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Category:Comes v Microsoft Category:Antitrust Category:Microsoft Category:DRI Category:DOS This index deals with Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits which offer a glance at the history of Microsoft abuse. For a concise summary of some of the exhibits, see "Petition text - overview".


  • DRI Confidential (Exhibit PX00015)
  • Restricted DRI report (Exhibit PX00024)
  • Microsoft and the release threadmill (Exhibit PX04499)
  • Harassing OEMs and getting our hands on DRI Jaguar (Exhibit PX05010)

  • Damage

  • DRI: why are our sales reps recommending MS-DOS (Exhibit plex0_5284)
  • Problems at Digital Research (Exhibit PLEX0_5267_A)
  • Strategy against DRI (Exhibit PX07396_A)

  • Other

  • Testing DR-DOS for incompatibility (Exhibit PX05103)
  • Microsoft’s Brad Silverberg: “Please Make Sure This Request Doesn’t Get Filled.”
  • Microsoft, “Bambi”, and the “Alien OS” Riddle (Exhibit PX_9923 and Exhibit PX00993)
  • DRI Areas to Explore

  • More Material

  • "Full Story"
  • DRI Info - Index
  • The Gary Kildall Legacy
  • Microsoft’s Darkest Crimes Remain Undiscovered, Unavailable

  • Site Posts

  • DRI CEO: “The Biggest Risk Was That Microsoft Would Come Hell-Bent to Destroy Us… Not Necessarily by Competing”
  • Microsoft: “Find a Way for (CompuAdd) to Recoup What They Have Paid to DRI, Then License with MS so That Not a Single DRI Machine Ever Ships”