Intel Crimes and Offences

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Intel lobbies for software patents, it colludes with Microsoft, and it is defended by Microsoft lobbyists, Association for Competitive Technology. Intel also fed SCO, attacked OLPC very viciously, "innovated" user-hostile processors (not to mention UEFI), and engaged in many illegal activities that it later hid by destroying or withholding key evidence. Intel was found guilty in Europe and in other continents. Intel usually pays settlement to evade prosecution. This tends to work in the United States.

Below are several more posts of interest.

When I see the "Intel Inside" stickers it reminds me of the "smoking kills" labels on some packets.

Intel and x86 hardware is hopelessly backdoored and should be avoided by people who value hardware control and privacy. Libreboot has a FAQ that explains some technical details this hardware level malice. All Intel hardware produced in the last decade, from mid 2006, is backdoored with a separate computer called the "Management Engine" (ME) running its own firmware. It is impossible to remove the malicious firmware or otherwise shut down the ME on systems made after 2009. The ME provides remote access and complete control of the host computer, even when the computer is turned off. AMD has similar problems. This problem will not be resolved without a major and unlikely cultural adjustment at Intel or another x86 maker.

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