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Compaq going to bundle OS/2 - bad

Date: 1989



From: bjornh Fri Oct 6 14:22:51 1989 To: billg; jancl; joachimk; richab; richardf; russw; steveb Subject: Compaq and Windows - bad news Cc: jeremybu; paulm Date: Fri Oct 6 14:22:30 1989

After pushing these guys for about two years they finally have decided what to do about windows - nothing!

They will support it and make sure it runs on thir h/w, but they will not license it.

The reason for this is OS/2. As Compaq expressed in the last executive meeting, they have decided that OS/2 is their strategic direction. They are even talking about bundling OS/2 2.0. To make OS/2 the OS of choice they need the support of the ISVs. Compaq is concerned that the ISVs are confised right now. They feel that Compaq endorsing Windows would only add to the confusion and divert energy away from OS/2.

I will do my best to come up with a strategy that would change their minds, but the chances for doing that are looking pretty bad.

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