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Integrated Web capabilities

Date: July 2000



From: Richard Fade Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 6:49 PM To: Richard Fade's Direct Reports

Subject: FW: PROPOSED FINAL: "Changes in Windows 95 Availability and Support" Communication

- Original Message - From Mike Wickstrand Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 6: 48 PM To: Joachim Kempin; Richard Fade; Kurt Kolb; Jason Kap; John Frederiksen; Tom Opdycke; Stephanie; Ferguson; Steve Brown (BSD); Noury Bernard-Hasan; Mark Croft; Lori Moore Ross; Matt Fingerhut; Karl Tussy; Tim Schreck; Jim Hoechstetter; Harve Byrd; Pater Ku (LCA) Subject: PROPOSED FINAL: "Changes in Windows 95 Availability and Support" Communication


For business applications, Microsoft recommends Windows 2000 Professional. Built on NT Technology, Windows 2000 Professional offers rock-solid reliability and improved manageability that simplify desktop management. Its integrated Web capabilities and broad support for mobile computers and hardware devices make it easy for business users to connect to the Internet and work anywherre, anytime.

For the home user, Microsoft reccomends Windows Millennium Edition that will be available later this summer. Windows Millennium Edition has been designed specifically for home users. It provides home users with the power to manage digital photos and music, work with video, create a home network, and communicate with friends and relatives around the world. Consumer-orientated help wizards and built-in system safeguards will keep things running smoothly in the home.

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