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Category:Comes v Microsoft Category:Antitrust Category:Microsoft This index deals with Comes vs Microsoft court exhibits which offer a glance at the history of Microsoft abuse. For a concise summary of some of the exhibits, see "Petition text - overview".


  • Microsoft developers used undocumented APIs (Exhibit PX01614)
  • Microsoft "undocumentation" (Exhibit supp_rpt_andrew_schulman, Iowa)
  • Undocumentated API functions found in WINDOWS.H (Exhibit PX05084)
  • Redacted undocumentated APIs (Exhibit PX04600)
  • Keep the formats closed (Exhibit px05035)

  • UI

  • Embrace our UI innovations (Exhibit px03073)
  • Style guide biased towards Microsoft apps (Exhibit PX00956)

  • Interfaces

  • The dangers of open Interfaces (Exhibit PX02003)
  • We want OpenDOC to fail (Exhibit PX02026)
  • Most ugly garbage since COM/OLE (Exhibit PX02563)
  • Yet more undocumented API calls (Exhibit PX02667)
  • Winning API wars (Exhibit PX02783)

  • Negligence

  • Microsoft 'quality control' (Exhibit PX04141)

  • Orphaned

  • Microsoft: developers are a one-night stand (Exhibit/transcript VolumeXXV-January52007 -- MISSING)

  • Recent Stories

  • How Bill Gates Denied Access to Office File Format Documentation to Stifle Competition
  • Microsoft on “Embrace and Extend”, the “Windows API Franchise”
  • Nathan Myhrvold/Bill Gates Use “Embrace and Extend” Against “Making it Easy for People to Do Competitive Operating Systems”
  • Comes Antitrust: How Microsoft Schemed to Destroy Borland (Like It Did Yahoo!)