Don't let Intel dictate on the NetPC

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Date: December 1996



From: Paul Maritz
Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 1996 4:36 AM
To: Jimm Allchin (Exchange), Moshe Dunie
Cc: MArshall Brumer
Subject: Intel follow-up

On the NetPC - Pat thinks we are beinn slow to follow-up and get the spec's out, and he is telling his guys to go ahead and start drafting. They want to have a review for the industry i January. We need to engage with them, and get ahead of them, and get the OEMs involved. I think we should also get a few large account customers involved in order to get some reality in discussions and (eg) get focus off $743 price point. I guess the PC'98 guy is also their NetPC guy.


From: Valere See
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 1996 7:14 AM
To: Bill Veghte; David Williams (POSD); Rob Short;
Cc: Carl Stork; Dan Plastina;  Chuck Lenzmeier
Subject: RE Intel follow-up

do you have a list of issues on this topic? we have a conference call with them (intel) re NetPC today at 9, and pending your response we can bring them up or try to stave off a little, but the latter isn't really a good choice - we're running out of time, as everyone is painfully aware.


yup, it would be crazy to Intel define this

the only urgent issue I can think of is defining how it boots, if we let Intel do this in a proprietary way we're screwed.


Note the flag below on the NetPC. we need to get cranking on this. I know it is difficult to do a spec until the sw work is crisply defined but having Intel draft this spec and take it to the industry will cause up more headaches in the long run if we don't get out in front.



From: Valere See
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 1996 8:03 AM
To: Bill Veghte; David Williams (POSD); Rob Short;  Chuck Lenzmeier
Cc: Carl Stork; Dan Plastina
Subject: RE Intel follow-up

.. if we don't dive right in with something, Intel will undoubtedly be happy to dictate terms to us ,-))

(thanks for the input chuck)


From: Valere See
Sent: Thursday. December 05. 1996 8 13 AM
To: Bill Veghte; David Willliams (POSD), Rob Short, Chuck Lenzmeier
Cc: Carl Stork, Dan Plastina
Subject: RE Intel follow-up

ok. no problem please let us know what comes of the talks with Lanworks next week, but this set of issues will be enough to get us going today thanks again

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