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Lessons learned from Blue Janus



: The release of OS/2 2.0 and its imminent pre-installation on IBM-brand PCs give rise to Blue Janus. If IBM wasn't going to "OEM" PC-DOS & Windows then we'd OEM it to their channel. We signed dealswith5 of IBMs top 7 dealers, granting them a $65 WinDOS for PS/2 price in exchange for minimum commitments.

: Status

: In its life, Blue Janus sold 35K units WW. Blue Janus is now obsolete as the ability to upgrade OS/2 has been built into the MS-DOS 6 Upgrade ..

: IBM allowed a dualboot setup with OS/2 and DOS. If Blue Janus found OS/2 if failed to install or offered the opportunity to remove this 'unknown' OS.

: "We never solicit upgrade customers from licensees .. This has always been our policy"

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