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From Exhibit 198 of Digital Research (by then Caldera) vs. Microsoft anti-trust trial (which ended up with Microsoft paying to shut it down without coming to a verdict):

"246. On September 30, 1991, Cole put the question explicitly to Silverberg and Barrett as to how and where Windows 3.1 would be designed intentionally incompatible with DR DOS:

"It's pretty clear we need to make sure Windows 3.1 only runs on top of MS DOS or an OEM version of it. I checked with legal, and they are working up some text we are suppose to display if someone tries to setup or run Windows on a alien operating system. We are suppose to give the user the option of continuing after the warning. However, we should surely crash at some point shortly later.

Remark from Seattle P-I: "Several mentioned intentionally crippling the software. They had a logic bomb so the Windows 3.1 beta would crash with DR-DOS. Calling Microsoft would say they didn't test compatibility, but it was encrypted and very specifically tailored. In the series they also discuss making Lotus crash after a few minutes running under Windows so they could tell people to move to the much more reliable MS Office."