.

In other words a real advantage against SUN and Netscape.

Who should Avie be working with? Do we have a clear plan on what we want Apple to do to undermine SUN?

—--Original Message—
From: Avadis Tevanian SMTP:avie@apple.com <majIto:[SMTP:avie@appie.com>
Sent: Friday. August 08. 1997 3:58 AM
To: Bill Gales
Cc; avie@apple.com;sjobs@apple.com
Subject: post-agreement

.. On an unrelated matter, l've learned that IE4 on Windows disables Quicktime and OuicktimeVR. My understanding is that 1E4 sets the default for .mov files to be ActiveMovie Instead of Quicktime. As you know, .mov flies have long been Quicklime files. Can you look into this and get it reversed ..

Thanks Avie ..

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