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Lying to ISVs about the secret API extensions

Date: 1995



From: Scott Henson To: Cameron Myhrvold; Doug Hemrich Cc: Brad Struss; Jenny Drain; Tammy Steele Subject: Shell extensibility and the ISVs Date 08 August 1995, 10:54 PM


I have just installed Athena (the lightweight PIM from the PDS group) onto my system and to my dismay they are not only using the namespace extensions but they are also displaying themselves in the scope (left) pane and the view (right) pane. This is the EXACT thing we told the ISVs they could (and should) not do!

In short we have a product that will be sold in the very near future that will impliment Interfaces that we told the ISVs they should not use because we would not be able to support them moving forward ..



Assuming that we are going to support these APIs as part of the standard Win32 API set we should document then - QUICK. Our ISVs are already moneths behind. They key thing we need to understand is if we want ISVs to extend the shell in the way that Athena is doing it currently or the way.

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