Key platform challenges from Java and NC

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From: Jim Allchin (Exchange)
Sent: Monday, January 06, 1997 1:43 PM
To: Rob Short; Moshe Dunie; Mark Lucovsky; Lou Perazzo; Frank Artale; Steve Madigan; Deborah Black
Subject: FW: overview slides for Billg/NC & Java session with 14+s on Monday


From: Paul Maritz
Sent: Sunday, January 5, 1997 11:09 AM
To: Bill Gates; Jim Allchin (Exchange); Ben Silva; Brad Silverberg
Cc: Aaron Contorer
Subject: FW: overview slides for Billg/NC & Java session with 14+s on Monday


Key Platform Challenges

  • NC & Java are platform challenges;

- possible emergence of a set of API's and underlying system software that lead to lesser or no role for Windows.

- puts our other (server & apps) businesses at a disadvantage

Scenario: Emergence of a new API

  • Sun AWT provides base cross-platform API
  • Navigator/NetOne provides;

- additional API's

- a volume platform for ISVs & Corps to target, since runtime gets shipped with Navigator

  • NC's

- could provides additional volume

- have no MS system software involved

Response Summary

  • Increase IE share

- integrate with Windows

  • Lower TCO:

- "Zero Admin Windows" - Office improvements

  • Take HTML & Java Leadership

- Extend HTML - Offer best Java runtime tools

  • enough x-platform to be competitive
  • integrate Java RT & Windows:

- encourage access to unique Windows functions - performance

  • great Java RAD tools


  • Offer "standard" Java runtime to be competitive,

- basically redistribute whatever Sun gives us in near term.

  • Expose as much of Windows as we can to Java developers via extensions to AWT

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