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LG signed a patent deal with Microsoft, agreeing to pay Microsoft for the use of Linux. Our posts about the company, in order of relevance:

  • LG: Another Cross Licensing Deal with Microsoft Includes “Linux-based Embedded Devices” (deal signed)
  • Linux Developers Yawn at LG-type Deals with Microsoft
  • LG Tops Microsoft ’s Linux Patent Deal with Memorandum of Understanding ("According to a news report, this pair of companies is growing even closer now.")
  • Company That Sold Linux Out is Criminal (that would be LG)
  • Patents Roundup: OIN Grows, Microsoft Ally LG Uses Patent Bullies, Microsoft and Amazon Advance Anti-Free Software Laws ("LG's criminal activities seem to be followed right now by what the President of the FFII calls “proxying”, akin to the idea of sending thugs and bullies to beat up your competitors or foes. He claims that “LG Electronics [is] proxying lawsuits through patent trolls,” which brings back memories of Sisvel, the ‘patent mafia’ of Philips.")
  • Phone to Avoid: LG GW620
  • Android Phones to Avoid: LG
  • New Ballnux-powered Devices from Samsung and LG (Microsoft Sellouts)
  • Novell News Summary – Part II: SUSE on Jaguar XT5, Xandros Dimming, LG Boots Ballnux Fast, Samsung Makes Bada/E17 ("LG is one of the companies that pay Microsoft for Linux, so it is worth paying attention to this new LG product that boots Linux alongside Windows. Does LG pay Microsoft for this?")
  • Novell News Summary – Part II: SUSE and GroundWork, Samsung and LG (LG and Linux phones)
  • Companies That Facilitate Microsoft’s Linux Extortion Still Close Partners of Microsoft (specifically LG)
  • Company That Pays Microsoft for Unknown Patents in Linux Joins the Linux Foundation
  • Microsoft Extortion Up Another Notch With LG
  • LG Not Only Suing Rivals Using Patents But is Also Passing Patents for Trolls Like Sentegra to Sue

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