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Compaq on partnering with Microsoft

Date: February 1997



To: Bill Beers@SMBSD,Hubert Edenfield@SMBSD From: Mike Shealy@SMBSD Originated by: Carl Sittig Cc: Bcc: Subject: fwd: RE: CONFIDENTIAL- YOUR EYES ONLY -Status and Question

Attachment: Date: 2/6/97 7:03 AM

Bill and Hubert:

it sounds to me like we are going around in a circle. I suggest the following action:

1. I am going to take forward the strategic questions to John Rose ASAP.

2. I suggest we not count on Microsoft as a partner in the productivity space and Hubert choose what ever path he deems necessary for his business. This will allow flexibility for the’GEOs and ourselves...then let the local partnering make or break the selection.

3. It is obvious that Microsoft will only want to partner with us on their own terms and where is suits them. Carl has no impact on the Global commitments and, therefore, we must truly rethink our reliance on Microsoft as the only partner in" this space and any leverage we can have with them. were right all of the time!!

4. Bill, it appears that the session suggested maybe interesting if the appropriate players from Microsoft (beyond OEM to Fade’s team and Balmer’s SMB organizations from their GEOs) and ourselves (SMB types plus the desktop GEO managers/directors and the senior relationship managers...maybe even Mike Pocock’s team). This could be billed as a "showdown" or "strategy planning session" ...depending if you are a glass half full or half empty type...and then Carl will have to explain the GAP to the entire Compaq team.

Mike Shealy Small and Medium Business Solutions Division

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