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Brad Silverberg: winning the Internet platform battle

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Date: April 1997



To: FY98 WWSMM Attendees From: Brad Chase Date: April 24, 1997 Re: FY98 Planning Memo "Preserving the desktop paradise"


Our competitors are still hard at work trying to obsolete Windows. More people then ever now believe they will. Netscape and Sun endeavor to commoditize the OS and drive developers to adopt their technologies and APIs. This is more true today then ever and these technologies are precicly those that may make the NC viable.

But Windows is not the only Microsoft franchise at risk. Our Office business is now in danger too. Netscape and Lotus clearly want to attack and obsolete Office as well. Netscape is replacing Navigator with Communicator, a rich applications suite with email, scheduling and collaboration. They are using their position with the browser as a foothold onto the desktop to sell the new killer applications: email and collaboration.


We will be making changes to the way we articulate our Platform strategy and these changes reflect market feedback (the Active platform will be renamed and we will continue to strengthen out Java offering while dispelling the Java myths that Sun want to promote)

Winning the Internet platform battle ..


Netscape will try to use email and the browser as a Trojan horse into the productivity apps and workgroup space.

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